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    I like to have fun so if you don't then please don't take it out on me! You may be able to buy a fancy boat, but you just can't buy a sense of humor...
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    Fishing, Flyfishing, Bass fishing, being Dad, and fighting fires
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  1. Flireman

    ENP Boater Permit

    This was Still free as of yesterday. Easy to score 100%. Pass it on!
  2. Flireman

    MA 18.5 vs Action Craft 1890

    I've owned a 99 MA17 for many years, extremely dry hull. The times I've fished in an Action Craft I always got sprayed, even on good days. I've also fished out of very old Mirages which were dryer than the larger ACs. The MA 18.5 is a very nice skiff. Hands down hold out for a Maverick! Like they say, test each one and "let the ride decide".
  3. Flireman

    2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    THANK YOU MBG for another great year at the Breezy. It was great see everyone once again!
  4. Flireman

    1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    Nice rig. I can tell you that the few days Island Style and his wife followed us from Islamorada to Flamingo and back during a MBG Owner's Tourney she ran fine! BTW Island Style, hope you guys are well and having fun!
  5. Flireman

    Today in MBG History!

    Congrats Skip! You have made owning my boat fun. I always tell people about what a cool company you guys run because as a boat owner of your brands I can actually talk to the top people of the company, fish with them and even share a beer! You and Scott are the best! Oh an Charlie and everyone else behind the scenes, too.
  6. Flireman

    Spray Rail for MA 17'

    Using trim tabs correctly can make a difference.
  7. Flireman

    New to me 17' master angler questions!

    NO JP on the 17 Master Angler. This has been discussed and advised even by MBG, NO JP on this model. I've owned mine since 2004 even Skip says no on this subject. The 130 2 stroke should have a great holeshot, mine sure does. You did good getting the 130 Yamaha 2 stroke, perfect match for this skiff.
  8. Flireman

    GPS PLotter Replacement

    I replaced my 178C with a 740S a few years ago. It used the same transducer which simply plugged in to the new power cord. However, the mount for the unit itself is different. The 740S was a much better unit, too.
  9. Just an idea. Before I rewired and added a new TM many moons ago I consulted with Mike from Master Repair when he was down in Lauderdale and I installed my plug on the sidewall of that anchor compartment. I'm not sure you plug will fit, but I have my plug mounted on the upper side wall of that anchor compartment just slightly ahead of your old hole so it doesn't interfere with the anchor when stored. Having it on the sidewall will prevent water from running into it if it enters that compartment. Sounds kind of crazy, but once in Stuart on the Indian River I was in an idle zone near a bridge when a huge sport fisher's wake went over the top of my bow. Water rolled over and into the compartment and would have soaked the plug if mine was mounted where yours is. Occasionally, when fishing in rough water the bow can dip and take some chop over the front bow and water will enter that compartment and drain cross that area and on to your plug. It also gets wet when you use the anchor rope. Also, my bow line is usually laying on that top area and is sometimes pretty wet. That compartment drains to the bilge unlike all the others that drain into the cockpit or rear well. In short, is the only wet compartment on my boat, all others seal perfectly with gaskets. Just thought I'd mention my view based on having the MA17 many years now. My plug is a different style as well, so like I said before maybe yours doesn't fit on that sidewall. Just trying to save you the trouble of that occurring on the water. The battery console box looks good!
  10. Love my 99 MA17 rocking the Yamaha 130 2 stroke!
  11. Flireman

    EZ Loader Trailer For Sale

    Great trailer I've had one under my MA17 since 2000 and replaced the torsional axle several years ago. And yes that alone is about $500 just for the axle to DIY. It has served me well. I also had another EZ Loader for my son's 14 Carolina Skiff both held up well. Good luck on your sale its a great trailer, can't beat the price.
  12. Flireman

    Cooler on deck.

    I have a Master Angler 17 and my Yeti 50 fits perfectly in cockpit between the front of the console and the front bulk head. Almost like it was made exactly to fit there. If I want to use it as a front deck platform I just move it there to fish. Always seems very stable when I fish off of it.
  13. Flireman

    Grounded Maverick on Beach Sea Tow Recovery

    Don't forget how shallow it floats!
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