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  1. justfish

    Gas Tank II

    Square, rectangle...Same math. Like said above if it tapered down then would change so come up up with an average and you’ll get it close. Or empty it and fill it up 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. justfish

    Gas Tank II

    LxWxH in feet multiplied by 7.48 or LxWxH in inches divided by 231 will get you gallons It’s a couple of the formulas we teach in fire hydraulics and I always tell them to just remember the cubic inch formula cause you can easily convert feet to inches
  3. justfish

    Boarding/swim ladder

    Very nice indeed! Outlaw has a jig for this too and was making very (almost identical) similar one for me for less than that. So anyone looking, definitely give one of our guys a shot
  4. justfish


    Here’s mine. You can see what it actually does here, it wont allow the 30 to open til the main is thrown off... One other (big) advantage to this is you have your everything In your panel available. The transfer switch I had at my old house only had 6 or so circuits so you had to pick and chose what you wanted to hook up.
  5. justfish


    Not sure on the transfer switch, but maybe look at inter lock kit as it was a cheaper and easier option for me. It’s specific to your breaker panel and easy to install. You put a 50 amp breaker on top spot and inlet plug and the interlock won’t allow the main and the 50 amp to be turned on at same time so you can safely back feed your panel It was recommended by my electrician during my renovation when I told him what I wanted to do. I think it was around $150 for interlock, breaker and plug and I installed it myself.
  6. justfish

    Three Years Tomorrow

    I remember at my dads funeral, the priest said something that really hit home - All great marriages can only end like this. I never thought of it that way before but never forgot it. Congrats on 52 great years. Keep your head up Fin 🍻
  7. justfish

    2003 24 Pathfinder fuel tank replacement

    All 24’s of that era are uncoated aluminum, 22’s are poly
  8. justfish


    Hey my old post.Must be hurricane season again.... Lots has happened since I made this post but I think I came up with good solution for us. I went with a 3400 Champion Dual Fuel and a interlock for the panel so you can’t back feed lines. A few flips of some switches and everything in house, under house and detached garage except 220 runs like nothing happened. It actually runs 3 fridges, big deep freeze, 6-7 ceiling fans and all normal lights, TVs and internet on economy mode once fridges get started. I keep it filled with non ethanol and keep 2 extra 20lb propane cylinders just for it so should get a few days outta that. Then I can use boat I guess Having been here before, I didn’t feel like I “needed” 220 stuff for a few days we’d lilely be without power. Grill is fine so don’t need stove, I got one of those stand alone AC units to sleep. All in with the generator, interlock (I installed myself) and the AC I have under $1500 in it and it can double duty with my travel trailer and the extra AC is great if we have AC issues one night or on a weekend.
  9. justfish

    Boarding/swim ladder

    Maybe hit him up at shop : AIM WELDING He also had some pics on here that sold me on getting one from him, you prob just have to search for em @fin-addict if you haven't found anything yet and don't end up going with Ralph, I had the west marine folding one you were asking about that I was using temporarily tis Ralph was done. It was still in my boat when they recovered it. Its dirty but works fine. If you pay for shipping its yours, but afraid it might cost more than the ladder ...
  10. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Boar was on water when It was pulled over. Forgot to add that my brother in law said they were flying a pirate flag on it 🏴‍☠️ Very bold and fitting 🙄
  11. justfish

    Insurance for new boat

    See my stolen boat thread, I had (still do on new boat) progressive and they were easy to deal with. Fought me on a few personal items but no big deal. My check was in had in less than 30 days.
  12. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    They also tried to finish installing the powerpole pump for me. I don’t remember my exact list but They left almost everything of mine in boat except coolers, fishing/diving stuff and deep cycles. Nice fellas. @BradM They are prob late 20’s early 30’s I did the same on this windshield as my 19 when I added the storage on top of console
  13. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    That’s it! I want to go on the record that I DID NOT put any of the ghetto speakers on, that was the thugs Since you watch these, what’s your best guess on what it will go for ? I’m really curious to see
  14. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    As triplec said, sounds like just cause he/they wasn’t charged when the boat was recovered, doesnt mean they won’t be. JSO took my simrad out so hoping these idiots were dumb enough to leave the track on sometime in last year when they took it home or something like that so putting them in jail would be a slam dunk As far as vigilante justice, you wouldn’t believe the fantasies that have run through my head of pulling up on the sandbar and seeing this boat... They also stole my masons work trailer the next night, so hoping they find it connected with these boys. He does nice work, I’m sure he could make some fine concrete boots for these guys...
  15. justfish

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    The guys they are looking to appear to be roofers according to their FB. We didn’t get any roof damage this last storm but tons of roof work in our neighborhood, so I would bet they were workin in the neighborhood
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