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  1. Cape Romano Dome House - Short Film

    pretty cool video. They will be gone soon. They used to be way up on the land, and slowly the beach kept eroding away. After Wilma hit Cape Romano point blank it really accelerated the erosion and now they are pretty far off the shore.
  2. Pathfinder T Top for sale price drop

    still available?
  3. WTB Bimini top for 22 Pathfinder

    chad do you still have yours available?
  4. A different kind of "flag day".

    we had a day like that about a year ago...within 10 miles!!! It was great!
  5. Cleaning Engine

    IMHO the best silicone spray is the Yamalube brand. Goes on clear and does a great job protecting. To my knowledge you can only get it at Yamaha dealers that sell Yamaha PWC.
  6. Bimini Top for 2200 Pathfinder for sale

    Did you sell this?
  7. Pathfinder 22 Tournament Edition Walk Through

    So this is the cl***ic 20" transom hull, like mine?
  8. 98 17T

    Awesome job...a friend of mine has a 15T that I would love to do a similar restore on.
  9. Maverick Refurb Shop!

    Very cool option to have the plant actually doing restorations!!