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  1. Pathfinder grabrail

    It should. I had a 1900 and console was same as my 2200 i can check any measurements you need
  2. Hull pad?

    Maybe I’m confused as to exactly what a “pad”. The V on my Hewes and new boat run all the way to transom as opposed to my Pathfinder’s bein like this
  3. Hull pad?

    Funny you brought this up as I was just thinking about this due to my new boat. I’ve had 2 Pathfinder’s with a “pad” so to speak and my Lappy Hewes and now Bulls Bay have the V that goes all the way to back (but otherwise very similar to Pathfinder). The Bulls Bay handles much more similar to the Hewes in that it wants to ride “though” chop where my Pathfinder’s rode better more on top of it. Neither is better or worse, just different... Also, not sure if it’s a design feature of a pad, or just a by product of it, but the boats with pads seem lil more stable. I almost never had to use my tabs on Pathfinder when load was unbalanced, but find myself doing more with new boat. -
  4. 2005 Pathfinder 2000v with hull damage

    Deck prob isn’t coming off at factory... I looked at a 2200 a few years ago that had a stringer repair that was fixed at factory. Obviously skeptical of the boat’s history, I Called Ray and pulled the records of it and explained to me. When I asked about the cap being pulled. I was told these repairs were done from outside of boat. I was surprised but he said they were better than new when done. The guys who built these know exactly where everything is, I doubt a lot of other shops would have the knowledge of the boat to go at it from outside (maybe I’m wrong I just speculating) so the deck would come out and I bet ultimately cost more.
  5. 2005 Pathfinder 2000v with hull damage

    Kinda interesting that they would quote a repair like that without knowing the true issue. It’s a whole different ballgame if it’s a stringer issue vs a gel coat bonding issue. Leads me to believe they think it’s a Stringer issue There is another thread by whichwayisup on here of a stringer repair. Check it out and maybe he can tell you more about process.
  6. 2005 Pathfinder 2000v with hull damage

    I don’t think they do non warranty repairs
  7. More opinions requested- scuba tanks, big fish

    Nothing wrong with using a compartment as a fish box, just clean it after. Done it on my Hewes and Pathfinder and not like they stunk or anything. The port rear hatch on both were actually pretty well insulated I assume from the foam used to join the cap to hull Lets see that Cobia!
  8. 2002 2200v deck cooler anchors issue

    I replied to your FB post. I filled mine in. Contact spectrum for a pre mixed epoxy that should match close. A small jar should do them all I think
  9. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Sorry your having to deal with this but cool stuff to watch. Sorry if I missed it, but any better idea of the cause of this?
  10. Any suggestions?

    Not much help if you broke everything off but I’ll recommend these for everyone’s tool box for stuff like this anyways. Like I said as long as you can get the slightest bite, these will do wonders. I cant read the numbers on mine anymore but they look to be what channel lock calls their “extractor” pliers.
  11. Any suggestions?

    Can’t tell, is there anything to bite on it at all? I have a pair of channel lock pliers that the teeth are slotted one direction specifically just to remove stuff like this. If you can get a bite, they will do wonders. They have been my saving grace a number of times. I’ll be home in morning and post up the model.
  12. 2002 Yamaha Oil question

    I think the consistent part is the key. That way when it smokes more, smalls or sounds different, fouls plugs...whatever...you atleast don’t have to try and deal with that variable. And exactly why I only used Penzoil premium plus for about 15 years. After doing my own testing and finding it to be much cleaner burning that yamalube and merc stuff and a few others, it’s also available at every Walmart, Advance auto etc and alot of tackle and hardware shops and even a lot convince stores I’ve seen. That way when I forgot to bring that jug on my keys or camping trip I can find it ezpz even on a weekend or something.
  13. Man that *** jason What about some thick rubber “stringers” under tank? It might be flexible enough to bend in to get under it and then epoxy them down and then tank to them? I would be trying to avoid putting foam around an uncoated aluminum tank as much as possible. Seems to be a receipe for bad things happening to tank.