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  1. Naples area fishing

    First National = the back of Rookery. Also, I'd start at the back wall of Johnson on the incoming and fish my way well into the back water as the tide rises. I've done pretty well with a dark backed skitter-walk at times there as well. As you might imagine, shrimp and chunk will work well usually too.
  2. Naples area fishing

    Spend time back in Johnson Bay and First National. Small dark jigs and chunk if you want lazy fishing.
  3. Knife sharpening the easy way

    DC, I've learned when it comes to my tools, pay once, cry once. Also, my WE is going on 5 years now and is like day one, but to each their own. Not the only way to get an edge. As for shoes, I'll give you a call.
  4. Knife sharpening the easy way

    Troy, if you look into the Wicked Edge, you won't need the shop anymore I promise. There will be only one potential problem: all my friends and family come over with a box of knives for me to sharpen every time they visit, so you may create more work for yourself (; . It's that easy and that good.
  5. Knife sharpening the easy way

    Wicked edge is absolutely fool-proof and allows you to dial in an exact edge angle based on intended use. It takes no time to learn, is simple to use and touch up blades that are beyond a quick steel touch-up. Probably a little more than a Harbor freight belt sander, but also probably a bit more suited to sharpening really good knives. My Japanese kitchen knives are scalpel sharp...will cut tissue paper! Also, keeps my Forschner filet blades just the same (they just dull a bit quicker). One of the best tools I have ever purchased: https://www.wickededgeusa.com/product/wicked-edge-precision-sharpener/
  6. 18 MA Prop

    What the 18.5 does with a 175HPDi or the HPX18 does with the F150 is not of **much** help in finding the best prop for the 18.5 with the F150.
  7. 18 MA Prop

    I had a late model MA18.5 with the F150. Marcus and I became best friends with as much as we spoke on the phone. I can tell you that in my experience and in working with him, the OFX319 was the best option. The boat with that motor and prop is a low 50s boat (like 51-52 in perfect conditions). I also ran an SCD420 (semi-cleaver) which will give a little more speed, but the trade-off is lost grip in turns...it would ventilate when running creeks. The SCD was "liveable", but not great. I also tried the Turbo Ultima, but moved quickly back to the OFX3...can't remember exactly why as too many tears have passed. In the end, it is my belief that the F150 is NOT a great match for the MA18.5; a boat that was initially designed for midrange v-4 power. In my case, the boat always required a "touch of tab" to keep the porpoise gremlins away. a function of weight to length ratio. Also, if you fill the MA18.5 well and sit two anglers on the bench, the hole-shot is sluggish at best with the F150. If it were me, I'd re-power with another two stroke which all have better torque curves to help the hole shot. I know most people dislike the 2s, but they have a place in a shorter boat that carries much of it's weight aft. When I moved from my MA to my current 18'9 flats boat I went with a PROxs175. While I recognize it is not a meaningful comparison, the hole-shot on the 18'9 with a 2 stroke was in a different universe.
  8. MA 17 vs 18.5

    I have owned both. the 17 with a 130 2-stroke and the 18.5 with the F-150. The 17 was BY FAR my favorite. Both will carry 4, neither will fish 4 comfortably... but it is doable. If you expect 4 most of the time, you need the 21 or even better a bay boat.
  9. I'm certainly not arguing what you both say, but I personally polled a friend around all day last weekend and saw redfish on every bank we pushed. I also saw some of the biggest snook I have seen in years. None of them we saw were interested in anything, but I think one winked at me. Perhaps it is the area you are all fishing. I have not spoke with Andy since he went yesterday, but I did see the pictures. Lots of Reds and some were really big.
  10. I have not seen the effects down in the park **yet** but usually fish a touch North of you. My fishing buddy was out today in the area and crushed the Reds. I would think that the run-off to the South is far less insulting than that crap flowing wide open out of the Caloosahatchee to the North since it is coming via a more natural alluvial plume. Fingers crossed.
  11. Redfisher 18 with a 250

    Perhaps you should resolve your schizophrenia first. In your first post you mention speed is your p***ion, in your second you start with "I really wasn't looking for speed" only to end the post with " I want something to float he 250 and fly". Prior advice is spot on. Over-power a boat like the Redfisher or MA and chase your tail in trying to compensate for the power it wasn't intended for (think high speed porpoise and chine walk). You need a padded boat.
  12. Fuel hose

    Once again, precisely Troy. It started with me noticing fumes. This is what A2 looks like that has had fuel permanently in it:
  13. Fuel hose

    BELIEVE it on the A1. My A2 delaminated on the inside of the hose after only three years and NO ethanol. It was where the fuel hose bowed in the bilge and gas settled by the bulb. It' almost cost me dearly. Whole boat is A1 now.
  14. Just curious - MA vs. Newer models

    You are all comparing a flats boat to a technical poling skiff. Of course any of the HPX line will not ride like the MA (17, 18.5 or 21). And none of the MAs will come close to the draft, poling or stealth of HPX line.
  15. Pathfinder 22 Tournament Edition Walk Through

    MBC just made a fantastic move! Cl***ic boat, proven running surface now carrying the best bait well out there. I predict this will be a top seller.