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  1. Reel Special 3

    Boat mechanic

    Chuck at Ft. Myers Marine 239 334 7871.
  2. Reel Special 3

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    Thanks for the reply. Great idea.
  3. Reel Special 3

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    What exactly does a reef rig look like? Could you post a picture of one?
  4. Reel Special 3

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    I cut the wire out of my Cajun Thunder poppers and re_rig with 100 pound mono. I put a know at the top of the popper and then crimp a swivel about 6 to 8 inches above the cork and tie my braid to that. Does the trick for me. One of the things I dislike about Canjun Thunder is their wire bends when retrieved from the mangroves which just irritates the heck out of me Dan
  5. Reel Special 3

    Recommendation on Fishing Kayaks

    I have been kayak fishing for about 10 years now and love it. It is very stealthy and I seem to catch more fish from my kayak than my Pathfinder. Also wash down after a day of kayaking is 20 or 30 minutes rather that an hour or so. What ever kayak you get and there are many brands and different types, for fishing the sit on top (SOT) is the only way to go. It allows for easy in and out, can sit cross wise with your legs in the water while working a point and easier to get in if you capsize. I have had paddle type and peddle type and definitely would recommend the peddle type. It leaves your hands free to hold a fishing rod, camera, net or whatever. I only have experience with Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks and have owned 2 Revolution 13's and one Outback. The Outback is wider than the Revolution and so more stable. Both the Revolution and the Outback are more affordable than the Pro Angler models which are big, stable, heavy (2 people to load and unload) and expensive. I haven't been on one, but fished with my neighbor who has one. I'm 6'-1" and 185 lbs. and 68 years old, and chose the Revolution over the Outback for efficiency through the water, making it a little faster by design. One last recommendation, avoid tandem kayaks. Just causes directional arguments. They are sometimes referred to a divorce makers. Check out Hobie's line up at https://www.hobie.com/ That's my $.02. Dan
  6. Reel Special 3

    Sea Claw Anchor Question

    Thanks for your reply. What did you use to cut down your cross bars?
  7. Reel Special 3

    Sea Claw Anchor Question

    Sea Claw anchors are sized by weight and not physical dimensions. Which weight Sea Claw anchor will fit in the anchor locker of a 2008 2200 Pathfinder XL? There 12 lb anchor has two options for the cross bar a 14 in. and an 18 in. or do I need the 18 lb anchor. Mostly fish inshore with power pole or in 20 ft of water off Sanibel for tarpon. Thanks for your help.
  8. Reel Special 3

    Rtic coolers

    Also a thanks to DWoodham for his reply.
  9. Reel Special 3

    Rtic coolers

    Thanks for the reply Miss Jazzy I'll order the 65.
  10. Reel Special 3

    Rtic coolers

    Does anybody know if the RTIC 110 will fit under the leaning post of a 2008 PF 2200XL and still be able to open the top with enough room to get stuff in or out? These sure are good deals, thanks for any replies. Dan
  11. Reel Special 3

    Power T&T goes up but not down?

    Ok, go figure. I go out this afternoon to test out the relay ready to replace it and the power t & t works like it is suppose to! So my philosophy is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Thanks to all for your help. Dan
  12. Reel Special 3

    Power T&T goes up but not down?

    I must be dyslexic today, the engine goes down, motor runs, but engine does not go up. Engaging the up switch there is nothing, no noise, no clicking nothing. Does that still sound like a relay? Thanks again for your help with this. Dan
  13. Reel Special 3

    Power T&T goes up but not down?

    Thanks for the replies, can I get the relays at West Marine, or do I need to go to a Yamaha dealer?
  14. Reel Special 3

    Power T&T goes up but not down?

    Have not used the boat in a couple of months and lowered the lift to run the engine and noticed that the power trim and tilt would go down but not up. This was true for the button on the throttle and also the button on the engine. I am hoping that this is a fuse issue and not a major repair. Any ideas on the fix for this problem? If it is a fuse, where would the fuse be located, on the fuse panel or an inline fuse somewhere? Engine is a 2008 Yamaha 225 four stroke. Thanks for any help with this problem. Dan
  15. Reel Special 3

    Cowling Restoration/Re Paint

    How much did the auto body shop charge you and did they take the decals off?
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