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    2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18, 2000 Yamaha 130 2-stroke
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    Drummer, USCG licensed captain, fix it dude for various companies
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  1. Drummer

    Sea Chest grate removal

    Screws came out nicely, looks like grate is sealed in. Is this the best (only) way to check the through-hull fittings?
  2. Drummer

    Sea Chest grate removal

    I suspect I may have some leakage in the through-hull fittings for my live well. Is the best way to access these via the sea chest? If yes, what's the secret to removing the cheese grater without damaging it? Thanks. Certainly someone has done this successfully!
  3. Awesome setup! But can you see over the Simrad screen when running?
  4. Eat snapper and grouper, release snook. I have released a few redfish onto the grill top, though. Tasty.
  5. Drummer

    Nice Inshore Suprise.

    That's a good sign!
  6. Drummer

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Took all the batteries out for the winter, put them on a trickle charger. Trying to get another year out of my trolling motor batteries!
  7. Drummer

    Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    This is great news!
  8. Drummer

    Replace motor or whole rig??

    Polli, that is good to know. I know I'll face a repower one of these days and a 4-stroke would be a consideration.
  9. Drummer

    Replace motor or whole rig??

    You should be able to find a decent V6 2-stroke for less than $5000. The LT20 is a cool hull; with decent power I bet you would love it. JMO.
  10. Drummer

    Repowering LT18?

    Thanks, everyone!
  11. Drummer

    Repowering LT18?

    Hi guys, I am considering repowering my 2000 LT18. I have a great Yamaha 130 (which will most likely end up on a Lapstrake RF18) and am considering a VMax 150 2002 carbed. I would love a better holeshot and top end at WOT when needed. Does anybody have experience with this changeover or does anybody have a period LT18 or RF18 with a carbed V6 150? ? I realize I'll gain some weight in the stern. I wonder how much my fuel usage will increase with the V6. All comments welcomed.
  12. Drummer

    Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Perfection loop. It's basically a bowline. Simple to tie, extremely strong.
  13. Drummer

    2000 Pathfinder 2200-Model?

    Didn't they also release the 2200 T?
  14. Drummer

    Fishing Guide for Papagayo, Costa Rica

    Bueller, Anyone??
  15. Can anyone recommend a fishing guide in the Papagayo area of Costa Rica? I have a great client who is headed there with his wife and wants to go fishing.