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  1. waterman7474

    Thru hull v transom mount ducer

    What about thru-hull with side scan? I am working on upgrading at some point soon and have a transom mount now with same issues. There is a much older Airmar 20deg (like 3inch?) that the PO cut the wire and was thinking about replacing it with the new unit but don't know if if garmin or simrad offer a transducer with side scan that will not be too much of a pain in the existing hole. I really don't want to cut a new hole.
  2. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Thanks. He hooked me up with a local guy who actually knows the boat (and some of my friends actually) and agrees with what Marcus recommended, as well as the prop you recommended. He has both as well as a few other options that he is more than happy to let me try out so that has worked out nicely.
  3. waterman7474

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Wish y'all would do TX. Granted we don't have the water clarity in the north half of the state but there are a LOT of boaters around here that would love to throw money at something like this.
  4. waterman7474

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    so good. yes, of course i'm jealous of the big offshore boats i see on tv with *** near that much total screen acreage but it's still funny....
  5. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Talked to Marcus at PowerTech. SUPER helpful. He did a little banging away on a calculator and suggested 3 blade, 15 1/4 x 17 or 18p, probably 17 as it is an older motor and maybe not as strong as it once was.
  6. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Thanks! DM sent. BTW, It does blow out pretty easily as well.
  7. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    01 DV with Ox66 250. WOT is 54k at 43/44mph with maybe 40gal gas, 2 guys (400lbs) and a 50qt full of ice. 39-40k is around 27-28mph. Hole shot actually seems to be pretty decent but the top end and cruising speed seem to be lacking. Reverse is terrible. This boat is obviously a little heavier than my 19 and it's an older motor so I'm not sure. Only had it a month or so and maybe a dozen runs. Motor is running well. I put in new plugs, new F/W separator, fuel pumps, vst cleaned out, oil set but. I didn't do thermostats or the O2 yet as the housing looks very new compared to everything else so I think it was recently replaced. The prop has one or two small dings and the edges could use a grind but it's far from bordertown bread knife status. There was something on it before and the PO got a smoking deal on this from a mechanic friend he knew so who knows what it came off of. Before I got it, it was being used as a weekend charter boat to the jetties so I doubt if much went into "tuning" it before he put it on, especially considering all the other stuff that was rather carelessly rigged. Not looking to drop a ton of money on wringing every drop out of it but it just seems a little off.
  8. waterman7474

    Garmin ????

    So what would yall recommend for those of us in TX where we don't have FMT? I am close to pulling the trigger on a 94 or 74sv garmin but maybe not. The simrad is comparable in price but I've not heard the greatest things about the Lowrance and told the Hummin Bird is garbage.
  9. waterman7474

    This board won't go to previous pages

    So glad it's not just me.... I'm relatively computer savvy and it has been a head scratcher
  10. If you try and go to previous page 2 or 3, it won't work. It works fine on any other sub board here but not this page. I have tried it on two browsers and it is somewhat repeatable. On mozilla (mostly use), it won't go to second page on any when I click the number or "next". What's strange is on Chrome it works fine on sub boards but not this one. If I type it into the url (add... ?page=2) it works fine. Just me?
  11. waterman7474

    Can I add a fuel flow to Ox66?

    I think that will just plug into my gps unit and I can forego the read out? Looks like a pretty easy solution.
  12. waterman7474

    Low bow support on trailer?? Need a steep ramp solution.

    Well, I tried the WD-40 silicone spray and it worked. I was able to get drop it a little more shallow and was able to drive it up so that the bow was above the rollers. I thought that it was because it was so steep and the angle was so great it would not slide, I guess the new carpet was too sticky or something because it was much much easier. Thanks for all the help.
  13. waterman7474

    Can I add a fuel flow to Ox66?

    Currently I have an 01 Ox66 250 and an Garmin Echomap50s (will be replaced sometime this summer I suppose). I would like to try and figure out what my fuel burn is as I have NO idea currently. I have been searching around and can't seem to find what is compatible with this unit and/or the standard yamaha gauge I have. Can I add the Garmin GFS10 fuel flow meter to this unit? Can I add some sort of yamaha sensor? Does this dinosaur motor kick out any data at all?? Probably going to a 74sv soon, should I just wait for that??
  14. waterman7474

    Low bow support on trailer?? Need a steep ramp solution.

    Interesting!! This might allow me to leave it more shallow and float it on. Very interesting....
  15. waterman7474

    Tire Question

    and if your trailer sits a lot, they look dumb but those rv tire covers can save a lot of UV wear and degradation. I was in Vegas for 12 years and I didn't cover my tires one summer and I had 3 that developed bubbles and deformities. They can seriously extend the life of tires, especially when they don't get rotated/run often.
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