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  1. Smith optics warranty

    I am not sure if both me and my wife have been lucky or what but our Costa Del Mar’s have took a beating and keep on ticking .
  2. Smith optics warranty

    It is always great to hear about a place that has outstanding customer service , Smith glasses , Power Pole , Family Boating Center ,and Sweat Water Music are four company’s that I have heard or have experienced great customer service with. It’s always great to hear about good things that are happening in today’s world .
  3. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Simmon you said that all the about modifications meet all Australian design rules , do they meet all US federal emission laws for marine outboards and is it ok to use on a recreational boat or is there a waiver that has to be filled out before your company does a reflash ? I was told the before Nizpro does a reflash on a Yamaha you had to sign a waiver that says Nizpro is not responsible for any performance and / warranty issues . Is there any type of guaranteed MPH gain doing a 225 reflash without raising the factory max RPM rev limiter ? If so what is the min MPH increase that I would see ?
  4. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Good answer I would never tell you not to do what your Dad suggest . If you get time look it up just for your own knowledge than listen to your Dad . No need to keep going on this subject sometimes things get ugly and non productive. Have a great day .
  5. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    You may want to ask CAA and EPA about DPF and about anyone removing emissions from a car or truck that will be drove on public highway . CCA section 203 . Look up company’s that are being fined for selling kits to change diesel emissions . The company’s are trying to avoid breaking federal standards by only selling kits to race trucks and other trucks that the buyer says will not use these parts on public highways . I am not making this stuff up check it out . Ask if it is legal to modify or remove the emission system on your truck .
  6. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I thought that the outboards had to meet fuel flow and air flow calibrations and that was why the motors rated less HP where detuned to meet the Goverments standards . I think 40 CFR 1065.220 was for testing fuel flow and 1065.225 was for testing air flow . I thought the lower HP motors where de-tuned to fall into the proper emission window for that HP . We could change these settings for test purposes only unless the manufacturer had a TSB or recall to recalibrate the ECU ,PCM , or BCU . Off road non emission cars you could get a adjustable piggy back computer and play with gas air exhaust ignition timing curves and base timing trans shift points because they did not have to meet any emission standards. Glade the outboards don’t have to fall into there advertised HP by 10% . Lap it Up thanks for your time and fairly simple answer .
  7. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for answering some of our many questions . Is it legal to modify a new outboard motor on a recreational boat ? Most Yamaha motors have a extended warranty that is a lot longer than 36 months which means we would be giving up many years of warranty coverage for performance as you know these motors are no longer a few thousand dollars they cost some serious money. In the past I have modified every boat I have had and years of modified stock cars , but I do not modify my street vehicles or my new boat motors because for emission reasons . Do you have to sign a waiver saying this motor will be use for racing only ? I am aware that Florida no longer test emissions but working in the antomotive field for over 30 years I also am aware that altering a federal emission standard is not a great idea ask Volkswagen . I thought that outboards started to fall into the federal emission standards in 2010 , I am not as familiar with the outboard emission laws as the auto manufacturers but didn’t think you could up hp rating more than 10% of what the advertised HP was . Simmon it is really great getting answers about your product directly from you . Thanks for your time and answers .
  8. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Great advice, more than a couple times I have lost a lure or cut a line when we where in fish and replaced a rig as fast as I could looked at a leader to line knot that didn’t look 100% and used it anyway because I wanted another shot at a fish and was in a hurry . Usually when that happens there isn’t a good ending to that fish story .
  9. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    x-2 No reason to use this language there are minors on this forum . Capt. Lucky 23 if you want your message to stay on the forum you may want to edit your message and change some of the wording . We respect your opinion but not the language that you used .
  10. Forum decal

    Not a bad idea 💡
  11. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I know that Simmon motor sports out of Calf . did a Yamaha F150 ECU reflash a few years ago and a consistent 1mph top end speed increase (gps)and a little better throttle response was felt . We did not have the rev limiter RPM raised and we had to use 91 octane gas . At the time this was done DBR Bush racing and Simmon did the Yamaha F150 reflash and hydro tech said they did not do the f150 because they didn’t see any performance gains with the f150 from the reflash . Wayne Worthy ay HT May be able to give you some ECU real world numbers . Isn’t SimmonsMotor Sports in Calf and Nizpro’s ECU reflash both done by the same person ?
  12. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    A lot of us have created our own fishing monsters . They are great fishing family memory’s that will last a life time . I thank God that I have fishing memory’s going out with my Dad , than taking my kids and grand kids fishing . One of my best fishing memory’s is a day at Flamingo fishing with my son and Father . Enjoy every your special time fishing with your little guy he will be a adult way faster than you can imagine . Great picture , story ( and snook) .
  13. Catch and release extended

    I am not sure if I would want to eat a fish that is or had been in a area where the fish where all dying from the red tide .
  14. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    When you pull the wheel with a puller loosen the nut than reinstall a nut back on the shaft to cover the treads this will help you not damage the shaft threads than install the puller put a fair amount of pressure on tha wheel and tap the end of the puller bolt with a brass hammer ( don’t want to mushroom the treaded shaft ) . Tap the puller with a brass hammer if the wheel doesn’t pop off apply more pressure to the wheel puller and tap it again with the brass hammer. Then when you remove the nut from the shaft it will clean what ever thread damage was done while removing the wheel with the puller this is why you reinstall the nut on the shaft leaving room for the steering wheel to pull up when it becomes loose .
  15. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    H&B. Heat and Beat 🔥🛠