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    5th Generation Florida Native.Born and raised on a cattle ranch,Married with 3 children, My daughter is my fishing buddy and has been fishing tournaments with me since she was 7 years old and she has 5 IGFA records, 36 years in Law Enforcement!
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    Well it was fairly quiet for a while. Now Kirk is at a low Latitude, which is always bothersome! I cleaned the site up and added a couple of GEO Color animated satellite views. As always, all the animated and static maps automatically update. Lets hope the wind shear remains and assists in keeping Kirk a non-issue!

    I removed some of the superfluous maps from the site and added additional close in radar loops. I was hoping my agency would take volunteers and send a team north. Everyone stay safe!!

    As you can see on the below GOES Satellite, the storm is approaching the east coast and there is no evidence that it will change course or become weaker. I hope everyone of our forum members in its path are fully prepared. This will be a disaster for these areas near shore and well inland. I have added several close up radar loops in the areas most likely to be impacted. Unless you live in a home constructed of poured concrete walls and roof, in an area that will not flood, I would vacate this area with family and pets. REMINDER that all of the static and animated maps automatically update and originate from the National Hurricane Center.

    ******Florence is now a hurricane! It appears as if the East coast will feel tropical storm force winds by Thursday, and landfall of a CAT 3 to CAT 4 hurricane by Friday! I hope everyone is preparing for this storm. The weather channel and NHC are predicting the hurricane will stall just after landfall! Therefore they are predicting major flooding well inland as well as near shore****

    TD-9 has become ISAAC and the predicted course is very bothersome! Florence remains on course to hit the East Coast. Now the prediction is a landfall Thursday!

    ********If FLORENCE continues its course and strength predictions, the East Coast is going to have a major disaster. Start your preparations immediately!! You will most certainly have landfall of a MAJOR HURRICANE sometime Wednesday!! Please don't procrastinate!! Due to the wet year, inland areas wont be spared major issues due to flooding****** Luckily it appears Storm Helene will possibly stay off shore. On the other hand, TD9 has a track prediction that concerns me! Due West track for an extended period of time and at low latitudes!!


    I updated the site and added info on FLORENCE. Now it appears as if Florence will impact the East Coast in some way! As FLORENCE approaches I will add additional maps and radar loops for the areas affected! And don't forget the two areas that emerged off the African Coast. They have a high probability of development into hurricanes and are traveling at lower latitudes. Those lower latitudes and the present steering currents are a concern for the South East.

    And hello to Storm GORDON...And I updated the site with additional radar loops for the Gulf Coast all the way up and across to Texas.

    Troy I have been looking at properties all around your area. A couple of them would have a deposit on them if it was closer to June and my house here had a buyer. As for the site, I will continue as long as the MBG forum exists. And speaking of site, as previously indicated a wave just started coming off Africa that they are predicting to develop and travel more westerly!

    Just watching the Weather Channel...They are predicting two storms to emerge off of Africa soon after this initial storm swerves North harmlessly into the Atlantic...Their concern is that a High may build during the same period of time and cause the following storms to track West towards the states. Justfish I fully understand the PTSD...After 38 years (And counting) on the job as a first responder I have been involved with several storms to include Andrew...I Retire June 2019 and would have preferred to be a Civilian for the next storm!!!

    Looks like things are starting to heat up. And they are concerned this nearby tropical wave may end up in the Gulf and possibly develop into something!
  13. Red tide

    Fantastic!!! Looking forward to more reports!! On other sites I have seen nothing but photos of dead fish and how everything is dead! They are also reporting extremely dirty water and no fish or bait. These reporst are thus far the exact opposite! Bubba
  14. Red tide

    Thanks to both of you! I am hesitating pulling the trigger on the house due to the cost and concern for the water quality. Dcathy, I will be awaiting your report.
  15. Red tide

    I would love to get some first hand reports of the water from Stump Pass South to the outside of Cayo Costa! My family and I rent a beach place on Don Pedro nearly every year for the past 15 years. I scratch up money all year to rent this place! Weekdays on the outside of Cayo Costa is one of my families favorite activities. We are in or on the water with the Pathfinder every day. I will cancel this years trip if the water is bad.Thanks in advance! Bubba