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  1. CaptAndy

    SeaDek vs. Non-Skid

    If anyone is interested in Aquatraction I am a certified dealer in South Florida. Product is better in many ways compared to EVA. Ours is a PE foam and much more durable but touches and feels the same as the rest. Feel free to give me a text or shout at 2394040380
  2. CaptAndy

    Livewell Pumps

    Thanks for the input guys. Tyler that is better than the rules have been lasting for me.
  3. CaptAndy

    Livewell Pumps

    I have 1100s due to the live well size. I had the Bait Sentry Magnetic Pumps first and while they pump a tremendous amount of water they are incredibly loud. I ended up switching to the rule tournaments but have too many failures to count.
  4. CaptAndy

    Livewell Pumps

    I have ran Rule pumps for about 20 years and I'm finally getting to the point that there has to be a better option out there. Typically they only last 3-4 months and they are shot. Yes they stand behind them but I am looking for something better. Anyone have any good or bad to say about the Piranhas? There are a handful of higher end boats that come standard with them now so Maybe that is the answer. Any feed back is welcome.
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