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  1. rubble

    Boat Insurance

    Boat US?
  2. rubble

    New Smyrna info

    Have a wedding invitation from relative for an early July wedding in NSB. Any recommendations on places to stay? Should we look to the south? Daytona will be crazy with the race. I’m guessing NSB will get some overflow? What about fishing? Too hot? Decent? Inshore or offshore?
  3. rubble

    Boat Insurance

    I think the suggested nada list on the Pathy 2000v is right at $30k with the high/low retails at $16k/$14k. The boat would easily go in FL for $25k. Couldnt buy a comparable boat for that.
  4. rubble

    Boat Insurance

    My policy is set to renew on 2/1. Leaving the Safeco agent I’m with. State Farm is too high. Got a quote from Progressive and it was really cheap. Had lower limits than I currently have. Looked up a previous thread where folks were happy with progressive. Any other companies to check with? What are typical limits to shoot for? What is a reasonable AV for a mint 2006 Pathy 2000v with F150? What is typical personal items value? Need to cover TM, Electronics(or are those part of boat/hull), rods/reels or other personal equip?
  5. rubble

    THIS is a sunrise

    Holy cow. You ever need a copilot? Nice catch: fish and photo!
  6. rubble

    THIS is a sunrise

    I missed out on my annual trip to the ENP and Naples over Christmas as I had bigger fish to fry so I didn't get to find that great sunrise. However, I was able to capture one of the most impressive sunsets ever. This is at a place just south of Pacifica, CA called Moss Beach Distillery https://www.mossbeachdistillery.com If you are ever in the SF Bay area or south, this is a must stop. Not the normal Tourist spot. This is really only where locals know about or hang out. So here is my Fish (frying) Story... As I returned back to KY after a Crappie fishing trip at Lake Wiess in October, I got a VM from my Uncle. He seemed very concerned about something and I knew something was up. Called him back and he begins to tell me that his daughter purchased he and his wife an Ancestry.com DNA kit for their Bdays this summer. He waited until about August to "Spit and Activate." Not much longer he makes a connection with a long lost cousin that he hadn't seen in nearly 70 years. She proceeds to inform him that she has made a connection with a lady in SF Bay area that was adopted at birth and is looking for her birth parents. Based on her years of research and her recent "Spit and Activate" with ancestry, she was able to track down the cousin who then made the connection to my Uncle. They knew the birth dad had our Sir Name and was from KY. This Lady (Kim) then started research again and immediately pulled up Dad's obituary. She had also just within a few weeks after her Activation found her Birth Mom who would not reveal the Birth Dad because of Legal Documents, Non-Disclosures, etc. So Kim told her birth mom that she had an Obit for this guy and wanted to know if that was her Dad? Her Birth Mom said yes and then advised her she could not contact her anymore. This is a really long, amazing story so I won't go into details and will try to shorten it up... So Uncle tells me that it looks like I have a Half-Sister ( I grew up an only child) out there that Nobody knew about. My Dad was a high profile athlete at an SEC school and had no issues with finding a date. Apparently this gal was one that he may have dated for a bit (Dad a SR in College and the Mom a Soph) and ended up getting pregnant. The Birth Mom came from a prominent family who had connections to a well known SF Bay area attorney who was doing private adoptions for the affluent on the left coast. He set everything up and Kim was adopted at birth with the Birth Parents and all involved having to sign away their life to keep this secret. Anyway, Uncle tells me Kim wants nothing and is content with her life and situation but since her adoptive parents have passed, she'd like to maybe connect with some birth family at least for medical history and possibly to learn about her Birth Dad. So I did a little internet detective work to make sure this was all legit and I sent her a message. We agreed to a phone call and after an hour I felt like I had known her my entire life. She had little things she said and the type of personality that totally reminded me of my (our) Dad. Even so far as to repeat a very uncommon statement the neither would have ever known that the other had used because they had never met. Obviously the next step was to meet so her schedule wasn't where she could travel to the east coast until this Spring and I had an opportunity so my wife talked me into just her and I going out to SF. Not a bad gig for husband/wife close to the Holidays. Well Kim was awesome. She grew up in the Berkley/Alamo area and was the typical valley kid. Got into sales after college and spent a lot of time all over the SF area, as well as the rest of the world, so she had plenty of Local Knowledge. We arrived in SF right at the tail end of a huge cold front which created high winds off the coast so all of the big time surfers were called in for "Mavericks" championship. As it turned out, they had to call it off due to the size of the danger of the waves. We ended up driving down there anyway in hopes to catch a visual of the waves on the coast. She really wanted to head to this great place for a sunset (I'm sure there are plenty on the west coast) and it did not disappoint. Long Story Short... If you ever are in the Bay area or down towards Half Moon Bay, be sure to checkout Moss Beach Distillery for a great sunset view, meal and/or beverage. It's an amazing little spot with Lots of history.
  7. rubble

