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  1. Venice in Late Sept

    I've been told that everyone there uses "market shrimp" (dead shrimp) purchased at the marina. Hang 'em off of a popping cork and limit out by lunch is the word around the floating houses. We may try that but would prefer throwing artificial. Gulp. Cocahoe paddle tails, spinnerbait, etc. Are there any places you might be able to steer us to? Not honey hole locations but just some spots to try? I'd like to get in an area where we can see the fish tailing to show my buddies what it's like. Was told that Yankee and Fleur Ponds are good. Don't know where to go in there or what type of depth it is. We will be in a Ranger Bay which probably has a draft of about 18 inches or more. Someone mentioned the Wagon Wheel area. Would like to hit Joseph Bayou and the areas around Dennis Pass but again not sure how to get boat in there. Was told that those areas would hold some numbers.
  2. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    He said that lots of low RPM use or low idle speeds cause this to happen because the gears arent getting enough oil. The newer balancers have the extra oil feed at the gear to help with that because I guess it isn’t getting enough oil to the gears with the lower pressures. He said one thing they are doing is for boats that sit they are pulling the kill switch and cranking the engine in order to get oil on the gears without the gears rotating because if the engine fires right up the gears can spin with little oil on them. Sounds good in Theory. He doesnt know if that will make a difference but they feel like it should.
  3. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    Picked up boat today. Service manager showed me my Balancer and one they just took off of a TVA boat which had over 1000 hours while mostly idling shocking up fish. Their boat was an F200 or F250. Couldnt remember. You can see how their balancer completely wore down the fiber gear. You can see the shavings in the oil filter. My balancer looks good in the pic but up close in person you can see where the surface of the gear is wore down and pretty shiny. He said the filter was clean in mine but it was just a matter of time. They put in the newer balancer that has the additional oil feed. The TVA engine was toast!

    Kentucky State Parks are offering discounted lodging for evacuees. There are several decent places to consider. If any of you guys come this way and I can help, hit me up. Cumberland Falls State Park has a lodge and cabins. Beautiful area. Pine Mountain State Park, Dale Hallow State Park, Lake Cumberland State Park... all good spots.

    Great ideal elevating those items. Easy to replace floors and drywall (via insurance claims). Seems like it's a battle for contents. For those heading inland, I haven't looked at the projected path but if you don't want to travel too far and would at least like to be in a peaceful place, look at Hiawassee, GA. You can find lots of VRBOs on Lake Chatuge which is right in town. Good place to wet the skiff if you are taking it with you. Very quiet. Beautiful North GA Mountains. High End (for the mountains) retirement area. There is a watering hole overlooking the lake and marina called "The Sand Bar." Will make you coastal folks feel at home but with beautiful mountains for the backdrop. Also, there is plenty to do within a short drive for a day trip. You can head up "The Dragon" and check out some great mountains and streams while driving on a cool bike/sports car destination. Helen, Ga is just a few minutes across the Appy Trail. Helen will put you in the mind of a little German town. Just throwing it out there. I would imagine if having to evacuate, having things to do to keep your mind off of something you can't control would be a necessity.
  6. Switch Panel... Wiring

    Thinking about upgrading my accessory switch panel. Want to go with the most dependable and hoping that I can find something that is lit or backlit. Any recommendations on where they can be purchased or who to contact that has them and will install? Would also like to clean up my wiring in my CC and in the old rigging hatch. I still have the original Battery Switch but it is always on as a pass thru to the new switch installed at the CC. I'd prefer to run one solid line from the engine to the main CC switch but I guess I could take the old switch out and just use a terminal there? Would think it would be less of an issue with solid run leads? Prefer someone that is possibly close to i-75 as I pull my boat to Naples once or twice a year. Tampa, Ft Myers, Naples?
  7. THIS is a sunrise

    Love that place. The first Chickee we stayed on was there. Was an awesome experience. If you ever need an Outlaw assistant, I can sell the farm and head that way.
  8. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    So you guys might have saved my Rear but you still cost me some $$$. Took my F150 in for the 1 year service yesterday (had under 30 hours in 12 months) and told them to check balancer and my impeller (replaced in 2015). Dealer is near Norris Lake in Lafollette, TN. He said you should be fine. You changed 3 years ago and can go about every 5 in this good clean water. I said I'm not always in clean water. Service guy said well unless you are somewhere in S.C. or L.A. where you have some sandy or dirty water, you will be fine. Told him it was in Venice, L.A. 12 months ago and will be back there in 2 weeks and was in the Everglades in Dec. He said we'll change it. Then he said the balancers were replaced under a recall, HE THOUGHT. I told him I never had a recall on that motor so still had original. He then explained that they never have issues with them so I told him about this thread and that I had been hearing a high pitched noise that sounded like the prop was not greased well. Got the call today that the sound was the balancer and it was pretty expensive. They are trying to get it covered under warranty but it is much too old for warranty, I would think (2006). However, he thought it was possible to get some help. I hope so. Whatever the case... Thanks for the head's up. Hate to spend that kind of cash now but it could be a pretty big gamble if I don't.
  9. Redzone Apparel......am I in trouble?

    Capt Jay Withers with Redzone(owner/operator) is top shelf. No question he will take care of you.
  10. Good wiring guide

    Anyone have a good simple witing guide that will show recommended wire size based on amp draw and length? Example. If i need to run 18’ of wire from battery to device that requires a 5a fuse, what size wire? 14’ for 1a? 25’ for 3a... etc
  11. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    So I have an 06 F150. It is kind of a cream puff at 300 hours. Clean and maintained well. Just not run enough. So all are suggesting to check if not immediately replace?
  12. Repower

    Fishing buddy needs to repower a bass boat and a bay boat. Has been looking around here close to KY and cannot get engines. All of the Yami dealers say they ate 3 to 6 minths out on 250 sho engines. Are dealers having a rough time with inventory in FL? Anywhere I should have him check?
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    I purchased a Riptide Ulterra iPilot in 2016 for my maiden voyage to the ENP. Little did I realize that I could not adapt a ducer to the Ulterra with much ease. After much research and savings, I found the setup I wanted (Humminbird Helix with 360 imaging) and found an aftermarket fabricator not far from me that developed a way to mount 360 ducers to the Ulterra. Drove over today and had the guy mount mine for me. Thank goodness I did because there were some slight differences in the Riptide and the freshwater version. He had to make some mods to my bracket to get the mount just right. The only issue is the frame is raw aluminum bar stock. It hasn't been treated but the other hardware is stainless. May have to go get it powder coated for using in salt. I don't like all of the wires but I've been able to clean it up fairly good given my application. I could probably drill another access right next to the Ulterra base to run the wires thru but that's just another hole. I don't mind running the wires into the anchor locker for now. As mentioned in another thread, the BalZout Mount is fantastic. Super Strong!!! Anyway, this is what I did to my boat today...
  14. Mount for Bow mounted GPS/Finder

    The Helix 12 is a beast. Pretty heavy but the BalZout mount has it locked up tight. I tried to get it to budge and I probably could have pulled the boat and trailer by the Helix. It did not move at all. You cannot tell but the BalZout is the 12" model. I'm vertically challenged at 5'-8" so it isn't much of a stretch to get to the controls.
  15. Mount for Bow mounted GPS/Finder

    Got the 360 installed on the Ulterra iPilot and the BalZout and Helix 12 installed today. Just have to make the power connections on each and we are off and running.