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  1. Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    Could you not take a router bit and cut the bottom side of the starboard out to allow for the lip to recess up in the starboard? OR... Make some type of Spacer to put between the top of the CC and the Starboard? OR... Just put a thinner sheet of starboard to level up to the lip and put the full sheet on top of that?
  2. Eggfest this weekend-Vero Beach

    Hey DonV. I've been to the "Mothership" back when they were in a smaller distribution facility in Tucker. Then they moved it to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Never went but was coming thru McDonough one Saturday night and had price-lined a room when upon arrival they were having the Eggtoberfest afterparty in our parking lot with Dr BBQ and Dizzy Pig's crew. Didn't hear a lot of great things about that venue and have heard fewer flattering words about the new Stone Mountain venue. My Egging buddy has been to Stone Mountain twice and said he'd never go back. What we do enjoy is the Eggfest in Hiawassee, GA. The North GA Mountain Eggfest. It is by far the best one I've been to. Incredible venue right on an peninsula within Lake Chatuge. The North GA Mountains are beautiful and there are lots of scenic areas close by to visit. Porkopolis in Cincinnati is also a great fest but the one in Hiawassee is my favorite. Unless you are loading up on vendors items, you should just pay one price to get in the door and then you can sample until you bust. You do find some good accessories (err... eggcessories) at the larger eggfest's. And you can usually get them at a discounted price with no sales tax or shipping tacked on. I am actually a co-organizer of an Eggfest here in KY. We are in our 5th year and have continued to grow. It's a great smaller venue. We travel to about 4 or 5 eggfest's to help out other organizers by cooking at their events so that they will cook at our event. It's a lot of work. I'd much rather just be a Taster : )
  3. I know many of you are backyard chefs in addition to DIY marine mechanics and avid anglers. For those foodies out there, may want to check out the Sunshine State Eggfest in Vero. Some really good cooks are signed up for that event. https://www.sunshinestateeggfest.com/ just FYI
  4. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    Ron I’ve spent a lot of time in Lake Wales. It was kind of a second home for a while. Very familiar with K River Park. We stay on Tiger Lake at Bud’s RV Park. Great Park with Great people. After many years we finally learned how to fish Tiger. We always ran to The big lake thru Tiger Creek and would blow by the canal to KRPark. Lots of birds in the Creek. Even more in the creek from Rosalie to Tiger. Very shallow in spots but we made it all the way thru that creek in the 2000v. If you ever want to fish Tiger I can help
  5. Power Pole question

    Fished on a buddy's bay boat this weekend and they had issues with one of the power poles sticking. We were fishing Lake Okeechobee and there was a soft mud bottom and one pole just would not come up. even when we tried to rock the boat we kind of had to help it by hand. Think maybe we had it on the slower speed but even when we figured out the speeds, it was way slower coming up than the starboard side. No leaks at the fittings. Is this normal to have one raise at a different rate? Both lowered fairly close to the same rate.
  6. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    If you run two axles cant they just remove the tire and run on 3?
  7. May be in the area next week. Wondering if the bite is on and if it would be worth dunking some shiners?
  8. I coached Little League and Travel Baseball for about about 7 years until my son was finally playing school sports. Loved coaching but it was a tough position to be in having to coach my son. We had some tough moments because it's hard to turn it off after games but you have to be able to balance dad/coach. I would do a few things different but I wouldn't trade the moments we had for any fishing outings unless it included he and I on the water somewhere. I think fishing outings we've had together were refreshing breaks from the grind on the field. There was no pressure to make a play, throw a strike or get on base. Just wait for the line to wiggle a little and see if you can bring it it. I wish we had more moments on the water or even on the golf course. Now it's time to hit it hard to get him thru HS and College. Then he'll be out doing his thing somewhere and I'll have some old friends in the same boat as me looking to wet a line. Enjoy coaching while you can but leave it on the field.
  9. What is this?

    Buddy just bought a bay boat and this is on the captains station
  10. Outdoor Propane Fryer

    Looking to add an outdoor fryer to our backyard cooking arsenal. Looking at the Cajun Fryer https://cajunfryer.com/shop/ff2s-st-6-gallon-2-basket-fryer-with-stand/ but saw a nice stainless unit at a concession stand in Pensacola (Pine Forest High School Baseball) that looked good. They had the stainless fryer and what looked like a cajun fryer but were using the stainless unit. Any experience out there with these cookers?
  11. Not the 2nd best day

    I'm not getting enough days in my boat. Love it the days I'm on the water but not sure I can justify having the boat, paying insurance and registration/taxes when I'm on the water less than 1 month out of the year in it. Would hate to see it go as well. Has a lot of my own hard labor in it. Plus lots of good memories with my Dad, Son and Friends. Good thing is those would stay with me regardless.
  12. G2 300 Repower on 2004 2400v...Thoughts?

    My buddy repowered a 23 Ranger Bay with the G2 250. They wanted the 300 but after much research and discussion with dealer and service folks, they were lead to believe that the 250 was the better overall option. Motor has crazy torque.
  13. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    We pulled into some flats over Christmas and fish were in a feeding freenzy. Don’t think an airboat would have spooked them. We were 2’ deep+/- and would start/stop chasing the breaks. TM wasnt an issue. Now when it was slow and not much action at all, could have been. We have a long idle out of my home ramp. We have to go thru a marina with lots of houseboats. I set a track from ramp to the main channel where we can take off. I put the TM on autopilot and run on 10. It runs as fast as the F150 with no wake. That’s 10 min I can pull my gear out and rig up. When I return, I reverse track and put everything away while ipilot takes me home. I can point the TM on a heading and lock it in. Then move around the boat and fish or change baits. It really does change the way you fish. Almost like having a “ghostman” (remember those from the sandlot) running the show for you while you fish.
  14. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    TM. Same as above, I hardly use my PP now. What if you need to anchor in a channel or area your PP cant reac? You dont have time to throw the big anchor and rope. I can hold the boat in any spot anywhere at a moments notice and I’m not limited to depth.
  15. 1993 Master Angler 18' $8500

    I can vouch for this boat. Amazed at what it can do. Great deal for what you are getting.