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  1. Repowering 2200V

    My F150 does everything I want it to. Not a speed demon. It sips gas. Keeps the boat light weight in the stern. It will run about 43 mph. When the time comes .... its going to be a hard decision. Bill
  2. Best Boat Cover, 05 22v

    Just asking. The snow ripped my cover all the way in half at the console. It was time. If I'm not mistaking, the cover is 12 years old and has been repaired twice. Plus its ugly, molded and thin. The snow did me a favor. I think it came from Boat Covers Direct, It covers the motor and trolling motor with re-inforcements in all the right places. Sunbrella is pricy but lasts. Any thoughts on other companies that make Good or better covers?? 20005 22v Pathfinder. Bill H
  3. They Shut Her Down

    http-::portal.ncdenr.org:web:mf:nr-03-2018.webloc Hope this opens. Speckled trout shut down because of cold stun / kill.
  4. Looking at replacement trailers

    I am looking too. 4800 for an Ameritrail. I was quoted 3200, today, for an aluminum, D beam, 4 bunk, leaf spring, stainless hardware, plastic fenders, galvanized spoke wheels., EZ Loader. There was one on the lot. But it was a 2 bunk. Dealer said they will build it any way you want. Nice trailer. captbill New Bern, N C
  5. 1972 Bonefisher

    Labor of love. I'm sure it'll be better than new. Nice. Wish I had the time and the patience. Capt Bill