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  1. Circuit breaker for trolling motor

    If they pre-wired, you probably have a breaker. When I purchased my Pathfinder from a guide that had it as a program boat, there was a breaker inside forward stern side of the center console. It was actually installed fairly low in the console and hard to see. You may look around your rod holders on that side and see if you see two bolt heads showing there. If so, something is mounted on the inside which could be the breaker.
  2. 2000v pathfinder

    As long as it is loaded down. Ask me how I know. A 75 Qt Tundra not sufficiently weighted down can absolutely take flight moving down i75.
  3. iCast finds?

    For those that were able to attend iCast, what are some of the cool items we can look out for to hit the market? Looks like Frogg Toggs has a high end parka and bibs coming out. May be a little less expensive than the other big brands high end gear.
  4. Flat Tire Tools

    Cordless, I’m guessing? Brand and size? I have a small 18v Bosch but I don’t think it would be much of a match for hubs.
  5. Lake O Red tide!

    You need to buy an Alaskan fish camp from one of our family members. It is a great place. Current owner having some health issues and needsto be closer to family. Would be a great place to get away from the crazy.
  6. Truck Seat covers

    Received my Wet Okole covers this week. Just the basic color nothing fancy for the work truck. They went on fairly easy. Really like them so far. The carry conceal pocket is a nice feature.
  7. Guess I needed to have posted a report of our trip after asking for any reports. Bass cooperated. No monsters. Largest around 6lbs. Lots of small bucks but averaging around 2-3 lbs. Lots of fun. Had good weather but wind moved in along with the rain so we cut one day short and left a day early.
  8. New Master Angler???

    Nice integration of a Stick type Anchor Holder! Now if boats would come up with a good way to stow.
  9. Butt seat for my 2500

    So I would need to purchase one of these in a corrosion resistant material? http://www.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/3/4--Pin-Seat-Mounts
  10. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    You will be amazed at what it will do to help overall fishing and boating experience. To be able to just hit spot lock and fight a fish or do insert/remove something from a hatch. And do so in a heavy wind or current and it hold you right where you want to be... Priceless. One thing I haven't quite figured out yet. On the heading lock or Auto Pilot function where you press the button that has the N and arrow, when you press the button, does it lock in on the heading of the TM or the keel line of the boat? I've used several times and I'm constantly adjusting the direction. It doesn't always just track right where I pressed lock. Not a big deal but wondering which heading it locks in on? Then once locked in, when you turn the motor just a little to the left, are you then locked in on that direction or will it move to left then head back to your original heading?
  11. Butt seat for my 2500

    Looks like it does not come with a post to insert into the pedestal. Do you have to purchase a separate plate with the post?
  12. Lake O Red tide!

    What is the cause of the red tide? If the nutrients from the drainage ditch are so harmful to the coastal waters, why arent they harming the fresh water fisheries they are draining through? I’ve read several articles on this and walk away scratching my head. All of those experts around the state and no real answers or solutions.
  13. Fishing shoes

    You are the Man Headhunter. 👍
  14. Fishing shoes

    Which Soft Science is the best for fishing? Reading the descriptions it looks like they tout one as having great traction but the bottoms of each one look similar. Im more partial to something I can slip on when on the boat but dont mind to lace em up if those are the best performers.
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Had the Livewell 2 pump go out a while back so I ordered two new pumps. Livewell pump 1 went out a few weeks ago on last fishing trip (made it 12 years). When I started pulling out the L1 pump, which was the original, the inline strainer was moving so I decided to pull and replace thinking there could be some cracks or damage. Got both strainers/filters out and replaced with new. The old ones are fine. Just need cleaned and I'll have a few spares to keep around. Pretty easy install. Used teflon tape (lots) and did away with the old quick connect in the bilge instead opting for heat shrinkable butt connectors with heat shrink over them. One thing I found in the bilge I was curious about is I have two lines in the harness that do not have any connections. Does anyone know what they might be? Photo attached with connectors in my hand. One looks to be purple/white & Black while the other looks to be Red/white and Black. They must come from the main switch panel but don't know what they might be for. Maybe a recirc or accessory?