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  1. Chief5130

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    This is an easy answer, 5000#. I have had the 5000# since 2002 and never had a problem. The "D" rated tires and 5000# is the only way I would tow a 2200 on a single axle.
  2. Chief5130

    New species to slime the boat

    Nice job. Very tasty!
  3. Chief5130

    Towing with manual transmission

    All the best, you should have no problems with that truck.
  4. Chief5130

    Maritime Related

    Correct it is 0' Longitude in Greenwich England. Also GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). All Longitude is measured from this line.
  5. Chief5130

    Maritime Related

    I am currently on vacation and stopped in Greenwich for a visit. Below is the line that defines GMT. Time being important if you want to know your longitude. For many years it was a best guess and was expensive with ship wrecks when you did not. Having read the book Longitude, I had to go see the clocks that Mr. Harrison developed to solve the problem. He made 4 different clocks before he got it accurate and practical enough to work. The red ball on the top of the building is raised just before 1:00 GMT and dropped exactly at 1:00 pm. This is / was done so the ships can set their clocks to the exact time to use for navigation. Someone was selected to watch and record when the ball dropped. This is where the term "Keep you eye on the ball" comes from. If you are looking for a good read, I recommend Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time by Dave Sobel. You will have a new appreciation for you GPS.
  6. Chief5130

    Towing with manual transmission

    That is exactly what I was going to say.
  7. Chief5130

    Towing with manual transmission

    I towed with a manual for years. It was 4wd Nissan pickup, 4 cylinder. I put it in low range, started to get ready to go up letting the clutch out and when I felt some movement up the ramp, I let the parking brake off and up you go.
  8. Chief5130

    Random 2200v Q’s🧐

    Even the early 2000's were not that heavy. If I remember correctly my 2002 bare hull is only 1200 lbs (just the fiberglass). The early boats got some bad press for the cracks in the gelcoat. So I think they started adding more fiberglass to reduce the cracking. That is a guess on my part, but there was a lot of complaining. I have some stress cracks but I would rather have a lighter hull than having the push around all the extra weight.
  9. Chief5130

    Fuel Range

    The longest non-stop run I have done is from Alice Town Bimini to Chub Cay, almost exactly 90 miles. Have done this a couple of times and with 2 people and a loaded boat with provisions for 7 days and get 30 gallons of fuel when we arrive. This is with a 150 HP OX66 EFI 2 stroke. So the 3 MPG is very accurate estimate.
  10. Chief5130

    AmeriTrail axle replacement

    I have a Float On and had the axel replaced. I got the axel from Float On and had a local guy in Melbourne install in. It was so reasonable it was not worth the effort to DIY. I also got new fenders, hubs, and tires at the same time.
  11. Chief5130

    New Federal Blue Fish Regs

    If you haven't heard yet there are new Bluefish Regulations from Maine to Florida. Former Regulations were at 15 fish per person, no size limit or seasonal restrictions. Scientist have reported Bluefish Overfishing. Although their "Stocks" remain good, continued Overfishing, both Recreational and Commercial will put the "Stocks" at an unacceptable level. The various NMFS Regions along with the 3 Regional Councils discussed three options. A Minimum Size at 14 inches, Seasons and Bag Limits. After discussing all options and/or a combination of some, they came up with a 3 Fish per person Recreational Limit or 5 Fish per person on Party, Head or Charter Boats. They felt that Size restrictions would have favored the North where fish are bigger. Any possible Seasonal Restrictions would also favor the North, because the South has Bluefish over a longer period of time and therefore penalized. These are Federal Regulations, BUTTTTT it is expected that all States will adopt them for State Waters. So Folks 3 fish per person (5 for Head and Charter boats) for 2020.
  12. Chief5130


    I have seen motion activated sprinklers that people have used. Not sure how effective it is. It does keep other fisherman away from getting wet.😒
  13. Chief5130

    Power Pole Issue

    I am not sure that is possible. It did not work for me, the PP was down and there is almost no way to get any leverage on it from in the boat and the water was ~6' deep. I had to remove one of the fittings and lift it up as "dc" said. Also if the system could be over powered that easy, it would release when is normal use.
  14. Wow, nice day. At least it didn't rain. I read somewhere that when the bass have lines that are broken, they were started in a hatchery.
  15. Chief5130

    Quick trip today

    Finally getting settled into your new home here in Chesapeake VA. and finding some time to fish. Went out this AM and got a number of bass, this being the biggest. All on top water and that is fine with me, just love the top water bite. Have to do some more recon, but this is a great fishing area. Also got a wakeup call that I no longer live in an area that does not freeze. Turned on the fresh water wash down and the spray nozzle was cracked. Lucky that was all that cracked.
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