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  1. dabear

    21- Spitefire no longer for sale

    Prop is no longer for sale installed it on the boat and it has just become my negative tide low water prop , runs flat and great good hole shot , ( didn’t want to use it if I was selling ) put my go to Yamaha Pro series under the bench until we get some better tides .
  2. That didn’t take long . 👍
  3. dabear

    Shark Eyes Install

    From the factory white stern lamp is on poling tower and red and green nav lamps are mounted high one on each side of the center console . Been check many times and so far coast guard have been happy with the set up .
  4. Brand new , mint condition Merc Spitefire X-7 - 21 pitch , lab finished by Mercury Racing F&J Racing ft. Lauderdale ,comes with a brand new hub kit for Merc and a slightly used Yamaha hub kit . Guaranteed to be 100% mint and lab finished by F&J . $300.00 or trade for K-21 Yamaha pro series 13.5 X 21 in good condition . Joe R . Drop price new price $ 250.00 , change #3 prop is on the boat and no longer for sale .
  5. Gary didn’t that prop have excellent slip numbers seemed like the 17 had the speed of a higher pitch prop but still had a great holeshot when you ran it . What was your speed with the Spitefire X-7 on your RedFisher before your upgraded cheese grater replacement ?
  6. Conocean , that is a great Christmas present , I wouldn’t think it’s something that you would get two of or that you would regift it . Snook on artis in the glades for Christmas will be hard to duplicate . Great story and fish . 👍 . Way to go . Joe R
  7. dabear

    Any Near Me Maverick 18 HPX V Owners??

    A brand new HPX isn’t something that you buy everyday so it may be worth contacting a dealer that would find one for you to check out in the water and out . Most of us like to support the home team if they are the best . Sounds like it may be worth your while to contact Paul at Familt Boating Center in Tampa and check out our home team . Paul has knocked it out of the park for me a few times great people to deal with . E mail FBC in Tampa and see what you think . Spending that kind of money it’s worth checking out other dealers to see what they can do for you . It’s a ride but like I said not something you do everyday . Joe R
  8. dabear

    Forum doing strange stuff

    Thanks Bubba , That was kind of a pain .
  9. dabear

    Forum doing strange stuff

    This pops up a lot when I use the space bar . It there a bug in the system ? Hope it is nothing important that could be past on .
  10. dabear

    Severe cavitation

    DavidG I am so happy for you that your new boat cavitation problem has been corrected . Hope you get many many years of trouble free boating out of your new ride . 👍
  11. dabear

    Severe cavitation

    I am pretty sure that geeviam was trying to say a few things that could cause cavitation, I don’t think is was saying the transducer location could cause the prop hub to have play from side to side . I think he was saying that it is possible for a transducer location to disturb water flow to the prop and that disturbed water could cause a prop to have higher slip numbers. Fin-addict I agree with what you said about checking out that prop hub first .
  12. dabear

    Improved Cheese Grater

    A old carb motor will make could make more HP with cooler more dense air entering the carbs but today’s hi tech PCM controlled electronic fuel injection nozzles with MAF or IAC sensors they will know the density , air temp , and how much air past the sensor than send this infor to ECM and motor will not run richer than about 15-1 or if your ECM has been reflashed for more timing the ratio will be a hair richer to compensate for the additional ignition timing but being it is electronically controlled it will adjust and keep fuel to air ratios the same even if you have cooler air with more density . Back in the day when I ran a carbs on the hot rod Yamahas big gains came when you ran more timing and richer main fuel jetting and twisted the heck ( cut rev limiter) out of those smelly smoking two strokes in cooler weather conditions . Wasnt good for the environment but was fun at the time , the smell of unturned fuel at idle , the 🌈 rainbows in the water , glade most of us are running clean burning stock 4=strokes no need to dump more pollution in the areas we fish .
  13. HoneyB , no need to toss your genius homemade name tag out , you , geeviam and anyone else that can walk down the street looking at your phone and straighten out things that others post on this forum without even thinking about it are electronic computer guru’s . So put that HoneyB genius name tag back on your shirt . The world needs a couple technical advisors to help out us computer challenged forum members .
  14. dabear

    Post your MA pics here!

    🙏 Thanks, geeviam has been my technical adviser with computers more than one time thanks geeviam your the best .👍
  15. dabear

    K100 in premixed fuel

    I use non ethanol gas only but if I did use ethanol 10% or less gas I would be careful adding K100. Primary ingredient =2 Butoxy ethanol, says it contains alcohol. It may be adding what you are trying to stay clear of , no way you want to end up over 10% . Many products out there claim to help K100 May slow down water fuel separation but may not remove alcohol by adding ethanol . You may want to look up MSDS ingredients and look up K100 ingregiants and test results . I have never had great luck with mechanic in a can products . Do your home work than deside what you think is best for you .