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  1. Rybovich18

    A True Barn Find

    Ok. Big question for the experts: I popped an inspection port under the console and all the foam there is dry. Nice surprise. But, the deck is soft in more than one place and, with the inspection plate off, I can squeeze from underneath and feel that the deck coring is some sort of foam? It feels wet.
  2. Rybovich18

    A True Barn Find

    The boat is now out of the barn. I presented it to my son yesterday for his 13th birthday. You should have seen the smile on his face when I backed into the driveway. After we took these pics we spent an hour washing the boat. It turned out surprisingly clean. Everything seems solid (even the transom) except the floor right under the helm is spongy. I guess I won't know what I am dealing with until I cut the floor out. Hopefully good news, but prepared for the worst.
  3. Rybovich18

    A True Barn Find

    No update yet. The way I understand it cotton harvesting has two phases and they are just now wrapping it up. I hope to get up there next week to pick up the boat.
  4. Rybovich18

    A True Barn Find

    Thought I would share this with y'all. I picked up a 1975 Bonefisher today from the second owner. I have known about this boat for probably 25 years and was convinced I would own it some day. It's been sitting under cover in a barn in Canoe, Alabama for quite a while. Funny thing is we can't get it out until they finish harvesting the cotton all around it. Seems solid overall but there are soft spots around the console. Speaking of which, this console is supposedly original, but sure seems large to me. Maybe someone could offer an opinion. I plan to restore the boat and will post pics as I go. Problem is I don't yet know when I will begin.
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