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  1. Ignition Switch Replacement

    Where do y'all get those rubber caps?
  2. Gaskets for hatches?

    Does anybody know where to acquire new OE gaskets for hatches on Hewes boats? Several of mine have flattened out over the last 17 years. Go figure.
  3. Ketchikan rockfish (Alaska)

    Check out the Waterfall Resort. You leave Ketchikan by float plane and fly in. We caught tons of Kings, halibut, ling cod, and a few silvers. It's a beautiful place to fish. We went in July. Warning - it never really gets dark. Bring some eye shades so you can sleep!
  4. Bad News

    Remember stuff like this when the bait is hard to find. We should all work to preserve our resources, all the time. Clouds of bait today, wasted, won't be here tomorrow. OK, I am done hugging the seaweed.
  5. Gaskets for hatches?

    Sure. It's from Clean Seal, Inc. 800-366-3682. The item I ordered is "105" EPDM, size is .438" tall by .375" wide. I ordered it with 3M sticky back, which is permanent. I have 100 feet on the way, my boat should take just under 50 feet. I'll post on performance after installation. Sure hope it works.
  6. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    OK, here goes. I am ready for a slamming from all the MA (great boats no doubt) owners! I really love my 2000 Light Tackle 18, which became the 18 Redfisher immediately after the lapstrake hull design went into mothballs. It's a great boat: 7'11" wide, 18'10" long, 1050 pounds, and runs 46 mph with 2 anglers, 35+ gallons of gas, and normal ice, drinks, and tackle. The 2 stroke 130 is thirsty by today's standards, but she jumps on plane and sounds awesome, despite killing a few mosquitoes at idle. The flip up seat is cool and puts the Skipper and 2 anglers low to the waterline for a comfortable long run. I particularly appreciate the 2 insulated hatches on the bow, and the release well on the port quarter, which is also insulated and serves as a great fishbox. Tons of additional storage in the large bow hatch. Also, the large rear livewell will keep pilchards alive all day. The vessel poles with relative ease (if you are in shape, which is a must) and powers along nicely with a 70 pound thrust 24 volt trolling motor. She's a little bouncy in the chop, but that's what trim tabs are for in the hands of an experienced pilot. Just don't try to break any water speed records... It's a big fishing platform that floats in less than a foot of water with ease. Considering the pricing on these right now, if you can find one or a similar Redfisher, it's definitely worth considering. Not to mention how easily she tows. And if you're lucky enough to get one with a 150, hang on. JMHO!
  7. Gaskets for hatches?

    Called Maverick and got the original equipment supplier name. 100 foot roll with 3M adhesive on the way. I'll report how it works!
  8. Has anybody tried using their trolling motor not only pulling on the bow, but pushing on the stern? Sure would be nice to motor along when fly fishing without all the motor stuff on the bow. If I had two mounts I could move the motor to the rear when I get near fish. I wonder if this would work.
  9. Trouble starting 95 Bayfisher with Yamaha 115

    What do you mean it will not catch? The engine will not turn over, or it is turning over and will not start?
  10. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Understood about moving the motor, but with the quick release mount only takes a few seconds. I like having the bow open for fly anglers, and in difficult poling conditions this may be a big help. I appreciate your thinking.
  11. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Thanks, guys. Looks like it's time to add another doodad to the Hewes.
  12. 95 Yamaha 115 starting problem

    My bet is fuel. I would clean or change the fuel filter on the port side of the engine and get a new fuel/water separator to start. Just for kicks I would invest $12 in a new set of NGK plugs as well. Start with the easy stuff! PS how old is your gas?? Regarding the choke, you shouldn't have to use it except for a few seconds in warm weather. You could be flooding the engine if you use too much choke.
  13. USCG Local Notice to Mariners should be a good info source.
  14. Two stroke fuel in four stroke Generator

    It'll run, just a little bit a smoke.
  15. Starting Battery

    Interstate Group 850 CCA for my 130. I use them for 3 seasons then replace. No issues.
  16. Compass for Hewes

    Does anybody have a compass mounted in their flats boat console? I would prefer to avoid making a huge hole so a bracket mount comes to mind. Thoughts?
  17. Compass for Hewes

    Really need one I can see when running the boat. If anybody has one they really like I would appreciate a tip. Thanks.
  18. Livewell filter

    I have never had a filter on my livewell feed between the sea chest and pump. After reading so many posts about livewells, I realize I should probably add one. Any ideas on what to add and where to get it? I just replaced my Rule pump and would like to filter the water in the hope of adding life to the pump. Thanks.
  19. 150 SHO on 18 Redfisher?

    Does anybody have a post lappy Redfisher 18 with a Yamaha 150 SHO? Wondering if that's a good repower for my 130 2-stroke. Thanks.
  20. 1900v led bow lights?

    Got mine on Ebay, around $50. Great investment!
  21. Who fishes with their best friend?

    No dogs, but I fish with my wife all the time! She's my best friend.
  22. Thanks to all for the great advice on how to chase issues I was having with my trim/tilt and oil alarm. Here's what I learned: The flat oil harness had an intermittent open circuit where it is pinched to go under the cowling. The main harness also had an open circuit there that affected my trim UP ability. My trim DOWN issue was the console switch, which I resolved by taking apart, cleaning the contacts, and reassembling. I did a wire repair in the oil harness and replaced the main harness. Now it all works great. How to have fun with a volt/ohm meter. I am living the dream. Thanks again.
  23. Hewes Redfisher 18 Seat Platform Cracked

    I have the same issue on my 2000 LT18. Also, the seat is cracking in the middle and beginning to sag a bit. If anybody has a fix that worked I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  24. Funny How Things Work Out...

    Holy cow folks this is a frightening story. I have lost multiple friends to cardiac events, age ranges from 39 up. As we age we have to maintain and listen to our bodies. I am thankful Nag's boss sent him to the ER. My advice: Have your MD run all your numbers. Stay in shape. Eat the right stuff. Keep a positive attitude. Avoid stress. Love your wife and kids. Try to make a positive impact on someone's life every day. Life is precious, and every day is a gift. Nag, glad you're still with us! Peace.
  25. How do you stay in shape?

    Elliptical aerobic workout for 35 minutes 5 days per week, 100 crunches daily along with light weight high rep bench, curls, shrugs, Kale shake for breakfast, watch what you eat. Eliminate liquid calories Sunday - Thursday. Do what you want on Friday and Saturday.