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  1. This boat has been sold!! Thank you Maverick Boat Company for allowing me to use this forum to help sell my boat... This is the first time I have been without a MBC boat since the year 2000!!! Tight lines!! ------------------------<" ){{{{><
  2. NCDREW,,, Thank you sir... I'll check out the numbers on the prop tomorrow and get back to you... Marcus Clements, Vice President of PowerTech worked with me diligently after I upgraded to the 2012 F150... We tried several different props including a couple of four-blade models but ended up with this one... It gets excellent fuel economy and is capable of a solid 50 mph when conditions are right... With the Garmin fuel management system interfaced with the Garmin 740S you can tweak the RPM and trim angle to get the max possible fuel economy and performance... -----------------------------<" ){{{{>< NOTE: Here below is another photo I just found on my desk top of my 04 Pathfinder taken last fall...
  3. SUNSTONE,,, Thanks for the link!! I'll give that application a try in the future... I didn't find your reply until I had already found ImageShack... I am very aggravated with PhotoBucket and never intend to use them again... ----------------<" ){{{{><
  4. Sorry for the "Mysterious disappearing photos" fellows.... I have used PhotoShop to post photos on-line for years however due to some undermining marketing tactics where they allow you to post all your photos then they turn off your photos then try and blackmail you into a payment. I don't mind paying... I just don't appreciate the "pay or get turned-off" ploy after the photos have already been posted... I will NEVER use PhotoBucket again... I have re-posted the photos, this time using ImageShack.... So far,,,,,, so good!! (sorry for the rant!) ----------------------<" ){{{{><
  5. BOAT HAS BEEN SOLD Many of you may remember me.. My name is Ken Doss… My forum name is Hobo and I was a regular contributor on this forum from its beginning up until just a couple of years ago… I was a custom boat rigger specializing in Pathfinder, Maverick and Hewes boats… I personally owned and fished well over twenty of MBC products and custom rigged and set-up hundreds more… Due to a lack of use due to old age and physical limitations I am offering my 2004 22ft Pathfinder with a very low hours 2012 F150 Yamaha for sale… This F150 Yamaha currently only has 237 total hours and has never sipped anything but non-ethanol gasoline. Included with this rig is a custom built 2012 AmeraTrail single-axle all aluminum, welded and stainless trailer… A ported SS three-blade PowerTech (provided by Marcus Clements, VP of PT) prop will push this boat up to 49-50 mph on a good day and will cruise at 3800 at 5.0 mpg all day long… This rig includes many custom features including a custom built console with front access dry storage (effectively doubling the dry storage capacity of a standard 22 PF Console).. Neatly tucked inside the aft door toward the front of the console are two secured East Penn Series 27 AGM batteries along with a built in three-bank, 18 amp, solid state DualPro automatic battery charger… The OEM Lenco trim tabs feature Lenco’s auto-retract system which automatically retracts the trim tabs when the power is switched off… The entire boat was rewired in 2012 and features a Blue Sea fuse-panel and Blue Sea battery selector switch… When re-wired the batteries were relocated from the aft bilge area to underneath the console… The port–aft well has been set up for use as a release-well including separate raw water input, recirculation system and a bubbler aeration system… This well also features an adjustable depth overflow set-up… All these systems have their own pump and switches and may be used individually or in conjunction with the other two systems… The main oval shaped bait-well in the aft-center is set up the exact way with three separate systems that may be used separately or together… Either well may be used for a bait-well or release-well… The leaning post is also custom, fabricated by Custom Marine of Jacksonville… Although the dimensions are basically the same as the OEM this leaning post has a rectangular storage box with a flat bottom unlike the OEM version.. Behind this LP is a mounted a flat piece of ¾” StarBoard into which are fitted 4 flush mounted rod-holders and two SS cup holders… Unlike the OEM version you may sit on this leaning post from the back side.. There is also a holder for your bait dipping nets welded to each back leg.. Electronics include a Jensen JMS2212 Marine Stereo feeding two JL Audio Coaxial Marine Speakers.. A Garmin 740S Chart Plotter and Sounder provide the necessary information to find fish as well as help you navigate to and from your favorite fishing locations… This Garmin 740S is also interfaced with the Yamaha engine providing fuel amount as well as fuel consumption rates and is accurate to 1/10 of a gallon. A 10’ Power Pole Blade is mounted to the port stern with fixed controls on the dash as well as a wireless pocket remote control… With this sale I am including all ground gear which consists of two Danforth type anchors, stainless steel chain and shackles, ½” nylon 3-part line, fenders, life jackets, four pre-formed 20’ dock-lines (multibraid nylon), USCG approved marine safety kit, etc, etc….. A fabric full coverage custom fitted boat/engine cover is also included… I’m confident you will be VERY hard pressed to find another used 22’ Pathfinder rig that could come even close to matching the quality, condition and features of this offering… Selling price: $26,500 PM me or contact me at hobo27@comcast.net or text/cell at (912) 223-0902 This boat is “turn-key” and ready to fish! Total Engine Hours: 237 hours VIN Number for 2004 Pathfinder 2004 Interior from port stern 2012 F150 Yamaha port side view Interior of starboard -aft compartment showing wash down pump and hose, etc Look inside the console door at Battery Charger, Batteries, Shelf, Etc. 2004 22' Pathfinder port side view & 2012 F150 Yamaha and 2012 AmeraTrail Trailer 2004 22' Pathfinder Blue Sea Accessory Fuse Pannel 2004 Pathfinder Front quarter view 2004 22' Pathfinder starboard side full profile View of the top of console *** BOAT HAS BEEN SOLD*** Thank you Maverick Boat Company!!
  6. Pp pump location

