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  1. Best Prop foe a Yamaha 115 FS

    Marcus, I can not and wont speak for Dale . Geeviam (Gary )said he would run the 19 on his new RF 16 with SHO 115 and can tell you what he thinks . I am not interested in testing a 19 pitch because its a little small for my set up. How ever I am very interested in a PRD3-21 or even a PRD3-20 pitch . I will test either prop if you just need feedback about how it works on the 18 HPX- SHO VF 115 combo but most likely wont be able to make a WOT run with a 19 without being on the rev limiter. Let me know when these things are for sale or if you need a test run and results with this prop on a 18 HPX / 115 SHO combo I sent a e mai to your work e mail . Thanks for your offer . Joe R
  2. If a member answered questions on this forum and who ever is in charge of the forum didnt like the way it was answered how would they try and correct the problem ? Would they say something on the forum or would they send the member a private message or would they contact this member using a private e mail ? If they sent a e mail would who ever handles things like this say what the problem is and who they are and how they want to fix it ? Joe Raimondo
  3. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Hope that prop is the one !
  4. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    geevian , good point life is not as simple as it was years ago . Lots of toys to play with .
  5. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Good point .😊
  6. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    It could be a dream job .
  7. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    Agree X2. May want to check your charging system .
  8. To Cover or Not?

    The only time my boat is in the sun is when we are fishing. That sun will age the boat as fast is it ages us if we are in it everyday all day long . Joe R
  9. New to me first maverick

    Thats a nice riding Maverick . Have fun be safe . Joe R
  10. Everyone underestimates draft

    RedfishRippn , the motor guide machete lll that I have is a black plastic . If I am the only one using it the plastic motorguide machete lll last me for years. Unless we fish out of town we seldom fish in weeds . We fish lots of mangrove root areas . Is that aluminum prop made by motorguide ?
  11. Everyone underestimates draft

    I run the machete lll because it works well shallow , motorguide does may a 2 blade weedless prop called a Safari that looks like the kipawa , I didnt like the safari weedless two blade because it was noisey when I ran the TM shallow .
  12. Everyone underestimates draft

    Dont you guys adjust your trolling motors ? I am always adjusting it up or down to off set weight in the boat and water conditions If I am fishing in calm water with myself and one angler (90%of the time) I will raise my TM until the tip of the blade is only a inch and a half under water if needed to get over shallow areas and Use the TM at lower speeds tp move around . The round anode on my Motor Guide TM shaft is a little less than 11 inches from the bottom of the skeg , I usually run my motor with that anode just under water . Thats set up works on my 18HPX VF115 combo . Joe R
  13. MA 17 and Yamaha F115 Setup

    3 blade powertech PTR 17 or 18 worked well on that set up years ago .