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    I have no issue seeing my HDS gen 3, 9" in direct sunlight and have heard the EVO is the same..... EVO screen has a mirror shine to it though whereas the HDS has a matte finish.... I always figured the EVO would reflect sunlight worse. All units beyond the HDS carbon have the new tech screen that can be viewed with polarized glasses better and are brighter as well


    Simrad beats lowrance if you want high power ducer and want to run AP or radar and other goodies for offshore. So if that doesnt apply to you Id rec you get in the store and play with each.... personally i like the HDS interface way better than the EVO. The main thing I like about the HDS is the abililty to sow any readout (depth speed temp etc) on any screen and in the exact location you want

    Bait well LED light

    Yeah its on its own switch. Your idea to run it with the pump is appealing though... i didnt think of that and the wiring for the switch already labeled for the livewell light was already there so it was an easy install

    Bait well LED light

    I put in a Lumitec newt (white) super small, inexpensive and a great light. I run to different size stand pipes depending on how much or what type bait im carrying, one full size and the other about 1/2. I mounted it so with the half pipe it is under water which puts it right about half way up the well which was about as high as i could get it anyway with the way my hull / well is constructed. Id prefer to have it all the way at the very top of the well so there would be almost no chance youd be able to look directly at the light.

    New Axles

    Im going to upgrade to the vortex soon... if for no other reason the cap is screw on / off.... yay!!!! CAnt believe someone didnt think of this sooner

    Mixed Bag

    I wanna be like you when I grow up Don.... nice fish!

    How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    Dale.... your doing it wrong.... take it to a shop tell them what to do, write check thank me later lol

    Mullet run madness

    Thanks guys

    Mullet run madness

    It started last week of september and is getting better every day... almost too good. This past Thurs night / Fri morning there was an insane amount of mullet pushing... ive never seen so many. Picked up a nice bonus Gag last week so I hope they keep coming. The Tarpon and snook are going absolutely nuts... it literally looks like fish Armageddon some nights, exciting for sure. Lots of slots, overslots, shorts being caught as well as alot of near misses and those that are able to spit it before getting to the net. These are highlight pics of my last 5 trips

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000SW or 5000

    Cancel... found one
  11. Anyone got one they want to part with? hit me up if you do

    2600 TRS MFD Size

    Well hold on a minute... I think the TRS has a larger console so hopefully someone can chime in so you know for sure

    2600 TRS MFD Size

    Dont have the answer to your exact question but I asked someone in the know awhile back if itd fit a 16" and the answer was no... so I doubt there is room for 2 12's
  14. Some may have seen my thread on where to get the OEM SS cable replacements as I had one break. While that Q was answered there were a few other suggestions for alternatives So I was going to order the cables and took the other off to measure it and noted the rust and crud on it and noted it was about to break as well. Im normally not a cheap a** when it comes to the pathy but I just wasnt willing to pay what they wanted for something that was going to corrode and sure to break. I tried the parachute cord and it worked ok but had to shorten the length to account for the stretch once it took the weight of the lid. Wanted something without stretch and thought the mono Idea might work as it was suggested by JohnD but wasnt sure about the crimp on ends. I got to looking around and had some 10-12 ga wire ring terminals that were pretty HD. Found some 500lb mono at a local shop that easily fit into the ring term. So I melted the ends to mushroom it for insurance and crimped them on.... wouldnt you know they work perfectly zero stretch and will never rust! Another huge benefit to me was being able to make them to the length I wanted as I didnt care for how far the OEM cables had them open. Made mine to 12.125" CTC opening of the ring terminals.

    Rough Going

    yeah this rough spell *** im off this week and cant even get offshore aghhhhh! I was in FTP last night and there was a good push of mullet on the change of the tide late in the night maybe this is the start