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  1. Release Well?

    Your also gonna need an overflow if you plumb it
  2. Fuel Delivery Issue

    That looks like a problem 😬 for future reference if your bulb is sucking flat the problem is on tank side of bulb. If it’s filling back up, it’s on motor side of it. Had mine flatten out on me offshore in keys a couple years ago and was able to putt home where I pulled pickup tube to find a piece of something still sucked up on it. Easy fix thankfully.
  3. She's Gone

    If I was looking offshore, I’d give cobia a long hard look. Seems to be great value and great mix of fishing/family features from what I’ve seen. Dont quit hanging out around here regardless tho,I’ve always enjoyed your posts.
  4. Sharing a trailer problem

    Yup Owens and Sons put tar paper between all my aluminum to stainless joints
  5. Hewes bayfisher 16– Price drop

    Beautiful and priced right now

    I know you said you pulled a string last time but get a quality flat snake. This will allow you to try a few different “routes” to get it through, there’s prob a lot of room in there. With the string you have you are limited to how it was originally routed which might even be in a taped or zip tied wire pack.
  7. Just bought 1995 bayfisher 18

    Pretty pretty boat. What kinda power are you planning on?
  8. Big Pine Key Rental

    Nonsense the insurance companies are great. 😬 BP Fishing Lodge has some efficiency and trailer rentals but never checked em out other than seeing them when we camp there. We always enjoy our time there so maybe worth looking into.
  9. Pathfinder 2000v fit in a standard 2 car garage?

    You really gotta define your “standard” garage. My 1900 fit with exactly 12” to spare. But I moved water heater over to make room for the motor in a utility “nook”
  10. Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    Good idea. Thanks
  11. Questions in a 2000v

    Its gonna depends on the trailers more than the boat. I got my 1900 in standard garage with just a cut down grab rail on a torsion axel trailer.
  12. Suzuki

    I’d love to hear how the 22 does with the 200 zuke. Seems like a great combo
  13. Backrest Pathfinder 19V 2003

    I looked for 4-5 years for one to pop up for sale. Finally went and had a fabricator make one. They make some universal aftermarket ones but they looked cheesy to me.
  14. 98 mirage 2

    Does it have any way to remove water from cockpit now? Not familar with that boat but IMO as a safety precaution you have to have the ability to remove water from cockpit. Otherwise taking a wave over bow or even just being tied up at dock during an afternoon rainstorm could put it down.
  15. 22XL compared to standard 22?

    Me either on my 2003 regular hull.I actually bought raubuds for it cause of everything I’ve read but they are still in box cause I’ve never seen need to put them on.