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  1. That's a great hull - same as my LT18. Things to watch for from my experience are the flip up rear seat hinges, rear flip up seat sagging in the middle (this is an easy fix, I reinforced mine with an aluminum strip), leaks into the bilge from sea chest screws and trim tab cover plate screws, obviously any soft spots in the hull, transom, or deck need to be checked out. I love this hull and cap. Storage is great, and the insulated hatches are a great idea.. If you watch you'll find a great one in your price range. Good luck. PS they fly with 2 strokes...
  2. Drummer

    Braided Line Questions

    I use green power pro on all my spinning reels. If you buy 1500 yard spools it's a lot less dough. Stradic 3000s get 15 lb, Cabo 60s get 40 pound. I instruct my angling guests to work the bails manually, which seems to help with wind knots. Green seems to catch more fish than yellow, don't ask me why, but it is harder to see, especially in low light. Good luck!
  3. Drummer

    Hewes Redfisher 18 rod holder install?

    If the white is salt, just use water. After that soak with PB Blaster. Ask me how I know this...
  4. Drummer

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    If you end up there ring me up. I know where the snook live!
  5. Drummer

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    Rubble! If you want to fish Sanibel and Captiva I suggest Jensen's Twin Palms Marina. They can rent you a slip for your Pathfinder, rent you a boat, or find you a guide. I am close to these guys and have fished the area for over 30 years. Their marina hasn't changed at all in the 30 plus years I have been hanging out there. Beware the red tide there and Lake O runoff virtually destroyed the SW FL estuary last year. It's rebounding now, but still has a LONG way to go. Another option is try us again here in the Gulf Breeze area. We have the best beaches anywhere, and downtown Pensacola is a gem for dining, walking around, etc. Hopefully the weather man will cooperate with you this trip. If you come here, I'll fish ya.
  6. Drummer

    Installing Minn Kota Trolling motor on RF18

    I bet you have a plate. Can you look in the old holes to ID? Drilled and tapped is WAY better than toggled.
  7. Drummer

    Batteries in front hatch 18 redfish

    Two group 27s under the front of the console is ideal I believe. I took a close look at putting mine in the front console, but could not figure out a good method. Plus, you sacrifice a LOT of storage. For a great hole shot, just tab down, trim down and hit it. Mine jumps up in about 2 boat lengths. 130 two stroke, 18 pitch 3 blade Yamaha prop. Nothing special, but it works. JMO
  8. Drummer

    Wanted 16’ Hewes

    Here's one on the Charleston Craigslist. 1993 Lapstrake. https://charleston.craigslist.org/boa/d/north-charleston-hewes-lappy-16/6851595971.html
  9. Drummer


    I am so old school. El Cheapo trolling motor group 27 lead acid batteries from Advance Auto Parts. They last about 4-5 years and cost about $90 last time I looked. Heavy, yes. Electrolyte, yes. A bargain, yes. I am a sucker for old, proven technology I guess!
  10. Drummer

    Oil tank filter on Hewes Redfisher

    There is a tiny little filter underneath the oil tank. It's simple to replace. Just take the tank out and follow the hoses. You'll see it. It only goes on one way.
  11. If you need another study guide I can shoot you a copy of my typed notes. I also have a great diagram you'll need to learn to draw that will help you with rules of the road. Enjoy the classes! It's a lot of fun. Congrats on taking the plunge.
  12. Hey, Hey! Yes, it's true, Captain Baz is my brother. The primary reason I pushed you his way is I am still in North Carolina, arriving in Gulf Breeze the week of 15 April. I'll be there at least throughout the summer. The other reason is he truly is THE MAN, particularly if you are a fly caster. Capt. Baz will know what's going on day by day, as things change rapidly this time of year. Pompano are beginning to show up, as are Cobia, and several other migratory species. Resident redfish are always a great target, as are speckled trout, sheepshead, and others. If y'all drift the pass with bait or hit some inshore structure, you are sure to load the boat with Red Snapper, but the season is closed so they have to go back. With luck you'll find some Mangrove Snapper (aka black snapper or grey snapper), which are one of my favorites for table fare, and they are open now. I think Baz knows where all the fish hang out, so rest assured you are in great hands. Things to do? Sounds like you have already discovered some cool spots (vomit notwithstanding), but don't forget the Grand Marlin right at the base of the bridge on the beach. IMHO it's generally the best place to eat fresh fish, and the atmosphere is great. And if you really want the best fried grouper sandwich you'll have to drive into Pensacola and hit Jerry's Drive In. Cross the Pensacola Bay bridge, take 17th Avenue under the graffiti bridge, and take a right on Cervantes Street. Cross the next bridge (Bayou Texar) and it's about a half mile up the hill on the right. It's a local dive no doubt, and they only take cash, but their grouper sandwich rules. For fried mullet it's the Marina Oyster Barn right at the base of the Bayou Texar bridge on the left. Another local hangout. Almost forgot, there's a taco truck that hangs out around the Sand Shaker sometimes. It's awesome. Give me a ring if you get a chance. My cell is 704-619-2685. I would love to meet y'all and hang out a little if we can put it together! Capt. Dave Yelverton
  13. Drummer

    Original Hewes decal removal

    Check their online coupon. With the 25% savings it was less than anything I found on the internet. Good luck!
  14. I am sure you'll have a great trip. I guide with Baz, so we may end up meeting each other. It's such a beautiful area, with fish all over the place. This is cool.
  15. Drummer

    Original Hewes decal removal

    PS when I ordered online at Advance Auto they gave me a 25% discount. Nice.
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