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  1. justfish

    Keel Shield length?

    Ha. Beat me to it
  2. justfish

    No Responses from Posts

    I’ve been pretty active on here for over 15 years.i usually get pretty solid advice regarding these boats and even some random stuff. I’ll try and add something to a thread if I feel like I can or sometimes just something to keep the mods on their toes 😊 Seems like general forum and boats for sale are the most active. Maybe the Lappy one still is, when I moved to a Pathfinder I noticed it was way slower than the Lappy was so don’t really check any of the sub forums. The whole forum is more active in spring and summer kinda dies now. The real shame is almost no factory support at all on here. Post the same questions on THT and you’ll get many more responses but likely the same amount of useful ones along with a lot of jackassery.
  3. justfish

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    Been into sipping rums lately rather than whiskey... meaning to try some Pilar. My favorite so far is Zaya 12 year - NOT their 12 rum blend, which is horrible and confusing enough that the local rum bar even switched em up on me. My go to daily sipping rum is Flora de Cana 7 year. Very good and reasonable priced.
  4. justfish

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    St Johns County is just south of Jax (basically a suburb of it now) and seems to be where everyone else in the world is moving for the schools The new planted neighborhoods likely won't allow your big boat, but there is still some of the older areas without homeowners associations. I was born in Jax, moved to St Johns area in HS until about 5 years ago and and now live in S Augustine....If you can swing a little drive, Id highly suggest checking out St Augustine. Its a 30-45 min drive, yet a world away from Jax.
  5. justfish

    Removable Rod Holders

    Here is pic of em on my Pathy. Sorry for pic it was after it was recovered 🙄. And put em in my new one too in same spot.
  6. justfish

    Removable Rod Holders

    Fin , not what you are looking for exactly but another good option I did on mine was Mate Series 0* rod/cup holders right behind your rod box cushions. Works great for fishing off front deck and still being able to utilize the t top shade and get to em quick. When running beach, I usually leave jig rod loaded in it, again for a quick grab. Then hold beer at the sandbar. I love em. Put em on all my boats in same spot. I marked it on yours. I’ll see if I can find a pic of mine. Im so jealous of your stand through top!
  7. justfish

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    Had that same motor and let it sit too long, water built up in tank etc and was close to $2k having tank pumped and all the filters replaced. Theres a bunch. I wouldn't try motor til fuel was changed, thats what lead to me getting into motor work rather than just pumping out tank. Great motor but likes clean fuel. Tank is in the belly (why you can't see it) and uncoated aluminum. If boat is kept as you say (like full of water since storm weeks ago) that tank is capable of giving problem soon. Search for MA tank replacement threads here and on the FB. Its a big undertaking.
  8. justfish

    Florida marine tracks

    Great I will contact you next week about sending mine back
  9. justfish

    Florida marine tracks

    Buddy just sent this to me. I think he called it a ” Steinhatchee license plate” from a scalloping trip over there. Prolly woulda been cheaper to buy the chart in the first place. That said, did you ever get St Aug inlet squared away, if so I need to send mine back to you for that update. I love the chart but If I’m being honest it is hard to have the utmost confidence in it after seeing how off the inlet markers were. I’d also love to see a track for what we call the “north cut” added to the inlet.
  10. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Whoops...Never mind I thought you were talking about mine going for that.
  11. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Geez they can have it for that. I bought it for $19,000 in very good condition from original owner a year prior
  12. justfish

    Gas Tank II

    Square, rectangle...Same math. Like said above if it tapered down then would change so come up up with an average and you’ll get it close. Or empty it and fill it up 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. justfish

    Gas Tank II

    LxWxH in feet multiplied by 7.48 or LxWxH in inches divided by 231 will get you gallons It’s a couple of the formulas we teach in fire hydraulics and I always tell them to just remember the cubic inch formula cause you can easily convert feet to inches
  14. justfish

    Boarding/swim ladder

    Very nice indeed! Outlaw has a jig for this too and was making very (almost identical) similar one for me for less than that. So anyone looking, definitely give one of our guys a shot
  15. justfish


    Here’s mine. You can see what it actually does here, it wont allow the 30 to open til the main is thrown off... One other (big) advantage to this is you have your everything In your panel available. The transfer switch I had at my old house only had 6 or so circuits so you had to pick and chose what you wanted to hook up.
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