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  1. Trouble starting 95 Bayfisher with Yamaha 115

    What do you mean it will not catch? The engine will not turn over, or it is turning over and will not start?
  2. Gaskets for hatches?

    Does anybody know where to acquire new OE gaskets for hatches on Hewes boats? Several of mine have flattened out over the last 17 years. Go figure.
  3. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Understood about moving the motor, but with the quick release mount only takes a few seconds. I like having the bow open for fly anglers, and in difficult poling conditions this may be a big help. I appreciate your thinking.
  4. Minn Kota Riptide base on stern?

    Thanks, guys. Looks like it's time to add another doodad to the Hewes.
  5. Has anybody tried using their trolling motor not only pulling on the bow, but pushing on the stern? Sure would be nice to motor along when fly fishing without all the motor stuff on the bow. If I had two mounts I could move the motor to the rear when I get near fish. I wonder if this would work.
  6. 95 Yamaha 115 starting problem

    My bet is fuel. I would clean or change the fuel filter on the port side of the engine and get a new fuel/water separator to start. Just for kicks I would invest $12 in a new set of NGK plugs as well. Start with the easy stuff! PS how old is your gas?? Regarding the choke, you shouldn't have to use it except for a few seconds in warm weather. You could be flooding the engine if you use too much choke.
  7. USCG Local Notice to Mariners should be a good info source.
  8. Two stroke fuel in four stroke Generator

    It'll run, just a little bit a smoke.
  9. Starting Battery

    Interstate Group 850 CCA for my 130. I use them for 3 seasons then replace. No issues.
  10. Compass for Hewes

    Really need one I can see when running the boat. If anybody has one they really like I would appreciate a tip. Thanks.
  11. Compass for Hewes

    Does anybody have a compass mounted in their flats boat console? I would prefer to avoid making a huge hole so a bracket mount comes to mind. Thoughts?
  12. Livewell filter

    I have never had a filter on my livewell feed between the sea chest and pump. After reading so many posts about livewells, I realize I should probably add one. Any ideas on what to add and where to get it? I just replaced my Rule pump and would like to filter the water in the hope of adding life to the pump. Thanks.
  13. 1900v led bow lights?

    Got mine on Ebay, around $50. Great investment!
  14. Who fishes with their best friend?

    No dogs, but I fish with my wife all the time! She's my best friend.
  15. Thanks to all for the great advice on how to chase issues I was having with my trim/tilt and oil alarm. Here's what I learned: The flat oil harness had an intermittent open circuit where it is pinched to go under the cowling. The main harness also had an open circuit there that affected my trim UP ability. My trim DOWN issue was the console switch, which I resolved by taking apart, cleaning the contacts, and reassembling. I did a wire repair in the oil harness and replaced the main harness. Now it all works great. How to have fun with a volt/ohm meter. I am living the dream. Thanks again.