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  1. Mounting A Transducer on a RF18

    Any one have stern pictures of where you mounted a transducer on a RF18?? Would appreciate any pics of a similar stern mount before I drill holes Garmin instructs to mount it level with the flat hull, that will certainly sink it on my RF18 with a 115 4 stroke Yamaha.

    Grant I talked to Hewes and they recommended that also He said there is a bulkhead slightly aft of the console . They put foam of some sort along this bulkhead before laying in the deck it always has voids in it that you can pass a snake through..problem is under my console the only starting point is packed with steering and cables/wires. Might resort to it though.

    Thanks for the inputs. I have a wire pulling snake in addition to the parachute cord i pulled though the pvc pipe on my last install. its tied off at both ends.. my thought are to try the parachue cord first withe the plug fastened and taped as a conical shape. if that doesn't work I'll try the electricians snake; might even start with that as it is really strong. The cons of using it are the housing it's in does not fit well inside the console and working back towards the stern. This might go easier then I thought.

    I have a 2005 RF18. I need to pull the transducer cable for a new Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 94sv from the stern bilge to the bottom of the center console.There is only 1 tube that I can find (on the starboard side) for running cable/wire forward to the center console. Last time I pulled something forward I also attached a tag along parachute cord and tied it off at both ends. The tube looks pretty full and I'm concerned the new 12pin transducer cable might not go all the way through. Any ideas from members who are familiar with the RF18 layout on how I can get this cable up to the center console.
  5. MK Terrova Heading Sensor Install

    I did a post and did not comwe up with anything
  6. MK Terrova Heading Sensor Install

    Thanks rubble for that..I was under the impression tha tit should not be put in a cabinet..This makes life easier
  7. MK Terrova Heading Sensor Install

    I'm about to install a new MK Riptide Terrova on my RF18. It has a "heading sensor" puck that is external to the TM. Was wondering if any members have installed one on a similar hull. I'm debating where to install this where it will be out of the way yet communicate correctly with the TM
  8. Trout in Apalachicola

    Going To SGI for the month of April Will take my RF18 down. Any tip or suggestions on fishing spots. I'll be trailering my boat from Martland.
  9. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Problem Solved. (I hope). I contacted Rule and got excellent Tech support.. After explaining the issue I was asked how old was the pump;I guessed it was about 2 years old. He told me that he was sending me a new pump which has an updated circuit board that eliminates the problem I'm having. I'm please with that kind of customer service. All I have to do is deal with the rewiring which is not an issue.. The new pump is designated 1100a vs 1100. Rulimatic
  10. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Its the oval one Suppose to turn on every so ofter to "sense" water. This one is on and off all the time I'v gut a call in to Rule. Had one input that the test switch which is on top sticks causing this problem.
  11. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Checked on my RF18 yesterday where it sits next to the barn with a full boat cover and extension cord plugged in to keep the on board charger working. Heard a whining noise aft of the motor well so had to take the cover off (PITA) to look down in bilges. Sure enough the bilge pump was cycling on and off repeatedly.. No water in the bilge (plug out). Tapped the pump figuring it was stuck.No help.Pulled the pump up from the housing and checked for blockage or debris.Was clean as could be. Pump still running and finally when I was able to lay it horizontal it cut off. What do you all think? The pump is about two years old . Lucky it didn't rain the battery, guess having the charger powered up helped. Stuck float switch----I think they are not mechanical on a Rule 1100. Any ideas appreciated

    HOBO has been an inspiration to me in owning a Hewes RF18. I'm hoping he is well but I am concerned that he has no posts anymore. I hope GOD is keeping him well and thank him for adding so much practical knowledge to this forum
  13. Is one battery enough?

    I also am, lucky to have an RF18. It has been a real pleasure to fish out of for several years. DINO hit it right on the head; skimping on batteries doesn't make sense. You'll be adding TM and many other devices as time goes on. My Rf18 came with 1 battery. It didn't take me a year to outfit it with 3 Batteries wired up to the " HOBO" system on this forum.They all fit under my center console and I have peace of mind and plenty of power when on the water. BTW i added an on board battery charger which serves all 3 batteries and keeps them up to charge.
  14. Battery Issues????

    Problem Fixed. Even though the #2 Bat read 14.3 vdc it tested as failed on the machine at Auto Zone. My records indicate it was replace last in 2010. Pretty good for an expensive Blue Top. $ 264.00 with tax. Problem was simpler fix then I thought .
  15. Battery Issues????

    Sorry about the poor description. This is not my RF18 but my Graywhite Seafarer. When I put the battery switch in the #2 position (which is normal batt start pos.) the engine barely tried to turn over. I thought bad battery. When I switched it to #1 position, the engine turned right over and ran fine.(first start up this year). I noticed that when I turned on the ignition with the batt switch in #2 position the needle pegged downward hard (opposite from what it should do which is ascending color bars of red, yellow and green showing battery condition). I suspected a dead battery but the on board charger (2 bank PRO Mariner ) did not indicate a battery fault. I put a meter on BOTH batteries and they tested the same at 12.3V. I'm thinking I have a short on #2 side of the Guess battery switch. Will open it up today to check. I also observed quite a few mud wasps coming out of that compartment;maybe they got in and shorted it out. THANKS for your replies and advice I've been on this forum for many years and find it very helfull. Sure do miss HOBO