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  1. This is news to me, gang. My guide buddies and I follow the same rules that apply to operators of all vessels. If you see a guide, or anyone else doing something stupid, get their hull number and report them to FWC! Obviously this does not apply to jetskiers, as everything they do is pretty much stupid...
  2. Drummer

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    Not sure about the new one - this one takes a CR-2450 flat, hard to find, battery.
  3. Drummer

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    That could work, not sure as I have not tried it. The advantage to the ohm meter is it lets you know when the circuit is open or closed. In any case, I believe this info should help us out.
  4. Drummer

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    Hello gang, yesterday I pulled into a "no-combustible" area with a charter only to have my I-Pilot remote appear dead. I changed the battery - still dead. So, rather than poling 1/2 a mile into the wind, we moved on to another spot. No issue with the anglers. After researching a bit and anticipating purchasing a new remote I ended up taking my volt/ohm meter and closing the circuit between the remote's battery terminals. The meter gave me a short beep. I reinstalled the battery and guess what - it works like new. I guess I rebooted the pesky little sucker. Total time of repair was under 60 seconds. Since I keep a multi-meter in my electrical kit on the boat and a few new remote batteries I'll keep this in mind for future failures. I hope this magic helps somebody else.
  5. Drummer


    Free donuts and shooting lessons if you keep the weather postings up to date! Congrats.
  6. Drummer

    WTB 23 DV in a few months

    Add me to the list of shoppers please. Cool boats.
  7. Drummer

    Are Redfishers self-bailing???

    No issues here. I use the short plugs, the screw-in type. Generally I use them all the time when in the boat, unless I have do drain the cockpit. They work great.
  8. Drummer

    23 DV

    Great info, gang., thank you. The boat I am looking at is a 2004... if it's a woodie I'll stay away! So, for now, the search continues.
  9. Drummer

    23 DV

    Have any of you fellow forumers actually owned or at least fished out of a 23 DV? I am looking at one and would appreciate some real world pros and cons. Not what you have read or heard - I have already done all that! Thanks.
  10. Drummer

    Reel Maintenance

    The only good uses of WD-40 are as a flamethrower or bee killer!
  11. Drummer

    Battery Relocation on Redfisher 18????

    I believe they are already in the best place. A little tab never hurt anybody!
  12. Drummer

    WTB TFO Mangrove 8 Wt

    I have a Mangrove 8 weight and love it. Not for sale, sorry! Just buy a new one. They are not expensive.
  13. Drummer

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Looks like you got a great rig. Congrats! Regarding the 4 battery comment, not sure you need the 4th. Trolling motor will run great on 2, and your starting battery should be just one. If you need insurance, consider the PowerAll portable lithium battery. It has plenty power to start your outboard in case of an emergency, and it weighs about as much as a cell phone. I put my trolling motor batteries under the console in front. Hard to get them in and out, but it's a secure location. Have fun!
  14. That's a great hull - same as my LT18. Things to watch for from my experience are the flip up rear seat hinges, rear flip up seat sagging in the middle (this is an easy fix, I reinforced mine with an aluminum strip), leaks into the bilge from sea chest screws and trim tab cover plate screws, obviously any soft spots in the hull, transom, or deck need to be checked out. I love this hull and cap. Storage is great, and the insulated hatches are a great idea.. If you watch you'll find a great one in your price range. Good luck. PS they fly with 2 strokes...
  15. Drummer

    Braided Line Questions

    I use green power pro on all my spinning reels. If you buy 1500 yard spools it's a lot less dough. Stradic 3000s get 15 lb, Cabo 60s get 40 pound. I instruct my angling guests to work the bails manually, which seems to help with wind knots. Green seems to catch more fish than yellow, don't ask me why, but it is harder to see, especially in low light. Good luck!
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