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  1. rubble

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    My new Standard Horizon HX890 arrived today and is programmed with MMSI. Is a nice little device with all the right gadgets to go with it: Belt Clip, Lanyard, DC power, AC Dock, Rechargable battery and a backup piece that can hold AAA batteries. The FM function is kind of cool. Need to study up on all of the things it can do GPS wise. Seems really powerful.
  2. rubble

    Navionics Boating App

    I think I paid for the app originally. Then downloaded the new map but not sure if there was a payment for that app. But it looks like now it wants the subscription. Not an issue paying for it. Was just curious if that is the norm? When I open the app it goes to a basic map. Not much detail and shows the options for map subscriptions at the top of the page. Then when I click on USA it shows the page that has detail views and a button to subscribe.
  3. rubble

    Navionics Boating App

    I downloaded the Navionics Marine App a few years ago and everything was great. Then I got a message that they were no longer supporting that app that there was a new app. I downloaded it but it is asking that I pay for update to whatever region I’m interested in. Is that the case? Is there a yearly purchase for that app to operate with normal features?
  4. rubble

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I’ve rented a Sat Phone from https://www.outfittersatellite.com/ in the past. Easy to work with. Ship to your door and ship right back. Can get prepaid cards. They have phones for purchase. Just spoke with them a week ago and they recommended the Iridium 9555 for what I described as strictly backup/rescue communication from coastal fishing areas. If I were on the water a lot, it would be well worth the investment in a Sat phone, IMHO. But then again, I get on the water to get away. Only want communications in the event that there is an absolute emergency. I can say I have never had Bibb and Tucker. That’s like running a sparkle boat with carpet in the salt. Why would a KY Gladesman (in training) drink that stuff when we live on the real stuff; KY Bourbon! Makes no sense.
  5. Have read where the South Pass is now impassable for larger watercraft. Wondering if anyone has been down that way or knows any local knowledge about whether a smaller bay boat can get thru? Will be in a 20’ Pathfinder which shouldn’t have a problem but also in a 24’ Ranger Bay
  6. rubble

    Handheld VHF Radios: Best models?

    I wish I could be to the point I could be a “rat” but I’m going to be lucky to get down there 3-4 times a year. That is my goal. Hope for more. Sat phone would make a lot of sense if I were down there a lot. Or maybe even if just one trip but I’m going to start out just with PLB and a VHF/GPS/DSC setup for now. We actually rented a sat phone to take down to Venice LA a few years ago. Wasn’t really necessary there. Boats all over the place. Should be able to get someone via VHF about any time there.
  7. rubble

    Handheld VHF Radios: Best models?

    What is the best method for the recreational boater to get an MMSI number? Looks like you can go through a few organizations: Boat US, Sea Tow(possibly?) and USPS.org.
  8. rubble

    PLB Q? ACR ResQLink+

    Yes. Typo. 2023. At that price to replace battery with ACR, might as well purchase new.
  9. rubble

    Handheld GPS

    That would make sense. Didn’t realize that phones had the capability of communicating with Sats. Thought their positioning came from triangulation with cell towers. If regular cell phones do have the capability to communicate with Sats, one would think that there would be a way to use them for emergency communication when not in tower range.
  10. rubble

    Handheld VHF Radios: Best models?

    This is definitely a backup device. I have a fixed SH unit for regular use. Also have an extra antenna to attach to a 15’ stick anchor that I often keep on board in case it’s needed when dishing in the glades.
  11. Looking for a Handheld VHF radio to use as a backup and keep in ditch bag. What are you guys using that you’d recommend? I also have an ACR ResQLink+ that is in the ditch bag. Don’t know if that changes anything as far as a recommended radio. I know that some have DSC and GPS but all of that tech is new to me. Not sure how all that works.
  12. rubble

    Handheld GPS

    How does the Navionics app work on iphone without cell signal? I’m sure you’ve put it to the test in the glades. Def no signal out there.
  13. rubble

    PLB Q? ACR ResQLink+

    I received an ACR ResQLink+ for Christmas two years ago. Looks like I still have some time with the battery (Expires in 2013) but the beacon registration sticker says it expires 12/25/19. What exactly is that and do I need to renew or is there a different number I need to register.
  14. rubble

    Trolling motor opinions

    Same as Dino. I have the self deploy 36v for my Pathy. I've often worried about mechanical issues but so far so good. It really does change the game for boat positioning. Not much work involved at all. My buddies have the manual deploy. It's fine too. We both have the foot control. I love it because I don't have to fiddle with a hand control that may be in my pocket, hanging from my belt or around my neck. Ever tried to fight a fish, and position the boat in a swift current around obstructions while looking for the remote? Just look down and tap spot lock with your foot and run around the boat all you need to.
  15. rubble

    Pathfinder 2200v Prop washout

    Have the same issue with the 2000V ‘06 model. Problem appears to be the trim tabs. When going into a turn, the tabs cause turbulent/aerated water ahead of the direction of the Prop. Thus, no water to grip. Gotta love the new recessed/pocket tabs!
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