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  1. 2500 Hybrid LOADED!!

    Wow. Beautiful boat. Makes me wanna sell my 2400.
  2. 2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS

  3. Hey guys. I may be moving to the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area in the near future and am looking for options on places to house hunt. My wife has asked around and most recommendations are for Cooper City, Davie, Pembroke Pines and Plantation area. If I go I will be working in Opa Locka and realize that living there is not an option. With three kids our main priority is good schools and of course the second is good fishing. I’m hoping that some of you southeast Florida guys can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
  4. Redzone Apparel......am I in trouble?

    Jay was out of town last week. I’m sure that played a part. He is a good guy and I’m sure he will take care of you.
  5. Costa blackfin and isabela

    I have a pair of costa blackfin black frame with 580 glass green mirror lens and a pair of Isabela with pomegranate frame and 580 silver mirror poly lens. I am asking 120 for the isabela and 150 for the blackfin. The Isabella are brand new and the blackfin are like new. Will also trade for random fishing stuff I probably don’t need. Pm me if you are interested. Thanks
  6. Galveston Bay Fishing

    Wow. Did they release it? I can’t imagine the feeling of catching one whether registered or not. Only two weeks left!
  7. Galveston Bay Fishing

    I wish! I’ve been steady catching fish every trip that are the perfect size to have a tag but none yet. Maybe one day.
  8. Galveston Bay Fishing

    Hey guys. I’ve been fishing a few times a week recently and making the most of summer with the kids. The redfishing has been great and the trout were on fire yesterday. We caught lots of keepers and ended up keeping 8 for a couple dinners and releasing a lot after. We used live shrimp in 10ft of water and I used a 1/4 oz jig head and glow/chartreuse jig to get the larger fish. Tight lines everyone!
  9. not me

    Nice! Glad to see you are getting out. I’ve been taking short trips. I can’t wait for this rain to stop and wind to lay down.
  10. 2200 vs 2400

    Yes the trs hull was introduced late 2011 I believe.
  11. 2200 vs 2400

    I basically mirror Joe’s opinion. I have had the 22 and a couple 24’s. I can still remember the first time I took out the 24 which was only days after selling my 22. Since I was used to my 22 the difference was very apparent. Even my wife immediately noticed the difference which surprised me. That said they are both awesome hulls and I miss how much fun the 22 was to drive. I do take mine offshore occasionally but I definitely pick my days. Here in TX the bay system and offshore can turn real quick. The 24 is a noticeably larger boat and the extra 2 feet definitely helps with rough seas.
  12. 2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    I have the same rig and just tried a power tech ofx4 19” today with pretty good results so far. I also have a saltwater series II Yamaha in a 21” that is too big in my opinion. The power tech revs a lot quicker and I was able to get 5800 rpms without any tweaking today. With a full load and 3 people the best I got in the short test was 56.3 mph at 5800 rpms. I had the family on board so I never messed with jack or anything. I’d say to try one and you will be happy. I’ll report more after getting some more time tomorrow.
  13. Bayou Vista Kids Fishing Tournament

    Sounds fun. Will I have issues coming to the park with my boat (t-top)?
  14. Possibly moving to Houston

    Welcome to the area. The beach front is starting to heat up and if you can make it down the fishing is going to be great for the summer in the surf. I usually have a full boat (wife/kids) but I’ll pm you if I’m solo. Let me know if you have any questions.