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  1. I have been here pretty much all month. Earlier the water was great and I did not see any indication of red tide south of mid-Cayo Costa. I believe the recent westerly winds have changed things a bit. For the last couple days any time I have been near the Gulf my eyes have burned and I have been coughing. I get the same report from several friends. Today my wife walked over Cayo Costa from the State Park dock on the inside. She saw multiple dead fish on the Gulf side, mostly hardheads, but at least one mature tarpon and one keeper gag grouper. The Gulf is very brown and angry with all the wind. Fishing inside has been mediocre, but drifting Captiva Pass is still as hot as a match for Spanish Mackerel, short groupers, and Mangrove Snapper. You can limit there on Snapper in just a few minutes, regardless of tidal flow. White bait is hiding around Roosevelt channel, the shoal north of RF Pass, and around Fosters on the grass. Overall the experience is still positive, but be aware the bay waters south of the powerline and around the passes are dark. We have caught several Blacktips less than 4 feet and one 6 + foot spinner shark, as well as a 5+ foot nurse shark. All of these while snook fishing with cut Mackerel or cut mullet. Mullet, by the way, are abundant. So there's Captain Dave's updated report. Good luck on the water!
  2. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Good reporting. Sickening story.
  3. Probably a smart move.
  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Gosh, I must be a redneck. I use SuperTech 2-stroke oil from Wally World. It's TC-W3 certified and produced by Amalie. Works great for me, at $12.99 a gallon.
  5. Any luck making this trade?
  6. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Headphones for you! I would rather hear my 2-stroke sing to me.
  7. NEW red tide and water condition report

    We need national coverage on this issue. I am in Charlotte, NC now and nobody up here is reporting anything. I watch the national news regularly in the AM and it's usually all politics and really dumb commercials. This environmental disaster affects everyone, regardless of political slant. Sad.
  8. In spite of it all...

    We found the redfish today.
  9. NEW red tide and water condition report

    This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.
  10. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Agreed. How do we get this done?? Government does not seem interested.
  11. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Major fish kill from the southern tip of Cayo Costa on the Gulf side all the way up to the trees. Maddening. However, Captiva Pass was clear today.
  12. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Ran back to Jensen's today from Cabbage Key close in on the Cayo Costa side. Huge fish kill on the flats about a mile north of Pejuan all the way to the pass. Thousands of dead baitfish, trout, snook, catfish, pretty much everything. Boogied out of there so my bait well didn't get polluted. I have been fishing here on and off over 35 years and have never seen anything like this. Red Tide is tough stuff. Fortunately, it's north of Captiva Pass thus far. I hope the winds are favorable in the next few days and move this stuff off shore. Our estuary is in danger.
  13. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

  14. Showing age

    Nothing beats some clean, white non-skid! Get her in the water.
  15. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    36" snook off the Hewes. Life is good.
  16. Red tide

    Tarpon are about 4 miles off Redfish Pass in 32-35 feet of water, apparently feeding on crabs, which are all over the place.
  17. 1999 Hewes Light Tackle 18

    Might be a good idea to post some photos. This is a great hull. I know - I have one!
  18. Red tide

    I had to run back to NC for a few days, returning to Sanibel tomorrow. Not sure about the accuracy of all the bad reports, as we are seeing and catching fish all over the place. Ran up to Marker 64 looking for bait, large schools of threadfins are around. Hooked a tarpon in Captiva pass. Had a barracuda take a grouper boatside in Captiva pass. Lots of snook on the beaches. Bay water is dark, no doubt, but fish are biting. Trout active on the flats. Have not hooked a redfish, but did see a couple renegades swimming near the shore. Noted a sweet smell coming from Cayo Costa land breeze about half way up, not sure of the origin. Tons of boats anchored up on Gulf side of South Cayo Costa over the weekend. Water was nice. I'll report more in a few days.
  19. Red tide

    Water outside Cayo Costa from about half way up south to Captiva Pass is nice. Snook on the beach, bait everywhere. Water is moderately clear on high tide. Nothing like this time last year, but the water then was as clear as I have ever seen it. Bay water is dark, but fish are biting. In the pass we have caught snapper, short grouper, Spanish mackeral, hooked a tarpon, and had a large barracuda eat a grouper at the boat. Have hooked several fish I could not handle - maybe Goliath Groupers, not sure. Tarpon are thick in ~32 feet of water about 4 miles off Redfish Pass. Found the large pilchards under the trees on North Captiva, Gulf side. Today we fish the flats. Another Captain buddy loaded his boat yesterday with trout up to 6 pounds. I believe the red tide is waning. Not so sure about Lake O dumping. Time to fish.
  20. Red tide

    Yes, that new sandbar is pretty incredible. You can walk out to what used to be the island. The last storm moved a lot of sand around for sure. Cayo Costa is OK. We have been having lunch up near where the shelling tours come through from the inside. Water is nice, bait is abundant. Snook are in the shorebreak. The pass is super active right now with grouper and mangrove snapper. Also some huge barracuda in there to rob you blind. We boated a 25 inch gag yesterday while trolling lipped plugs in about 32 feet of water off RF pass. Estuary is teeming with bait, mullet, snook, and others. We are not working hard to find fish, but have not run north of Cabbage Key and probably won't. More to come.
  21. Red tide

    OK anglers, I spent the day in and around Captiva today. Here's what I found. No red tide apparent, anywhere. I found some weeks old dead fish about half way up Cayo Costa on the gulf side. Inside was loaded with snook and mullet. Saw a couple redfish. Lots of small bait, typical 4 inch pilchards were non-existent. Tons of pinfish on the flats. Lots of bait on the flat inside Redfish Pass. All small. Tons of snook in the Gulf shorebreak from Cayo Costa to RF Pass. Snook were thick inside both passes. Saw some monsters. Ran out to natural bottom about 5 miles out RF Pass. Bite was hot. Lots of schools of large bait out there. Menhaden maybe? Bay water is tannic, but I have seen it much worse. Gulf is surprisingly clear. Put your boat in the water and go fishing!
  22. 1997 Hewes Redfisher Tunnel

    Cool skiff for sure.
  23. Red tide

    I will be in the water tomorrow and can give a report tomorrow evening.
  24. Trolling Motor Batteries

    Did you check their resistance with an ohm meter, or with the one built into your eyes?
  25. Trolling Motor Batteries

    I would check the resistance in your wiring. Older cables can draw a lot of current. I have an 80 pound MinnKota with 2 Advance Auto Parts group 27 deep cycle batteries on a closed circuit. I can fish all day with them, in pretty good current and using spot lock, with no problem. You're losing amperage somewhere along the line is my bet.