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  1. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    Here on this site... under Pathfinder http://www.mbggear.com/product/replacement-livewell-pick-up-grate-for-pathfinder-sea-chests/ I heard the screw holes may not line up...no biggie.
  2. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    I think you meant Starboard. Mine is up about 2 feet from the transom and right on a trailer bunk. I have a new stainless cheese grater waiting to put on it if I ever remember to do it.
  3. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    Super Nice!! My early 04 is rated at 225. later 04's were at 250. Curious, where is the sea chest on a 03? is it the newer design away from the tab?
  4. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    I bet it doesn't porpoise with the tabs down a little bit...all the time. I need to retract mine all the way for the trailer bunks, and I like to wheelie on the pad at 60... ha
  5. LSS2 Transducer Placement

    this may help, its a similar hull and transducer. I put it in the pocket low and it works fine on plane. You could mount it higher to protect it, but it wont read above a fast idle.
  6. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    If the starboard side tab is lower on the hull due to the wedge, then on plane it will lift that side / You mention the boat usually needs starboard down for level (which is accomplished using the port tab -- by pressing right side switch) Makes sense to remove the wedge to level her. Hope that helps.
  7. ISO windshield 21 MA

    Ooooh that looks good. I'd like to find a low rider - half height one.
  8. Mavrick 21 Differences in age

    Dang, yours is newer. (no change in the hulls, just an updated rating)
  9. Mavrick 21 Differences in age

    That's the most important change. The design with the sea chest right next to the trim tab proved to be a weak spot on some well used boats. My 04 is rated at 225.
  10. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    asking too much? I don't need it and its a great prop...price drop to $250
  11. 1992 Maverick MA 18.5'

    http://www.mbcboats.com/omanuals/18MC.pdf http://www.mbgforum.com/brochures/maverick/1994-present_as_of_2007_18'5_Master_Angler.pdf These might help a bit...
  12. Questioning my setup.

    I know this is an old post, but that motor should be turning at least 5500. 4800 is within spec, but that's just too low for a good running boat. Drop the pitch down. performance will improve across the board. let us know how it goes.
  13. Steering Cable REPLACE

    Ive done a few boats that were a pain. We used a motor hoist and unbolted it(only loosening the lower sliding bolts) from the transom to align the cable, keeping it fully rigged up. Made it a little easier.
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    I've been doing way too much 'Driveway Boating' lately is the main reason its clean. I just clean it up with some soap and bleach... and when not in use, leave it open so It breaths. Even when its under the cover, I turn the stainless latches and then close the lids so it keeps them open about a 1/2 inch... I think it helps prevent mold.