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  1. RedfisherSHO , you may not be able to get your money back if your combination cant turn a 18 pitch 4 blade SS Talon and you need less pitch ,it may be very hard to sell a used almost new prop for close to the price that you pay for it . This may seem hard for you to believe but over many years of boating I have sold over 50 almost brand new props that I have bought new tested and it was not what I was looking for with performance changes I would do to to the hull and motors. I almost never get back half what I paid for them . I have gave as many away as I have sold .It would be cool if you could try before you buy but that just doesnt happen very often . I hope that you will be able to turn a 18 SS Talon 4 blade 6300 RPM on your 16 RF and if you cant I hope that your selling skills are way better than mine are . Joe R
  2. Lurem, did they ship the SS Talon 4 blade yet? Did you get your Merc . Spitefire back from the shop ?
  3. Info on repowering a 98 Hewes LT

    It may be a good idea to check out family boating center for a repower job . If you love your boat installing a new motor on it may be the way to go. Joe R
  4. Boat Collision in Bokeelia, FL

    Fingers crossed and prayers are sent .These things can happen fast we all need to be extra careful .
  5. Trolling motor mounting

    X 2 thats the only way to go .
  6. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Wow Hurricane nice couple snook !!🏁🏁🏁🏁
  7. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Not easy to find a marine cranking group 24 battery with 1000 CCA . I have only found a couple that make a group 24 with 1000 CCA do you know what the part number of the group 24 cranking marine dekas with 1000 CCA than you guys are running ?
  8. Battery

    Yes I e mailed Odyessey , that battery is made by EnerSys in Warrenburg Mo. .Odyssey has two EnerSys facilitys the one in Warrenburg Mo. and a second facility in the UK . Joe R
  9. Best Prop foe a Yamaha 115 FS

    Marcus, I can not and wont speak for Dale . Geeviam (Gary )said he would run the 19 on his new RF 16 with SHO 115 and can tell you what he thinks . I am not interested in testing a 19 pitch because its a little small for my set up. How ever I am very interested in a PRD3-21 or even a PRD3-20 pitch . I will test either prop if you just need feedback about how it works on the 18 HPX- SHO VF 115 combo but most likely wont be able to make a WOT run with a 19 without being on the rev limiter. Let me know when these things are for sale or if you need a test run and results with this prop on a 18 HPX / 115 SHO combo I sent a e mai to your work e mail . Thanks for your offer . Joe R
  10. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Hope that prop is the one !
  11. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    geevian , good point life is not as simple as it was years ago . Lots of toys to play with .
  12. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    Good point .😊
  13. 2013 Hewes RF 16 engine mounting height

    It could be a dream job .