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  1. Never been used. Still stored in bubble wrap. Removed from boat before boat was in the water. Stored inside garage since boat purchase. Have no need for it. Very sunny in the pictures, the color is Whisper Grey. PM me or text me if interested. 863-287-1311. Thanks Ryan
  2. Anyone know where i can get my hands on a AFFORDABLE replacement cover for the Yamaha 6YC all in one display? I bought a boat recently and it didn't come with one and the only ones i can find are over $60? I find that a little high priced for a piece of rubber/plastic. Many Thanks Ryan
  3. Ryanb1284


    Where is it located and could you PM me a picture or two?
  4. Thanks i will get my hands on some pvc sheet
  5. CaptJake, any chance that you can take a photo of the inside of the console? I just bought a boat just like this one but i need to mount a 4 bank charger somehow and i want to make sure i do it right. Seems like 5200 doesn't adhere to Starboard for mounting to the side. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Ryanb1284

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    I just bought this boat last week. One of the best things i like about it is that it has double poles and a ladder attached to the port side bracket. Maybe this will be an option for you. Otherwise, i don't think you will be able to fit 2 poles and have the factory swim platform. See my pic. Hope this helps
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