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  1. Battery Issues????

    Problem Fixed. Even though the #2 Bat read 14.3 vdc it tested as failed on the machine at Auto Zone. My records indicate it was replace last in 2010. Pretty good for an expensive Blue Top. $ 264.00 with tax. Problem was simpler fix then I thought .
  2. Battery Issues????

    Sorry about the poor description. This is not my RF18 but my Graywhite Seafarer. When I put the battery switch in the #2 position (which is normal batt start pos.) the engine barely tried to turn over. I thought bad battery. When I switched it to #1 position, the engine turned right over and ran fine.(first start up this year). I noticed that when I turned on the ignition with the batt switch in #2 position the needle pegged downward hard (opposite from what it should do which is ascending color bars of red, yellow and green showing battery condition). I suspected a dead battery but the on board charger (2 bank PRO Mariner ) did not indicate a battery fault. I put a meter on BOTH batteries and they tested the same at 12.3V. I'm thinking I have a short on #2 side of the Guess battery switch. Will open it up today to check. I also observed quite a few mud wasps coming out of that compartment;maybe they got in and shorted it out. THANKS for your replies and advice I've been on this forum for many years and find it very helfull. Sure do miss HOBO
  3. Battery Issues????

    Yes, it's more like colors green being batteries are charged. It droo\ps down hard similar to when a meter peggs.
  4. Battery Issues????

    Two batteries, Guess battery switch, 1 engine. Both batteries read 12.3 vdc with a meter. When Guess switch is in #2 and I turn the key----it peggs out in the wrong direction ZERO. When the switch is in the # 1 position, motor stars everything fine. Battery charger on board no bad lights. What is wrong. Is this showing a short when # 2 is used. No changes in wiring or anything. Ran fine last year.
  5. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    I have a 2003 RF18 which had a starting battery in the stern starboard rigging compartment. I added a TM and ended up putting all 3 batteries under the console front seat. Put a piece of starboard down for added support. Tight fit but it works and helps keep some more weight up front. Also mounted a three bank charger in the console/
  6. seadeck on an RF18

    Thanks man, beautifull boat. ANYMORE forum inputs???
  7. seadeck on an RF18

    Anybody have pictures of seadeck installed on an RF18?? I'm in FL now and thinking of putting Seadeck on my RF18 and looking for ideas
  8. Trolling Motor Plug

    Battery Tender; the only way to go. I replaced many TM plugs until I found this one. Mine is mounted flat the deck and stays dry ven when hosing down the boat
  9. Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

    Sounds like what I'm going thru for my annual trip to FL. In addition to new Maxxis I put new pre-greased hubs (posilube) on my trailer; I'm curious about your double seat arrangement. I have one seat back there on my RF18 but considering two; I never use the bench seat. Information on the seats please?!
  10. Livewell Wiring 2003 RF18

    Thanks for your input. Found the problem ; imbedded in the wire bundle m a blown fuse. All wiring out of the bilge to a waterproof terminal board.
  11. 18' Flats Boat Maverick or Hewes

    I have a 2003 RF18 with a 115 Yam 4 stroke and a power tech 4 blade stern lifter prop. Wouldn't trade it for the world! Fish skinny water; runs fast and best of all---DRY. You can't go wrong with this combination.
  12. Livewell Wiring 2003 RF18

    I have a 2003 RF18 and am not getting 12vdc to the second Livewell Pump. The pump is good, its just not getting 12 vdc. Does any one know if the LW switch goes directly to the fuse block before continuing on to the LW in the bilge.I have several 5 amp fuses in the block but they all look good.
  13. Using a Pressure Washer for Bilge

    Thanks for this input. I have about 4 settings on my pressure washer and feel that the low one will do no harm. I've used it to clean the topside of two of my boats no problem. Also used it to clean my dock prior to painting with Rescue; did a great job and no damage. All of these inputs are worthwhile. On the connections , two of the live well pumps have the replaceable heads, just turn them remove. .I used disconnects for them in the past but guess I should go with heat shrink butt connectors and liquid tape. I was hoping to be able to disconnect them for replacement when they fail without cutting wire in the future but guess its better with butt connectors sealed.
  14. Using a Pressure Washer for Bilge

    The pressure washer is appealing to me; even though several forum members said to avoid it. I can set my pressure washer on low velocity and I'm thinking it would not hurt anything in the bilge but would help scrub all the nooks and cranny's.
  15. Using a Pressure Washer for Bilge

    Thanks for your advice