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  1. Tarpon1215

    New propeller design

    I’d love to hear funky monkey’s take on this.😈
  2. Tarpon1215

    2002 Pathfinder 2200V FOR SALE

    It’s a steal. Beautiful. This one will get shallow.
  3. Tarpon1215

    trim tabs required?? Light Tackle 20 200 SHO

    Fix the tabs. My check is in the mail.😉
  4. Loved my LT 20 would buy it back in a minute!
  5. Tarpon1215

    What type anchor fits this anchor locker

    Doubt you would compromise deck integrity in that area.
  6. Tarpon1215


    I found good prices on Optimas on Amazon.
  7. Tarpon1215

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Quality T Tops, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
  8. Tarpon1215

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Birdsall Marine.com
  9. Tarpon1215

    Thru hull fitting size?

    What SCFD said.
  10. Tarpon1215

    WTB: Pathfinder rod holders

    I have two with the stamped logo. Pm me if interested.
  11. Tarpon1215

    Can I add a fuel flow to Ox66?

    Oh I see, they improved the transducer to handle the ethanol and lowered the price. Good deal.👏🏻
  12. Tarpon1215

    Problems with 250 SHO starting on a '13 2300

    Primer bulb is likely culprit, vst filter will not affect starting.
  13. Tarpon1215

    Can I add a fuel flow to Ox66?

    Had a Nothstar F210,and it did not like corn juice!
  14. Tarpon1215

    Original Hewes decal removal

    Try Decal Off and heat gun used sparingly. Lift corner and go slow, using a little heat as needed. Hairdryer will work. Don’t overdo the heat.
  15. Tarpon1215

    Surprised at the Miami Boat Show

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