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  1. I wouldn't sell it either thats a keeper . After he was done banging on it and testing and banging some more thats a one of a kind . Joe R
  2. CORBO, was your cousin Jim Boee ? Having the man who invented the Turbo prop help set that thing up had to be cool. I bet you had a prop or two to test and fine tune . Joe R
  3. E.G. Simmon area no floaters

    Hurricane , Fair catch it isWithout my lucky buckeye seed in my pocket I may not of landed that snook .It was as windy as any weather I have ever fished in , A real challenge to hold the boat in position long enough to get a cast to the correct spot and thoroughly work it in the strike zone . Could not work a mangrove with the wind at my back because we where moving way to fast . Had to go into the wind to have time to work a area .Wish we could of fished longer but I think we got the best from a bad weather day . The great thing about the trip,was we did not see any dead fish . Hope we get to sneak another day in between fronts again next week. Joe R
  4. E.G. Simmon area no floaters

    Hurricane , In that short amount of time we covered a few spots (that are known to have fish)and didnt see any movement no bait or bites . That snook was in between hundreds of cast with no action before or after it . Also in just bumped the in line spinner and moved really slow felt like when you bump a leave under water than line got a little heavy like a small rock I pulled thats when it started acting like a snook. This cold water has them in low gear. Fish was also heavy and fat for how long it was . I was glade to see a healthy snook and not see anything dead .
  5. E.G. Simmon area no floaters

    Gold spinner baits . It was only 1 1/2 hrs from the time we put in until we loaded up . I am sure that there where more fish around but the wind seemed to blow harder every second . I was fishing with my wife and it wasnt getting better so we loaded up and made it a short trip.
  6. This morning Friday Jan.12,2018 fished a couple areas before the cold front it was very windy, super clear water, not a great tide did not see any dead fish in the Bahia beach , E.G. simmon Park area. Got a nice snook and jacks very short trip due to rough water and 20 MPH wind .
  7. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    That eagle photo is a amazing shot. I wonder if something in the wire harness going into the front of the motor is moving when the motor angle changes with trim . May be worth your time to do a visual inspection and look at the harness than trim to the spot that you notice the shake and see if it looks like any connections move , are non tight or have corrosion . Hope its something simple .
  8. Thanks so much I appreciate and am flattered by the compliments but you all need to know that I enjoy sharing things that I have tried that worked out for me. (Easier to make them go slower than faster)We all have spent lots of time and money with research and testing props that did not do what we thought they should of. Its kind of cool when we run a few that worked well and made a difference. I have picked up a bunch of information on the forum from members that have shared information about fishing lines, poles,.have had members tell me about fishing spots, had members let me follow them in areas that I have never fished. Over the years I have got way more from this forum than I give . Thanks again Joe R
  9. Conocean, I just wanted to let anyone that has been looking for a hard to find K series Yamaha Pro Series prop that Yamaha stopped making . Power Tech has a new series prop that should be a great replacement prop for the pro series.So if you like the yamaha pro series than check out this new series by power tech called PRD-3 (PR for Pro and D for The size in PT line up D is the mid HP ) . For more info contact Marcus @ power tech he is the go to guy for info about this new model prop. Joe R
  10. Being you like how the Pro Series Yamaha rides but just need less pitch You should try the new series PRD-3 PowerTech prop that is just hitting the market I would think a PRD-3 in a 19 or 20 pitch may be what you need E mail marcus@ptptop.com . He has all the inside information about the new prop ,plus is very familar with the HPX . Joe R
  11. Transducer question?

    I removed the StructureScan HD / side scan transducer that came with my lowrance HDS touch because it didnt help me with the shallow water type fishing I do plus it was very large . I have the old style hockey puck type transducer that I have epoxied to the inside of my hull. Nothing screwed to the outside of the hull spraying water . The long structurescan HD transducer may have advantages to someone that uses the fish finder a lot but was not useful to me . My lowrance is used every trip for GPS speed and water temps , and use GPS when out of town . But for the type of shallow water fishing I do most of the time I was not using the side scan feature.
  12. HPX FAN , who ever you send your new spitefire X-7 prop to make sure that the prop shop knows exactly what changes you want and need to have done, example I am not in the RPM range that I want to be at W.O.T. I need to be able to turn 200 more RPM. Tell them what performance gains you want to get and ask if they can rework your prop to get the gains you want. If you are looking for a 2 mph increase in speed and 200 more RPM make sure you both know that is what you need . Ask if they can rework the prop to get what you need . Its easy for a shop to get you more RPM but not as easy to get the RPM increase and speed . If they say they can try but may not be able to get you what you ask for than save your money and dont send it. Good luck
  13. Hydro Tec Marine Performance???

    Not a real tough install at all . Remove stock reeds and install HTs carbon fiber reeds , replace carb jets with jets that are a couple mm larger remove stock heads and install heads that have been shaved for a little higher compression . The higher compression will put a little more strain on the power head short block than stock but with the carb jet size going up a little richer , and running a higher octaine gas it still should not lean out and remain fairly safe . Anytime you add more compression or alter OEM parts on any engine you may shorten the life.
  14. If your turning a pro series 21 5900 trimmed out to the max than I would steer you towards the 19 spitefire X-7 . ( spitefire is harder to turn RPM than that yamaha K-21) . They have a good hole shot but the way merc did the progressive pitch design top end RPM doesnt come easy . Hope you can find one to test before you buy . As geeviam said " there is a big gap in top-end RPMs between the different pitch sizes on a SpiteFire X-7 ". Joe R
  15. How many RPM are you turning the K 21 yamaha prop you have and is the yamaha pro series in good shape ? I have a 21 pro series yamaha and a mercury spitefire X-7 that mercury racing has blueprinted. I can turn my yamaha 21 more RPM than I can turn my blueprinted Merc . No two boats or props are exactly alike so your numbers may not be the same as mine . On my set up I can turn my yamaha 21 300 more Rpm than I can turn my merc prop. So if your bost and props perform close to mine if you can turn your yamaha 6300 RPM you should be able to turn the merc only 6000 RPM . If your boat performs like mine the Merc 19 will have a fantastic hole shot but may be a pitch to small . That would make the 21 a pitch to tall . Only way to know for sure would be to test one.