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  1. Chief5130

    RABUD ball scupper install

    Tapping the hole is better for a few reasons. It can be removed easily and does not put any stress on the fiberglass. The reason that you counter sink is to remove the gel coat so the sheet metal screw will not crack it. Non of that is necessary if you tap the hole. I find it much easier to tap that use sheet metal screws and I believe it to be stronger also. I no longer use sheet metal screws on my boat in either fiberglass or starboard. If you are going to thread the spacer separately from the hull that should be done prior to mounting so you get the threads all the way through, unless you have a bottoming tap. The perfect size drill for a 10-24 NC machine screw is a #25. If you do not have number drills, a 9/64th will work fine in fiberglass. Good luck!
  2. Chief5130

    Center Console Tray

    Brad; Doing great, getting close to retirement and been building some furniture as the fishing in the river has been so bad with the algae being so bad. A recent build.
  3. Chief5130

    Center Console Tray

    This is what I did.
  4. Chief5130

    Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    You can do this.
  5. Chief5130

    Cheap boat mods

    Thanks, work has me crazed, but I do check in every now and then.
  6. Chief5130

    Anyone up near Chincoteague?

    Listen to this man, he knows this area well, I know.
  7. Chief5130

    Cheap boat mods

    These are some of the improvement I have made.
  8. Chief5130

    turning off the pilot beeping

    That has been the biggest complaint I have had with the motor as it spooks fish. Going to see if that works on mine. Thanks Dino
  9. Chief5130

    Gotta love it when they are eating like this

    I might have to move.
  10. Chief5130

    Gotta love it when they are eating like this

    Wow, that is so cool.
  11. Chief5130

    1.3 Billion To Be Won

    I would pursue life experiences that I would not be able to otherwise.
  12. Chief5130

    Console access/tackle storage

    The design that comes with the boat now from MHP is very nice, but being ADD and as JP B*** says, I like to keep the trays horizontal. I can have mine out in less than a minute when I need to, even on the water, but I do have to take it out to get any access from the front.
  13. Chief5130

    Console access/tackle storage

    I thought I might, but it has not made any difference to me. The only thing different to me is the pliers are now not quite as handy as they were, but the rider in that seat complained that they were uncomfortable in spite of me calling him a wuss. The only change I have made since the last photo is adding a wire that will not let the door swing all the way open against the cushion.
  14. Chief5130

    Console access/tackle storage

    I bought mine from Cabbalas. The door was 1/4" thick, so after a while I made a door that is 1/2" thick. Then I wanted a cushion on it so I had to get it to swing the other way. This is what I evolved from and to: [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1452306166-FrontConsole.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1452306179-DSC_0009.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1452306189-DSC_0011.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1452306206-DSC_0003.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1452306198-DSC_0001__1_.jpg[/image] It also makes access into the console much better. I added starboard strips that I drilled and taped so the mounting screws hold well and are easy to reinstall.
  15. Chief5130

    where to install edsell steering knob

    You are going to love it. After one day you will wonder how you lived without it.
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