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  1. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    Awesome, now I hope I can just swap the solenoid on mine without pulling the pump...the screws holding the pump in must have a whole tube of 5200 on them cause they won't budge. This will be a project for me in the coming weeks so if anyone has a trained spider monkey I can borrow???
  2. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Ouch...best of luck! I guess the good news is you likely found your problem.
  3. SW beaches

    Wife and I went to the beach last weekend and saw tons of bait, several Snook and a 3' Cuda. She went this past Thurs and said the bait was thick and there were Snook and Reds cruising the trough.
  4. Hydraulic Fluid

    How do you do that? I've used ATF also, just not temporarily.

    a little bit. There are some models keeping it off the coast...praying those are right.
  6. Yeti Bucket

    I want 2 now!
  7. Cup holders

    geeviam, that is very cool and creative. Personally I feel I need more rod holders so I couldn't give up that valuable real estate, but I like what you did.
  8. 2007 Master Angler 21ft - 250 HPDI VMax

    Beautiful boat. OP is a stud if he's been poling this thing around...
  9. I've used the Costco one on my 250 Vmax and it fired right up. Also had to use it to jump my mothers car she left in FL... I jumped it 4 times with the same charge and the unit still had 3 of the 4 power indicators on when I was done. Not sure if it's the best unit but hard to beat for the money, IMO.
  10. Dog names

    We have Marlin, Mahi, and Zara (rescue that had the name Sarah - she doesn't know the difference ). None of them have been on the boat and they don't like the water...go figure.
  11. 21 Redfisher hull hook?

    Can you get a pick without the board looking from the rear and below the hull? Either my eyes are not figuring out what I'm looking at or your 02 hull is different than my 07.
  12. Purina Fish Chow

    Yes, it makes excellent chum for bait (with or without adding menhaden oil).
  13. Boca Grip knockoffs??

    I'm with Lap it Up, I'd rather use a good net than a lip grabber on inshore fish. I do have an old Rapala grabber that I used on offshore species that were either going on ice or too toothy to mess with, and it held up well and hasn't rusted in 15 years.
  14. HPDI Vmax issue

    Mine did something similar last fall and after replacing/cleaning several filters and the low pressure pumps it ended up that it was the spark plugs. They looked fine and were a year old or less with no noticeable cracks or discoloration. I had checked them prior, and did a compression check, and the plugs looked good but the wife said I should get new ones and that fixed it (I will forever be reminded of this).
  15. Dang i look rough these days

    Fred Tucker, but his forum friends call him Capt Troy. I know I'd rather be the guy throwing the net than the guy standing in the mangroves filming it.