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  1. 2015 2300HPS 47,995

    Just dropped to $44,995! https://houston.craigslist.org/boa/d/pathfinder-23-hps-high/6466742713.html
  2. 2015 2300HPS 47,995

    Not mine but looks like a good deal for someone: https://houston.craigslist.org/boa/d/2015-pathfinder-2300hps/6457122401.html
  3. Sorry to hear it buddy. I just bought the kids a black lab puppy and can’t imagine how hard that will be when the time comes. Hang in there!
  4. Texas Pathfinders

  5. NEW 2400 Pathfinder

    Nice! I love mine and I'm sure you will too!
  6. New Garmin 840XS $465

    This is a good unit and a great price. I have bought from him before and had great service. Just passing it along. https://www.thehulltruth.com/parts-forum/892179-garmin-840xs-465-new-box-full-2-year-warranty.html
  7. Pathfinder 24 Tournament & Motor?'s-Quiz Time

    There are some very minor changes that I have noticed. MBG has always been great about listening to customers and making changes. The under gunnel rod holders on the early trs had 2 holders where the new ones have 3, the battery switches and breakers are in the console instead of the aft hatch, and the t top feet go to the deck in the front and rear vs the front only in earlier models. These are all very minor things. The switch location makes no difference in my opinion but I see why they did it. The extra rod holder is something I will be adding and is a simple fix. The t top brace would be nice to eliminate flexing in rough seas but I do like the extra room while at the helm. There are also latches to lock the rear seats down on newer models but that again is a simple project.
  8. Keeping the kids busy

    Years ago I used to fish hardcore with a couple buddies. Every weekend was long hours, little food, and lots of casts. Now I almost always have my wife and 3 kids on board so I spend a lot of time doing things other than fishing when on the boat. I am extremely lucky that everyone loves being on the boat as much as me. We typically go out 2-3 times a week and although my fish slaying days are limited now, I wouldn't want it any other way. Fishing was slow today which as many of you know can become very boring for youngsters on the boat. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for these kinds of days and I was wondering what types of things others do to keep everyone having fun. Today's events consisted of a sand trout "tournament", baby catfish "tournament", and smallest redfish "tournament". During the summer the freshwater washdown is great for kids and comes in handy when they want to use the deck as a slip-n-slide (yes they actually do). I have learned that boating/fishing is like anything else with kids, you cant force it. Some days they don't want to fish, they want to bring a book or play in the livewell and other days they will grind it out all day with dad. Id like to hear what others do as well. Tight lines guys!
  9. Pathfinder 24 Tournament & Motor?'s-Quiz Time

    I agree about the centered wheel. Luckily I'm not that big but I actually just told my wife today that her spot is on the left of me. She likes to be on the right and that blocks the throttle. I am very pleased with my TRS, definitely my nicest boat yet.
  10. Pathfinder 24 Tournament & Motor?'s-Quiz Time

    I have the F300. I had the sho on my 22 pathfinder. Both are awesome motors in they’re own respect. The sho has a lot of low end grunt and was a blast on my 22. The F300 is much like my f250 that I had on my 2009 2400, it is quiet and an all around great motor. One thing that I absolutely love about the F300 is the digital shifting, that is something I don’t think I would ever want to be without now. The F300 is also more fuel efficient than the sho from what I’ve seen. Either way you can’t really go wrong.
  11. Pathfinder 24 Tournament & Motor?'s-Quiz Time

    The SHO started in 2010 I believe. After about 2012 I think the powerhead issues were resolved. While you can read horror stories there are many people who haven't had any from the early SHO's. In 2008-2010 the Pathfinder 2400 got the euro style console but the hull and deck layout are pretty much identical to say a 2006. The "T.E." hasn't changed as NAG JUICE has already stated. The TRS vs the TE is a bit of a difference. The TRS (started in 2011) has the rear seats and transition step on the forward deck. The TE is more targeted towards just fishing but honestly I don't see any fishability difference between the two. I can say going from my 2009 2400 TE to my 2012 2400 TRS has been a big upgrade for me. I absolutely love the rear seats and the extra storage hatch in the bow is nice. Either way you are getting a great boat. If you have a family the TRS is awesome.
  12. Galveston, TX fishing video.

    Thanks! The family isn’t as motivated to go with this cold weather. But flounder taste so good!
  13. Galveston, TX fishing video.

    We have a GoPro Hero 5.
  14. the run is starting!

    I'm ready!
  15. Galveston, TX fishing video.

    Quick video of recent fishing at the S.S. Selma. Enjoy!