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  1. I really like my 2000V. Even with some of it's short comings, the boat has been great for me. Currently considering either upgrading to a bigger Bay Boat or getting a small puddle jumping skiff. Keeping the family in mind, I think I'm leaning toward the Bay Boat. That said, what is the best all around Pathfinder out there? I really like what I hear about the 2500 Hybrid. That is probably the max length for me. I have a 35' building that is 35' long and one that is 40'. Could store in either. Would be looking at preowned and may be a joint venture boat which would make a 2500 an option. I'd like a large front deck. One that I could mount a seat on (think bass boat). May also be interested in mounting a bass type seat on the back but think the captain's helm seat works good for that purpose. Still would like a fairly shallow draft so I could fish in the everglades. Not looking to get super skinny but want to be able to get around in the 10K. Main fishing areas would be 10K, Pine Island Sound/BG and inland lakes. Would like to be able to handle a little more chop than the 2000v. I ran a Ranger Bay 2310 for a week on the Mississippi south of Venice and it was nice to have that extra length and weight in the boat traffic as well as some of the slop near shore. Just don't want so much length and weight that I eat into draft. Big Motor isn't a huge issue. Not a speed demon. I'm very happy cruising loaded at 40-45 mph. Love plenty of storage. Want to be able to store 7 to 8 foot rods in lockable compartments. Also like plenty of dry storage for tackle and gear. There are plenty of models of PFs out there. Some for specific use. Not sure I understand the Difference in the 22TE and 22TRS? What do the 23HPS and 24TRS bring to the table and where does the 25H fit in?
  2. rubble

    Lithium Jump Starter Battery

    I have a couple of the Red Fuel units by Shumacher. https://www.jumpstarterreviews.org/schumacher-sl161-red-fuel Also have a WeeGo. https://myweego.com/product/weego-66-1/ Keep WeeGo in Wife's Pilot. Son has a Red Fuel and we keep an extra Red Fuel around for my truck or just to as an accessory charger. When I hit the water, I load two Red Fuels in a Pelican case as an emergency back up if my #2 switch doesn't work on the battery selector (never had that problem) just as a backup and backup to the backup. Definitely LEGIT. Have saved our bacon a couple of times. Nice when you can just pull out that little device instead of fumbling around with jumper cables. Best stocking stuffers you can get fo the family if they have vehicles.
  3. Just returned from Venice. We were at the marina for the first day of duck season. Man do the Cajuns love their ducks. It was nuts down there. And I cannot believe they drive those boats in that Big ship traffic disturbed water. Many are out well before daylight with no lights. It was like nothing I have every seen. Not to mention got to watch the LSU v Bama game in Crawgators with all of the Tiger fans. They were entertaining. My fishing partner and I sat out the first day due to the Duck traffic and College football games. We enjoyed it enough without wetting a line but our cabin mates went out and caught enough to clean. Next day we took off to the SW Pass. As soon as we got our boat setup and ready to fish, our cabin mates came by to tell us they coiuldn’t find any fish and were heading to the South Pass. Only problem was their boat wouldn’t start. I ended up having to radio USCG to help dispatch Sea Tow. That was an experience as well. We had huge ships running by us left and right and they would just get agitated and tell us to call the CG. CG wouldn’t answer so we went up river. When we returned, one of the big dredge boats started helping relay messages to the USCG and Sea Tow until Sea Tow was in range. They were right next to us for a few hours but wouldn’t answer us until we had help on the way then they chimed in to help. Odd. Our buddies got towed the 50 plus miles back to the marina. They started running the codes on their brand new Zuke and found out it was a kill switch error. They pulled the switch and re-attached. She started right up. Wasted a day for a kill switch malfunction. Bummer. Next day we went to the east bay of the South Pass. We picked up a few eaters but were not hammering them. We cranked up and went back to the SW Pass. After about an hour of looking we found the schools of Bull Reds. They wore us down and we went in early. Minimum size was 32”. Caught a few over 40lbs. Our buddy boat is always positioned close so when someone gets a fish on we can throw in near the line. It’s automatic. We always pick up fish off of someone’s line in a school. Craziest thing was a guy in the other boat hooked up while I was bringing in a monster. His line was near mine and he broke off. When we were pulling the Red into our boat we noticed it had two lures in his mouth and was hooked solid. It was the other boat’s bait. That Red had eaten mine and while on the run ate again. Have never had that happen. The LA fishery is special. Lots of fun but will wear you down if you get on them. Between the long runs, battling the ship wakes and fighting the Bulls, it’s a real challenge.
  4. rubble

