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  1. CG RYAN

    pre front reds

    3 fish 20-28”
  2. CG RYAN

    pre front reds

    Nice! I plan to fish this weekend as long as the weather holds.
  3. CG RYAN

    Toggle switch part number

    Does anyone have the part number for the toggle switches on the 2012-2017 era pathfinders? I have a couple that are going out on me. I think they are the carling LT-1561-3 but not 100 percent.
  4. I have 4 brand new spindles that I have leftover from a trailer refurb. They have all hardware included. I am asking $150 shipped for all 4. Thanks
  5. CG RYAN

    JL MHD 750/1 & 600/4

    I have two JL MHD amps for sale. Both are in great shape and never used on the boat. Asking $650 obo each or will consider trades. PM me for pictures. Thanks
  6. CG RYAN

    Power Tech OFX4 19 Pitch Prop

    SOLD. Thanks
  7. CG RYAN

    ( SOLD) Power Tech OFX4 19

    Good price!
  8. CG RYAN

    GoPro Hero 5 Black

  9. CG RYAN

    GoPro Hero 5 Black

    I am selling a GoPro Hero 5 black that we bought new and have only used a couple times. The videos it makes are awesome but it just doesn't get used enough. It is in excellent shape. I am asking $200 and I'll pay shipping.
  10. CG RYAN

    2013 tandem axel AmeraTrail for a 2400 TRS

    Thats a good price, I wish we were closer.
  11. CG RYAN

    WTB: Pathfinder rod holders

    Thanks for the heads up, I actually emailed them today to ask. I appreciate the offer and will let you know what they say.
  12. CG RYAN

    WTB: Pathfinder rod holders

    Yes I was hoping to match the other ones back there.
  13. Hey guys. I’m looking to add 2 more rod holders and figured I’d check here to see if anyone has some extras before I buy new. Thanks
  14. CG RYAN

    freshwater trip

    Nice fish! I plan to take the wife and kids to the lake a couple times this summer.
  15. CG RYAN

    What’s a good website for trailer rims.

    I purchased some from etrailer on eBay.
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