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  1. Irrigation motor muff

    If I had room to store a tub I could of saved some money and not bought a collapsible bag but my garage has been shrinking a few inches every year for a long time I am out of room .
  2. Irrigation motor muff

    I use a collapsible flush bag from amazon , doesn’t take up much room like a non collapsible tank , I have had it a little over a year and it does the job . I run the motor 10 - 15 mins and add a little soap to help flush everything out . They are not cheap but has worked well .
  3. I have been looking for a spray can on dark blue metallic paint to match the VF 115 sho lower unit skeg . Been shooting gloss black but would like to hit it with the correct dark metallic blue . Does anyone know who has it and what the correct part number is ? Thanks for any help .

    Nag Juice you are in our prayers , I just looked where you are located and am glade that you are going to evacuate. Hope that this storm turns back out to sea and dissipates without touching land . Good luck 🍀 be smart and stay safe .
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Pompano!! , That’s sounds like a blast, they are so strong and so much fun plus look good on a dinner plate .
  6. Age 6 and 9 would be cool to mix up a park that isn’t a theme park with a theme park maybe one with two big ears and a mouse named Mickey . When my boys where there age they enjoyed the ride into Everglades National Park as much as the Flamingo fishing trips . On a good day they can see a lot of cool stuff and catch a few fish . They also liked Mickey Mouses house a lot . So much to do in Florida south Florida the keys and glades . Central Florida Disney . A few forts worth seeing . The beach are worth a stop . Just doing things they have not done before with the three of you will be something they will remember forever . Enjoy your time with them because they will grow up way faster than you want them to . Joe R
  7. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    Wow a 2.38 lower unit gear ratio turning a 19 pitch prop 6150 RPM running a speed 49 MPH that’s off the charts amazing MPH for that combo ! Off the charts ! Got to be one of the best running 17 MA out there .

    All we can do is pray and hope for the best .We sure got lucky with the last storm . It rained less in central west Florida than it was everyday before the storm . It didn’t cause any wind or flood damage may have mixed clean water in the red tide area, and blew it off sure as per the local news reports . We fished the Tampa bay south shore area yesterday and fishing was better than we have seen in a pretty long time more redfish around in there old spots than we have seen since last years hurricane. Hope we all stay lucky and safe and these storms lose there power and dissipate while at sea . Prepare for the worst and hope for the best .
  9. Boy your makin us hungry lookin at that 😋
  10. That’s beast will make that drag scream , shake its head and make a jump or two , looks like a wonderful day on the water to me . Thanks for sharing the pic . Joe R
  11. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    The F150B a commercial heavy duty F150 (sold in Japan) version does not run the two plastics balancer gears , the Rev limiter is set 250 RPM less that the F150 . Seems strange that the heavy duty F150B operates fine without the balancer gear design , wonder if the F150’s that are not having balancer gears problems are run not running above the 5750 RPM ? There are many F 150 Yamaha’s out there running that the owners have deleted the gears. The problem maybe more of a design than material fault. Small block Chevy motors had a nylon upper timing gear for decades but they didn’t run nylon gear to metal gear they connected the two with a chain . Than a harmonic balancer was bolted to the end of the crankshaft .
  12. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    That’s a great looking house , yard , pool , drive way , you should be very proud of it when you pull into that new driveway. And that area under the house really turned out nice 👍 Good luck with it , hope you never need for it to be that high again but if you do you are ready for it . Joe R
  13. 23 HPS // 250 SHO

    In search of the perfect prop somewhere in propsville USA can be - Expensive ,time consuming , sometimes aggravating , but worth all the effort when you find a great match that both you and your boat like . Hole shot , ride , top end all in one . Now you have to deside should I send this prop out that works better than any other I have ran and see if it can be dialed in a hair better for my set up . One of the hardest parts about the search for the perfect prop is knowing when to say when . Joe R
  14. HPX 18 Questions

    I have always installed my drain plug from the outside of the hull .
  15. LED trailer light info please

    Optronics. ST-37-LH. Has three wires, white ground came with a 5/16 round terminal , the yellow and brown wires go into a plug and go black rubber connector, harness is 16” long . I got the part number off of my spare left tail light assembly . Hope this helps.
  16. Well I've been replaced lol

    Alan Jackson’s Daddy let me drive song has always brought back some fantastic memories for me . My Dad had a 75 Johnson on a 18 foot Saber boat . If I started not feeling great he would let me sit on top of the seat and I would drive that thing . It did make me feel like a King . He did the same thing in the car I would drive down all the dirt roads in the field between 65th street in Hialeah and Opo-Locka AirPort miles of dirt roads way before the park or airport enlarged in the early 60’s . I really would feel like the king of the world .Boy I miss that man . Thanks for the memory’s .
  17. Brunswick buys Power Products

    there may also be a possibility that divorce rates could start rising among boat buyers due to the increase in prices .
  18. Well I've been replaced lol

    Djohnson , looks like Santa may need to start looking for a fly rod and reel to fit that boys hands soon . That picture says it all . That’s one happy boy .
  19. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    Wow very impressive that’s a big ole heavy boat .That boat is known for its smooth ride not blazing speed ,looks like yours has both . The Yamaha performance bulletin which are known to be on the high side with MPH numbers ran 54. Something with a f150 , one battery , no trolling motor , one person and a 21 pitch prop . Bulletin said weight tested like 2500 plus lbs . I would be surprised if a few 18 MA owners are not asking you about your prop and set up . 63 in a 18MA with a 150 that’s a good number for a HPX with a 150 .
  20. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    That’s impressive numbers what 2 stroke was on it ?
  21. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    Wow that’s like 2 % prop slip with a 1.92 to 1 gear ratio and a 21 pitch prop turning 5700 RPM that’s the best prop slip number I have ever seen and 58 MPH out of a 18 master angler is like 4 mph faster than have heard of . Is that speed from a GPS ? If I had a set up that had 2% slip I would live with the noise and enjoy the speed . Very impressive speed ,
  22. What to do??

    Dino this should be a picture of your 18 RF 2003 RedFisher from the old brochure (says light tackle boats on 2002 brochure).I am pretty sure the new Cad design hull came out in 2002 as per brochure . You got your 18 the same year I ordered my 16 RF 2003 ,( picture of it above )this was seven years before I ordered my 2010 HPX . All great boats and all do some things better than others . Like Geeviam said the RF bottom has a fair amount of V in the rear , it has a V where the 18 HPX has a pad . They made the V in the RedFisher because the average RedFisher guy ask about ride . Cutting thru a 2 foot swell may be more important to the RedFisher guy than a holeshot in shallow water or riding on top of the water on the pad to gain speed is to a HPX guy . They are all designed to fit the needs of different types of fisherman . Like the video said the HPX is a sports car . Different boats for different folks only time people are not happy is when they buy a boat that is made to do something other than what they want to do with it 90% of the time . A motor home would not handle very good racing on a road course but you don’t want to live and eat in a Porsche 911 for a week on vacation .
  23. WTB Yamaha Talon SS / SS4

    Mulligan this new prop took a ride south and has been visiting the Ellenton area for the last few days not sure when it will be ready to come back home . Sometimes things stay in that area awhile. I am not in a hurry so when ever it’s ready to come home is fine with me. Not sure if I will ever send a prop to Texas for a “Texas tinker” again . There may have been a Texas tinker cover up .
  24. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    Ok HoneyB your right I did miss the point that you where making my mistake ,
  25. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    That’s a lot of a speed gain , What about lifting it 2 inches would that speed double ? Are these real world numbers from your own testing ?