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  1. The Shelta wears just like a ball cap. Maybe better. I’ve had ball caps blow off with a gust while under way or going Vroom. Last week was in a Ranger with Yami 250 and running near 70( Which I hate... I’m happy at 45mph). I had the brim drawstring tiggt and the under the chin string tightened up. Brim stayed in place (no flop) and hat didnt budge. Was surprised.
  2. What about a casual ir work shirt for someone that works outdoors? Columbia or equal? Which is the best Columbia for the heat? Looks like maybe the Tamiami II? Are there others to consider? Duluth Trading, LL Bean? others?
  3. Very cool hats and dry easy. The designer was an active sportsman. He thought if everything. There are some hats that have ventilation. I’m a big guy. Heavy sweater. Hate the heat. I wear the lighter colors to help prevent additional radiant heat from a dark surface. I’m a Tilley guy from way back. I’ve always felt like they were hot. Even the vented versions. I still like them and even wear the old original Tilleys during winter and rainy days. Hot days and on the boat, I go Shelta. Seriously, just tighten the draw string around the headband and also the under the chin cord and that hat is going Nowhere plus it will not flap around at speed. I think they are a winner.
  4. Wow. Cannot believe nobody has mentioned SHELTA. I've rocked Boonies for 20 years now and have every kind you can imagine. SHELTA is by far the best Boonie I've ever worn and I'm talking about a closet full of Tilley, OR, Columbia, The Game, etc. The great thing about Shelta is it has structured bill just in the front. So you have a baseball cap bill that will not flop or blow up while doing 70 in glitter boats (just found that out last week first hand!!!). Also, you can submerse the hat and it still won't flop. I work outside every day and need a sun hat. Have been using straw hats because they are structured, have airflow and won't wilt when soaked with sweat but you can't wear them on a boat. These Shelta hats are meet the same needs but can be folded, put in pocket, run WOT on a boat and you are good to go with any water sport. They have a draw string to tighten plus it has the chin strap string that can be tightened under the chin or clipped to a shirt. Also has a nice neck shield that is not against your skin but protects from UV. They have face gaitors as well. I'm telling you guys, this is the only hat for what I do. Pricey but no more than a Tilley. Check them out. If you love boonies/sun hats, they have different styles. Some with wide brims all the way around and some with smaller brims on the sides and rear. I have three different models. Love them all. https://www.sheltahats.com/collections/sun-hats This is the widest brim version. https://www.sheltahats.com/collections/sun-hats/products/the-firebird-v2 Traditional Boonie Style. Medium brim. https://www.sheltahats.com/collections/sun-hats/products/the-seahawk-performance-sun-hat
  5. rubble

    Black Lights for Pathfinder

    I'm doing some bass fishing here in KY and TN at night. Have been using one of the 12v plug in lights for black lights but it is a Pain in the rear with all of the wires running around. I don't want to do the gunnel mount jacks because I know there will be some corrosion and electrical issues down the road. Have seen it on bass boats in fresh water so I know what salt will do to it. Plus that's another item I don't what to drill thru the top of the boat. Has anyone seen the LED strip lights used in the rub rails on bay boats? In particular a Pathfinder? I feel like that may be the best way to go if they will adapt to the insert.
  6. rubble

    Dealer should be ashamed of himself

    I guess dealers may assume that the buyers know how to operate or they wouldn't be buying. Or maybe that the owners would take a boat safety course and learn the ins/outs of boating. Never really ever recall a car dealer or even an equipment dealer going over how to operate with me. They only answer and cover things that I might ask. Makes sense though. Dealer should always ask if the buyer needs any information on operating vehicle. Thank goodness there are folks on here out on the water for these situations. Good deed, indeed!
  7. So while walking thru HD this morning I picked up the Ryobi 1600 psi washer. Almost picked ip the Foam Blaster but opted to wait and check with Chemical Guys to see about their product. Seems the Trinova gets high reviews. Gonna look for that at walmart. What about the soap? Any suggestions for what to get for washing boat? Car? Treated wood deck? Brick?
  8. rubble

    Braided Line Questions

    What seems to be the best color for hi-vis? I've used Hi-Vis Yellow and it has been fine. Always tie on a clear leader. The Super Slick comes in a Marine Blue and Aqua Green that both seem like they would be easy to see but in low light conditions how are they?
  9. rubble

    Braided Line Questions

    I have several reels I need to re-spool with Braid so I need to pick up some large quantities. What seems to be the best bang for the buck? Was looking at a bait shop this weekend and prices are all over the place and there were a ton of brands out there. I've had lots of luck with dark Power Pro but I've also had issues with line Digging in the spool after a good fight. Vicious claims that their line doesn't do that. Don't know about others. Just looking for recommendations. Also, I'll be picking up line that is all under 20lb. Should I be looking at the Braid test or the braid diameter compared to Mono? For example, most will say diameter equal to 14lb mono but I'm sure is a higher test strength. So, go with 14 lb test braid or 14lb mono diameter equivalent?
  10. rubble

    Mapping Cards

    I purchased a Humminbird Helix 12 for the bow of my boat to run 360. I'm ready to get another Helix for the console but will be getting the Mega/SI/GPS/G3n version to network with the base Helix up front. I did notice on the Helix I have that the base maps stink! They offer a few options that are compatible with Hbird. Their own Lakemaster Charts and Navionics. The Navionics are a Garmin product and I know that my Garmin at the helm isn't great in some areas. Particularly in the Glades. Is there anyone that has experience with aftermarket charts for Humminbird? Any thoughts on the Navionics for Hbird? Looks like they do not offer cards for Garmin. Guessing because the Garmin products come with the Navionics pre loaded? My plan is to also pick up either a Simrad or Lowrance for the helm so that I can get the FMT cards. I'd really like to have the capability to use them in FL and LA. Not sure if I will even use the Simrad/Lowrance for anything other than the maps; although, I'm sure their products would be good for imaging as well.
  11. rubble

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    I'd love to head back to Pcola but I'm in search of that linesider. Love to catch snook. If I can find clean waters, that's my target. I think I have run across Jensen's before when looking for a place to dock when RVing. Just never made it there. Looks like a great place and close to the action. Thanks for the info.
  12. rubble

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    Didn't really think about the Red Tide issue but that could very well be in play. Thinking it could be lingering between Tampa and Naples? Best to consider Keys or Crystal River to the North?
  13. rubble

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    Is South Seas Boat friendly? Anywhere to dock or park the boat? Does that area get the summer storms every day like other places in FL? Are there better times during the day to be on the water than others? We would be targeting reds and snook so fishing flats, mangroves, docks, etc.
  14. Looking for a good place to take the family this summer during kid’s sports dead period. Frosh Daughter just wants to hang at the beach and relax for the week. Sr son is game for anything but mostly wants to relax. Wife and I like to roam around and check out shops and eat but I’m cool with just hanging out but would love to fish some. Could take my Pathy, just get a guide or buddy fish with anyone needing expenses paid (fuel, bait, food). Have thought about Keys, Pine Island/Cabbage key. Could stay with in-laws in Naples but prefer a condo, fishing cottage or vrbo. Not looking to break the bank. Suggestions?
  15. rubble

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    I have a buddy that buys damaged boats thru coparts. He has different trades make repairs and he sells them ince fixed up. He is saving buyers 15-30 grand and is making 10 grand or better. Not a bad gig. Hard to justify new boat prices for the working man these days.
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