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  1. Power Washing

    I too use a lil Ryobi and love the Lil thing (low profile one so it doesn’t tip over like all the tell electric ones) Cleans well but doesn’t do any damage but I would think that process does remove wax. Use mine mostly on topside for nooks and crevices which I don’t “wax” but once a year. Only really use wash n wax on top otherwise. Also works well for removing the Lil white barnacles you get from a few days in water, of course you’d wanna wax after that anyways
  2. Insurance Renewal Question?

    Let us know what you find. I’m about to start reviewing all my stuff too. I have progressive and don’t remember seeing that. Was overall happy with them when my boat got stolen this year, but it was an agreed upon value on a boat that got stolen and never came back ...not much wiggle room for them really. Check was cut in 30 days without much hastlebb Mine went up pretty good with an additional 10k in value on new boat and the recent theft I’m sure weighing in on that too
  3. Oyster Rash

    FYI that cheese grater situation is bad news 2 of those 6 holes on mine letting water (way more than one would think) into bilge with the screws in cause there is no backing to screw into....Just the bilge. Horrible design. Guess someone from factory used too long of screws. I ended up having to grind em out some and pack full with marine Tex and using shorter screws. I honestly don’t even know if it actually stopped leak cause boat was stolen after I fixed it. Jokes on them.... cause I had bilge pump fuses pullled while I fillled it up looking for the leak.
  4. How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    Haha I spent ALOT of time under that console...that’s your console to get it now. You can do it!
  5. How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    The acccess is typically horrible for flats boats cause the consoles are small the rear bulkhead doesn’t even allow you to lay on your back. You have to pick a side, and everytime you need to change sides, we’ll we alll know... It almost warrants a move up to a Pathfinder for this reason alone. Even if it doesn’t for your fishing style ha. I could lay out flat under leaning post or even get in the console. Once I got in, I could sit upright in there and do work. Then all I needed was someone to pass me tools and beer

    This thing was/is bad. Port St Joe is one of my favorite lil Florida towns and I think got some of the worst of it. Still going strong too - wonder when is last time Southwest GA dealt with a Cat 3 hurricane?
  7. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I have a naive question. If it’s simply a computer tune why don’t manufacturers do this from the get go? Surely they have the ability to or even buy the programming. Then they could market a 320hp motor that’s the size and weight as 200 hp? I messed around with some of the tuning on my diesel truck as did a lot of my buddies. Maybe just coincidence, but it always seemed the wilder the tune, the more issues that truck had...
  8. Florance

    Dam it guys. Hopefully all yall came out as well as can given circumstances if y’all need any advice with remediation or insurance, just ask. I’m a pseudo professional foooder now
  9. Never Forget

    Yes thank you. It’s my understanding that the water supply for that whole incident was supplied by FDNY fire boats but I never knew of civilian efforts. It doesn’t surprise me. A lot of good came out in people that day. I still remember watching it happen live and a reporter grabbing a group of construction workers going the opposite direction of everyone else. She asked him what they were doing. His reply was there were a lot of people in trouble and they were going to help. I’ve never seen it again in allbthe footage, but will never forget it. 🇺🇸
  10. Horrible Boating Accident

    Scary stuff. My 2 y/o son is obsessed with all the switches, lights - and throttle - on the console.
  11. Cleaning/Waxing

    Toilet bowl cleaner will take it right off. Wet, or even better yet, cover trailer.
  12. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    I’ve heard such good about these motors minus this issue. When I was looking used recently I never could find a definitive answer of when it was no longer an issue. Best I could kinda figure from reading online was ‘08... guess that was wrong. Good catch
  13. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Inside changed very little. Had to redo the back room floor, all new bathroom in that room and new laundry room.
  14. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Best new seat in the house, or under it actually. Leaving it as open as possible has really paid off tons of shade with natural light and any breeze really gets sucked right through. one side is an outdoor living room of sorts and I will make the other side into gates so we can park under or actually drive right into garage