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  1. 22te switch panel

    Yeah... boy I screwed that one up Sorry Bob
  2. 22te switch panel

    Bob at Shallow water customs could do you one. Another option is to have a sign shop do a wrap which will make it look line new and you can also label them anything you want as well, I did it on my last hewes... other than renaming some switches it was an exact replica of OEM heres a pic
  3. 2000v Trolling Motor?

    Ill 2nd bamas comment on shaft length. As to voltage if you are going to be anchoring in heavy current for extended periods go 36v. As to brand none are perfect, I went with xi5 cause I personally know several who have had MK's have had the electronics crap out and ruin trips on several occasions, and once a friend had one turn on by itself full blast and nearly knocked an elderly client to the floor of the boat... these were the "new" upgraded model that was supposed to have those issues corrected. Xi5's are prone to get corrosion in the elec connections as they didnt think that out to well but I put mine thru the ringer offshore taking waves over the bow and washing right over it and have yet to have failure to operate.... this is over about 3 years of running one. A little PM greasing connections is warranted and periodic checks to ensure they are healthy as well. The main issue motorguide has had for years is the powder coat bubbling up from corrosion on the metal underneath on the motor and transmission. Frankly im ticked about that and have had more than one "when are you going to solve this issue" phone call with them. I had the same issue with previous hand controlled SW models over the years as well. I fish so much and depend on it so much I got another so if one needs repair Ive got the other to use.
  4. Anyone dealt with Tweeters rusting?

  5. I have JL MX 650's and the tweeters are getting pretty rusty, seems its a known issue on JL according to the www and they even sell a replacement tweeter / grille assly for about half the cost of buying a new pair ($80.00 ea). So im trying to figure out which direction to go here buy new speakers same mdl, just replace the tweeters and grill or go with another brand all together and buy another pair. Rumor on the web is that wet sounds almost never have this issue and are a good speaker. Anyone dealt with this or can rec a good speaker?
  6. Transducer location LSS2

    Good to know thanks. Yeah I cant use overlay on my setup either
  7. Transducer location LSS2

    I think anywhere its mounted where its in the water when on plane could result in the same damage due to striking something. Maybe a little less risk as it may tip up alleviating some of the impact... maybe. I for one wanted to mount mine to the bottom of the hull like that but couldnt find anyone with it set up that way to verify how it performed there... sooo how did it read there? Did the keel block any of the beam on the port side? On my current setup mounted so its in the water on plane I can get clear enough readings to see structure while running on plane around cruising speed and that has found me some good bottom spots for snapper. The down side to wher emine is mounted is the OB blocks some of the bean on the port side with the motoe all the way down, but this is only a factor when in 25' or less. It would be nice to not have to trim up the OB in shallow if mounting directly to the bottom eliminates that. I got to think odds are pretty low of taking a hit directly to the transducer like that unless running in a body of water with alot of hazards.
  8. Delray Peacocks.

    Beats what I was doing today.. very cool Don
  9. New or Aftermarket Trim Motor

    I had this same dilemma on the last boat i had.... went with and aftermarket and it worked fine, the only con was the paint wasnt quite as good as OEM so keeping it rinsed and wiped down with a protectant was prudent
  10. Cobia Recipe

    Love me some cobia... fav recipe is Cobe parmesan. Lightly coat with butter, dust with seasoning and grill it.... mix mayo, grated parmesan cheese (40/60 mix), Tobasco (to taste) and diced green onions in a bowl, after fish is done on the grill, coat top of filets and pop it in the oven on broil till topping is golden brown
  11. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    Great vid Skip
  12. Lexa HD 400 HS-P, 10 outta 10 on cosmetics and function no scratches or boat rash and works just like it was new. Really impressed with the reel, overall its very smooth & great freespool, it also doesn't require being pulled apart every few months to keep it running like new. I'm a Shimano guy so when the smaller tranx came out it replaced this reel, $150 box and paperwork included Shimano 6'9" Terez mdl TZS-69MH-BLK fast action medium heavy rated for 40-80lb braid. 10 outta 10 for function 8 outta 10 on cosmetics... the 8 rating is due to the epoxy around the guide feet turning slightly opaque and minor rust staining on the guide feet under the edges of epoxy which can be seen in the pic of the guide. The Terez rods are kinda known for these issues and not very noticeable but are there none the less. Rod performs great and used for livebaiting, throwing jigs etc. $110
  13. Running two finders/transducers??

    Pretty sure the answer is gonna be yes if both ducers are running at the same time
  14. Lowrance HDS 9 Gen3-Who's running?

    Ive got one Dino, running an air mar B150m, LSS2 and a point 1 heading sensor. I looked hard at Simrad and extensively used displays in stores on both units making my decision. For me there were 2 main reasons I went with Lowrance: 1- was very concerned about how glossy the simrad screen was.. seemed this would cause glare a lot more than the matt finish on the HDS 2- Simrad limits you on where info is displayed on screen ie depth, temp, position, heading etc. Theres an info bar on the right side of the screen that contains all the info and its quite large which takes up a lot of screen real estate which is already at a premium especially if youll be split screening a lot. You can not change its size but you can turn it off and have zero info displayed which *** in my opinon. The HDS you can overlay individual data anywhere on any screen, choose from 4 different sizes and whether its outlined with a small box. ITs so easy to do and is similar to dragging app icons on a cell phone and placing them where you want. I also prefer the looks and design of the HDS over Simrad... the Simrads appear to be delicate and have a lot more "case" surrounding the screen causing to have larger dimensions than the HDS. The Simrad does have a bit more power and is a little more capable in the offshore arena with acc such as radar, auto pilot and also has available BSM's capable of running several transducers with up to 3 separate CHIRP frequencies. So unless you are going to be hardcore offshore especially in deep waters <200' most of these features are moot. The HDS has done excellent for me from 500' offshore to inshore around the inlet or bridges. I highly recommend getting a heading sensor regardless of which one you go with, best thing since sliced bread if you ask me. Ive got plenty of screen shots if you need to see how it performs
  15. PLB or EPIRB

    I think the one I can keep on me is what ill go with