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  1. Possibly moving to Houston

    Capt Jerome, Thanks for reaching out to me (as well as everyone above). With Harvey making a guest appearance, my company has put ALL transfers to Houston on hold indefinitely. Larry
  2. Possibly moving to Houston

    Thanks for the tip! I have ZERO knowledge of the area except for Bush and Hobby airports.....I will look online into the Matagorda Bay. Thanks again. Larry
  3. Possibly moving to Houston

    Thanks Ryan, We were told those that have to move would be told in Aug with a move no later than Dec 31. So I will continue to wait and see. I am kind of excited to move closer to the water, where I'd be able to go fishing again. I go 1 week a year with my uncles to St. James City, FL and we rent a house for the whole week and do nothing but fish. Man those are some great times on the water! Larry
  4. Possibly moving to Houston

    Rob, Thank you for the reply. I will go online and invest in one of those maps. Growing up on the water in West Central Florida, I never used them, as I knew the water like the back of my hand. But, that is a GREAT tip for a newbie, such as myself, regarding this unfamiliar territory! Also thanks again for the generalized tips.....that is what I was looking for Larry
  5. Hi Folks, Former Florida inshore fisherman here, now living in Chicago. Due to my company's relocation, it is possible Houston (well actually Spring, TX) will be one of my choices. This is the closest to the Gulf of Mexico I can get. So here is my question; For flats/inshore fishing, Reds/Trout/Snook what "generalized" areas are good near Houston. I am not asking for your "honey hole spots" but more a wide generic locations. As well as locations that aren't very good (aka lot of port traffic, etc). As I will be buying a house, and would like to be somewhat close to work, and somewhat close to the water. Thanks, Larry Bell