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  1. Complete Bilge Move - Battery, Powerpole pumps, etc.

    I dread that type of work though when done there is no greater satisfaction... looking good Dino
  2. PLB or EPIRB

    Curious to hear opinons as well.... I'm about to get one (leaning toward EPIRB) but still a bit undecided
  3. Just noticed a few changes to the 2018's

    Yeah put up some pics... heck put some up of your whole setup... not much info out there on these new boats it seems and at least I'm curious who it looks set up
  4. Monday Night

    Well good on you for getting out and trying. Yeah its been slow outta FTP too... I haven't caught anything bigger than 26" since Sept 1st, not sure whats going on... maybe the fish haven't moved in from the beach / offshore but I figured they would have as rough as its been
  5. Help selecting new gps/fishfinder

    ^I'm with this guy.... love how you can change things with lowrance.. namely you can pick what readouts you want on the screen and where and how big they are etc. Not discounting what Wanna said on sim and Raymarine they are great units... exceptional if are going to run radar, Broadband sounder modules etc... but don't think you need none of that chasing reds where you are fishing, and no for you wouldn't go with structure scan. Installed it yet??? Interested to hear your results with it, just played with one the other day on display and it was very responsive and I kinda liked some things about it
  6. Just noticed a few changes to the 2018's

    Aww man are you kidding me? Sounds like the old drainage system.... the new system I was looking forward to having when I upgrade, unless there is some sort of issue that caused them to change? Brock- theres a SS assly mounted to the top edge of the seat that has a lil rod that slides... on the side of the boat theres a SS bracket with a hole in it so you close the seat and slide the rod over to engage the bracket
  7. Seastar Maintenance

    Great info thx for posting FLDXT
  8. Stopped in a pathy dealer today... to my suprise theyve changed the console in the 22 & 24 (didnt see a 23' there) to the same one as in the 25 hybrid. Also they came up with a better latch system to keep the rear seats from popping up when running / trailering. The console is definately intriguing... set up perfect to flush mount elecs and access to work in there is awesome. Not sure of thats the only changes but it was the only ones I noticed.
  9. Seastar Maintenance

    Was just going to research flushing out the old fluid and replacing with new... Every now and then I perform the bleed procedure cause the steering starts getting a lil hinky and the fluid that comes out is getting increasingly darker. To do the flush are you simply doing the same thing as the bleed procedure just letting a lot more fluid out taking new in to complete the exchange? Also I'm pretty sure FLDXT rebuilt his and Teleflex or someone told him to use atf to clean out the insides good and flush it out then replace hyd fluid, maybe he'll chime in
  10. sea claw anchors?

    Depends on how deep youll be anchoring, current, type of bottom etc. I have a 20' PF and the sea claw 12#... had 6' of 5/16" chain on it (rigged breakaway) and had issues with it setting in 60-90' and once in 40' with a stiff wind and some swell threw 12' of 3/8" on it and it sticks no matter where I throw it. So if youll be in shallow soft bottom and lighter one will do otherwise get the 12# and chain it accordingly if needed for your situation
  11. Another Fish Story

    On them good Don... good deal
  12. Early Start

    Sounds like a great bite Don... Jupiter?
  13. MBG- Watch Us GROW again!

    This is great news, glad to hear.... I'm assuming this will go a long way to speeding up production
  14. Prop Chatter AGAIN

    Thatd definitely be worth checking.... its actually not hard to put on you just have to lift up on the drive shaft when seating the collar. As far as prop chatter... My F150 was pretty quite when I first bought it. When I pulled the prop for the 1st service I found the prop nut was finger tight, so when I re installed the nut I torqued it down pretty good. Next time out it sounded like the marble thing as you describe ectremely loud and annoying! So I loosened the nut and put it back finger tight... voila.... back to the way it was before... I have ran It this way for over 1200 hrs with no problems