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  1. Another Fish Story

    On them good Don... good deal
  2. Early Start

    Sounds like a great bite Don... Jupiter?
  3. MBG- Watch Us GROW again!

    This is great news, glad to hear.... I'm assuming this will go a long way to speeding up production
  4. Prop Chatter AGAIN

    Thatd definitely be worth checking.... its actually not hard to put on you just have to lift up on the drive shaft when seating the collar. As far as prop chatter... My F150 was pretty quite when I first bought it. When I pulled the prop for the 1st service I found the prop nut was finger tight, so when I re installed the nut I torqued it down pretty good. Next time out it sounded like the marble thing as you describe ectremely loud and annoying! So I loosened the nut and put it back finger tight... voila.... back to the way it was before... I have ran It this way for over 1200 hrs with no problems
  5. Leanpost issues....

    No issues with mine breaking off... have had the screws loosen and fall off. Other than that one side doesn't want to stay latched, I think the latches will work BUT they have to be aligned properly with the catch on the seat portion. There is no way to tell what needs to be moved or adjusted though cause you cant see how the 2 relate when the seat is closed.
  6. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    As a 2000v owner with an F150 and seeing one perform with a 115 absolutely no question get one with an F150. The only way I see anyone being happy with one with the 115 is only one person on board no water in livewell, less than 1/2 tank of fuel and light gear load. Its not about the speed the 150 will bring its the xtra power to push... I was shocked at the perf difference running my boat with an empty livewell vs a full one.
  7. High-Vis vs. Low-Vis Braid

    I disagree both from personal exp and what ive seen. Ive flyfished and run 4-6 leader and caught plenty... jus saw a show the other day they were tarpon fishing on big schools flyine line was cast right on top of the fish. Granted its not ideal and in the interest of giving yourself the best chance you should run long leaders/ Ive alson run a plug many yards down a seawall and caught fish that were previously right under my white braid. Ive trolled livies and lures offshore, bottom fished (for the notorious leader shy mutton sanpper and YT's)pitched livies and thrown lures on the braid and caught plenty of fish and sometimes out fished others with me running straight mono
  8. High-Vis vs. Low-Vis Braid

    I used to be concerned about how the braid looks in the water but ive come to the conclusion they don't relate it to being caught. Sure maybe sometimes when they are picky it might spook them but ask yourself how do flyfisherman catch fish?? I run 3-4' leaders as it gives me more room to retie a bunch of times.... as to the braid to leader conn do yourself a favor and start using the FG knot. No not is smaller and it reels thur the guide no EXPZ. I typically don't use floro either... I have it but only break it out when the fishing is slow to see if it makes a diff... 9 times outta 10 it doesnt
  9. High-Vis vs. Low-Vis Braid

    Hi vis for me as well I like Suffix 832 in white, Ive used dang near every line out there and its hands down the best and way more durable than the spectra lines. Its on every outfit I have, no issues catching fish even on short mono leaders
  10. HDS Gen 3 side scan help

    Theres no sensitivity adjustment on HDS. FReq, Contrast and proper range adjustment will tune images to there best. Looks like you have an awful lot of noise in the center of those shots but if it was working well and nothings changed in the setup that's a tough one, for sure go to 800hz. You say the good shots were in fresh the others in salt?
  11. HDS 7 Gen 3 - night mode in the day time question

    Actually tapping the power button will cycle thru all pre programmed brightness levels (3 Ievels I think) so just keep hitting it till it gets bright enough to see.
  12. My Pathfinder 25 Hybrid Build

    Simply gorgeous! You mean ride around aimlessly for 20 hours to get break in outta the way lol!? Where the trolling motor?
  13. What adhesive to mount PVC board inside console?

    Wow thanks Mulligan! That brings up another Q though.... is that paint of gel coat inside the console??
  14. My Pathfinder 25 Hybrid Build

    Ahhh gotcha
  15. What adhesive to mount PVC board inside console?

    yeah maybe unless I can figure this out... thanks DC