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  1. Attitudeindicator

    Bring back the Lappy

    Took this bonefisher out for the second time ever today and received 3 compliments at the ramp. Definitely a head turner 😎
  2. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    Went with a F70. Will be doing some prop testing after break-in . Stand by for performance #s
  3. Attitudeindicator

    New to me bonefisher

    I agree the gray is nice.. actually it’s in the shop now for a re power. Going with Yamaha f70
  4. Attitudeindicator

    New to me bonefisher

    Here’s my 1999 16’ bonefisher I picked up cheap! did some wet sanding of the hull and painted the poling platform. before and after pic
  5. Attitudeindicator

    1998 Pathfinder 17t KEVLAR

    I don’t think it’s far off. Given the condition it should be listed on the high end. I personally haven’t seen a Kevlar version around. Regardless, beautiful looking boat and someone will have a sweet little ride.
  6. Attitudeindicator

    1998 Pathfinder 17t KEVLAR

    Look what just popped up on boat trader. Heard these things are rare. https://www.boattrader.com/listing/1998-pathfinder-17-tunnel-103746713/ very slick boat.
  7. Attitudeindicator

    Nevr-Dull to polish Yamaha motor ?

    Never dull is for metal so I wouldn’t use it for your cowling. For the cowling use Collonite 845 insulator wax.. best looking and longest lasting wax I’ve used to date .
  8. Attitudeindicator

    School me on this live well...

    So I understand this is a crustacean well and water should flow through naturally but there sure are a ton of holes... 6 holes total 5 on the transom. One is at the lowest point for the drain. I’m assuming the other 4 are for the fee flow of water. Am I supposed to keep some of them plugged? what does the one do that goes straight through the bottom?
  9. Attitudeindicator

    Rule thru hull livewell pump

    It’s a good thing it took a crap mechanically and not physically. Mine cracked at the fitting and almost sank the boat. Put a shut off valve on it if you could for next one.
  10. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    I’m not brand loyal or anything I’m just worried about the weight increase on this size boat.
  11. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    I repowered my old boat with a brand new 150 etec and had nothing but issues. I’m kinda hesitant about getting another, I’m not opposed to it but my wife is not thrilled with that option lol.
  12. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    Thanks for your input! I’m getting such mixed reviews from what I read here and thehulltruth.com some say 70 is lacking others are 90 is too heavy...
  13. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    As it sits in the water it squats a little (85hp). So I’m worried about putting another 100lbs on the back. It’s tough to find a 90hp 4 stroke that’s under 300lbs to get close to the original weight. Even the etec is 320lbs. do you happen to have performance #s with that 70?
  14. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    Well I picked up a 1999 16’ bonefisher with an 85 yamaha on the back for cheap knowing I would need to re-power down the road. Well I was hoping to get at least a year out of the engine but looks like it going to need to be done sooner than later. So my dilemma is do I buy a used 2 stroke 90hp for less than 3k and slap that on to keep initial investment low or do I put a new 4 stroke on it. How do these boats perform with a 4 stroke? 90 vs 70hp? I was told even though you can put a 90hp on it a 70 hp would be better and save 100lbs on the transom. Anyone have real experience? Thanks
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