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  1. Flatschaser

    Replacement hatch

    Anyone know the best place to order a new anchor locker hatch for this 2001 Path 2200? Corner of mine broke so hoping to find a new one.
  2. Flatschaser

    What can you keep nowadays?

    I fish the bay as well. Tons of Mangrove Snapper around the bridges and shipping channel.
  3. Flatschaser

    Will Simrad Go9 fit??

    Thanks Jason. That is a big help. Anyone foresee any issue with the interval GPS antenna being mounted inside the console?
  4. Flatschaser

    Will Simrad Go9 fit??

    I have a 2001 Pathy 2200v. Previous owner mounted a new Simrad Go9 XSE on top of the dash. I like the flush mount look better so I am wondering if it will fit? When I measure it out it looks really tight. Anyone have one flush mounted in their boat?
  5. Flatschaser

    Bilge switch wiring

    Hello All. I made a rookie mistake this afternoon and hoping someone can help. I went to replace my bilge pump dash switch this afternoon. Took the switch out and then realized I forgot to take a picture of the wire configuration on each pin. It’s a on/off/on switch. Does anyone know the wiring color config? It’s a 2001 Pathfinder 2200v.
  6. Flatschaser

    Swim Platform Mounting

    Getting ready to mount a swim platform on the port side of my 01 2200v. I have no access through the back hatch without cutting a access hole in the hatch which I want to avoid as I want to convert it to another livewell at some point. Anyone with this year and model with a swim platform on that side? Would be ok to use lag bolts? Is that sufficient enough or is the only option through bolting?
  7. Flatschaser

    Power Pole mounting location on Pathfinder

    Thanks guys! I went ahead and mounted on Starboard side and right below the color band. That’s for the advice!!
  8. Flatschaser

    Yamaha F150 Hesitates/shutter

    Located in Tampa
  9. Flatschaser

    Power Pole mounting location on Pathfinder

    That is the advantage of mounting in the yellow area besides the spray? Is there more stability in that area?
  10. Getting ready to install a 8’ Power Pole Pro on my 2001 Pathfinder 2200. The side I want to mount it on has a trim tab and Transducer with about 7” between them (see pic). My reasoning for mounting on this side is 1) I have full access behind it, 2) The pump with be right behind it, 3) I can route the hydro lines through the boot on that side and not have to drill holes for them as well. With that said the Power Pole Manual says nothing about obstructions to either side only that the motor doesn’t cause obstruction when turned. Will mounting where the square blue tape is cause any issues when the pole is down and flexing? I know about the engine mounts for the poles, all my previous boats have had poles directly mounted to the transom without any issues so I don’t have any issue mounting to transom. The opposite side of the transom will have a swim platform so I would prefer this side if possible. Anyone else with a similar setup or advice?
  11. Flatschaser

    Yamaha F150 Hesitates/shutter

    I have a 2004 Yamaha F150 on my 2200V. Took it out today and noticed when I go past idle it hesitates for a second then is fine past that. It hesitates then power kicks in and is fine all the way up the RPM range. Run perfect after that one spot. Just purchased this boat a few months ago. Motor has a little over 100 hours on it and the 100 hour service was completed prior to me purchasing, I have the receipts. Any idea what this could be? Maybe fuel pump? Fuel Lines? Injectors?
  12. Flatschaser

    Minn Kota Puck Placement

    Getting ready to install a Ipilot on the 01 Pathy 2200. I need some advice on the quick release puck. Does anyone have a similar model and year with a picture to give me some ideas as far as angle and depth. I don’t see a way to mount it without at least one bolt going between the run rail and hull. I have installed numerous ones on previous boats and obviously have the template with the mount.
  13. Flatschaser

    2001 Pathfinder 2200 Interior Finish??

    That would be a great way to describe it. The non-skid looks like typical non-skid but what isn’t non-skid has a rough satin finish. Except for the center console, it is shiny smooth gelcoat unlike the rest of the boat.
  14. Flatschaser

    2001 Pathfinder 2200 Interior Finish??

    What would be a good stiff brush to use with the compound?
  15. Flatschaser

    2001 Pathfinder 2200 Interior Finish??

    Here are a few pictures. You can see the non-skid then the surface I am referring to. It doesn’t look cracked but like it has a very fine grit to it.
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