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  1. Minn Kota 112V Riptide Trolling Motor

    Hand Remote located Crystal River FL
  2. Very good condition taken off 2014 HPS $500.00 If interested text 352.514.8961 & I will text picture Hal
  3. Boat hauling

    Destination Bound Merritt Island Fl 321.453.0205 or 321.403.1081 ask for Pete They hauled my HPS on a trailer from to here in Fl. top shelf folks
  4. Pathfinder T Top for sale price drop

    yes it is
  5. Atlas Jack Plate ?

    yes it is
  6. Atlas Jack Plate ?

    Test light shows power to switch replacing switch, ordered Friday
  7. Atlas Jack Plate ?

    thanks gambler. How i missed this basic test is beyond me sometimes I make things way to difficult.
  8. Atlas Jack Plate ?

    Have a 2300 HPS while running shallow I raised the jack plate all the way to top & did not know I had topped out. Now will not lower using the blinker switch. I checked side circuit breaker was not activated or thrown. Next went in console & jumped the green wire to hot after the blinker switch & lowered jack plate down to 3"s. So i know the motor & solenoid are good is there a fuse between breaker & blinker switch that i am missing or could i have blown the blinker switch how can I test switch if there is not a inline fuse? Thanks for your help. Someday
  9. Pathfinder T Top for sale price drop

    back mounts on console 27"s front mount to floor 33" centered
  10. Pathfinder T Top for sale price drop

    Price adjusted $1250.00
  11. Pathfinder T Top for sale price drop

    It's getting hot out there fellows someone can get a great deal for some shade! hal
  12. Have a factory installed T Top for sale. Came off a 2014 2300 HPS & will fit 2012 model years to present 22' &24' TRS, 22TE, 23' HPS models. Powder Coated white Excellent condition I cannot show pictures if you have an interest text or call me at 352.514.8961 $1500.00 Hal
  13. Yamaha F150

    So after reading this thread I had the balancer checked on my 2004 F150 with 475 hours. I have experienced the "whine" almost since the boat was new. At the time we were told it was a belt whine not to worry. Long story short the gear was worn out, particles all through the oil,along with corrosion in the oil pan, labor & parts totaled $2900.00. Thank you for posting or I would be adding a new motor on the pathfinder. My issue is why does Yamaha not announce a known problem to the public as a preemptive measure rather letting us kill our motors & become unhappy Yamaha owners. I suggest anyone with the 04-05 F150 get it checked. Someday Came
  14. STEFI UPDATE 8-1-16

    my prayers go out to you & your family. God Bless you all Hal