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  1. I’ve had one of these (green tho) for 5 or so years. It’s a bad @ss lil machine. Best part about it is is low profile so doesn’t tip. You can actually pull it around a little with the hose, where the old tall skinny one I had would tip over real easy and run pump dry. Not fun when your on a ladder or in the boat and it’s on the ground. It all you need for boat and quick small jobs but I’ve also done pool deck and walkways just takes longer. I don’t see why a typical homeowner would need anything more than this really. They just had a sale on these, a few guy at my fire station just bought em last week for $79 or $89 I think
  2. justfish

    Power Pole

    Fin I’ve have the original sportsman, blade and now the Pro II on last 3 boats. There are some advantages to the higher priced ones but honestly nothing really extreme. It’s just a stick in the mud. None have done anything better than the other at that. If the sportsman was powder coated I’d have bought it instead of the II
  3. justfish

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    Only issue is you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it way sooner
  4. justfish

    WTB Pathfinder 2200 budget $20k

    I have a buddy just about to list his ‘03 that checks a lot of your boxes. In good shape and he takes good care of his stuff. It has a 150 Vmax, which in my opinion is the motor you want in your price range. I had exact same set up and felt it was a great power to weight ratio. After having a few of these myself, I highly recommend you stay ‘03 and up for the improved deck layout and drainage. You will read about drainage issues on the newer boats, but if you notice it’s the big block hpdi’s and 4 strokes mostly having these issues which is why I am a fan of the 150 2 stroke on this boat. I bought raubuds for mine but never installed them because my deck stayed dry all the time I will pm you his #
  5. justfish

    Abaco/Elbow Cay advice anyone?

    I was at Lubbers in Abaco this summer. Cool place. Unfortunately we had horrible wind almost the whole time so barely ventured outside. We did find a nice hidden cove full of bones, but I never hooked up. You need a kayak to access it, so we loaded one up on boat and had plenty of shots. I will see if I can locate a screen shot of the area for ya.
  6. justfish

    Bye bye 2-stroke

    I always throught that would be a great motor for the 1900. Let us know how it does
  7. justfish

    Sea Chest grate removal

    Informative pics Gus. While pulling my hair out trying to find and fix the leak, I always wondered exactly what the back side looked like. To the original poster. If that is indeed your problem, I went round and round with sealants and bigger screws...before I finally spent the time to clean all the sealant off, drill out holes big enough to have clean material and stuffed them full of epoxy. I then used lots of sealant around new cheese greater and very short screws into the new material. One sea trial proved it to seeming work, then boat was stolen so I can’t speak to longevity of it. I would likely do the same again tho.
  8. justfish

    Sea Chest grate removal

    I’d bet almost anything it’s not your intake fittings, but the screws themsleves. They only go through hull and strait into bilge. After that long, they have likey wollowed out and are letting water in. Heres what I found when I filled bilge tryjng to track down same problem. Looked like water was coming out of though hills but when I pulled strained, 3 of the 6 screws holes were were leaking and intakes were dry as a bone. Horrible design.
  9. justfish

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    I guess I’m assuming your saying that the 7” is too small cause most would split it. But what about FMT chart on a 7” if it wasn’t gonna be split? I have the room for two and would prefer it over a single split screen if it would work. Looks like you could get (2) 7” Ti2 with one transducer for about half of a 12”
  10. justfish

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    How is the split screen with the 9”?
  11. justfish

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Very timely for me so will watch what others say. About to do the same and want the Florida marine track ability too. Leaning toward the Simrad GO 9
  12. justfish

    Which Bluetooth dongle?

    I have a fusion head unit and speakers. I need to add the Bluetooth “dongle” to it for Bluetooth capability. On my Pathfinder when I added the fusion dongle, I lost about 70%of volume so never used it. I read on here there was a better one that didn’t do that, anyone know the better option?
  13. Maybe the market has softened a little but I was looking for same thing this summer -not even specific on TE model - and didn’t have any luck. Issue I found was most of the boats in that price range are the older models with hpdi’s or a few high hour F150’s. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those, in fact I was looking to replace mine with HPDI that was stolen. I just wanted a 4S this time around. I assume you’ve seen the white one with Zuk 150 on here? Not a TE, and slightly out of budget, but looks like a nice clean boat with newer power.
  14. justfish

    Fighting Lady Yellow - yr 2000 anyone?

    By the way this was when I lived on other side of county so they did all that over phone and mailed it to me so should Def be able to help you out.
  15. justfish

    Fighting Lady Yellow - yr 2000 anyone?

    Spectrum is local to me in st aug and likely have it on record. They are super good guys to work with. I needed a small amount of dark blue for a repair on my pathy, they only had it in gallons ($$$$$) so they ran some computer match stuff and found me a real close match in their small pre mixed epoxy jars for like $20.
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