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  1. WTB console grab rail MA17

    Bueller, Anybody??
  2. Looking for a new console grab rail for a 2002 Master Angler 17. Anybody got one in their garage? The bar that outlines the windshield?
  3. Engine Alarm

    I had a similar issue last year. I replaced the oil float filter in the reservoir tank on the engine, and the little bitty filter on the bottom of the remote oil tank. That seemed to help, but ultimately I ended up replacing the electrical harness. It was only about $150 and since then, no issues at all. As it turns out I started chasing circuits and found a couple intermittent open circuits right where the harness goes through the cowling. Apparently this is pretty common, resulting from years of tilting up and down.
  4. Hewes Steering Wheel -- free

    Hello Limitless, what boat did the steering wheel come from? I am interested. Thanks.
  5. Live Well Problem

    Sounds like it's time for a new pump!
  6. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    Here's their inventory as of today. All are for sale at last cost plus shipping. Let me know if I can help. UPC MFG # Item Description Last Cost QoH 014394530654 YT65W YETI TUNDRA 65 QT WHT COOLER $260.00 1 014394530456 YT45W YETI TUNDRA 45 QT COOLER $227.00 1 014394530357 YT35W YETI TUNDRA 35 QT COOLER WHITE $195.00 3 014394530500 YT50W YETI TUNDRA 50 QT WHITE COOLER $246.99 2 014394530517 YT50T YETI TUNDRA 50 QT TAN COOLER $246.99 1 000000300070 YT35T YETI TUNDRA 35 QT TAN $195.00 1 014394530463 YT45T YETI TUNDRA 45 QT TAN $227.00 1 014394520402 TD YETI TIE DOWN KIT $32.49 5 014394502026 YBOW YETI COOLER BOTTLE OPENER $10.99 2 000000433945 YTSF YETI TUNDRA SLIDING FEET 4-PAK $11.99 2 014394525988 YRAM20 YETI RAMBLER 20OZ SS TUMBLER $18.00 79 014394526145 YRAM30 YETI RAMBLER 30OZ SS TUMBLER $24.00 58 000000471718 YRAMCOL YETI RAMBLER COLSTER $18.00 32 888830005224 YRAM10 YETI RAMBLER 10 OZ LOWBALL $15.00 21 888830003022 YRAM20LID YETI RAMBLER 20OZ LID ALSO FITS LOWBALL 10 OZ $3.00 12 014394502033 YTBET YETI TARPON BEVERAGE TOOL $5.49 1 888830005187 YRAMB18 YETI RAMBLER BOTTLE 18 OZ $24.00 25 888830005194 YRAMB36 YETI RAMBLER BOTTLE 36 OZ $36.00 14 888830005200 YRAMB64 YETI RAMBLER BOTTLE 64 OZ $54.00 10
  7. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    They are closed today. I'll get a copy of their entire inventory and post it tomorrow. Please stand by.
  8. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    Will check on Tuesday when they open up.
  9. Fellow Captains and fishing enthusiasts, I have access to some brand new Yeti coolers and other Yeti products that can be purchased at dealer cost plus shipping. The dealer is not going to sell Yeti any more and is blowing out existing inventory. Here are a few examples: 65 quart white cooler is $260, 45 quart is $277, and 35 quarts are $195. If you have interest let me know and I'll put you in touch with the vendor.
  10. Well, I powdercoated my poling platform in white. Looks awesome. We'll see how it holds up!
  11. 69F water today !

    But you can't sit up there and watch any more.
  12. 2004 RF18 has a 40 gallon tank? Really?

    Love my LT18 with the 40 gallon tank. Days between fill-ups makes for more time with a rod in my hand! And I can't really tell a difference in how the boat handles with lots of gas or almost none, except it's a little faster when close to empty.
  13. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    How about oil bath hubs?
  14. Pliers

    All the dentists in here will love this post!