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    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with Yamaha 250 SHO, 2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18 with Yamaha 130
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    USCG Licensed Captain at Gulf Breeze Fishing Charters, LLC, Drummer/Vocalist
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    fishing, playing drums, hunting, shooting, golf, outdoor fun
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  1. 12 weight TFO with Tibor Gulfstream on one, 10 weight GLoomis with Hatch 9+ on the other.
  2. Drummer

    What size prop for 2400 Pathfinder?

    Thanks for the great info. Are you getting the same speeds on your GPS as your Yamaha gauges? Also, how's the holeshot with the PowerTech prop?
  3. The trolling motor was on the boat when I got it from the prior owner. I have no idea whether he added it or the dealer. In any case, I have removed it. I can shoot a couple photos, sure.
  4. This came on my 2014 2400 TRS, 60 inch shaft, works great. Pensacola area. Just taking up space in my tackle room, needs to go.
  5. Drummer

    New Tow Vehicle

  6. Drummer

    Fly Fishing Hilton Head Island SC

    Try around the Southwest tip of Parris Island. Fish up in the reeds on a flood tide.
  7. Well, they're here! These ate my streamer fly a couple days back. Fun stuff.
  8. Drummer

    Edson power knob on standard Pathfinder wheel?

    Did that, but it's still nowhere near the feel of the Edson I have on my Hewes. Looks like it's time for another upgrade.
  9. Gang, does anybody know if an Edson power knob will fit (bolt, not strap) on a standard Pathfinder steering wheel? The OE knob is stiff and not at all friendly IMO. Thanks.
  10. Drummer

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    You're going to love it. I just picked up a slightly used and highly loved 2400 TRS. It's awesome!
  11. Drummer

    No Responses from Posts

    Seems to work pretty well for me. Must be a timing issue. Very helpful group, generally.
  12. Drummer

    2400 TRS Lowrance total scan transducer location?

    Have cleaning supplies, will travel! Thanks so much for your input. It was Spot-On.
  13. Has anyone tackled adding a mascerator pump with outboard drain on a 2400TRS fishbox? I am surprised this is not OE on such a fine vessel.
  14. Drummer

    2400 TRS Lowrance total scan transducer location?

    Report: I mounted it just like Frozen's photo above and it works great. Thanks, all!
  15. Hello gang, I just picked up a beautiful 2400 TRS. The Lowrance total scan transducer is mounted behind the garboard plug in the pocket, no bracket, and won't read at speed at all. Any 2400 TRS folks have a solution for this TRS newbie? Thanks.
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