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    Resale value goes to the HB, enough so it justifies paying more for it upfront. Both are nice boats, but one is nicer than the other
  2. Fuel Delivery Issue

    Check the fuel lines. Over time especially with the use of Ethanol they can deteriorate. Swab them with something to inspect. I had some black slime on the inside of the fuel line between the bilge water separator and the plug on the outboard.

    I use weed wacker line, secure it to the transducer plug with some duct tape making a tapered cone shape, trying not to increase the diameter. lube it all up with soapy water as mentioned above. Being able to have hands on both ends to push&pull it back and forth helps work the plug forward. once you see the duct tape start to enter the console rigging tube, grab it and gently move the shift/throttle cables about while the pulling on the tape... always good for a banged up knuckle or 2. sorry no RF18 specific info, but they are all about the same... GL
  4. Was just wondering what they are used for ?

    Toe rails don't work when its blowin 15. Once the flyline starts to go over the side, it pulls the rest with it. Just pole directly into the wind, sneak up on em... and you'll be fine with your flyline in the water, but it will be wrapped around the throttle and steering wheel...ha
  5. Mercury Outboards

    Winner in the 175class, but in the 200&225 class, the SHO's is bigger at 4.2L, and that's a lot of displacement for only 30 more pounds. I like that its a 4v (vs the xspros115 2v) and has some nice new features as mentioned. Looks like a real nice motor, and it'll be available if you need one... I was told the white paint will cost $1300 more.
  6. Yamaha to Simrad cable

    All you need is the Yamaha cable from the outboard to the backbone, and another cable from the backbone to the Simrad. 100 bucks sounds about right. I don't think you need that black box.
  7. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    I love the Blue! Looks great.
  8. To Cover or Not?

    After your done 'driveway boating' - staring at it while drinking a beer and sitting on your lawnmower, drooling... take 5 minutes and cover the boat. It stays so much cleaner and the sun wont destroy it. I twist the latches 180 so the hatches stay open a little bit for air circulation (tennis balls works better...if your dog doesn't see you). PS - Nice boat!
  9. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    Towards the end of the day when it shows low, what are the volts when running on plane? does it still show low ? if so the outboards charging system isn't working correctly.
  10. Mirage HPX 17 Bilge Pumping Question

    Now that is one strange setup pumping the tub into the livewell, I too would like to hear what its for (maybe some kind of recirculating system - or even wackier, maybe the bilge hose that is disconnected went into the tub, then the tub pump moves the water up to the livewell where it drains, but that's just ridiculous) I do know that you need to get the bilge pump functioning in auto and manual mode, out the thru hull, above the waterline... safety first. I see a lot of extra connections coming off that pump, what looks like a pair of one way valves or something. I'd loose all that stuff, and run a new hose from the pump to the thru hull fitting. Maybe even rig that tub pump as a backup. nice to have 2. Lets see some pics when your done.
  11. Porpoising and corner blowout

    The OFX 4 blade fixed my porpoising issues on basically the same hull - 21 Mav. Also no cornering blowout.
  12. New or Aftermarket Trim Motor

    Did a Yamaha 90 2smoke recently. Bought the aftermarket Arco. Its good quality, quieter and maybe a bit faster. BUT definitely paint it. I scuffed it up with scotch pad, wiped with acetone, and put several coats of Appliance Epoxy spray paint on it. Paint right over the 2 bolts on the top of the motor. Appliance Epoxy is cheap and easy to spray, with super hard finish... great stuff. Zero sighs of rust when I sold it a year+ later. A friend did the same Arco, no paint on his, and surface rust started in a few months. PS - It was an easy job on the 90. Don't have to remove the motor. There's a few youtube videos showing how to do it by just loosening the bracket - pivot out the trim assembly ever so slightly - just enough to get to that bolt in the back corner of the rusted trim motor... super easy. Tip when putting the new motor on, put the bolt in the hole on the motor with your 6" extension attached... and lower it down as one. much easier than trying to put that bolt in after its in place.
  13. MA21 Prop Choice

    yup, I think 5800 ish is fine...being this is a BIG boat that may get loaded down on occasion. You don't have to run it up there everyday, but it just performs better through the rest of the range. If it runs square, that's right on w 225 HPDI. If you prop for 5000, then you would be putting a higher pitch prop on, and the fun just goes out of the boat... no holeshot, laggy response, no load ability and not good for carbon buildup...but possibly a little faster. Get your hands on an OFX 4 20p and give it a try. These hulls like stern lift and a 3 blade just doesn't have enough. Maybe Capt Troy will reply...he's tried plenty of props on this hull.
  14. I just want to fold over and tuck in that frayed sleeve above...
  15. MA21 Prop Choice

    Correct. I couldn't imagine propping for 4500 or 5000... the holeshot /load carrying ability/responsiveness would all suffer. I don't run over 5500 often, but it will do it. I do have to trim it and rooster to get to 5800/5900 but it doesn't loose bite with the big OFX...and at that point tabs are needed a bit, so its all just for show not go...