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  1. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Spoke with mason yesterday and you are spot on
  2. Some of you might remember my renovation thread when we bought our house in St Augustine. Soon after the renovation we flooded from Matthew. We then spent last year renovating again only to flood from Irma. Needless to say we are over it. We just got permit and settled on company to lift the house so that hopefully this won’t be an issue anymore. Should start going up in a couple weeks but you can prob imagine there’s quite a bit to it. Some I’ve alteady started, some still needs to happen before and after, if we cheer hard enough maybe we can get @triplec to strap on his tool belt and help 😊. I’m trying to figure out a way to document this whole process and figured I’d see if there was any interest on here for folks to follow it since it’s not everyday you see this thing happen. Well, except in my neighborhood 🙄 Here she is alll done about two weeks prior to Irma 😞
  3. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    I had a 115 on my 1900 which is quite a bit lighter than the 20'er...Do yourself a favor and take a ride and see how it works for you, because there's absolutely no way would I consider it for the 20'. And this is coming from a guy now with a 150 on my 22 which a lot of guys around here think is underpowered so I'm no speed demon
  4. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    There is rebar going up about 4’ of each of em - right about the top of what to see. Not sure what happens above that to be honest. I am curious as well. I know they will get tied in to existing block and poured from top so maybe they will go in from top for the top half?
  5. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Piers starting to go up!
  6. Powerpole tubing through transom, yay or nay?

    I have installed 2 and went around the transom both times. They have plastic “sleeves” to allow the right bend and not chafe. I only did it because It was just less holes in boat. Never had an issue.
  7. The final boat accessory!

    People once laughed at spending $40 on a cup, $400 on a cooler, $50k on a flats boat, $100k on a bay boat....
  8. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Chad, if you have that bulletin you can forward me so I can to give to contractor, please do. Thanks barmburner4444@gmail.com
  9. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Hmm ok I might call you to clarify all that. Slab will be last thing he does under there once house is set back down and the giant jenga games are removed
  10. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Inspection passed, footers are poured, blockwork starts tomorow !
  11. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Was that under warranty ? Since they closed the repair shop, I doubt they will do anything for this being out of warranty even if someone wanted to pay. Maybe they can provide a diagram of stringers or something for a repair guy
  12. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Finally something to add... the plan change and rainy weather has slowed things down as far as getting footers going, but they are finally dug. They are actually going right on top of original footers so should be super stable. The slab will be approx 4” above the old carport slab so they will pour right on top of that as well Inspection today and hopefully concrete tomorrow. Then piers start. Sorry...Not sure why this site continues to post some pics sideways.
  13. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Well darn guess it doesn’t hurt to ask Maybe I missed it, but do you think it can be fixed from outside? Or think the cap has to come off? Also don’t remember if I mentioned this on this thread or another: I looked at a Pathfinder last summer that had a delaminated stringer repaired at factory. I assumed the cap had been pulled off and stringer fixed but when I called to ask them about it they told me that it had been repaired from outside. They said that was normal for the repair due to the difficulty pulling the cap. I was a lil shocked but he told me they never had one come back after the repair
  14. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    FEMA requires it. There is a formula that requires a certain number of open square inches for certain number of square feet. For my garage I needed 8 16"x8" ish vents. Whatever I do down there will be pretty open for air flow so shouldn't be an issue. I will double check all that before, cause if I mess that part up the new slab will then be my finished floor they rate the insurance off of. I want it rated on the new 18' elevation not 7' Obviously...my insurance would. Heck my insurance would actually go up!
  15. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    I’m gonna look at all options -wood, PVC, trex, etc as far as screen...we talked about it. If we did it we would likely have to wait. We really don’t have much of a bug problem except the no see ums and they are only active an hour or so at dusk. I plan on installing some ceiling fans down there...hoping that handles them
  16. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    We have a pool so will need to to “close” front off for code and security for stuff we want to store down there. This will just be up front as I will have gates on side. I still want to keep it as “open” as possible for lighting and mostly air flow. Here are some of the ideas I’m looking at.
  17. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Yes I think so. It’s very strange how much different it feels now that it’s up. My plans have changed a number of times already and I’m sure will continue. Meeting with GC there tomorrow to make sure we figure out all the plumbing that needs to go below before concrete is poured....
  18. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    For those interested - Had some engineering changes made I think for the better. The plan is that the right side would be parking for Jeep, maybe a boat etc and center would be a covered sitting area and far left enclosed storage. So we were able to get rid of one set of piers on the right side to allow a much bigger area to pull into. It now spans 15’2 (rather than 10ish) so almost a full garage size opening. This will also make the outdoor seating area nicer without an additional pier in back. This is the new foundation changes as you would drive up to house
  19. 2017 - sucked worse than 2016 which was hard 2018 - I've learned not to say it can't get worse
  20. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Things kinda slowed up a lil over holidays and rainy weather we’ve had. Should start seeing the foundation moving forward next week. Here’s beginning of year/end of year pic... Safe to say our 2017 kinda sucked ...but definitely ended on a higher note! Happy new year everyone!
  21. WTB Skiff under $10k

    It’s not a technical poling boat but Poles fine. 10-11” real world fishing load draft Also that motor is likely one of most bulletproof motors made. On one of better hulls MBC made IMO...Its just a great all around inshore boat. If I was looking in your price range, it would be atop my list. Of course while I’m lil biased, I know it well as I had mine for almost 12 years.
  22. WTB Skiff under $10k

    That's a nice boat above. Had one just like it and it was likely the best riding 16' boat I've ever been on
  23. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    I’ll have to look into the folding t top thing. I should have 8’ and that seems kinda tight... Raising the garage isn’t in the budget unfortunately. However, I am “floodproofing” it as much as possible given the fact that I have to have flood vents in the walls. After Matthew, I made almost all the storage above 2’...a couple sets of sawhorses and sheets of plywood and I can have everything else up pretty quick I am not insulating or putting drywall back in where I flood cut it. Instead going to “waistcoat” the bottom 3’ with corrugated metal. Shoud be more durable anyways and if it ever floods again, I will unscrew it and hose it out and screw it back on. Plus it will look like a Chiplote up in there.
  24. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Very nice 19 and a great price. This is the perfect motor for this boat. Really should sell quick at this price
  25. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    At the time of drawing we couldn’t get under the house or even dig to footers because of all the water so the foundation plans were submitted knowing that there likely would be some changes once things dried out and the house was up. The city is really being good working with those of us affected. The plans call for 10” lintels spanning the columns. There is then two rows of block above that. I believe the block needs to be there in order for them to have the height to get the beams out and then the mason will fill the holes.