    Saskatoon .... I see that this is your first post.... Welcome!! Unfortunately you have listed your post in the Cl***ified ads section rather that the "working" forum posts.... As to your question,,, I am a PowerPole dealer installer and 99.9% of all PowerPole pump installations are in the starboard-aft compartment... Most of mine being located on the aft wall of this compartment... ----------<" ){{{{><

    FIN-ADDICT There is no black-box,,,, and that certainly wasn't much of a mechanic if he didn't know that!!! The two rocker switches (double-pole, double-throw, momentary-on/off/momentary-on) are wired in a rather complex manner but is nothing that even a shade-tree electrician/mechanic couldn't figure out... The power supply wires leading from each of these two switches are red and green from one switch and blue and yellow from the other... These two sets of wires are, in turn butt-spliced to a black and a white wire (usually in the bilge area)..... I would venture to say that 70%-80% of trim tab failures are because of these butt-splices failing due to salt-water intrusion and corrosion... I'm just a rookie but I could completely rewire a complete trim-tab system in a Pathfinder in less than a couple of hours!!! Like Dino says,,,,, that mechanic is a rip-off artist... *** Here is a drawing of the switch wiring arrangement *** *** This drawing shows the Lenco Actuators wiring scheme *** ---------<" ){{{{{><
  8. How about this

    .... If we can make it until February 21th we will have been married 49 years... BTW,,,, we are going fishing in the morning! ------------<" ){{{{{*><
  9. CJK ..... This is the purpose of using the diode.... It acts like a check-valve allowing current flow only in one direction... There will be a symbol on the side of the diode indicating the direction of flow.... It will look something like this " --]<-- ",,, the direction of the arrow indicates the direction of current flow... As stated above visit your local Radio Shack and ask for just about any 3-5 watt rectifying diode.... I've got a ton of them in my shop but it would take more to ship it than it would cost you to buy one.... Old Salt,,,, he's not talking about a light emitting diode.... -------<" ){{{{{><
  10. Speaker Mounting locations 24TE

    LIQUID PASTIME ------------<" ){{{{{*><
  11. pdf owners manual

    GARYS ..... Enjoy your new (to you) boat and don't waste your time searching for something that just isn't there Until just recently the owner's manuals for MBC products consisted only of very basic and generalized generic boating and safety information..... The only things included that were model specific was a short list of model specs such as length, width, draft, weight, etc....

    BLACKSHIRT ..... Custom Marine in Jacksonville is a "Cl*** Act" facility..... Not only is their canvas shop one of the best around but their aluminum fabrication of t-tops, leaning posts, and casting platforms is the best I've ever seen..... I've been using them and sending friends there for years!!! --------<" ){{{{{*><
  13. ** NEW PATHFINDER 2400**

    .... Is it just me? I can't read the yellow print... ----------<" ){{{{{*><
  14. ** NEW PATHFINDER 2400**

    CHARLIE JOHNSON ..... Hey now!!! That looks mighty good,,,,,,,, [color:red]MIGHTY GOOD[/color]! I just might have to check one of those out!!! ----------<" ){{{{{*><
  15. 2010 Islamorada OT

    MWOODS Where did you get this information??? Has MBC announced this somewhere on their site??? I want to go to one of these get-togethers in the Keys.... They certainly sound like fun!!! I just hate to make reservations if the dates are not confirmed.... ------<" ){{{{*><