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  1. Simrad Total Scan

    Dino, when I had the PF with Structure Scan(not sure what the difference is with Total Scan) I would use a split or quad screen and look down, to the sides and use the broad band sonar as well. The SS provided me with more detail at the 800 Hz for individual bait fish not only down but also on the sides to see a school of bait that the broadband sonar did not pick up. I thought it was another helpful tool. If it isn't too much $$$ or trouble, I would add it, especially if you often search for bait. Good luck.
  2. How to prepare Hogfish and Triple Tail

    As above, the Hogfish is delicate and really, really good. The Tripletail is also excellent and is more like a Snapper. Here is a recipe that I have used many times and I think is great. Omit the pepper if you don't like spicy food... http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/grilled-snapper-vera-cruz-recipe-1949786
  3. Chartplotters

    Good feedback and helpful pictures!
  4. about 296

    I am waiting on my 277, I have been on the 296 and the head is plenty big for anyone to feel comfortable. If 27-31 feet is the range, he could also take a look at the 277 which also has ample room for anyone to feel comfortable. There are videos of the boats which will give you an idea of the size and ease in which to access the head. There is also a video of a 296 running as far as ride. I have not taken a ride in the 296, so I cannot comment. Great boats for fishing and going to the sandbars. Construction build for Cobia is MBG quality, NMMA certified and Yacht certified at that size(I believe).
  5. 24 TRS TM Battery Location

    Yes, that is starboard under the battery trays. The floor in the console was pretty thick, so I screwed the starboard to the floor. I don't remember how I made the piece of starboard level on the inspection plate - that was almost 6 years ago. I would recommend spraying the sender unit under the inspection plate with boeshield or some other anti corrosion spray since it is difficult to get to once a 60 pound battery is installed over it. Never had a problem.
  6. Advice on VHF radio and antenna

    This article may help you... http://www.sportfishingmag.com/choosing-and-using-marine-vhf-antenna Also, remember, whatever your range is, there may be other boats in the area that can help aside from the coast guard. If you don't already have an EPIRB, I would recommend investing in one if you are going to be out that far. I used a 4' Digital fiberglass antenna on the side of my console on my PF 1900. Not the best picture, but the only one I have available right now. I didn't mount them too high because I had a bimini top. Good luck.
  7. Boeshield(or similar) versus DiElectric grease

    OK. Got it, thanks!
  8. I was wondering if there are certain marine non-engine areas that you couldn't use one over the other. For examples, fuses and fuse box, battery terminals, etc. Does one outperform the other or convenience of spray versus brush or wipe on for the grease? Thanks!
  9. Insurance coverage questions...

    I am looking to get insured and was wondering what kind of coverage most people are choosing. Thanks!!!
  10. Spare Tire Cover

    Ron, a local custom guy. I am sure any canvas shop can make one for you. Sorry, can't seem to find a picture. Really looks like any tire cover, but matched to the sunbrella cover color. It had a drawstring that pulled it tight and tied to the trailer so it wouldn't flap in the wind.
  11. I need to make a modification to my existing fence. If anyone here has a fence company or can recommend one in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, I would certainly appreciate it.
  12. Spare Tire Cover

    I had one made when I got my boat cover, also made out of sunbrella. Lasted the longest(sold it with the boat) and looked the best.
  13. Lithium Jump Starter Size

    I recently purchased this item for my truck. I imagine that it would work on any outboard motor.... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016UG6PWE?ref_=ams_ad_dp_asin_2 I also read about the WEEGO brand as well. Just follow the specs to match up for your size engine.
  14. No maintenance. No gas fumes that will stain your console and eat away at wires. No chance of leaking. Very little loss of charge. Generally the AGMs last longer. I had a pair for 8 years and the boat I just sold had them over 5 years. I also found a Duracell AGM at Batteries Plus(starting/house battery). It appears to be a DEKA with a Duracell label. This is common, there are few manufacturers of batteries with many branded labels. If you look around, you can usually find a good price.
  15. Chartplotters

    I really like my Simrad with a Navionics chip. I would recommend that you head down to a larger West Marine that has all the electronics to try out and figure out which one works best for you.