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  1. Trim Tab Replacement

    Just replaced both actuators on my rf18. My wire runs from transom to bilge were the easy part. When I stripped back the wires to connect the new actuators, I realized that the original power wires were corroded. I wound up ordering a 4x16g cable and ran from lenco box in console to bilge. That was not fun. Skipped the beer and went straight to Crown and coke.
  2. Hatch Repair Redfi

  3. Hatch Repair Redfi

    My 1997 Redfisher 18 needs some fiberglass work. The stb aft hatch has delaminated and is rubbing due the expansion. I think I need to scrape out and Dremel the material seen between the outer and inner skins. Is this correct? What do I use to fill it back in? Thoughts? __________________
  4. Bring back the Lappy

  5. Thanks. On eBay,tht,cl too.
  6. Replacing fuel tank

    I put in a 19g Moeller as I did not want to cut the deck and did not want AL again.
  7. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    Great project. Looks awesome. I had a 77 Berg 18 for years. Loved it. Heavy for a skiff but handled the chop great. I had a Johnson gt150 with a bobs jack plate and shallow water pickup.
  8. Repower Recommendation for Lappy

    I have a recent thread on here for same topic. I went with VF115 SHO. Same weight as prior 130 2 stroke and runs stronger.
  9. Price dropped. $385 shipped!
  10. Price drop. Now $275 shipped!
  11. 18 RF Lappy Repower or Rebuild/ Video of SHO added

    Sorry I missed this. Rocket trailers is great. AL frame w all ss hardware, torsion axels, LEDs, radials etc factory direct for way less. Great customer service. Hewes is on a lift so I don't know total length. Sorry.
  12. Merc props are respected as being the best.