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  1. Best level / angle for side scan transducer

    Simple and easy
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Thanks SCFD... I lost one the other night that got under a ledge but I typically dont see many where im fishing until closer to fall
  3. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Highlights from last nights trip, 24" mango, 24" & 27 Muttons
  4. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Some nice fish showing up in this thread. This is from today 15lb Bull .... had the cow hooked up too she was 5-10lb bigger but she spit the hook right as I was going to gaff
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    A couple noteworthy snappers from this week.... 31.5" Muton and 25" mango
  6. Looks great and functional too
  7. Trolling Motor question

    60" as already stated however if you will be using offshore chop / swell consider 72" they just made that option available recently (36v only)
  8. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Nice Drums Don bet that was fun on the buggy whip! Lol.... I smile sometimes
  9. Recommendations on wireless trolling motors

    Long time Xi5 user here, though Ive never owned a MK I have friends that do and Ive fished off their boats Id pick Xi5 hands down. 3 friends I know have had nothing but issues with the MK 1 recently switched to xi5 and he loves it. Mine has been bullet proof as far as operation... never died on me out on the water friends MK have several times. The one down fall to Xi5 is the powder coating bubbling and flaking off. Ive given them a piece of my mind several times though its covered under warranty not so much once it ends. There is good news on this as theyve been touting they have this issue solved and are using the same paint process on merc outboards so hope they got it fixed. As to the jog / heading compass deal Im not sure its using the heading part of the elec compass its probably the xtra accuracy that type of antenna gives possibly in conjuntion with another on the troller. Xi5 has 2 GPS's one in the mount and one in the head... already having a point 1 on my boat Id sure hate to have to mount another so to me thats a negative and BTW the GPS in Xi5 is the same as Rhodan which has been a proven system. As to the lack of remote screen I dont get the attraction no troller ive ever owned has had one and I dont see where its neccessary except for running routes it may be easier to visually pick which one you want to run. They dont require using thru the plotter and again I dont see the need for it but again running routes it might be nice.
  10. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Some recent trips
  11. 22te switch panel

    Yeah... boy I screwed that one up Sorry Bob
  12. 22te switch panel

    Bob at Shallow water customs could do you one. Another option is to have a sign shop do a wrap which will make it look line new and you can also label them anything you want as well, I did it on my last hewes... other than renaming some switches it was an exact replica of OEM heres a pic
  13. 2000v Trolling Motor?

    Ill 2nd bamas comment on shaft length. As to voltage if you are going to be anchoring in heavy current for extended periods go 36v. As to brand none are perfect, I went with xi5 cause I personally know several who have had MK's have had the electronics crap out and ruin trips on several occasions, and once a friend had one turn on by itself full blast and nearly knocked an elderly client to the floor of the boat... these were the "new" upgraded model that was supposed to have those issues corrected. Xi5's are prone to get corrosion in the elec connections as they didnt think that out to well but I put mine thru the ringer offshore taking waves over the bow and washing right over it and have yet to have failure to operate.... this is over about 3 years of running one. A little PM greasing connections is warranted and periodic checks to ensure they are healthy as well. The main issue motorguide has had for years is the powder coat bubbling up from corrosion on the metal underneath on the motor and transmission. Frankly im ticked about that and have had more than one "when are you going to solve this issue" phone call with them. I had the same issue with previous hand controlled SW models over the years as well. I fish so much and depend on it so much I got another so if one needs repair Ive got the other to use.
  14. Anyone dealt with Tweeters rusting?

  15. I have JL MX 650's and the tweeters are getting pretty rusty, seems its a known issue on JL according to the www and they even sell a replacement tweeter / grille assly for about half the cost of buying a new pair ($80.00 ea). So im trying to figure out which direction to go here buy new speakers same mdl, just replace the tweeters and grill or go with another brand all together and buy another pair. Rumor on the web is that wet sounds almost never have this issue and are a good speaker. Anyone dealt with this or can rec a good speaker?