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  1. SWilson

    Loose Power poles

    JEM, We use the same rigger. As many people use him also; there is a reason for that; he's the best... Brandon and Blake, First, I have the utmost respect for you guys and John. You have the best product in the market place and the best customer service, bar none! This is why I have always rigged Power Poles on our boats! Ok, I know a little bit about stuffing bolts in holes, maybe not in the marine industry but bolts are bolts and tension is tension. When you have solid round holes, in a bolt pattern (power pole mount itself) and you thru bolt on the jack plate bracket (as in my application), with slotted holes, no matter how much tension (not torque) you put on the bolt assembly, there will still be some slip. This slip intensifies when the faying surfaces are coated; in this case powder coating. Adding a simple bolt, with what we call a "hard hole" (no slot) will keep the connection from slipping. There really isn't much load on the 5th bolt, its just there to keep the mount (power pole) from moving.
  2. SWilson

    Loose Power poles

    That's exactly why Mike does it. Slotted holes allow the poles to move; the 5th bolt prevents that.
  3. SWilson

    Boat Covers

  4. SWilson

    Boat Covers

    TTopcovers.com make a quality product that fits our boats. We have had ours for 2.5 years and it still looks great. We added the pockets for the powerpoles and the added material to cover the hull sides (TTopcovers did a great job)
  5. Ryan We moved out of Broward almost 15 years ago to NW Palm Beach County. I would definitely not raise kids down there anymore. It’s a lot different than it was when I grew up. My sister in law still lives in old Plantation but sent her kids to private school. My mother in law still lives there but sold her house and rents a townhouse out west. Houses are expensive, and rents are high. We’ve done a lot of work at OPF and it’s not too bad of a commute from points North, as long as you hit the road early. Not sure how your schedule works but I would consider commuting. If you are on call for a certain amount of days, it might be worth it. I commute to my office in Ft Lauderdale everyday (when I’m not traveling), right at 60 miles. It takes me 55 minutes in the morning and about an hour and 15 minutes in the evening. It’s worth every second not to here sirens and thump bump music all night!
  6. SWilson

    Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    MW, I agree. Everyone should be hitting all the politicians and clean water groups; just be careful who you send money to or align with. BullSugar to me is all propaganda. I guess every crisis needs a villain and the farmers are theirs. Take a long look at our state, not just below the lake. Not just from Ft. Myers South and St. Lucie South. The entire state! Tampa Bay has their issues, The Banana River, The Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, St Johns River, Etc. Sugar, vegetable farms, dairies and beef ranches are not the culprit up there either, WE ARE. Yep, I’m guilty as much as everyone else (if not more); I make my living in construction. We are over developed. I believe the subsidies, for farmers, are and have been part of American Economics for as long as I can remember. There is no way to stop it like flicking a switch. The government has played this game with our farmers, so long that it is woven in to the fabric of our economic system. I can’t figure out the why or where’s but it’s there and not only for sugar. Also, agriculture is part of our national security. Think about that for a minute. Steaks at Publix from China?!? The EAA is a lot more than sugar. Farmers are smart, if they can’t make money on sugar, they’ll make it on rice, corn, sod, tomatoes, peppers, beans, beef or citrus. It’s already there, just take a look. Get off the computer and take a ride. Run along one of those rough county roads and you’ll see. Head around the lake and into Devils Garden. Thomas Farms (all vegetables), Alico (beef/citrus), Garcia (vegetables), Mc Daniels (beef), Seminole Tribe (beef and casinos), etc. Wiping out the EAA is not going to happen but it should change, and it must change, there just needs to be a plan. Force the politicians to purchase the land and in turn, force the farmers to sell. Work with US Sugar, Okeelanta, King Ranch, Sugar Cane Growers Co-Op, USACE, SFWMD, etc. to get the right parcels purchased, canals designed and dug, to get the water flowing south. Use and expand on the STA’s already in place. Do something with the old Talisman and Griffin Tracks. These huge pieces of land are just south of Okeelanta and North of the Broward line. I was by there a while ago and it was nothing but bullrush. No levees no nothing. There will never be a sheet flow like some people want, but those are the same folks that don’t understand the hydraulics of what we have now. If we did have a sheet flow like some folks want, they would be sitting on their roof tops, after a tropical storm. Control is a must. Now is the time for our government to get the water South and stop what is coming down from the North. After the EAA, they need to start working on getting the water thru Broward and Miami Dade. Get a plan in place to start working with the Indians, that own a lot of that land. This will be the next big deal (or problem). The Kissimmee is being “redone” now, so what about the runoff from Orange and Osceola counties? Everyone wants to take on the farmers but nobody is talking about the “other” villain up at the North end of the Kissimmee Basin…. There are some pretty smart people (on all sides) working on this but it took decades to screw it up, it will take decades to fix it…
  7. SWilson

    Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    There are so many “half-truths” and misconceptions from #Bullsugar. They went from a grass roots clean water origination, to almost a political propaganda machine. I believe if anyone wants to get involved, Captains for Clean Water is doing a good, fair job. History as I see it: Per this video, they are claiming “ranchers and farmers”, north of the lake, are an issue. Really? Most of the ranchers lost every inch of pasture that even touches the river, in the 90’s. That’s right, all the way to the high watermark on the oaks. Some even lost their entire ranch. The Lanier family, Lunas, Clements, Ming’s, etc. lost thousands of acers it the Kissimmee deal. These ranches were just North of FL 98 and west of Micco Bluff Road. I’m quite sure there are more but these few are the ones I know about. If you run the river, hunting or fishing, you will see where the restoration project is. In that same area, back in the late 80’s, the State of Florida went after the dairies that use to dot the landscape of the prairie. The state mandated that each dairy hold all their own waste. Yep, septic fields for cow poo. There is multiple acre sized septic systems at the cost of millions of dollars to the dairy farmers. Some large dairies could afford to do it, while most changed to beef, or just sold out. Now, a cowboy is just a grass farmer; farmers are frugal individuals. Does anyone believe that they are spending that much money on that much tonnage of fertilizer for their pasture grass? Nowhere near what is used further up the basin and chain of lakes. Ever seen a blade of brown grass at Disney? The biggest load of phosphorus getting into the lake is coming from further north, Orlando. We don’t hear anyone talking too much about that…. EAA: There has to be a better plan than “Its Big Sugar’s Fault”. I believe they are a little dirty but nowhere near the big offender. Yes, they need to give up enough land to build the canals, to let the water flow south but it also needs to be controlled. It’s pretty arrogant to just say “screw them” “take it all” and make it a flood plain. People live there, work there and have for generations. I’m sure if people were coming after your livelihood and home, you would be ready to fight also. The area South of Clewiston is dotted with containment areas and STA’s. The farmers in the EAA do pump water to them and have been working with SFWMD and FWC on the levels and also public access. Now they need to add more canals to get it south. You can see the road project on Tamiami Trail (US41) going on now. Great idea and an engineering feat within itself. The only issue I see is the next fight for getting water under that bridge will be with the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes. These guys are a sovereign nation and you all know they don’t like being told what to do. This battle will be harder than fighting the Fanjuls. No clear plan, no clear solution. It *** but it's not just one thing causing this. It's all of us that live in South Florida also; it's too crowded and over developed. One thing I think about all the time is that it took a long time to screw it up, it will take a long time to fix. Hope to see it in my lifetime.
  8. SWilson

    Yeti Cooler Challenge

    My take on NRA / 2nd A: I’m an avid shooter and hunter. In our family, we all shoot and hunt. We are not members of the NRA by choice. I believe the NRA is an organization with good intentions but they execute their plan very badly in my opinion. Does that make us bad people that don’t believe in the 2ndA? Absolutely not! WE definitely believe in the 2nd Amendment; whole heartedly. The people protesting and some people in our government are and will try to repeal the 2ndA. NCTribute, if you think they are not, you might look a little deeper into the subject. To me it is crystal clear of their intentions. The AR debate will be here for a while. State level governments will ban the sale and purchase of them, as they can but everyone should read these so called “assault weapons bills” they are all trying to pass. I see all the time, what is trying to be back doored by our elected officials. Semi-automatic is what I always see. Granted, we own AR’s and M4’s but what about my shotgun that I use for turkey hunting? It’s a semi-automatic? What about my 10/22 that we use to shoot steel? Yep, all get banned. That G17 or G22 that people defend their homes with? Yep, banned. It’s a slippery slope. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground between the left and the right. The right is smart enough to see the left’s intentions, even though they swear “nobody wants to take your guns”… My take on Yeti: We own a 3 or 4 of Yeti coolers and cups, along with Engle (my favorite) and a couple of K2. Regardless of Yeti’s position on the NRA or the 2ndA, I wouldn’t go out and blow up, shoot, squash with a crane outrigger pad, my coolers and cups; that’s plain silly. I’m sure you all remember a time when people’s religion and politics were private? I sure do and it was a lot better times. I look at it this way; if Scott Deal came out against guys who hunt and drive Ford pickups; I wouldn’t go burn down my Pathfinder, nor would I mag dump my M4 at it. I like the product and we spent a ton of hard earned money on it. Also Mr. Deal and everyone else is entitled to their opinions. AND I would still buy another boat from MBC. I believe Yeti is only guilty of bad timing. In the world we live in today; teenagers calling for boycotts of news programs and anyone else’s company that disagrees with their point of view; everyone is on guard. Everyone blows everything out of proportion. Social media is hilarious and I enjoy watching the show. You have the “Extreme Right” blowing up coolers and shooting cups; while you have the Yeti Pro Staff, TV Guides, who know how to manipulate Social Media, coming back and slamming / berating anyone who questions Yeti’s decision. It’s quite the pissing contest. Just for the record, I do think Yeti was ending their program and I don’t think Yeti owes the NRA anything.
  9. Powder coating holds up great. On my last skiff, everything was powder coated, nav light covers, tower, grab rails, steering wheel, etc. Held up great. On our new HPS, the TTOP, grab bars, leaning post, cup and rod holders, steering wheel and the back rest for the back deck seating was all powder coated. As long as the powder coating company is prepping the base metal correctly, the coating will last a while in saltwater conditions. Just make sure all the connections have some kind of isolator. Like where the screws go in. That is where you could get corrosion. TJ at TNT is top notch on his powder coating. I think he only uses PPG powders.
  10. SWilson