    Update:.... Costa Lens Scratches

    Update.... I ended up biting the bulling and sending my Fisch back to Costa. I had emailed to ask about replacing the plastic lens with glass and got no response. Thought, WTH: I'll just send them back. Got online and filled out the service request. Printed the Return Auth and dropped in standard snail mail on 11/1. Was shocked that they arrived at Costa within a day or two from KY. Was more shocked that I didn't receive a call but did receive a note from Costa that the price of the repair was going to be more than the initial authorization of $89 for glass replacement. Didn't care. Got the glasses for a song and didn't mind spending the money. After all, it was user error and figured I needed to pay my stupid tax. Leaving for Venice, LA in the morning and didn't expect them to be back so didn't bother with getting overnight or next day. Just the cheap postage. Shocked that I got an email yesterday with a tracking number and showing expected delivery of Saturday. Snail Mail just dropped them off today (Thursday) and I'm planning on taking to Venice. Really like the glass. Just a tad noticeable that it is a little heavier than the plastic lens but I'm thinking it will be worth it. All that said, I think it was a good experience dealing with Costa. Have heard a lot of horror stories. Especially when folks think that their glasses should be covered under warranty. This wasn't a warranty issue. Smooth as silk transaction. May even be entirely new set of glasses with 580 Glass?
  5. Heading that way in a few days. Any suggestions on where to fish? If weather is decent, we’ll run to the S and SW passes to look for the big bull schools. we haven’t had a lot of luck finding other hot areas. Suggestions?
  6. I will be in Choko this winter. Wondering what I will need to be legal if entering the park from the Choko/EC side?
  7. rubble

    No Responses from Posts

    I posted a question some time ago inquiring about guides with particular boats. It was directed at forum members, not the mother ship. Didn't take long to get a PM from one of the chiefs at the mother ship to give me his personal number so that he could make some great recommendations. Definitely something he didn't have to do but he went out of his way to do so. A few years later I'm in my own PF. Great company. Great forum. Great members.
  8. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    I ran a volt meter on the batteries After running the boat and letting it sit for a week. TM1- 12.13 TM2 - 12.46 TM3 - 12.43 Crank - 12.36. (11.96 after trimming motor up and down) Each battery tested “Weak” on a cheap Harbor Freight tester today after sitting for a few weeks. I have the batteries on charge tonight and will re-test tomorrow. Danny says each battery should run a min of 12.6 after being plugged in. They may be in better shape that I thought.
  9. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    You guys are killing it. I’m at 3 years and thinking I need to replace. My boat sits for a month or so at a time without plugging in. Thinking about adding a timer at an outlet if I can find one that will kick on/off one day a week.
  10. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    How does the AC work? Do you run one set of lines (+ & -) to the 36v and then one set to the 12v? Do you have a House battery independent of the Crank?
  11. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    That is basically my setup. I do run some items thru the switch with an inline fuse rather than going to the Fuse Panel. My AC isn't a Stealth but thinking about moving to the Stealth. Love the DC setup. My Dual Pro 3 Bank Pro Series has worked well but the way Danny has me setup, One bank goes to the 36v and the other two to the 12v. That is part of the reason I was going to get the Terminal Tamers but I may just switch charger. Would take up less space and might allow me to add a House to use separately than the Crank for accessories.
  12. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    Do you just run the DC charger or are you running the AC as well?
  13. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    Mini or Standard Terminals?
  14. The Majority of my fishing will be in freshwater lakes. Using the Hbird units for fishing structure and ledges. The 360 is great for that as well as fishing some saltwater applications. We used it with a lot of success finding schools of redfish Around passes.
  15. rubble

    Battery post distribution block

    Terminal Tamer it is. Thanks craSSh and Muddy.
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