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  1. Never Forget

    I just watched Dunkirk on TV 2 days ago and now this. 200,000 more people than then were evacuated ! Very powerful !
  2. I know we are far from February but I would check how red tide is affecting the areas you plan to visit on the west coast. Snorkeling can be done on the springs year round since temp is always the same, but it can get cold out of the water. The Keys sound better for that purpose and you can go to Flamingo from there too.
  3. 2001 Pathfinder 17 tunnel - see pics

    Had a similar one but side console, 1998 model. Easy to pole in 6" or less. Easy to maintain too. Regret selling it! GLWS
  4. Pliers / Sheath

    beautiful!! But how do you get them out with that indentation in the middle??
  5. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    I know the owner, not a forum member. Its a 2013 model, had just been serviced not long before, he babies his boat. While riding back with his wife on Biscayne bay, the back bulkhead just exploded !! His Father was on another boat in front of him, didn't notice his son boat had exploded until he was miles away. Rescued by another boater. (lose fuel line? Batteries?)
  6. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Since reports were encouraging, we decided take the HPX for a spin and survey Estero Bay It was a sad view!! EVERY PINFISH ON THE FLATS IS DEAD!! I didn’t see any live ones this line of debris was more than a mile long where I was. 99% were pinfish. Outside the “tide line” on the picture were lots of everything else, catfish, mullets, mojarras, sheephead, snook, few black drum too No Pelicans, no Gulls, no Osprey or Eagles. No Dolphins either! NO BOATS! on a Saturday at noon!! All docking spaces open at the restaurant and marina NO CHARTERS BAITSHOPS EMPTY 😢😢😢😡😡😡
  7. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Last weekend we went to Bonita Springs and didn't even go near the beach. My wife started getting cough, postnasal drip and bronchial irritation, until the wind changed to the East and then she cleared (also took an antihistaminic) We may go again this weekend, if we do I'll try going out and I'll post any changes.
  8. NEW red tide and water condition report

    I'm hearing worse and worse reports, even a whale shark washed ashore. Nothing is surviving !! I'm heading to Estero for other matters , but I'll post after return
  9. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    That picture just made me hungry!!! Too late to be up!
  10. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Went out from Estero bay. Lots of floating dead fish, even found a dead giant Loggerhead Turtle in the Gulf. Once we got out to 30+ feet of water, started seeing lots of bait, and catching nice Spanish Macks. Even saw a couple of huge tarpon roll offshore, I believe they were eating crabs,
  11. Everest soft Cooler

    2 weeks ago I purchased this soft cooler from COSTCO for less than $100, one third of the cost of YETY ones so far I can’t tell the difference. It’s hermetic without leaking air or water in or out when zipped well
  12. Everest soft Cooler

    It's all about the "U"
  13. NEW red tide and water condition report

    thanks for the report Capt
  14. Everest soft Cooler

    Maybe in SC !! You can get your own logo if you want !! {probably worth $5 around here too) I'm talking about $200 savings over a comparable soft sided YETY cooler , That's the information that I meant to share with fellow forum members.
  15. Juvy Micro Tarpon SWFL

    Over 40" I'll jump in to hold it!! Is that allowed??
  16. Red tide

    I'll be going to Estero Bay this weekend. I'll post some report after
  17. The Inventor of the Poling Platform

    I'm fortunate enough to have fished with Capt Bill Curtis several times before, He was really inspiring in many ways. I was able to take him out a couple of times in my boat when his skiff was down. There's a story behind every trip !!
  18. 2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS Reduced!

    where is it located??
  19. German Shepherd

    thanks! It really is a beautiful dog.
  20. German Shepherd

    A former Forum Member (BonefishBob) is looking for a home for his GS. Gorgeous, almost 3 years old AKC pedigree, male, not fixed. Dog is jealous of his young son... went after him twice trying to prevent him coming to him ( didn’t bite but scared him)
  21. Red Tide?

    Water level this weekend was extremely high inside Estero Bay and Spring Creek area. It was probably stirred up due to bad weather (I didnt go out) On Friday however, the beach was really nice, quite calm until the afternoon when winds shifted and picked up. By the way, no bait or signs of Snook or other predators on the beach. I,ll keep posting until I start catching... Then I'll shut up
  22. What's Really Important In Life..........

    Congrats Dino. Please send her my best wishes !!
  23. Red Tide?

    2 weeks ago In Bonita, Estero Bay, there was still some RT. I heard it had cleared.
  24. They are getting thicker!

    By the way, they should soon be getting to Estero Bay Area
  25. They are getting thicker!

    I have to humbly admit that at 65, with spinal fusions and recently fractured shoulder..... I"M JEALOUS I can't do it now, but I know fun it is Congratulations, enjoy it and share it. Keep posting !