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    2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18, 2000 Yamaha 130 2-stroke
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    USCG Licensed Captain at Gulf Breeze Fishing Charters, LLC, Drummer/Vocalist
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  1. Drummer

    Popup Anchor Light for poling platform?

    Ordered the little flush Hella today. Thanks!
  2. Well, my anchor light bit the dust again. It's the standard popup incandescent type. Hella, I think. Does anybody have a better solution, preferably LED?
  3. Drummer

    2005 Hewes Redfisher for sale

    I just sent this to an interested buddy. Please post a list of all gear and upgrades. Thanks.
  4. Drummer

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

    PM sent.
  5. Drummer

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Can't hurt to give it a try.
  6. Drummer

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    It works! Talked to an EE buddy about using a wire to bridge the gap. Probably a waste of time. The ohm meter has just enough amperage to restart things, according to the expert.
  7. Drummer

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

    I found a ROUGH one in Destin. Had to pass.
  8. Drummer

    Where is that sound coming from?

    In addition, WD-40 is a lousy lubricant. It's a water displacement solution. Smells good, though.
  9. Drummer

    Deadrise on 2200XL?

    Does anybody know the deadrise on the 2200XL and newer 2200T? Thanks in advance.
  10. Drummer

    Mullet around N Captiva

    I imagine literally hundreds of thousands of mullet were killed in the environmental disaster last summer. I saw what looked like millions of dead ones in Ding Darling last August. Very disheartening. The stock will regenerate, but it might take a while.
  11. Drummer

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    Oh yes, I would forego the jackplate and install trim tabs with that money. Lenco can help you with the tabs.
  12. Drummer

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    Find a used Yamaha 115 or 130 2-stroke. It's an outstanding powerplant for that boat. Light and powerful.
  13. This is news to me, gang. My guide buddies and I follow the same rules that apply to operators of all vessels. If you see a guide, or anyone else doing something stupid, get their hull number and report them to FWC! Obviously this does not apply to jetskiers, as everything they do is pretty much stupid...
  14. Drummer

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    Not sure about the new one - this one takes a CR-2450 flat, hard to find, battery.
  15. Drummer

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    That could work, not sure as I have not tried it. The advantage to the ohm meter is it lets you know when the circuit is open or closed. In any case, I believe this info should help us out.
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