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  1. Hey Guys. I will most likely be getting transferred back to FL (from TX) in the near future and am looking for opinions from you all. I am from the Tampa area originally and understand that each part of FL can be VERY different. That said, my options for location are Jacksonville or Miami. I have vacationed to both places and realize the difference but wanted to get some advice from the locals. My primary concern is finding good schools for my 3 children (5,8,10) and a safe area to live for the next 4-5 years. Ideally I would love to find a house that I can keep my boat (31 Contender) at and also be close to good offshore fishing. I'm all ears and would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.
  2. CG RYAN

    JL M600/6 amp

  3. CG RYAN

    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

  4. CG RYAN

    JL M600/6 amp

    I can text you some. Please pm me your number or text me at727234-7719. Thanks
  5. CG RYAN

    JL M600/6 amp

    Reduced to 400 shipped. This is an awesome amp!
  6. CG RYAN

    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Still available. Owner is ready to sell!
  7. CG RYAN

    WTB Pathfinder T or TRS or HPS

    Did you see the 2400 TRS I posted?
  8. CG RYAN

    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    The owner is motivated to sell if anyone is interested. I know most of y'all are in FL but don't be afraid of a weekend trip to get a nice boat and save some cash. Also, uship is an option and most quotes seem pretty reasonable. I sold my 2400 TRS to buy something bigger and almost picked this up after being boatless for a few weeks and not finding much for sale. I ended up getting a 31 Contender or I would have bought this myself. Just trying to help out the seller and pass along a good deal.
  9. CG RYAN

    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    I am listing this for a friend. It is a 2014 2400 TRS Pathfinder powered by a Yamaha 250 SHO. The boat is in good condition and has 343 hours. Hull color is black. The trailer is a tandem axle ameratrail with brakes. The boat has Lowrance electronics, a hand controlled Minn Kota trolling motor, and a 8' power pole blade. The boat is located in Dickinson TX. Asking $47,500 o.b.o. Feel free to pm me for contact information. Thanks
  10. CG RYAN

    JL M600/6 amp

    Hey guys. I have a JL M600/6 amp that is in good shape and works great. I am asking $450 plus shipping for it. I’ll be posting pictures shortly, feel free to pm me with any questions. Thanks Edit
  11. Lookin good Dino. I may try some 5200 on my trailer lights when I redo them soon. I used outdoor extension cords up to a waterproof junction box a couple boats ago and it worked out great for the entire time I had it. I just sold my 2400 that had immaculate wiring and see some new wiring projects in my future on the new rig. I am beginning to think I am a glutton for punishment kinda like you.
  12. Hey guys. I have a gray 8oz poly guard Carver boat cover that is in good condition. I used it for the last year on my 2400 Pathfinder with a t-top and just recently sold the boat. The cover is in good condition with no rips, it does have some stains and fading from regular use. The cover fit perfect on my pathfinder and goes over the t-top and down most of the sides and the motor. It also worked well on my brothers 23 Shearwater. I would say it should work for any 22-24 bay boat or center console. New this cover is over $700, I am asking $250 plus whatever shipping costs to your door. PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  13. CG RYAN

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    I sold my 2012 2 weeks ago for 60k with 300 hours and all the things you listed.
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