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  1. Flamingo fishing in winter

    By the way, those are the closed loops, the T Trailer loop is open and in decent shape except for the lack of shade.
  2. Flamingo fishing in winter

    I see you found your "winterfest" bounty (drum, SH and snapper)very tasty meal !! (sheapshead is my favorite) That,s oyster bay isn't it? I wish I could get the Mojo again to do the back country and tiki camping !! How can I get my Lance camper there
  3. Flamingo fishing in winter

    They "closed all services" but couldn't or didn't kick out people already there. Campground is now managed privately, but reservations are still made through the park. Rangers came by and put signs on the bathroom doors "CLOSED DUE TO GVT, SHUT DOWN" but left the doors unlocked. All in good shape wen I left yesterday. Electrical hookups working. The camp host did came checking for reservations.
  4. Went to Flamingo and camped out Saturday (despite Gvt shutdown) Everyone seemed to be doing the “winter fishing after few days of west wind “, with knocker rigs or jigs on the bottom with shrimp, in canals, creeks and Lake Ingraham. No mosquitoes, cool weather, plenty of action with black drum, trout, sheepshead, snapper and a thousand catfish
  5. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    I mostly use pink 30 lb fluoro 15 to 20 if targeting bones or permit heavier for tarpon or structure
  6. Had to say goodbye to my buddy of 11 years

    If you want to find out who really loves you, lock your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car, come back in an hour, let them out and tell me which one is happy to see you again !!😊 sorry for your loss. Our boxer is close to 13 years old and had something happen, possibly a seizure last week. Didn’t think he was going to make it, but is still with us.
  7. Today in MBG History!

    Bought Hewes out?
  8. Last sunset from 20 17

    From Doc’s in Bonita Beach with an IPhone 7
  9. Backwaters wake up

    Our last weekend in Bonita beach getting our place ready to rent it out After several weeks of poor results, today we had a fun day, fishing backwaters. Finally some winter pattern is showing We caught several Sheepshead and perfect size black drum. They were lucky we had steak planned and were released. Patty had the hot rod. Caught several small snookies, a nice over the slot fat Redfish and lost a bigger one to a broken hook. look at the back/shoulders on that fish!!
  10. 2013 2200 TRS

    Price and location?
  11. Newborn angler

    He is still in NICU but getting bigger and stronger, hopefully he will be discharged home before Christmas
  12. 2006 Tournament 2200 Pathfinder

    Price and location?
  13. I know them, great service. Joe the owner has helped me before
  14. Don’t know if my spots are still good!! what MA17?