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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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    University Administration
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    FISH ON, Photo, Disc Golf, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing
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  1. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    I'm in the middle of buying a house. Not good timing - for me. Maybe we can just swap?
  2. pondfisher

    21 Master Angler SOLD

    Oh man. Still available?
  3. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    You know it! One more haul and it's time to load the smoker. pf
  4. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    Another load of macks ready for the smoker. Still thick around Skyway Bridge. the Sky
  5. pondfisher

    18 Master Angler re-power

    You can use either the shop you bought it from to hang the motor or you can use a different shop as long as they're certified Yami mechanics. They just have to fill out a form and list their credentials, etc., and you return the form to the shop where you bought the motor and they send to Yamaha. Though I did have Central hang my motor, I almost had another certified Yami mech. hang it... it was just too much trouble trying to get the motor from one shop to the other.
  6. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    LOTS of breakoffs because I was too lazy to tie on a piece of wire or heavier mono. Went through way too many flies. For my next trip, I have two rigs with light, tieable leader ready to rock in order to avoid breakoffs. With the wire, you get fewer eats than a piece of heavier mono or floro but your casts turn over better with the light wire. For these fish, an 8 wt. is way overgunned. I'm using a 5 and 6 wt. for these fish since they're schoolie macks and not as large as others. Good luck. They're THICK out there.
  7. Selling my Power Tech 13 X 17P prop. New hub and in very good condition. Had it on my old Yami F100 which I recently sold. Location - Tampa, FL $200 OBO Josh
  8. pondfisher

    Battery suggestions

    Aquamates (sealed water batteries - no maintenance) from Electro Battery in St. Pete, FL. They last forever and best deal on the planet! $79 for a group 24 and $89 for a group 27 deep cycle. About $15 more per battery if you don't bring a core. pf
  9. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    Thanks Dale. Finally got the boat out after doing 20 hour service on the motor and she purrs!
  10. pondfisher

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    Though this is nothing new, if you're looking for non-stop action on fly or spin tackle, spanish mackeral are super thick right now (and will continue to be until the water gets below the low 70s) in the Tampa Bay shipping channel. They are especially thick right now between Egmont Key and up into the bay around the Port Manatee artificial reef. They are gorging themselves on Bay anchovies (aka: Silversides) in the main channel. Just look for diving birds. Super fun on light fly or spin tackle and something to keep kids and guests happy most of the day. Perfect for the smoker or frying pan too. pf
  11. pondfisher

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    Some good research from an old forum member running a MA17 with a F115 (non-SHO). https://www.bandofboaters.com/forum/technical-forums/performance-handling/performance-reports/198-98-maverick-master-angler-17-2009-f115-w-jp-and-negative-wedge
  12. pondfisher

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    Really liking my new F115 SHO on my MA17. Seeing 44 mph trimmed up with Yami Talon 4 blade 16P. Great hole shot and the 4 blade prop keeps you on plane at lower RPMs. There are some good deals out there on this motor. PM me if interested. pf
  13. pondfisher

    Cedar Key Reds

    Way to slay! Looks bumpy out there. pf
  14. pondfisher

    Black Drum

    A big ol' olive green crab.
  15. pondfisher

    Scallop report???

    Reports from Pasco are mixed but mostly good (although that county's season is over). Reports north of there are pretty bad. Had a buddy go out AGAIN from Hernando and they could barely find them. Very slow year. Maybe in August it will pick up.
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