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  1. Nice boat. Nice price. Should sell easy. (I may be wrong, but this looks like a Mirage HP, not a Mirage II)
  2. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    Looks great. Love a clean bilge.
  3. Leak from livewell to bilge found

    Why not just fix the livewell leak? It should have a proper fitting. A few inches lower water in the well is nice, but with running and sloshing around ... it will still leak into the bilge.
  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice! I did the same thing to my swiss cheese console, filled the holes w/5200 and covered with sea deck.
  5. 18 MA Refurb

    Did they do anything to the spider cracks or just spray over them?
  6. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    Why not just replace everything after the strainer with a 3/4" rule 800? Looks like the strainer is female, and you have a adapter in between...maybe just remove that, and screw in the new stuff... good luck.
  7. price dropped to $200 shipped.
  8. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    check out the new style Rule 800 http://www.fondriest.com/pdf/rule_401fc_manual.pdf
  9. Losing depth reading

    Same thing here. Not sure if this will help... while running at cruise, try changing the transducer frequencies. You will see some work considerably better than others keeping a bottom reading at speed. Not perfect like at idle, but acceptable for cruise. it seems to be a finicky ducer here too. Good luck.
  10. Trim Tab Replacement

    Just went thru the exact same problem. No access to the backside of the upper actuator mounts. You could attach to the existing wire and push/pull it back into the bilge. Soap helps if tight on the wire like mine was. should be easy. Or do as I did, and cut access holes to get to the area. I wanted to thru-bolt the upper mounts so I had no choice. Its a 3 beer project. (1 to think about it, 1 to actually do it, and 1 to admire your work)
  11. 15.25 x 21 3 blade.
  12. Porpoising Redfisher

    OFX is a big 15.25" diameter prop, maybe try a 16 or 17...
  13. Fuel Sending unit / Anti Siphon Valve

    Try both tightening and loosening... back and forth...usually helps get it going
  14. Prop was too big for the last guys setup, so it's available again... $225 Shipped to your door.
  15. inspection hatch

    Understood. The ones on page 6 are removable.