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    5th Generation Florida Native.Born and raised on a cattle ranch,Married with 3 children, My daughter is my fishing buddy and has been fishing tournaments with me since she was 7 years old and she has 5 IGFA records, 36 years in Law Enforcement!
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    Law Enforcement
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    Fishing, Austrailian Shepherds, Ham Radio,
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    Broward County

    I added a couple additional radar loops! They should be the last! This thing will be off shore soon!! Below a couple of "RAINDAR" loops showing rainfall totals:

    I added a few close in radar loops that show the various tornado and weather alerts. Here is the "RAINDAR" precipitation totals:

    WOW!! Major change in the predictions. Now they are calling for a Major Hurricane striking the panhandle and evacuations!!!

    I just cleaned up all of the old posts and updated everything for STORM MICHAEL!!! Look out Gulf Coast. They are calling for a hurricane strike on the gulf coast!!
  5. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Well I got lucky and everything is back together and working. See you guys at the captains meeting. And the tradition continues, the forecast is calling for WIND!!!
  6. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Had plans to participate in the tournament while staying on Marathon with my daughter and her fiancé! At the moment the lower unit is off my motor for a water pump replacement and now has a wrong off bolt on the pump housing. It is at the machine shop and may not be done in time...Skip or Charlie, do you have a loaner boat I can borrow???? LOL
  7. Red tide

    Fantastic!!! Looking forward to more reports!! On other sites I have seen nothing but photos of dead fish and how everything is dead! They are also reporting extremely dirty water and no fish or bait. These reporst are thus far the exact opposite! Bubba
  8. Red tide

    Thanks to both of you! I am hesitating pulling the trigger on the house due to the cost and concern for the water quality. Dcathy, I will be awaiting your report.
  9. Red tide

    I would love to get some first hand reports of the water from Stump Pass South to the outside of Cayo Costa! My family and I rent a beach place on Don Pedro nearly every year for the past 15 years. I scratch up money all year to rent this place! Weekdays on the outside of Cayo Costa is one of my families favorite activities. We are in or on the water with the Pathfinder every day. I will cancel this years trip if the water is bad.Thanks in advance! Bubba
  10. All maps static and automated automatically update. The date and time of the latest updates are located on the maps. Note that most maps are in ZULU/UTC time. See chart on the "Main MBG Weather Site" link below for time translation to local time. LINK TO NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER LINK TO MAIN MBG WEATHER SITE ALL QUIET AT THE MOMENT ************************************************************************************* EMERGENCY INFORMATION LINKS LINK TO ACTIVE REDCROSS SHELTER LOCATIONS-INTERACTIVE MAP LINK TO FLORIDA EMERGENCY SHELTERS LINK TO US MAP FOR WEATHER ALERTS LAND AND MARINE LINK TO HURRICANE EVACUATION ZONES BY STATE AND COUNTY
  11. Where to Get Purina Fish Chow

    We had a fantastic time! We quit counting the Snook we caught! All but a couple of the Snook were caught inside! Thanks again to everyone in reference to the Fish Chum. I ended up buying a 50 Lb bag at Crackers.I will post some pics when I get chance!
  12. Where to Get Purina Fish Chow

    Thank you guys for all the information and offers. I will be in a PF2200V with a light Blue Hull, and with a Thin-Blue Line/American Flag decal on the rear hull where the Pathfinder decal is usually affixed...I will be on Don Pedro Island on the beach side with my boat docked on the Lagoon Side...Loading up now for the trip across Alligator Alley! (The Signature picture below was when I had a wrap on the boat. I have since removed it!)
  13. Where to Get Purina Fish Chow

    I will let you know if I cant locate any...Thank you!!And I will contact you so I can just say hello...Do you stay on Don Pedro or Knight (Palm Island)....
  14. Where to Get Purina Fish Chow

    Thank you sir...I will give him a call and see if he has any...
  15. I usually order my own (50 Lbs bags) and have it on hand, but I wont get a chance prior to going on my Family Vacation on Don Pedro Island. I will be coming North on I-75 from Fort Lauderdale and exiting at the Kings Highway Exit (Port Charlotte) before taking Veterans Blvd , El JoBean,, and thru Placida to the Palm Island Ferry. I will be dropping my boat at the Placida Ramp... Are there any locations along the way I can pick up a few Gallon ziplocks bags full on a Saturday??? I would prefer not to get a 50 Lb bag, but will if its a stop close to one of these roadways... Thank you in advance... Bubba