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  1. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder offshore

    It was a 31’ cat. Yes I agree with you, a much bigger boat with much higher sides. It was very humbling and I am very lucky.
  2. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder offshore

    I completely agree about the XM weather and several of us had it out there. In most cases you can avoid nasty storms by running around them or waiting them out. By the time this thing showed up on radar it was already too late unfortunately. This storm (unlike most) was heading north to south and directly for us at a high rate of speed. Several people stated they saw an opening between two of its cells and from what I have heard everyone who rolled the dice got stuck like me. Another weird thing about this storm was that it continued to grow and strengthen as it got offshore.
  3. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder offshore

    Fin, The waves were 7-10 from what most experienced. I was in 70' of water with winds sustained in the 50mph range for just over an hour. As for speed, the driving rain was so bad that my GPS froze up on me because the touch screen was freaked out due to rain drops so I never really watched the speed. My only focus was keeping the bow into the waves and not getting beam to it. I did glance down and see that the motor was around 3k RPM and I think I was moving under 10mph for the majority of it. I will try to attach a video that someone else posted from their offshore boat. Again, the GoPro doesn't ever do justice for the wave size and also keep in mind that this cat boat is MUCH higher than our Pathfinders. I wanted to clarify that these conditions are absolutely no place for a bay boat of any kind. Please be diligent and always check the weather. The forecast for our area that day was 10 percent chance of rain and winds around 5mph. I checked the radar multiple times through the day and all was clear until I lost cell reception 2 hours before this storm formed. Myself along with many boaters were caught completely off guard and it could have been much worse. I learned a lot about my boat and am extremely grateful that nothing happened to it or most importantly my family. IMG_0523_TRIM.MOV
  4. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder offshore

    It was not pretty. I probably took over a dozen waves over the bow. The winds went from 8MPH to 50-60 in a matter of minutes. The seas were the biggest I've ever been in and I literally couldn't do anything except keep my bow directly into the waves and keep on the throttle to keep the bow as high as possible. The storm lasted over an hour with massive waves, high winds lighting everywhere. I am not one to hype up this kind of stuff, it was a real as it gets. My hull was staying dry for the most part, I could see out of my peripheral vision (couldn't look down) the bilge kick on and off so I knew it was doing its job. My deck drains however could not keep up with the amount of water that was coming over the bow and my wife had to bucket the water out as fast as possible. I ended up having her open the rear cast net locker a couple times to get water into the bilge and pumped out of the boat since I knew the bilge was working. My fear was that if the cockpit filled up with water and I ended up "beam to" the waves it would have honestly only taken a couple to put some or all of my crew into the water, it was that bad. Again, I got caught in a bad spot and really hope someone can learn from my experience. This storm was absolutely not predicted and formed within minutes into a fierce monster that came directly off of the land. I know someone said they were in an invincible and got beat up pretty good if that gives any comparison.
  5. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder offshore

    I'll make this post in two parts. I was caught in that storm along with many others. First is a copy of my reply on that other forum: I was fishing just under 20mi out on Saturday out of Freeport TX and unfortunately met that storm at around 15mi. This was the most intense storm I have ever experienced and I hope to never get stuck in something like that again. As said by a few others on THT and other forums, the waves in the video's posted truly don't do any justice. It took everything I had to maintain my course into the waves. The radio was going off with calls from MOB, taking on water, and multiple EPIRBs. I am no weather expert but like many others I do habitually check forecasts and radar when in cell range. I rolled the dice and thought staying inside of 20mi would be okay and unfortunately I paid for it this time. This was a very humbling experience to say the least and a perfect reminder to always ensure that you AND all passengers know the location and function of all safety/survival equipment. Luckily my wife is a trooper and my young children are well versed on what to do in the event of boating emergencies. Being prepared and proficient can be the difference between making it through the hour long ride in a storm like this or becoming the next rescue or worse. The time to learn how to use equipment is not when you are getting handled by a storm, please let this be a reminder. Stay safe everyone. To answer the question about offshore fishing, I routinely take my boat up to 35mi out on good days. Usually if the wind is calling for over 10kts I'll stay in the bay (most days it seems like it's 15-20kts here in TX). Bay boats are good out there when the seas are calm and you have all of the required safety equipment. As most of us know Mother Nature can be mean and things can change real quick so please be prepared for the worst. My wife was really freaked out from that storm and still hasn't been back on the boat. We are usually out a few times a week. My son however is like me and understands that when you fall off the horse you have to get back on. I'll end with some pictures from a trip this Saturday where I took my son and his friend 35mi out to pull on some snapper. Tight lines everyone!
  6. CG RYAN


    Congrats Bubba! Thank you for your service. Hope all is well brother.
  7. CG RYAN

    Pathfinder 2200/2400 TRS with 250 sho WTB

    Where are you located? I know of a brand new leftover 2018 2400TRS for 61k here in TX.
  8. CG RYAN

    4 Ameratrail 3,500lb axle spindles

    No they are just the spindles, no hubs. Thanks
  9. I have 4 new spindles with hardware that I purchased from Ameratrail for a project and didn't need. I will sell all 4 for $80 if anyone is interested. They fit the standard 5 lug 3,500lb axles that most of us have. I can ship as well.
  10. I just bought one today along with a foam canon from amazon. My wife thanks you Dino!
  11. CG RYAN

    JL MHD 750/1 & 600/4

  12. CG RYAN

    JL MHD 750/1 & 600/4

    600/4 still available.
  13. Please keep us posted. Mark has taken quite a bit of my money over the years. I'd love to try one.
  14. CG RYAN

    pre front reds

    3 fish 20-28”
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