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  1. Just picked up a PF 2200 Plain Jane

    Haha ... Here we go... That is correct. Lots of info on it here:
  2. Just picked up a PF 2200 Plain Jane

    Yeah, the SHO flash brings it up to 332.
  3. Just picked up a PF 2200 Plain Jane

    and a 332 decal for the cowl. Nice boat.
  4. Help with Yamaha Fuel Gauge

    Also, I recall that the Yamaha digital fuel gauge has a built in delay, something like 12 seconds. So you wont see the gauge move instantly. Making tracking down the short difficult.
  5. Help with Yamaha Fuel Gauge

    Mine was acting similar. turned out to be a bad ground connection. Sender was fine. Try the typical wire testing scenarios before buying a sender that isn't bad. Electrical issues are always fun - beer required.
  6. 1999 Hewes bonefisher baitwell considerations

    How about rigging up a large removable oval baitwell in front of the console. Cheaper than chopping up the rear deck, and she wouldn't squat as bad. If you have the room its something to consider.
  7. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    this just showed up...
  8. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    I don't think the Mirage, HP or Mirage II have a livewell suitable for the whitebait and chumming you mentioned. they typically have small crustation wells without pumps. Sure you can modify them but they are still rather small compared to typical livewells.
  9. 1999 Maverick HP - $11K - Orlando

    HP is a smaller cap boat at 16.5 vs the 17.2 Mirage II. Hull is similar, and could be lighter if its a Kevlar one. HP has recessed trim tabs. HP has a symmetrical rear deck layout, with center and larger livewell, not plumbed if I recall. HP has unusual drain holes drilled in the hatch gutters. (Mirage II has the gunnel grab rails for easy ID)
  10. 2000 21' MA w/ 225 ox66, opinions?!

    You have listed all good things to look at. 21s are cool for sure, just check the areas that you mentioned. Spend some time on the sea trial. Cruise around, idle around, livewell running, check the bilge, try the tabs, smell for gas... checking for excess water in the bilge (pump kicking on when getting on plane? Could be the live well overflowing or a simple plumbing leak or ...) Check the sea chest area (next to the starboard trim tab) Check the gear oil after the sea trial That's a great motor for the 21.
  11. Mirage 2

    id say 9-10" and yes its a easy boat to pole. Its a tippy skiff too.
  12. 1999 Maverick HP - $11K - Orlando

    Nice boat. Nice price. Should sell easy. (I may be wrong, but this looks like a Mirage HP, not a Mirage II)
  13. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    Looks great. Love a clean bilge.
  14. Leak from livewell to bilge found

    Why not just fix the livewell leak? It should have a proper fitting. A few inches lower water in the well is nice, but with running and sloshing around ... it will still leak into the bilge.