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  1. I've had friends coming from the north, meet me at the Turnpike Plaza on SW 120 street and leave their vehicle there. Again, don't leave valuables in sight.
  2. Generators

    By the way.... Has anyone here used "BIODIESEL" in their generators??
  3. Generators

    I just saw this thread. Isn't there a limit on the amount of emergency Fuel/flammables that we are allowed to store in residential areas? I believe less than 10 gallons if the garage is attached to the house, or 30 in a shed separate from house. I have a 300 gallon tank at home that I used to fill with BIODIESEL, that I used in my previous truck, since it's not considered "flammable" fuel, (it's classified as a additive I believe.) I haven't used it since i have a new truck and didn't want to void the warranty.
  4. Anyone knows whats happening there?
  5. ENP !! Always an adventure !!
  6. SW beaches

    This weekend, the bait was still there, but not many predators. Only some jacks!! However inshore reds were very happy to cooperate
  7. SW beaches

    With all the Brackish water and hot water coming out from the passes, the beaches in the morning (were so calm) the waters brownish and green but clear, with pods of happy frolicking bait and mullets everywhere, I saw Snook, Black Drum and Redfish cruising the shore line, they are all confused !! ( And I went there to start exercising and rehabilitating my shoulder without a rod)
  8. Ketchikan rockfish (Alaska)

    Had a trip planned to Alaska that due to personal injuries had to change from an adventure to a cruise. Still able to watch Patty catch some fish and cook it at a fish campfire
  9. 2004 Tournament w/2015 4 stroke 200

    Where is the boat located ?
  10. Bad News

    Massive bait suicide !! they jumped out of the water on to the dock !!
  11. Estero report

    How was Englewood?
  12. Estero report

    1st time going out since my accident. The beaches were nice, with lots of bait Inshore, water is still very fresh and “tannic” looking. We soaked some shrimp under the mangroves and oyster beds. Patty had the hot rod with a black drum, 2 smaller reds (20”) and one at 26” . I caught one too. not too much debris on the water
  13. Central Florida mud puddle fishing.

    it makes my neck hurt !! Happy and Lucky kids !!
  14. Another New Model?

    Definitely no poling platform !!
  15. Fishing- What to expect after the Hurricane?

    Check your area out during low tide 1st !!
  16. Just when they were planning to build a new place to stay!!

    Wish we could build a wall for these!! It brings back memories of the 2004/2005 seasons !!
  18. Reports Chokoloskee, EC, POI, Goodland

    I was told that Flamingo at least is not closeed. Don't know about the damge though
  19. So far I heard that the Park is not closed. Don't know of conditions
  20. Roads back to S Florida

    We are leaving Blue Ridge Georgia any live reports on I-95 or side roads? how're the gas stations? maybe we can post reports
  21. Roads back to S Florida

    Finally made it back. No problem getting gas in georgia, traffic around Atlanta was horrible. App kept sending us on country roads. Took us like 6 hrs to do less than 160 miles Finally we optd to crash in a Quality inn around 7 or 8 pm and left again around 3 am, almost no traffic Other than the inevitable crashes and rubberneckers slowing down the rt was fine