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    Reel Maintenance

    ARdent reel butter.... went with it as its synthetic and avaliable in lots of places

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    Cool thanks....

    Reel Maintenance

    Another thing... shimano doesnt recommend pouring water directly on the reel... they rec using a wet rag to wipe it down. Theory is even light pressure water will push contaminants and even water into the reel / components. Since Ive started doing this Ive found that the reels that I was having issues with has decreased alot.

    Reel Maintenance

    No It doesnt.... loosening the drag was from back when the drag washers were cork, leather or other non synthetic material. Your not going to hurt carbon fiber drag washers used today, that said no harm in backing them off, except when you forget to put it back to its proper setting on the next outing and you loose a fish cause the drag slipped so much you didnt stick the hook. Only time I back mine off is on the reels where its literally cranked as tight as itll go

    Spot or EPIRB?

    Both would probably be the way to go. There is no monthly fee or charge for the epirb correct?

    Spot or EPIRB?

    I need to get something and I keep putting it off. I have zero exp with either so looking for input from you guys, whatd you go with and why?

    Reel Maintenance

    For the most part I let each reel dictate how often and it depends on the reel type most spinners are pretty immune from getting water inside conventionals are most susceptible usually. My Higher end conventionals (Trinidad / Tranx 500) never need a full tear down because they are so well protected from water intrusion so every 3rd or 4th year I take them down and replace the grease. A smaller tranx I have requires a tear down once a year due to water getting in around the pinion bearing. On my spinners I oil all the pivot points almost every trip... like the bail, roller bearing etc... I never go inside my spinners unless there are some symptoms of a problem

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    Does it exist... cant find one?

    22 tourny model who has one?


    22 tourny model who has one?

    Thanks guys. Brune does it appear the the rod lockers in your boat extend back to the same spot (relative to the console) as the one in the photo? If its not to much trouble the next time you put the cooler there could you get a pic?

    22 tourny model who has one?

    Illustrated them in the photo.... anchor locker needs to be the same as one in the photo for the "A" measurement to be the same as the new boats, not sure when they started those. What im trying to figure out what is the longest cooler I can put forward of the console length wise (coffin box style) and if that is not large enough for what I normally run (120qt) I wonder if itll fit crossways. Thanks for your help

    22 tourny model who has one?

    Late model one that is with the new style anchor locker area? Im needing a measurement or 2 if anyone would care to help

    speaking of braid-how about favorite knots

    FG is all I use.... but it s a necessity for most of the fishing I do, Ive tried pretty much all of them and they've let me down except for the FG. Now the fish Id have lost using other knots end u in the boat and I straighten hooks when snagged on bottom and get my rig or lure back. Most fisherman dont need much for a knot so any will do though nothing is thinner that the FG so it has an advantage for being able to reel the connection into the guides of course. Not that hard to tie either learn the right way and use the right tools, it can be tied readily on the boat

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    Thanks for the input guys. Braking was / is a major concern for me.... having owned and 3/4 ton 7.3 for 22 years that was the main difference I noticed when towing the 20 with this F150, but this trailer has no brakes and the next would so figured that would pretty well take care of that issue. Im a slow driver anyhow even when not towing I rarely run more than 5 over the posted limit and am even more careful when towing my boat... my worst nightmare is to crash it on the road.

    Cast Net Bag

    The bags compression bags as already said.... I post it on here some years back. Im not aware of any waterproof bag with a hard bottom. As to the smell... if you dont rinse and dry your nets like I do after use itll be pretty rank
  16. Plan to upgrade soon from the 20 to a 24 or 25. Currently have a Ford F150, 302 V8 , HD rear axle with 3.73 ratio..... wondering if a truck upgrade is neccessary to tow the larger sled. Would love to go to a 3/4 ton but the larger pathys arent cheap and it may come down to keeping the 1/2 ton to make it more fiscally responsible to get the larger boat. Id be towing it several times a week for 60-80 miles a round trip. So anyone have close estimate how much a 25 weighs with batts, fuel, acc's etc on the trailer? Those whove are or have done towed largish boats with 1/2 tons please provide input on your thoughts doing so.

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    Sounds like BS to me... my anchor is in the same spot


    I have no issue seeing my HDS gen 3, 9" in direct sunlight and have heard the EVO is the same..... EVO screen has a mirror shine to it though whereas the HDS has a matte finish.... I always figured the EVO would reflect sunlight worse. All units beyond the HDS carbon have the new tech screen that can be viewed with polarized glasses better and are brighter as well


    Simrad beats lowrance if you want high power ducer and want to run AP or radar and other goodies for offshore. So if that doesnt apply to you Id rec you get in the store and play with each.... personally i like the HDS interface way better than the EVO. The main thing I like about the HDS is the abililty to sow any readout (depth speed temp etc) on any screen and in the exact location you want

    Bait well LED light

    Yeah its on its own switch. Your idea to run it with the pump is appealing though... i didnt think of that and the wiring for the switch already labeled for the livewell light was already there so it was an easy install

    Bait well LED light

    I put in a Lumitec newt (white) super small, inexpensive and a great light. I run to different size stand pipes depending on how much or what type bait im carrying, one full size and the other about 1/2. I mounted it so with the half pipe it is under water which puts it right about half way up the well which was about as high as i could get it anyway with the way my hull / well is constructed. Id prefer to have it all the way at the very top of the well so there would be almost no chance youd be able to look directly at the light.

    New Axles

    Im going to upgrade to the vortex soon... if for no other reason the cap is screw on / off.... yay!!!! CAnt believe someone didnt think of this sooner

    Mixed Bag

    I wanna be like you when I grow up Don.... nice fish!

    How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    Dale.... your doing it wrong.... take it to a shop tell them what to do, write check thank me later lol

    Mullet run madness

    Thanks guys
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