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  1. JakeK

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    I was thinking the same thing...BONUS!....but I have absolutely NO plans to sell it...I love my RF16...so there's that ;-).
  2. JakeK

    Trailering Covers for Console and Helm Chair

    If you want a cover that can go the distance, have the shop use Top Gun 2S fabric. It's thick enough to withstand the stresses of trailering and it is non-absorbant (I'm in the process of making a yard cover for my RF16 out of it). Sunbrella is not a good fabric for a trailerable cover - it will stress at any floppy points and wear quickly...sunbrella is also absorbant outside of an initial waterproofness coating that will wear away.
  3. JakeK

    Minn Kota Power Drive install??

    I don't know whether or not you have the older RF16 with the separate anchor locker - but I do. I moved the center cleat over to the inside edge and put in a 4" screw in port so I could get my arm under the deck to install the trolling motor where it should be installed. P.O. had it installed where he could reach it on the side (multiple times! I had to patch 18 holes where presumably he kept ripping off the trolling motor because it stuck out both sides of the boat across the deck). I'm not terribly proud of my gelcoat matching....it was WAY off (I couldn't find my tint kit and figured the default white would 'probably' be close...lol.). Bottom picture shows location of the 24v Ulterra. I had to move the center deck cleat to mount it there (replaced with two collapsing cleats on either side).
  4. JakeK


    There's definitely some incorrect repair under there leading to the delam - but it's really a small job. To make a matching repair with the non-skid, make a quick and dirty dam with cardboard and hot glue and fill with two part silicone to make a mold (I used Mold Star 20T). Make the repair and get a layer of gelcoat on it up to the bottom of the existing pattern at it's deepest valleys or there about. Let that cure, sand lightly, then lay down a thin layer of gelcoat and roll the silicone mold in place. Weight it down a little and let it cure.
  5. JakeK

    TM power problems

    That sounds a little like staring down the barrel of a gun to see if it's loaded. 😂
  6. That's no joke. I've got a Simrad G07, am a software engineer/robotics engineer, have spent a bit of time playing and testing with the unit, and half of it is still a mystery to me. There is so little valid operational information out there for the Simrad units. What I've found so far: CHIRP; useless for inshore...leave it off. It basically turns echo locating signal from the transducer from a steady frequency to a range of frequencies that repeat from low to high. CHIRP can cycle faster than a single frequency ping too so it eliminates a lot of noise...but is mostly useful in deep deep water. Bottom Scan; pretty incredible but it's an enigma to me. While spending an afternoon dedicated to trying to learn the Simrad on my Hewes, I was watching the bottom features and looking for dock anchors in front of my sailing club and I saw a ladder on the bottom in 12' of water, about 30 feet away from shore. The image had so much detail on it that I could see that it had three broken rungs. I saw it clear as day. I've been back through there five times since making multiple overlapping passes back and forth and can't find it again 😠. I'm dumbfounded. I've been through areas where I know there is structure and can't find it...then sometimes, BANG there it is. There is a setting that allows the unit to plot the side scan information overlayed on the navigational screen. If you zoom in, you can really see the detail. Problem is, I can't find any meaningful detail...it's just shades of blue trailing out behind my path. Cool feature though - I will experiment with it some more in the future.
  7. JakeK

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I agree on the EPIRB. No monthly fees and reliable. I carry an ACR ResQLink every trip out. I used to race small sailboats offshore and I've seen other teams have to use them and they were very effective.
  8. JakeK

    Fuel Economy

    2008 RF16 with an '06 Yamaha 4 stroke 90. With just me aboard, I get about 7mpg if I take it easy and run at about 27knots.
  9. awesome work and thanks for the documentation! For what it's worth, there are a series of marine wire crimps that have a layer of hot glue on the inside of the shrink tube. The hot glue melts as you shrink the shrink and it seals it up really tight. I normally detest wire crimp connections but these I can stomach. Also, in the case of my stern underwater lights, the PO had attached them to an open buss bar attached to the inside of the stern....imagine how that had almost corroded away in a few years :-). To replace that buss bar, I had to run several wires into one end of a single crimp. I probably wouldn't do it this way if it was some type of critical system but lights, meh....no problem. To help seal those up, I put the wires in, crimped it, flooded the inside of the shrink tubes with hot glue, and shrank it down using a heat gun. It took a while for the heat to get through all the glue but it sure looks great and water tight when done!
  10. JakeK

    Trolling motor opinions

    I wouldn't exchange my self deploying Ulterra for anything. I installed it early this summer and it's definitely a game changer. My dad (used to old-school setting anchors kind of fishing) keeps saying how I'm "cheating" with that thing ;-). Keep in mind, though, the base is gigantic on that thing. I had to move my deck cleat on my 2008 RF16 (mounted two new pop-up cleats on each side of the bow instead) in order to get it mounted correctly where it wouldn't get ripped off if I missed my trailer slightly when loading/unloading.
  11. If you can plumb them to the cockpit floor (one of the sidewalls), that would be better - the livewell drain is a critical point that could cause a sizable water intake to the hull if something were to go wrong with it. Draining them to the self-draining cockpit also lets you keep an eye on the tubes for good function, clogs, etc.
  12. My 2008 RF16 has the original fore-deck anchor locker that drains all water that hits that hatch into the bilge and I believe my "couch" perimeter does as well.
  13. JakeK

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I turned an old screwdriver into an awl for that reason...have a couple of cars that the filter is tricky to get too. If it's hanging upside down, first poke a hole in it with the awl and let it drain. Then pierce it through the side and use the awl to remove it.
  14. JakeK

    Insurance for new boat

    Nationwide is a similar hassle when you are the victim. I've had to deal with them twice in car accidents where I was the victim and both times it was a horrible experience. I wouldn't ever buy insurance through them as a result.
  15. JakeK

    Insurance for new boat

    I've been with Progressive for years with multiple racing sailboats and my Hewes. I've had two claims - a collision and theft of a new sail. In both cases they were exceptional to deal with and it was four years between incidents so my deductible was zero to boot. They're also really easy with insuring obscure boats (like my Italian made carbon fiber A-cat catamaran sailboat) whereas I have previously spent hours on the phone with someone like State Farm trying to explain what the boat was and ultimately gave up when they couldn't find it in their database (which is why I'm with Progressive on all my watercraft).
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