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    2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18, 2000 Yamaha 130 2-stroke
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    Charlotte area is wet and wild, but recovering quickly. I never lost power, luckily. Not sure how we can help our coastal pals at the moment. Stay tuned.
  2. Fishing Guide for Papagayo, Costa Rica

    Bueller, Anyone??
  3. Can anyone recommend a fishing guide in the Papagayo area of Costa Rica? I have a great client who is headed there with his wife and wants to go fishing.
  4. Spinning rod suggestion?

    We use St. Croix Avid series. Very light and powerful
  5. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Good reporting. Sickening story.
  6. Probably a smart move.
  7. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Gosh, I must be a redneck. I use SuperTech 2-stroke oil from Wally World. It's TC-W3 certified and produced by Amalie. Works great for me, at $12.99 a gallon.
  8. Any luck making this trade?
  9. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Headphones for you! I would rather hear my 2-stroke sing to me.
  10. NEW red tide and water condition report

    We need national coverage on this issue. I am in Charlotte, NC now and nobody up here is reporting anything. I watch the national news regularly in the AM and it's usually all politics and really dumb commercials. This environmental disaster affects everyone, regardless of political slant. Sad.
  11. NEW red tide and water condition report

    This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.
  12. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Agreed. How do we get this done?? Government does not seem interested.
  13. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Major fish kill from the southern tip of Cayo Costa on the Gulf side all the way up to the trees. Maddening. However, Captiva Pass was clear today.
  14. In spite of it all...

    We found the redfish today.
  15. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Ran back to Jensen's today from Cabbage Key close in on the Cayo Costa side. Huge fish kill on the flats about a mile north of Pejuan all the way to the pass. Thousands of dead baitfish, trout, snook, catfish, pretty much everything. Boogied out of there so my bait well didn't get polluted. I have been fishing here on and off over 35 years and have never seen anything like this. Red Tide is tough stuff. Fortunately, it's north of Captiva Pass thus far. I hope the winds are favorable in the next few days and move this stuff off shore. Our estuary is in danger.