    Wtb: boat cover for a 2400 trs

    Ryan, When we brought home the 2300 HPS, Lindsay Marine had ordered me a cover from https://www.ttopcovers.com/products/t-top-boat-covers The fit is perfect and it has an added 1' skirt that goes all the way to the trailer, straps that hang the cover from the top's pipe work and cut outs for the two power poles. One access zipper on the port side makes it real easy to get in the boat. I'll take some pics when I get home tonight. I would definitely recommend one of these covers.
  11. SWilson

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I would try the Angler House Marina. http://anglerhousemarina.com/ Its a good safe place to keep the boat on a trailer or you can rent a slip.
  12. SWilson


    Applying Shark Hide is easy. Go to their website and watch the videos. If the trailer is brand new, you can just wash the trailer (watch video), dry it off and apply. If you want the shiny look like The Outlaw’s trailer, you can polish it, clean it per Shark Hide’s instructions (watch video) and then apply the coating. Before the initial dunking of our trailer, we cleaned it and then applied 3 coats. I like the flat look so we just sealed the mill finish. We even coated the aluminum wheels. I have a buddy that actually ran a scotch bright pad on his trailer then sealed it. That brushed finish looks pretty cool. Lots of good info: http://sharkhide.com/index.html
  13. SWilson

    Prop Help For a Friend - 22 Pathy TE 250Sho

    Hydrodynamics is so much fun to deal with! There are some guys down here running the 2400 and 2500 (step hull) , with F300's using the Enertia Eco and one guy running a Tempest (always my fastest prop but squirrelly). No sure if they tweaked them or not. Glad you are getting a new ride. Give me a shout when you can. I would like to hear about it.
  14. SWilson

    PF 2400TRS R'S

    I run Rec 90 on the water and 93 if I have to buy on the road gas. Either octane does not have an effect on my motor (F300). No problems getting 5800 - 6000 RPM's with either octane. I would suggest looking hard at the prop. I would be all over your dealer about this. How hard is it to prop a 24 TRS? They sell tons of these boats yet a lot of people are having trouble. I understand, T Tops, rigging weight (batts), location of weight, Power Poles, TM's etc. but this isn't rocket science. Dealers need to start thinking out of the box.
  15. SWilson

    Prop Help For a Friend - 22 Pathy TE 250Sho

    19P is the typical "go to" prop for the dealers. What a paper weight they are. That SWS 19P must be the only prop left in the warehouse because you cant get anything else from Yamaha. PT's are ok but I think the design is way behind the times. If your buddy will be satisfied with a PT then great; if he wants performance that will "wake up" that hull, I would suggest a Merc Prop. Granted my hull is not the same but the Merc Rev 4 was night and day difference. I ran a Bravo Pro XS on my HPX and loved it. There are plenty of guys that demo Merc props; Ken at Prop Gods, BBlades, etc. The cheapest place to purchase is Jayco's Marine in Tennessee. Brad at BBlades really helped (and Josh B!) me so I ended up buying from him. Hole shot, mid range and top end is unbelievable. Fuel economy is great at 38 mph and 3800 RPM. I believe its almost 4 mpg.