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  1. Cobia Recipe

    Have a buddy bringing me some Cobia in a few days. What is the best way to prepare?
  2. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Just read in another group that a guy sold his 2001 1900V with a 2017 Zuke 150 (repowered from a 115 Yami) with single axle trailer for $21,000.00. Just fyi.
  3. Mercury Verado

    Cool. Have some friends up in your area. I went to school at Morehead and would you believe... Never wet a line at Cave Run?! I play around in Laurel and Cumberland some but most of the water that splashes my Pathy is at Cherokee Lake (TN), Guntersville Lake (AL) and some salt around SW FL. Funny thing about running around in the lakes up here is they all think I'm the water patrol or something. Although, bay boats are showing up a little more in this area. I think guys are finding they are great for Striper fishing and taking to the big lakes in FL for shiner fishing.
  4. Tarpon April?

    I was fishing with a tarpon fly guide in April a few years ago. He was kind of teamed up with a few other HB guides that are tarpon fly specialists. I wanted to fish for tarpon on fly but couldnt handle the long stick in a manner needed to get a hookup so we jigged for reds but we had lunch with Jose Wejebe who was fishing with ine of my guides buddies. We saw tarpon layed up all over the place just minutes from Choko. They were stacked all over a few flats. This was the day before Jose’s crash so that can give you a date reference. These arent Mav guys but they are good glades fishermen. Google the “High in the Lowlands video and you’ll see some of these guides at work.
  5. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Have heard mixed reviews on the 115 on the 2000v. More bad than good. I like the F150 on the 2000v. The 115 will work but may be a little underpowered.
  6. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Know a member that sold his 06 2000v loaded low hours with single axle for $26k last summer.
  7. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Talked to Jerry at Gemlux yesterday. Lots of help. Great guy. THT code worked. 35% off. Thanks for the info!!!
  8. Mercury Verado

    Vapor Trail, what part of KY are you from and where are you going to be fishing with the new Pathfinder?
  9. Wow. That means I’m only 2 degrees away from the Bush boys... and Kevin Bacon.
  10. We had a great day way back in the back on artis with Andrew Bostic. He knows that water well.
  11. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    I use a Pelican for cameras and phones. Use some smaller pelicans with clear cover for license and boat docs/reg. Also use some plano boxes. Have a 1460? With clear cover that I store ipilot remote, vhf mic/control, backup gps and plb in. Have another plano (orange) that i store misc items that need to be dry (first aid, batteries in vac seal, cell phone booster, glock, etc). Have about 4 orange boxes. They are small and easy to get in tight hatches. I also store some items in the Flambeau Zerust tackle boxes. I took off in the pathy and forgot to shutoff the valve to the livewell pump in the release well. Had all of my dry gear items in it. Only items that got wet, and every box was submerged in the release well, were the standard plano tackle boxes. The pelicans and watertight planos were bone dry. And to my surprise, the Flambeau Zerust Ultimate Tuff Tainer 5012 which held some buffs, buff gloves and some bug head nets, were bone dry as well. There was water coming out of the top of the hatch. When I opened the hatch some of the boxes tried to float out. So the pelican, plano dry boxes and the tuff tainers are all pretty water tight. They were only submerged for for 15 minutes or less but that was ebough time to let some water in if they were not tight. I also have a few of those fold up dry bags for paper towels and TP that stay in a rod box.
  12. Had dogs all my life but it's still tough to see one go. Looks like he was well taken care of and provided you plenty of joy. We had a chocolate named Chip. He used to love to dive bomb our shiners when fishing on Kissimmee. Labs are great dogs.
  13. Great report. Looks like a heck of a day.
  14. Best Portable Bait Tanks

    Looking at possibly purchasing a portable bait tank to hold shiners (freshwater) that can also hold shrimp, greenies and threadfins if in salt. I like the Engel’s for shrimp bit they definitely will not hold the others. Any recommendations on good systems? Thinking about setting up in front of CC in place of cooler. Will use a bubbler and need to figure out a way to pump in clean water and drain the waste. We’ve used similar homemade systems with shiners for years but looking for a good insulated option for warm water conditions. Keep Alive, Moeller, other?
  15. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    We were in Choko over Christmas and driving back to CIP. Got turned around and went down a street with several raised houses. Noticed a big flat screen going with guy watching game under the house. Had a really nice man cave setup. We stayed in P.Cola Beach last Spring and the house had an open area below that had a gas grill and Big Green Egg. Enough room for corn hole and bimini ring game. Plenty of usable space. They also had an interior section in there that was THE main man cave but we didn't have access to it. Lots of potential with that thing in the air.