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  1. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    Can do. I recall somewhere around $25.
  2. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    deal fell thru bump.
  3. ARS in 56 feet

  4. Cheese grater

    the little scoops face up into the chest making the bottom smooth - and the large holes go to stern. The thread below shows a nice pic and the side with the film on it is the outside.
  5. Any pictures of 21ft MA with push pole on deck

  6. 01 maverick ma 21 livewell issues

    do they flow better when on plane? (make sure the sea cocks are all the way open)
  7. 21' Maverick Poling Platform

    I think they look sleeker without it, but that's cause mine doesn't have one, but I do miss the altitude at times. It also serves as a nice seat/beer holder(and as a stabilizer when getting rid of the beer).
  8. ha. beat me by 15 seconds...
  9. look into Line-X too. Now that's some tough stuff.

    Resale value goes to the HB, enough so it justifies paying more for it upfront. Both are nice boats, but one is nicer than the other
  11. Fuel Delivery Issue

    Check the fuel lines. Over time especially with the use of Ethanol they can deteriorate. Swab them with something to inspect. I had some black slime on the inside of the fuel line between the water separator and the plug on the outboard.

    I use weed wacker line, secure it to the transducer plug with some duct tape making a tapered cone shape, trying not to increase the diameter. lube it all up with soapy water as mentioned above. Being able to have hands on both ends to push&pull it back and forth helps work the plug forward. once you see the duct tape start to enter the console rigging tube, grab it and gently move the shift/throttle cables about while the pulling on the tape... always good for a banged up knuckle or 2. sorry no RF18 specific info, but they are all about the same... GL
  13. Was just wondering what they are used for ?

    Toe rails don't work when its blowin 15. Once the flyline starts to go over the side, it pulls the rest with it. Just pole directly into the wind, sneak up on em... and you'll be fine with your flyline in the water, but it will be wrapped around the throttle and steering wheel...ha
  14. Mercury Outboards

    Winner in the 175class, but in the 200&225 class, the SHO's is bigger at 4.2L, and that's a lot of displacement for only 30 more pounds. I like that its a 4v (vs the xspros115 2v) and has some nice new features as mentioned. Looks like a real nice motor, and it'll be available if you need one... I was told the white paint will cost $1300 more.