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  1. Tarpon1215

    Surprised at the Miami Boat Show

  2. Tarpon1215

    Oyster White paint

    What he said☝️
  3. Tarpon1215

    Fighting Lady Yellow - yr 2000 anyone?

    Mini Craft of Florida should be able to fix you up, www.minicraft.com.
  4. Tarpon1215

    Garmin GPSmap 1040xs Screen Delaminating!?

    Heat did the same thing to my Lowrance 105c. My boat sits in a closed metal building all year. Nice that they are replacing.🤠
  5. Tarpon1215

    1997 17’ Master Angler whatcha thinkin?

    Check out the price on NADA. That will get you close.
  6. Tarpon1215

    Fish Sling

    Sand bass and hybrids seldom need those.😈
  7. Tarpon1215

    2009 2100 Fusion

    Not mine unfortunately, on www.2coolfishing.com under boats for sale. Cream Puff!
  8. Tarpon1215

    Power Washing

    Ask Ron from Atlanta about Zaino😉
  9. Tarpon1215

    2009 Pathfinder Fusion

    On www.2coolfishing.com classifieds, not mine.
  10. Tarpon1215

    Back rest repair advise

  11. Tarpon1215

    Back rest repair advise

    Loosen screws on each end and removal should be simpatico.
  12. Tarpon1215

    Back rest repair advise

    Use a bolt extractor. Remove other side and remove bolt, replace bolt and you are good to go.
  13. Tarpon1215

    Best Run Ever

    Check vst filter if it is a Yamaha. Most likely a filter somewhere but that’s where I’d start.
  14. Tarpon1215

    Pathfinder 23 DV (not mine)

    Boat is sold.
  15. Tarpon1215

    Monster Redfish Trip - Venice, LA

    Ain’t nothing like Southwest Pass!