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Personally, I'd go bracket mount. You could just use the Garmin for depth and graph while running and use the Simrad for mapping. That is similar to what my game plan is down the road. Hope to add a Simrad or something to use FMT with this year. It will be on a mount side by side with an HBird.
  8. That would be an awesome wat to fish. My old college roomie used to do that in HS. They would rent house boats and head to Shark. He said best trips ever. We saw a few set up around shark as mother ships when we were doing chickees a few years ago. Would love to do that. Easy way to store all supplies and live in some comfort for the non camping types.
  9. You can probably TT out of it in the glades if inshore gets slow. There are usually plenty of pots right just outside of the park boundries. Depending on time of year, I guess. We caught several TTs on the shore line under some lay overs.
  10. Not really. We fished out of Choko Island Marina last Christmas with a Pathy 24 that had a tower(2nd station). He did REALLY well because he was up in the air and could spot fish. He didn't even bother going back in the rivers because he spotted plenty of fish on the outside. The only place you would have an issue is if you tried to go under the overpass between EC and Choko. There is a bridge there that probably wouldn't accommodate a CC much less a tower. So if you were at Glades Haven and trying to get to Rod and Gun, you couldn't access from the bridge between EC/Choko. If you stay at Choko Island Marina or anywhere on Choko, you should have no issues. If you stay on the Baron River side in EC you should have no issues either. Having the tower should be a huge plus.
  11. I would say it really depends on where you intend to go. There are plenty of areas where you don't need a YAK or SUP. However, I've seen boats and surprisingly skinny skiffs hauling both. There were some areas I would have loved to fish but didn't want to take a chance with my boat. No spots in particular just spots I saw that looked Fishy in areas close to where i was. I guess it's just that curious sense to want to explore. I know that we caught Lots of fish all over the Glades at the entrances to the rivers and down the outside banks. Also found fish on barrier islands during certain tides. Islands or bars in the rivers were productive as well. We saw large boats running back in Shark. We fished next to an Old Bayliner Cabin Cuddy (prolly a 26) in Harney. Saw a large(22+26) CC in Broad. Passed other larger CCs in the back on the way from Broad to Choko. The Park Ranger rolls in a 24 or 26 with a T-Top and he covers all of the waterway except for the Nightmare (? between Broad and Harney). Now we sat on the outside of Harney high and dry for an hour because we were on an Outgoing Neg with a gale force south wind. All that to say the short answer is you can fish plenty of areas in your 22. A YAK or SUP would be nice to have if you want to really explore.
  12. 22 Pathy will access fine. Low/Neg winter tides can be a challenge but you can access most of the back country in a 22. I ran everything in a loaded down 20 Pathy. All of the rivers are good. Some of the entrances to the rivers are dangerous. Need to run them at high tide unless you know the way in and out.
  13. rubble

    THIS is a sunrise

    Crappie Mafia.
  14. rubble

    THIS is a sunrise

  15. rubble

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