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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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  1. Inshore gags

    Ha! John’s fish are NOT scratch free. The scratches are on the other side. In all seriousness though, it’s extremely difficult to get these particular fish up without finding them with some battle wounds. Super thick structure. And no doubt, you have to be quick on the draw to get them out or it’s game over within seconds.
  2. Inshore gags

    You got that right! Check out some of the scratches on their skin. They go all out to break you off.
  3. Inshore gags

    So me and my homeboy skiffin16 decided to go old school and hit up some of our favorite old bay haunts. It had been a while. Two trips and quick limits. And more shorts than we could count. John had the hot hand as he was able to wrestle up two pigs that had broken me off on two different trips - both fish came up with my hook still in its mouth. Payback. As usual, big baits = big fish. Was a great reunion with my best diggin’ pal!
  4. Gagged again

    Full box = happy clients!
  5. Hit a few more

    Should we be surprised? Way to slay, Cap’n!
  6. Couldn't let Troy have all the fun

    Some serious meat there. Nice!
  7. Tampa Tripletail

    Way to slay!
  8. My buddy Bryce Etter of Oak Creek Fly Co. and I enjoyed two incredible days of catching False Albacore ("Little Tunny") on fly despite a very late Fall run this year. His girlfriend, Madi Tisch, of A Tisch Photography, is a gifted photographer who put together this excellent video of two days of non-stop run n' gun action with tons of fish caught and multiple double headers. Enjoy!
  9. Master Angler Production

    Thanks. That's actually an older pic but I can't seem to figure out how to post vertical pics on this forum anymore! Yeah I've been a little slack on the posts lately. Have gotten so deep into fly fishing that don't always have post worthy stuff which used to almost always come with bait fishing. Got plenty of big bluegill and bass on fly pics if you're into that, lol! Here's a more current pic of the sled. pf
  10. Master Angler Production

    18 years old now and better than ever!
  11. Shallow Gags

    Nice! No numbers = super old school!
  12. Shallow Gags

    Yes! Please send me a screen shot of your GPS next go-around. Thanks Cap'n.
  13. Maverick 17, 1998

    Yami F115 SHO. That will be my re-power no doubt. Light, fast, low maintenance, meets the CG rating, etc. Second choice would be Merc. 115 Pro XS.
  14. Water Quality

    Ran all over creation around Egmont Shipping Channel and Skyway on Monday and water temp had gone back up by about 3-4 degrees (was 84), dirty water with tons of flotsam and debris still coming in from the Gulf, very little bird/bait/fish activity. A few mack blitzes here and there but mostly full of big blue runners (great kingfish bait if you're looking). Otherwise, waste of time and gas.