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  1. Winter Babysitting (grandpas version)

    Thank you Moderator!!😃
  2. Winter Babysitting (grandpas version)

    And the littlest one too!!
  3. Back is tolerable, but I’m needing a shoulder replacement due to my accident in 2017
  4. She still outfishes me I think I only saw one mosquito during the whole weekend mostly small snook and reds for me in the back
  5. I had a similar day in Flamingo on Saturday, we stayed at the campground We went to the back and fished mostly oyster bars and must have caught more than 30 snook under 15” , bunch of little reds , some nice trouts, snapper, many ladies and brought some nice sheepshead to grill at the campsite with the steaks for Surf and turf!! i was thinking the same way, next year we should have a good time catching again all the ones we released
  6. Father Daughter Day

    Nice day !!
  7. Maverick 18 HPX V $25,000

    Whats the light on the front? for Lobsters? (Bully netting?)
  8. 2004 / 2011 Maverick HPX-V 18 Carbon/Kevlar with Yamaha F115

    It should be shallower and more stable than the new HPX 18
  9. 2004 / 2011 Maverick HPX-V 18 Carbon/Kevlar with Yamaha F115

    She's a beauty! Is this the "old" hull? The one that used to be The Redfisher 18 ?
  10. 2013 Pathfinder TRS 22

    He has not been around the forum since April. I think this is a dead post.
  11. 2018 Maverick 18HPX

    where is the beauty located?
  12. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    Happy to report some nice bait pods and occasional snook on the Lover's key Beach area a week ago. Big contrast from a month ago!
  13. Slam Day

    Always Nice ! were you guys in your usual neck of the woods or Flamingo?
  14. 4 hour fishing report

    I had not started the engine in almost 2 months and the tank was almost empty when i filled at Dion's I suspect that may have had something to do with the misfiring F 70. I'm kind of "mechanically challenged"
  15. Came this morning with the idea of setting camp This is the rig the plan was heading past the Capes and fish creeks on outgoing. the engine started misfiring and we had to change plans. Ended up fishing flats closer to the marina. Caugt some jacks, several reds under 20” one over 30” that self released while looking for the phone. of course Patty outdid me with a snook on top, 27.5”, Very lucky snook, 0.5" longer and he was fried!! I haven’t had snook in over 10 years.and no better place to eat one than camping. After short 4 hours we were out of the water and setting camp. Had a great day despite the missing engine. After being on the west coast with the red tide, , seeing live fish again was a treat. Of course the only reason she out fished me is that I’m handicapped due to my fractured shoulder last year😜😎
  16. 4 hour fishing report

    I also changed to a soft roll up cover that I can leave with the camper on It only moves back the center of gravity less than 2 inches, still in front of or above the rear axle I do not feel any difference on the ride. When hauling the Lance, it actually "tracks" better when I'm towing the boat. sorry about the sideways pictures
  17. 4 hour fishing report

    If I remove the cables that hold it, it folds down a few xtra inches (see 2nd picture) and fits fine under the camper however during hurricane Irma I had the bad idea of turning in the Onan generator and the exhaust melted the plastic molding on the tail gate (3rd one)
  18. 4 hour fishing report

    Yes. electric hookup only.
  19. 4 hour fishing report

    Just chilling and so far no bugs, unless stepping on ant hill counts. @$%#
  20. Thinking of taking the camper to Flamingo on friday Any report on bugs/skeeters in the campground or marina?
  21. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Loop knot mostly. Snell on bait hooks
  22. another Buddy is gone.

    yesterday discovered why our 12 yo Boxer (Boss) was limping. He had a bone cancer on his shoulder. This morning didn't he wait for me to get him down and jumped out of bed and fractured it. We had to put him down an hour ago. Last night as a farewell, I bought him a 3 lbs Tomahawk steak. he went to town with it. He'll be in "doggie heaven" with the other best friends that we lost this is him when younger