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  1. Just wondering if the Manufacturer is supporting/pushing Black Friday prices out to Dealers?
  2. 2018 Pathfinder 22 TE 250 SHO

    Where is the boat located?
  3. Ah ok......Thanks for the response!
  4. Hi Folks, I have been out of fishing for the last 6 years due to being transferred up North for work. I just got back to Houston, and started looking at boats, and seen this ad today. Is MHP Switching to Mercury Motors now?
  5. Awesome Thank You for the specs
  6. I forgot to post, any chance you guys could also tell me the width (on the trailer). Look like I kight only have 12 feet to play with. Thanks in advance! Larry
  7. Ok and that is with or without the T-Top
  8. Possibly moving to Houston

    Ok sounds great!!!!!
  9. Possibly moving to Houston

    Well I have made it here to Houston, I got an apartment up in Conroe, for short term, till I buy a house. My stuff arrives Saturday (not early enough).....In a few weeks if any of you locals need a fishing partner, I have Gas $$$ to help out......send me a message... Thanks, Larry
  10. Hello Folks, I finally made it to Texas, and am fixing to build a new house. I want to build a garage tall and long enough to put a 22TRS in it. Do any of you know how tall it is with and without a T-Top, while on the trailer? As well as how long it is on the trailer, from the ball/hitch to the rear? Thanks, Larry
  11. Possibly moving to Houston

    Hi Folks, I am going to "bump" this post again, as now I have been promoted and my company is back in business of putting folks in Houston. Just wondering if all the above still holds true with the aftermath of Harvey. Lord that was devastating to see on tv, I could only imagine how it was in person. I have been approved for a Transfer to Omaha, Houston (Spring), or Dallas, however don't have an effective date yet. If you'd like to share any additional info in private, feel free to message me here, or email me at LarryBell5@aol.com. Until then Tight Lines, and keep those Cork's Gone under the water! Larry
  12. Possibly moving to Houston

    Capt Jerome, Thanks for reaching out to me (as well as everyone above). With Harvey making a guest appearance, my company has put ALL transfers to Houston on hold indefinitely. Larry
  13. Possibly moving to Houston

    Thanks for the tip! I have ZERO knowledge of the area except for Bush and Hobby airports.....I will look online into the Matagorda Bay. Thanks again. Larry
  14. Possibly moving to Houston

    Thanks Ryan, We were told those that have to move would be told in Aug with a move no later than Dec 31. So I will continue to wait and see. I am kind of excited to move closer to the water, where I'd be able to go fishing again. I go 1 week a year with my uncles to St. James City, FL and we rent a house for the whole week and do nothing but fish. Man those are some great times on the water! Larry
  15. Possibly moving to Houston

    Rob, Thank you for the reply. I will go online and invest in one of those maps. Growing up on the water in West Central Florida, I never used them, as I knew the water like the back of my hand. But, that is a GREAT tip for a newbie, such as myself, regarding this unfamiliar territory! Also thanks again for the generalized tips.....that is what I was looking for Larry