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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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  1. Getting Deeper

  2. Any pictures of 21ft MA with push pole on deck

    Looks like Capt. Troy's old 21.
  3. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Comments on the Instagram posts claim $225k. We'll see.
  4. Bad Day

    Wow. Had similar weekend. Had a livewell full of pass crabs and headed out to the beach on a beautiful, borrowed 24' Sea Hunt. Thank goodness we were in that boat rather than mine because that west wind and swells were awful. No tarpon, no nearshore bite, and one guy sick as can be. The next day I got a violent fever from what my doctor says is likely excess sun exposure/dehydration, etc. Never experienced this before. Even hydrated well while out there. Guess I'm just getting old and frail. In any case, seeing that boat is painful. Truly feel for them.
  5. ARS in 56 feet

    Sweet haul. Let me know if you need a deck hand.
  6. Scallop Season 2018

    Hmmmmm.... sounds tempting. Are you planning to get a hotel room that night (after scalloping)? And I wonder if local hotels will allow truck/boat/trailer parking.
  7. Opening day Anclote

    Look at all that meat!!! Dayuuum.
  8. Lowery Park Ramp

    About 10 years ago my truck was broken into at Gandy. And man they hit me HARD! Punched out both driver and passenger side lock cores (which makes me think it was two people acting like they were entering their own truck - maybe a "practice" they had refined). Stole: Citizens dive watch, Garmin handheld GPS, work briefcase - that was the killer, clothes, radar detector, big swiss army knife, all the change from my ashtray, etc.... which suggests they were in my truck for a pretty long time. There are three different forms of law enforcement at that ramp but zero presence of any live officers. I haven't had any trouble since then but I continue to hear horror stories like Troy's buddy every year, with more frequency. It ***. I live in Temple Terrace/USF area and the crime rate is through the roof. Has been for a very long time. Not at all surprised about gang presence at Lowery. Growing up in Tarpon Springs in the 70s and 80s me and my buddies launched primarily at two ramps: Anclote River Park and Sunset Beach. NEVER any trouble. Can't recall a single bad incident. Makes me want to go off the grid...
  9. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    This was south shore in the bay on a shallow sand flat. Lots of big rays but only one fish. My buddy threw a DOA Terror Eyez at him and he inhaled it immediately! 34.5" at fork.
  10. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    Cobia found!
  11. 76/ 65

    Wow, brave soul. I didn't even think about launching this weekend. Couldn't even keep my line under control in my backyard pond!
  12. big ones

    It's kind of a Catch-22 because yeah, we have those beautiful barrier islands within minutes of the ramp, but they are part of the reason that ramp/river/intracoastal area is such a mess. A huge number of the boats I see launch at Anclote don't have a rod holder on the boat and headed directly to N. Anclote Key Sandbar, Anclote Key, S. Anclote Key Sandbar, or 3-Rooker Bar. And of course add in about 100 plus jet skis to that mix. And then the other group are anglers both seasoned and new all trying to get to the same spots. It's just chaos. About 8 years ago I got into an argument with a guy (and his very loud, drunk wife and drunk older kids) about how you can't park your boat perpendicular to the floating docks - because it blocks others from getting in parallel to the docks, obviously. Long story short, the guy follows me and my buddy all the way to US 19 and Tarpon Springs Road and forces us into the gas station there and approaches my truck, banging on my windshield. He wanted a fight badly. To defuse the issue I simply told him I was sorry, my fault, etc., and that was what it took for him to walk away. Who knows what would have happened should I have argued back. It was something I'll never forget. And I have plenty of other similar stories.
  13. big ones

    Wow, that is hard to read. Those poor spoil island trout have been getting hammered for so long now. I can't even imagine what it's become. Reminds me of why I don't launch over there anymore (in addition to that insane ramp). Oh well, guess I'll stick to the bay. Just miss my old stomping grounds.
  14. big ones

    Love that fatty trout! Guess I need to go fish some old haunts. I promise to stay within 100 yards of you.
  15. ARS

    Hmmmm... so the FWC would be able to establish a season, limit, etc., separate from what the NMFC has in place?