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  1. Keel Guard on MA17

    Gonna try this on my MA18----- There is a company called RSPro ( rail saver pro)-- I have no affiliation. It is a product used for SUP paddle boards that absorbs shock and protects the rail of the board from the carbon blade / paddle. and is thin protective, clear and adhesive--- but removable. It is basically helicopter blade tape made by 3m. I don't know if it can handle being bent in a deep angle , but gonna try it. Could be an excellent alternative.
  2. Maverick 18.5 - Price Check

    My '01 goes down as one of my best toy purchases. Can't go wrong. Great set up.
  3. 2002 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Sold

    Great set up. Biased my 01 w that same power is best boat I've ever owned. GLWS. Surprised it's not gone.
  4. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    Looks great. You will have a one of a kind custom classic when Randy is done.
  5. Mine starting life the same color, I painted it Imron white blue to match my CC. The Vmax Ox66 is a great engine for the MA18. I blew a power head and replaced w a Hydra tec ( sp) and added a lil HP. Have fun w it. Great Boats. Can't ever seem to sell mine.
  6. 90 HP 4 S on an 18.5 Maverick MA?

    Fred flintstone-- don't do it. Nothing less then 150 hp.--IMO
  7. 17 vs 18.5 MA

    Yup. Ran one(older 18hpx) across Biscayne one day. Ride hurt but it poked and fished quiet.
  8. MA 18.5 vs 18 HPX-V

    Very true. I never understood the bay boat craze with low gunwales that weren't high enough to grab and not wide enough to walk on-- like fishing in a box. The MA 18 does many things well. Newer HPXV is next in line.
  9. The day has come bilge pump went

    Pump is fine. It's the wires from the console to bilge. Have to re wire. No as bad as full replacement, a little less work. One of the wires was almost dust when opened, 15 years guess it's due.
  10. Been waiting on it and it happened as I checked system before putting it in h2o. My 10 year old bilge pump finally went in my MA18. Dreading playing around in there, any tricks or suggestions let me know.
  11. Gel Coat Renewal and Bottom Paint Removal

    I cheated and let shallow water customs remove my bottom paint, took care of any blemishes and paint with imron. Job was / is flawless.
  12. 17 MA 150 vmax prop guide

    Max redline is 6k. Operating range is listed as 5-5.5 on Vmax non hpdi. But I believe they are the same. I'm not saying to run all day at redline--- but an Italian tune up every now and again to redline should be fine.
  13. 17 MA 150 vmax prop guide

    Max redline is 6000rpm. Ideal operating range is 5-5500. I have run a 19p mirage plus and a modified 21p Mirage plus ( 20p) on my 18 MA. Top speed is the 20p but the 19p feels better. You might be best at 18-19p on the Mirage plus w the 17
  14. Repowering a 2000 MA 18.5

    I'm at 55-56 w the redone head and a Merc mirage plus 21 w an inch taken out so 20. I dropped down to my mirage plus 19 this winter--- other prop needed to be re conditioned. I'm staying w the 19. Less top end, but just feels better at cruise and hole shot, but 51 is a stretch now.
  15. Boarding ladders

    Anyone use the Bobs machine shop or RnR, engine bracket boarding ladders? I'm looking for something super simple and easy when boarding in deep water.