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  1. New Fishing Buddy

    Good looking fishing partner , will Maggie May be fishing off the front or rear ? Be careful with your new buddy we took my wife minature toy puddle to Flamingo a long time ago 14 years and it walked off the front of my 16 RF and sank fast almost didn’t get it in time . That was that dogs last fishing trip .
  2. Improved Cheese Grater

    A true speed freak would need a shut off grater plate . It would be possible to make a lexan cheese grater plate with all the holes needed for your livewell to perform and drain great when you are using your livewell . Than on that rare occasion when you wouldn’t be using the live well and wanted to try and get every possible MPH out of your fishing boat. You could place the plate in the closed position before putting the boat in the water. This lexan plate would be shorter than the lower plate so it could slide into position to open and close all the holes in the cheese grater. The upper plate would be able to slide forward to open water holes in that position all the holes would be a exact match , There would be four screws in a slot that could be loeesened to let the upper plate move back covering all holes in that closed position the plate would slide into the closed position in the slot than you could tighten the screws down . The plate would be able to slide forward with the screws in the slot than when in full open and full closed position the plate would move to the side that way when screws are tight in could not move . Joe R
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Outlaw didn’t you work at Frank and Jimmys in like 2003 or 2004 when we got our 16 RF with 115 2 strokes out do I you mixed up with another guy in Ft.Lauderdale . Back when my RedFisher was named FLAT OUT and the other 16 RF was something like No Ex Hewes . Joe R
  4. Dale remember we raise the trim tabs higher on my RF and you said you did your bay fisher way back in 2004 seen minimal speed gain , remember I even removed mine and wet tested to see if there was a speed gain with out tabs to make sure there wasn’t a drag . If they are low you can’t get the boat out of the water . The ones under the boat that don’t stick out the back like our 16 RF did are usually good to go if the don’t drop below the bottom of the hull when in the fully up position .
  5. Improved Cheese Grater

    Doing a water test and temporarily blocking a couple more holes each test while taking notes to see how the amount and placement of the temporarily closed holes would effect the live well operation , boat handling and speed would be give you a fairly accurate idea of what type of plate design may work best for you . We all use our boats and live wells different. That may be a interesting way to see how hole placement and amounts may change things . This could save someone interested in building a new plate some test and tune time perfecting a plate to fill your needs without having to worry about filling in screw holes or using larger screws .
  6. Improved Cheese Grater

    Make sure you use good 200 MPH tape because there will be a lot of resistance from water pressure. I bet you would see a performance gain if you completely blocked off the sea chest area, as soon as that tape gets loose it’s going to have a opposite effect on performance and should slow that RF down from that added drag of the tape . Should be a interesting experiment . Wont be much of a fishing boat with out s live well but you can’t have everything . How much longer until that 16 RF is ready to go with your new VF115 ?
  7. Improved Cheese Grater

    linesider 159 It is almost unheard of to get massive speed gains from a inexpensive bolt on item that can be adjusted or replaced fairly easy so this post has got attention from any speed junky willing to spend a afternoon on his back . Don’t know how many will actually do it but it has a few thinking about it . linesider what was the speed increase that you experienced changing nothing but the cheese grater ? I know that the stainless steel oval shape cheese grater on my HPX is a lot smaller than the RF design . Mine is a 6 “ X 4” oval shape with 22 holes all in a angle to scoop water in holes in front are a little smaller than the ones in the rear . I don’t believe my grater touches the water when the boat is wide open and riding on the pad . The grater on my HPX is level with the hull in the front and the screw holes are recessed and the five mounting screw heads are not sticking up they are level with the plate .
  8. Improved Cheese Grater

    I would like to place a order for one Gary M hi performance cheese grater, for a 2010 HPX . I wanted the smoked clear lean model .
  9. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Great that looks way better than the modified old wedge I have been using . Thanks for the video and your time .
  10. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    rdupre , is that the part # that you ordered for your VF 115 SHO ? Does the Motor Mate stay attached to the motor and hang down until needed or do you only have it on when in tow ? Do you have a picture of it installed on your SHO ?
  11. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Outlaw unfortunately you won’t be able to use the same wedge that was on your old 2 stroke tlrb115 motor , the SHO went to a single ram one the ways they trimmed some weight and made things lighter than the older 4 strokes . The single ram has another type of wedge . I cut a slot in my old wedge from my F150 and have been using it for a year , I really need to order the wedge for my SHO some day . When is the Estimated time on your first time out with that brand new VF115 ?
  12. HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    Pretty much everything was changed the only thing the same is the name 18 HPX the 2009 and Up is a little longer , it is a lot more narrow , the live bait well is way larger on the newer design , the motor sits in a diff location the old design the motor was mounted forward of the trans. . The newer design is less weight . It is a totally redesigned hull . The ride and performance is much diff between the two boats . They are as different as a first generation Camaro to the second generation Camaro . Night and a Day . It may be worth your time to check out Family Boating of Tampa the owner Paul could fill in all the blanks he knows both hull designs and may even have what your hunting for . Joe R
  13. HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    The 2005 HPX 18 won’t be the same hull as the 2010 HPX 18 . Don’t want to get the two mixed up they don’t ride or perform the same . I think the new style hull came out in 2009 on the HPX .
  14. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Sounds like you may be back on the water soon . I hope your new motor works fantastic and last as long or longer than your TLRB115 2 stroke did . It is not fun spending the money for a new motor but it will sure be nice burning way less gas, with a smooth running , dependable smokeless better smelling quiet brand new good looking 115 horses hanging on the back of that 16RF .
  15. Need jack plate help/advice

    Wire job looks good to me plus if you ever have another faulty relay problem again in the future changing a relay would not end your day . Good job 👍