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  1. dabear

    Yamaha Gauges

    Try novus #1 plastic polish kit works on lean windshields on race cars and doesn’t leave scratch , swirl marks use a super clean polish cloth . Worth a try only cost a few bucks .
  2. dabear

    2000ish 16 red fisher vs. 17 ma

    17 ft minus 16 ft 5 inches equals 7 inches . 😀
  3. dabear

    Garmin Update

    My Spitefire came with a Yamaha hub kit the kit had everything I needed to install the Merc prop on my Yamaha VF115 . Washer on the front between prop and lower unit hard plastic looking hub insert rear trust washer between prop and nut new nut and a new pin was all included in the hub kit . The Merc to Yamaha hub does have a hair more play in the prop than any other hub insert that I have seen .
  4. dabear

    Garmin Update

    Ha birthday boy did you order vent plugs with the X-7 prop ? Sounds like you are going to have a great birthday , you don’t need to eat everyday .
  5. dabear

    Garmin Update

    Happy birthday to me , are you going to act surprised 😮 when the G3 card arrives ?
  6. dabear

    My old 16 RF

    Back in the day it was a fun little project . Could not ever get more than 50 hrs between tearing the motor down and freshening it up , I was turning it hard every time out . Lots of machine work and modifications to that motor not a bolts on ECU reflash no brained that thing had some serious modifications to make HP at extreme RPMs the machine work to the block alone was weeks of grinding and polishing exhaust and intake ports raised and made wider , finger ports , .020 over wiseco pistons ,horizonal front half of block , light fly wheel , heads shaved and reshaped , several diff tuner lengths and shapes hours of intake grinding and redirection of flow , reed cage mods , diff reed material 220 hp cards lots R&D that didn’t help , all fun at the time , sounded like a bumble bee at WOT . It was time for it to go and join the quiet emission friendly non smelly great gas mileage four stroke fisherman . Spent way to much time turning wrenches instead of turning reel handles was more on a play boat than a fish boat . Was fun at the time but I am really loving my turn key non gas burning VF115 four stroke . maybe it’s old age .
  7. dabear

    My old 16 RF

    😀My old hopped up 16 RF . Joe R
  8. Outlaw those 16 red fishers run best aired out nice video .
  9. We ran that trip frompa pa Joes to flamingo way before we knew what a GPS was . We called twin key pass Barracuda pass and would stop there and play with the cud’s on the way to little rabbit key , hit little rabbit for mangrove snapper , hit a little deeper water between little and big rabbit for trout than run toward man a war that use to be loaded with bigger mangrove snapper , next stop was redfish out front of flamingo . The first few trips we would get turned around looking for a opening in the bank heading towards man a war . It was a lot of fun back than like exploring.
  10. You may want to check out the new rules for fishing inside of Everglades National Park . A lot of people don’t realize how close the boundary to Everglades National Park is to the highway in the Islamorada area . Joe R
  11. dabear

    New Merc/Quicksilver Q4

    I thought that the Q-4 was a cross over Quicksilver to Mercury .Q-4 was a Standard Stainless alloy ( lot less expensive) prop with a simular design to Mercury’s Spitefire X-7 . 4 1/4 cross over from Q-4 —- Spitefire x-7 and on the larger hub the Q-4 crossover should be Q-4 —— Rev 4 like Mulligan said . Joe R
  12. dabear

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Mulligan, you did a good job making that plate it looks really nice 👍 . Sound like you may have found a sweat spot with the additional setback .
  13. dabear

    Warming Up

  14. dabear

    Warming Up

    Seems like it’s been fore ever since we had great fishing weather . The temperatures are getting better every week now I need some water without a negative tide during my narrow window of opportunity that I can fish during . What I did notice last trip is how healthy the redfish looked . Good looking snook you have .
  15. dabear

    21- Spitefire no longer for sale

    Appreciate the warning and can imagine the terrible feeling in your stomach when you felt the bump and first seen your prop destroyed . It is never good for the environment or the prop and prop owner to come in contact with each other fortunate for the environment that it usually wins. I hope that none of us ever touch bottoms grasses logs oyster bars or anything else. We all need to be as careful as possible that way we can continue to fish in these shallow very productive areas . If we all take care of our shallow water areas they will have a better chance of being here for our grandchildren to enjoy plus no need to give anyone a reason to make a area off limits .
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