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  1. What did you do to your boat today?

    Home run each light. Leftovers for boat.
  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    Received wire, junction box, LEDs and accessories to start on trailer rewire
  3. What Paul said. My version of camping is a 34’ 5th wheel w/ 3 slides and a 50amp hookup. But Last Christmas it was a tent on a chickee with thermacells, igloos, rtics and yetis. There were tents with dry flies and air matresses. Then there were bugs and sweat. At night. In tent. But the sound of snook crashing a school of mullet in pitch black dark 3’ below your bed was better than AC, microwave popcorn and a black tank. It was miles away from 110 volts and the security blanket that rings all hours of the day. It was not knowing if we would ever make it back to the ramp and not really giving a hoot. Fight the power, Dino. Embrace the chickee.
  4. PLB or EPIRB

    Am considering picking up a device for use in remote areas. I rented a Sat phone down the Venice LA area but it wasnt necessary. Could have purchased a PLB so thinking anout picking one up. I know it has been discussed here before but cannot find anything in the search. What is the best device to have in the backcountry when phone is useless? Assuming that VHF works and can reach someone in non-emergency situations. Don’t want to break the bank as I wont use often but I do need something for when it hits the fan.
  5. Mixing E10 and Rec fuel

    Thanks guys. Feel much better about it now.
  6. Mixing E10 and Rec fuel

    I have been using Rec fuel only for years. On a recent trip I had to top off a tank with E10 (about 15 gal). Ran about 20 gal out and topped back off with 20 gal of Rec fuel. I used up 20 gal again so I have 30 gal of mixed fuel in tank. Have treated with Stabil Marine and Ring Free. Should I top off with more Rec fuel or try to run the tank empty then fill back up with Rec fuel?
  7. Thinking about upgrading to Humminbird at the bow and going with the 360 imaging. Would also like to do side view. Looking at options on how to mount transducers. I'd like to integrate the 360 on my Ulterra-iPilot but it looks to be difficult. Apparently mounting any ducer with the Riptide Ulterra is a challenge. Thought that it may be possible to go with the 360 and then just run the 360 ducer off of the transom with the SV ducer. Then I could network off of another Hbird at the helm. Not the option I wanted as I didn't want to have to purchase two finder units but this looks to be the best option at this time short of finding a way to mount a ducer at the bow. Is anyone else running this setup? How have you mounted the 360 transducer?
  8. Did you boat in to HB from ramp/marina? Is that area pretty accessable by boat? Looks pretty skinny on maps.
  9. Can these units be networked? I have. 73 at the helm. Need to get a unit installed on the bow. Finding that there aren’t many options with an Ulterra iPilot as far as getting a ducer in the TM. Talked to Bob at ISM and it looks like it would be possible to change out the TM Motor case to one that has an internal ducer. However, it has to be black which would be the terrova(?) cover that has the internal sonar. I guess it could be powder coated white? Love the Ulterra but it does have some limitations hope MK addresses this when they look at upgrades to design
  10. Master Angler Production

    To the Branding discussion... if Mav did go back and produce the MA 18.5 and/or 21, i would certainly keep the Maverick name on the boat but in order to continue with the HPX Tech Pole Skiff Brand, They could call it the “HD” series to differentiate the two Brands/series. Maverick 18.5 HD Master Angler Maverick 21 HD Master Angler I’ve ridden in both my Bro-in-law has the 18ma. Spent a few weeks in FL with guides running MA and PF to decide which direction I wanted to go. I preferred the MA but felt like the PF was more versatile so went with thw PF still love the MA layout
  11. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    PM sent
  12. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Are you all using 16ga for lights?
  13. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    I have a MagicTilt which uses a frame Tube to go to winch so I will have to use on side I-beam where it meets the center tube going to tongue and winch support. Did uou find wire on amazon as well? Only thing i could find was 12ga
  14. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Like this one? https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Spectro/38656.html?feed=npn&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz8v9je6Y1wIV1bfACh0SUQ5OEAQYAiABEgIIh_D_BwE
  15. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Curious how you terminated/connected at the junction box?