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  1. PATHY 2400 POWERPOLE????

    I like the blade. I have had the 8' and 10' ones. It really depends on what depth you normally fish. The 10' is nice if you fish deeper water but I really like how low the 8' is on the transom. I think the 10' looks huge on the back and can limit fishing from the stern at times.
  2. Hey guys, Neither one of my trim tabs are working and I don't think that both actuators would have died together so I'm wondering what type of components are in-line with the trim tabs. I checked the breaker and it isnt popped. I havent pulled the switch apart yet but will today. Just looking for any help for those who have had issues. The switches are the standard Pathfinder ones, not Lenco if that helps.
  3. Funny How Things Work Out...

    Glad you are back at it bud!
  4. 2012 2400 TRS $47,900

    Not mine. This will probably sell before the pictures are even added: http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2012-pathfinder-2400-trs-103119096/
  5. Yamaha HS4 Prop 21 Pitch / High Seas 4

    Ill take it. PM sent.
  6. Wtb: boat cover for a 2400 trs

    Thanks Scott!
  7. Wtb: boat cover for a 2400 trs

    I bought one but haven't tried it yet. I have used Carver covers on my last few boats with great results for a non-custom cover.
  8. 2002 18.5 Maverick Master Angler

  9. 2007 2200xl for sale.

    Looks like a nice rig and priced right. http://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/871000-pathfinder-22-xl-te-2007-a.html
  10. Possibly moving to Houston

    I am from the west coast as well (new port richey) and now live in League City which is just north of Galveston. The fishing here is not like FL in terms of style but it is a great fishery and still a lot of fun. I still take leave each year to get my tarpon/snook fix back home. Trout are the primary target for 90% of the guys here, redfish are readily available as well. If you end up moving this way feel free to message me, I can show you what I have learned the past couple years.
  11. 2007 Pathfinder 2400 Tournament- new power

    Nice boat. Shouldn't take long.
  12. 2004 2200V $23,650

    Not mine, looks well kept. It doesn't say if a trailer is included. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2004-pathfinder-2200-v-103112349/
  13. 2200V for guide boat?

    The tournament is the hull with the forward livewell. The "V" only has the rear livewell(s). Rabuds will fix the wet feet problem and are an easy fix. The hulls were re-done in 2007-2008 to accept the heavier motors that were coming out, these were the 2200XL. The older 2200 is a great all around hull and is a lot of fun to drive. I put a SHO on my 2005 and loved it. You cant go wrong with any of them.
  14. Power Tech OFX4

    Drew, do you normally run heavy loads? If not, then this would be a little faster and cruise better. If you usually run heavy then I wouldn't suggest going up from what others are using. You will usually be around 150-200 rpm different.
  15. Leak in the bilge. Looking for advice ?

    I filled the livewell with some water to add weight and then filled the gaps with sealant. I only really used the forward well most of the time anyway but I hated seeing water in the bilge.