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  1. 2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS

    where is it located??
  2. German Shepherd

    thanks! It really is a beautiful dog.
  3. German Shepherd

    A former Forum Member (BonefishBob) is looking for a home for his GS. Gorgeous, almost 3 years old AKC pedigree, male, not fixed. Dog is jealous of his young son... went after him twice trying to prevent him coming to him ( didn’t bite but scared him)
  4. Red Tide?

    Water level this weekend was extremely high inside Estero Bay and Spring Creek area. It was probably stirred up due to bad weather (I didnt go out) On Friday however, the beach was really nice, quite calm until the afternoon when winds shifted and picked up. By the way, no bait or signs of Snook or other predators on the beach. I,ll keep posting until I start catching... Then I'll shut up
  5. What's Really Important In Life..........

    Congrats Dino. Please send her my best wishes !!
  6. Red Tide?

    2 weeks ago In Bonita, Estero Bay, there was still some RT. I heard it had cleared.
  7. They are getting thicker!

    By the way, they should soon be getting to Estero Bay Area
  8. They are getting thicker!

    I have to humbly admit that at 65, with spinal fusions and recently fractured shoulder..... I"M JEALOUS I can't do it now, but I know fun it is Congratulations, enjoy it and share it. Keep posting !
  9. Culinary question

    Does it matter what kind of fish? (Red, trout, snapper, Mahi...)
  10. Culinary question

    I have heard before that if properly and promptly vacuum-packed, fish will taste the same as fresh. I almost never freeze fresh beef and never freeze fresh caught fish. Usually I only bring home fish when I plan on eating it the same day or within 24 hrs of caught. Don't have any personal experience with the use of Vacuum packed fresh anything. What are your comments on this matter ?
  11. FWC tripletail and sheepshead size changes

    Why freeze them when you can go get them fresh again next weekend!!
  12. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS **SOLD**

    Wow! Is that how it looks today? That's an impeccable looking beauty!! Grand kids may demand a change in platform soon. GLWS!
  13. Come to the marina now

    "Nothing stops a Mercury!" tops my list
  14. If they would only move the Prop higher, we wouldn't need the skeg !! It's the same with fishing back country, if your not getting snagged on the mangroves, you're not casting close enough !! By the way, always enjoy your pictures.
  15. Tampa bay tide Guru's

    Joe, skip school with the grandkids and take them fishing for 6 hrs, just don’t tell grandma