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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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    University Administration
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    FISH ON, Photo, Disc Golf, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing
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  1. pondfisher


    Lucky you. Be a long time before we can put a red in the box down here. Nice haul.
  2. pondfisher

    Gags in the bay

  3. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Thank you! That's a great idea and one I might just go with. I like the through deck rod holder style as well but the rod holders will have to protrude down into the outer edges of the live well.
  4. pondfisher

    Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    BRING BACK THE 21!!!
  5. pondfisher

    17 pitch prop

    Got a Powertech 17P on my Yami F100. 6200 rpms. Could run 5500 rpms all day long. Eventually moving up to a Yami F115 SHO.
  6. pondfisher

    Windy Sunday

    Some of them did not know how to swim. Right.
  7. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Ft. Lauderdale too far. Have an appointment with Quality 5/15. But thank you very much! All of these shops do good work.
  8. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    I really like the one piece bench cushion design. Wish I had thought of that. It's kind of a pain opening your hatches with the cushion attached. Thanks for the ideas and info. This is, like all things on the skiff... a work in progress. pf
  9. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Another option (by Bluepoint Marine) shared with me by Sweendog. Folds out of the way and no holes in the deck! Hmmmmm.....
  10. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Here's what sweendog sent me. Rod holders in the deck to drop in the tubes/arms of the backrest. Holes mounted right in front of the poling platform feet... exactly where my poling platform feet are. I think I have the design I need right here. Done by Bluepoint Fabrication in Titusville though. Too far. Will probably have Quality do this design.
  11. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Looks like you had your plates and arms mounted to your lids, right? That's why I decided not to go with Birdsall because I'd have to mount the hardware and arms to the lids and I just don't think my lids are strong and thick enough to put that much pressure (of people leaning back on the rest). Plus, every time you want to open your lids you'd have to remove the backrest, right? No? Thanks. pf
  12. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Have tried and tried but can’t seem to find him on the forum.
  13. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    I'm already working with Quality (have done many projects with them before) but they asked me to send them pics/ideas from other boats which I've done. In the meantime I'll call Birdsall. Thank you all! pf
  14. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Thank Thank you. West Palm Beach too far. Should have said in Tampa Bay Area.
  15. pondfisher

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Looking for ideas/shops to install a back rest on my MA17. Don't really have enough desk space for a rod holder/tube drop in so wondering about other options. Have seen some interesting ideas of plates screwed to the deck and seat holder frame screwed into it. Thank you. pondfisher
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