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  1. Little blue house that could

    Things getting real now.... They are putting the beams in now. Thank goodness my neighbor recently demolished his house so they had a nice clear shot strait in. The large ones are in and run the length of the house. The front one sticks out about 30’ where deck was. The back bathroom is demo’ed or so I hear...I couldn’t stand to see any more of my tile work destroyed. Supposed to be going up Tuesday and Wednesday! Gonna try and time lapse it somehow
  2. 2017 Redfisher 18

    Nice boat and interesting negotiation process
  3. Newborn angler

    Awesome my man. Congrats. Ours just turned 13 mos and gets soooooo much cooler Every. Dang. Day. Enjoy it now...but know the best is still yet to come!
  4. 1993 16' Hewes BayFisher $ 5,800

    Looks like a nice opportunity to get in a Lappy pretty reasonably bet it scoots with that 125
  5. Selling 2001 22ft Pathfinder question

    This baby will sell quick at that price. I think you are leaving quite a bit on table honestly...
  6. As mentioned before, trailer manufacturers don’t “make” much. So if you are comparing apples to apples component and construction wise, the manufacturer really doesn’t matter much. The difference is prob just bent the ibeams and the sticker on the side. I broke an axel earlier in year. Ended up replacing 2 axels with posi lube torsion axels, 4 new hubs and all new LED lights for around $1600 installed IIRC. If you have a single axel, you could likely be into in for that with tires too. That’s everything on a trailer except the coupler $100?) and the ibeams. Why not look into that...then it’s a brand new trailer that doesn’t look that way....
  7. Surprised there aren’t more recommendations for Owens. They are tanks and priced right. Last two times I shopped trailers ameritrail and Owens were both my end choices, but Owens was about 25% less for apples to apples built trailer
  8. Little blue house that could

    By the way, that “dirt” looking stuff on wall is not the waterline...in a furious attempt to try to keep from flooding I used some peel and stick on the framed portion of house to try and keep water out. I also sealed off all crawl space holes and taped all lower windows and doors. Based on waterline outside vs inside I was able to slow it up enough to be a few inches out before tide went out but it made its way in somehow.
  9. Little blue house that could

    Ok...Things are really starting to get going. Left side which is framed addition is almost exclusively on bottle jacks. The block side has BIG holes for what I believe to be BIG beams running length of house. The ones going front to back are smaller. The original front porch is out which is a relief because the existing kitchen floor sits on it so there was a lot of uncertainty as to how that part of floor would fair. Looks like it is fine! They still have a day or two of poking more holes and digging but the beams are coming Monday or Tuesday. For those wondering about height, we have to finesse some numbers with contractor but it does look like we are going to be able to go up to second story height. It needs 12” lentil and 3 courses of block above that to allow the beams to come out. So to get 8’ clearance that I’d like to get under the house it would put finished floor just under 12’ above grade which is about 6’ above sea level. So 18’ or so above sea level.... If we get an 18’ storm surge, I’m thinking there’s a lot more to worry about in St Aug than the Lil Blue House That Could.
  10. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Gus do you think that it being denied may have been your presentation of some doubt (and honesty) of how it may of happened? What if you had hit the wake and immediately felt the floor flex and had bilge pump going off soon after? After talking to them, do you feel that would have yielded a different outcome?
  11. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Man...Sorry to hear this. Is it bad enough that you think cap will have to come off? Or think it can be fixed from outside? Also is a delaminating stringer something that a surveyer would actually have caught if hull wasn't cracking yet? Seems to me they don't have ability to get that deep in bilge.
  12. Little blue house that could

    Thank you. Feels like it’s taking forever. I wouldn’t have started this thread so soon before the fun stuff started had I known. Here is a cool article they did on our house right before Irma with some awesome pics! This is what we are striving for again...just higher! https://www.staugustinesocial.com/home-worth-fighting-barnwells-nautical-paradise-davis-shores/
  13. Little blue house that could

    Things got pushed back a little cause of all the rain we’ve had but They made some progress in the guest room. This room is a framed addition over the original car port. Floor had to come out of this room so they could cut the slab out to get beams in. The back bathroom you see in rear will be demo’ed unfortunately. They will raise the roof and we will reframe and rebuild everything pretty much as is. It’s originally a block utility room common in rear of car ports...the fact that it’s block and protudes out would have thrown the balance off so it was cheaper to To this rather than let them deal with it Plan is the rest of house should be pretty intact.
  14. Little blue house that could

    Until we get some progress pics I wanted to show this. The top pic is the current view of St Aug lighthouse. Hurricane Matthew blew down something that was blocking it, unknown to us. I love being able to see it and for last year I’ve been sayin it’s the only good thing to come of Matthew. The bottom pic is the new “proposed” view if we go up the full 10’. Silly as it sounds, this helps keep my sanity when I get over there. about every other trip have to grab the ladder and remind myself of this. I can’t wait to sit there and relax...smoke a cigar and just stare at it.
  15. Little blue house that could

    Unfortunately not really. There will be a nice savings going to the current base flood elevation, but just goes down in small increments after that. Ours should go from about $3,000 a year to about $700ish depending on final elevation.