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  1. Ameratrail Aluminum Wheels

    What a nice set up clean garage and boat . Trailer wheels are lookin good . Joe R
  2. Bimini Run

    Before GPS back in the day mid 70’s we would leave super early out of government cut in Miami head out the chalks air plane would fly over head and we would readjust our heading while it was still dark we could pick up the Bimini blinking light that use to put a smile on our face. Way back in the day the capt of the boat would get id’s from who ever was with you and they would walk you to customs to pay a diff amount every trip . Back than gas was way more than in Miami . That trip can get rough in a hurry or be a sheet of glass smooth . We would head home before sun up and you could see the glow of lights from Miami about half way . When I was in my early 20’s we did things that I wouldn’t dream of doing in my 60’s not sure if I am smarter or more chicken . 48-50 miles of open water to South Bimini check the weather check the weather and check the weather. Joe R
  3. Back in an HPX-V

    Try a yamaha pro series M-23 . That thing should turn the 23 pitch yamaha proseries 5900 to 6100 RPM . It may be worth your time to try and find one to test .
  4. That's a 14.5 X 21 . Yamaha Pro series M-21 3 blade SS prop .
  5. What's Really Important In Life..........

    Always great to hear good news in this world. Congrats to both of you. Hard to duplicate the feeling a proud Dad gets when there babys grow up and do great things. Joe R
  6. Power Pole Fluid

    Brian I have seen people use green marine ISO-32 hyd. fluid . How have you been ? Joe R
  7. RedfisherSHO , you may not be able to get your money back if your combination cant turn a 18 pitch 4 blade SS Talon and you need less pitch ,it may be very hard to sell a used almost new prop for close to the price that you pay for it . This may seem hard for you to believe but over many years of boating I have sold over 50 almost brand new props that I have bought new tested and it was not what I was looking for with performance changes I would do to to the hull and motors. I almost never get back half what I paid for them . I have gave as many away as I have sold .It would be cool if you could try before you buy but that just doesnt happen very often . I hope that you will be able to turn a 18 SS Talon 4 blade 6300 RPM on your 16 RF and if you cant I hope that your selling skills are way better than mine are . Joe R
  8. Lurem, did they ship the SS Talon 4 blade yet? Did you get your Merc . Spitefire back from the shop ?
  9. Info on repowering a 98 Hewes LT

    It may be a good idea to check out family boating center for a repower job . If you love your boat installing a new motor on it may be the way to go. Joe R
  10. Boat Collision in Bokeelia, FL

    Fingers crossed and prayers are sent .These things can happen fast we all need to be extra careful .
  11. Trolling motor mounting

    X 2 thats the only way to go .
  12. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Wow Hurricane nice couple snook !!🏁🏁🏁🏁
  13. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Not easy to find a marine cranking group 24 battery with 1000 CCA . I have only found a couple that make a group 24 with 1000 CCA do you know what the part number of the group 24 cranking marine dekas with 1000 CCA than you guys are running ?
  14. Battery

    Yes I e mailed Odyessey , that battery is made by EnerSys in Warrenburg Mo. .Odyssey has two EnerSys facilitys the one in Warrenburg Mo. and a second facility in the UK . Joe R
  15. Best Prop foe a Yamaha 115 FS

    Marcus, I can not and wont speak for Dale . Geeviam (Gary )said he would run the 19 on his new RF 16 with SHO 115 and can tell you what he thinks . I am not interested in testing a 19 pitch because its a little small for my set up. How ever I am very interested in a PRD3-21 or even a PRD3-20 pitch . I will test either prop if you just need feedback about how it works on the 18 HPX- SHO VF 115 combo but most likely wont be able to make a WOT run with a 19 without being on the rev limiter. Let me know when these things are for sale or if you need a test run and results with this prop on a 18 HPX / 115 SHO combo I sent a e mai to your work e mail . Thanks for your offer . Joe R
  16. In the tampa bay , south shore area , what wind direction will make the tide level way lower than the tide charts suggest ? Also what wind direction will stall the incoming tide ? If low tide should be -6 at 7:00 AM and at 9:30 its even lower what usually will cause that to happen ? Joe R
  17. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Hope that prop is the one !
  18. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    geevian , good point life is not as simple as it was years ago . Lots of toys to play with .
  19. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Good point .😊
  20. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    It could be a dream job .
  21. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    Agree X2. May want to check your charging system .
  22. To Cover or Not?

    The only time my boat is in the sun is when we are fishing. That sun will age the boat as fast is it ages us if we are in it everyday all day long . Joe R
  23. New to me first maverick

    Thats a nice riding Maverick . Have fun be safe . Joe R