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  1. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Beautiful boat! Did you have the cover made custom or did you order it somewhere?
  2. selling the house

    I wish! I am always jealous of those houses over there. One day I will be on the water like that. Very nice!
  3. east and west galveston bay

    Great job!
  4. I saw one of these a while back and thought it was pretty neat. Here is the website.
  5. I have a single remote that I never used. I am asking $55 shipped. Thanks
  6. 2001 hpx-t 11,995

    Not mine but in my neck of the woods.
  7. FYI / Buffing Compound

    What pad did you find works best?
  8. 21 master angler 225 sho

  9. FYI / Buffing Compound

    I think I may try this next time. Thanks!
  10. Star Brite Non-Skid deck wax

    I saw this in the west marine catalog and was wondering if anyone has tried it. I usually have really good luck with all the Star Brite stuff.
  11. meet up at the palapa

    I will be in boca grande the first two weeks of June for some tarpon time.
  12. meet up at the palapa

    I am in. My kids like to hang out there.
  13. 2007 2200v $22,500 in TX

    Not mine but a good deal
  14. Bow Cushions?

    I have a full bow cushion set and it works great when I have the wife and kids. They are attached with stainless snaps so its easy to install/remove. Bean bags are nice as well.
  15. 21 MA vs 2400 TE

    The 22 is 7. My 24 is 11 (that would be an adventure)