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  1. Power Pole question

    What JJ said.
  2. Butt seat for my 2500

    Neat product.
  3. If I had it to do over, would ditch organized sports forever and concentrate on the great outdoors. Way too much bs going on in that area. I coached professionally for six years in public Texas schools, then little league and basketball with my children.
  4. 2005 Transom Plug

    That’s it
  5. What color is my Pathfinder?

    Try Minicraft, they make matching colors for the Maverick brand.
  6. TE Bow Seat

    Frozen, don’t worry about the stress on the seat base, they are glassed in, and are designed to be used with a seat in the manner you describe. Seats without armrests work best, I use a leaning post designed by Birdsall Marine in my front seat base.
  7. Loose console

    What BradM said.
  8. 2200 Tournament

    That sounds right, my 2002 2200v weighed in at 3800# ready to go empty wells, 3/4 fuel. The older 2200v’s are much lighter than the tournament edition. That is counting trailer weight.
  9. Where have you been, we miss the hell out of your vast expertise!🤨👌
  10. 2005 Transom Plug

    Pulled the lemon one some time ago and replaced with the type that makes the plug intregal with entire assembly. Can’t lose it.
  11. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Looks like it’s gone.
  12. Hewes sale via MBG

    Oh yeah, that’ll work. Congrats!🎈🎊🍾
  13. New steering wheel??

    The wheel you are looking at is for teleflex applications, most Mavericks have Sea Star steering systems.🤨

    Really miss his expertise!
  15. New Batteries

    Might try Amazon for Optimas. Bought three (27s) on there and free shipping just a little over $600 last year.