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  1. rubble

    Kamado Joe brand ceramic grill

    If you have one too many ceramic grills, then I have 3 too many? Love them. I’m cooking on Green tho. I have a buddy in Augusta that is a KJ guy. I’ll run it by him. If I were closer, I’d scarf it up right now. I have a BGE original Mini. Purchased it for my Dad to use with his RV. I now have it and never use it but it’s great for one or two people in a camping or tailgate situation. I now have a Mini-Max. Love it. Would like to have a second one for tailgating. I now have two Large BGEs which is great for big cooks. We cook a lot for big numbers and the second Large makes a world of difference. Three would be even better when also cooking sides on grill. Sorry, maybe I’m talking you into keeping it : )
  2. I recently added some tactical lights to a few guns. Got me thinking I needed some updated flashlights for EDC. I had a box of CR123A batteries that was purchased for a Surefire G2 10+/- years ago and wanted to get a few flashlights that could handle those batteries. I had purchased the Surefire G2 at my cousin’s outdoors store (Kentucky Outdoorsman: best little gun shop in the region) where they were a full stocking sealer. They now carry Fenix lights. I put those old, unused batteries in the Fenix lights and they were very bright. When I tried the Surefire it wasn’t close. Changed out the batteries between all of the lights to check and see if the batteries were weak but they were all super bright in the new Fenix lights. The old specs call for 120 Lumens in the G2 while the newer Fenix E16 has 700 Lumens and the PD35 is 1000 Lumens. Plus they have multi settings for the lights. No comparison in lights but thought that the G2 was brighter than what I’m seeing now. For you flashlight experts, is this normal? Is there anything that can be done to the G2 to brighten it up? Is this just an old, outdated light that I shouldn’t bother putting money into? Man, these new lights are just crazy bright.
  3. rubble

    Power Pole Charge reviews?

    Is there anyone using the Power Pole Charge yet? Seems like a very useful system. I’m using the Stealth system and like it now but I have found that it will drain the cranking battery when not plugged in due to the constantly illuminated indicator light. Cranking battery had to be replaced right at 3 years. Have a buddy rigging up a refurbed basser and he’s looking at the Charge. It’s stored in my warehouse and we will start adding electronics, TM and a charging system in the next couple of weeks.
  4. rubble

    Towing with manual transmission

    Used to tow a 19’ Ranger glitter boat with a 4cyl manual 2wd Ranger truck. Wasn’t great but worked. Biggest issue was stopping.
  5. rubble

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    Not many feelings more rewarding than completing the process of choosing the type , finding it, purchasing it and landing fish it it. Enjoy!
  6. rubble

    Maverick Boats Bass Fisherman?

    I bass fish out of a Pathy. Get some looks from time to time. Actually love the setup. Only downfalls are windy conditions push you around more than a baser and my 20’er doesn’t have an ideal place for the front bass seat. It’s a little further forward than what I’d like. Makes it awkward to use the foot control for the Ulterra.
  7. rubble

    How old is too old

    I fished with a guide last Spring in Pensacola. He was a light tackle/fly guide. He poles around a larger skiff around all day. Think he was pushing 80 and was great looking shape. His boat was on a lift so launching isn't an issue but he's having to do all of the other dirty work.
  8. rubble

    Great morning with Quest4Reds

    Funny you mention promoting the forum. While sitting around the dock at the Kon-Tiki Resort a few MHP boats rolled in and out. Asked both boats if any of them were on the forum and they all said they knew nothing about it. Looked like they were very experienced anglers/boaters but shockingly enough, they had never seen the mbgforum. That isn't the first time I've been around someone in their MHP or C boat and they were not forum guys. Missing out on a valuable resource for sure.
  9. rubble

    On the Tennessee River in December

    Outstanding Ride!
  10. rubble

    2000 Hewes LT-18

    2000 Hewes Light Tackle LT18 - Excellent Condition 2016 Yamaha 115 VMax Show - 9 hours with warranty until 2024 2000 Easy Load Trailer with torsion axles Power Pole XL Jack Plate Polling Platform Trolling Motor 24v 71# 2bank battery charger? Simrad Go-7 This boat is in great condition. Has been kept inside and primarily used in fresh water lakes. Owner has moved into more of a pontoon/deck boat type fishing platform. Just re-powered in the last year to his preferred engine while also adding 3 new swivel seats and a Simrad Go-7. Owner is meticulous about his boats and gear. Everything has has been well maintained. Current owner purchased from original owner who also took great care of the boat which was garage kept with little use. Price is $17,500.00 firm. PM me if interested and I’ll reply with the owner’s contact information. Boat is located in Seabring, FL.
  11. rubble

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    Q4R... Might be a stretch but if you want to head up to KY, you are welcome to try out my 2000V PF. We have a big lake right here about 10 minutes from my warehouse. It might be a little chilly... or unseasonably warm. It's KY. We had 33f this morning and may hit 70 today. Crazy weather.
  12. rubble

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    Is a Hewes LT 18’ an option? I know if a gem that will be on the market fairly soon.
  13. rubble

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    I believe that is "as a Rule?" I've seen MAs that have stand up consoles that had to be custom install. I believe I just saw a 21MA posted somewhere that was a stand up console with a tower/second station. I like standing up as well and Sea Deck at the helm is a big help. I do like to sit from time to time if a long glassy run but for the most part I'm standing.
  14. rubble

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    The "Rabuds" ( I misspelled) are the ball/check valve type setup used on the outside of the scuppers that carry the floor drain water. Sometimes when in reverse or if enough weight gets shifted to one side we can get water back up through the floor drains. The boats build with floor drains below the water line can be susceptible to water intrusion. The Rabuds help reduce or eliminate the issue. https://www.rabud.com/portfolio/seascuppers
  15. I'm aware of the need to always wash things down after being exposed to salt and normally do a full blown wash down of the boat (soap and power wash) when leaving FL but this year I was pushed for time and just sprayed the boat down really good along with spraying out the bilge and rigging box (which is open to the bilge) when we got out of the water. I also ran through several heavy rain storms after the wash down. Do I need follow up with an intense soap and power wash here in KY? I didn't open up the live well or the release well supplies and I plugged the drains so they didn't get any saltwater in the system other than a little water getting in the live well thru the overflow scupper in the splash well. Should I run fresh water through all of th plumbing systems? All gear was sprayed down and the trailer was sprayed down after launching and loading. Have flushed the engine a couple of times hooking up to the hose connect. Haven't run the motor with the muffs or in fresh water. Also haven't run the Trolling motor. Just seeing how intense I need to get with the boat. Haven't had the time or conditions to run the boat in fresh water or do a solid wash. Plan on doing that as soon as I can get free on a decent day but if I need to *** it up and do it on a nasty day I'll jump on it ASAP.
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