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  1. Fished with Catherine who is a fish-aholic ! Weather was a littles breezy so we stayed close to shore towards Lanark Village. If you ever get the chance, area is some of best inshore fish’n. We caught a few reds, couple sheep’s head, nice flounder and couple huge black drum . Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  2. greenbone

    Hot Summer Reds

    Juan, I’ll just borrow them for a picture and return them back to you, lol 😂
  3. Keith Markey and I fished Dog Island and Carrabelle today. We kept the 2 red drum for the grille but released the black, of course!
  4. greenbone

    Time to go fish’n

    LL, local guy here in Carrabelle, Tayler Hires . He does do good work. looking forward to Maverick tourn., fished it 1st 1989, and ‘93-‘97, again 2001
  5. Got back to Carrabelle , picked up Maverick, wow looks great since the detail. Oh, still catches fish anyone going to Maverick,Hewes,Pathfy, COBE owners tournament Islamorada in September? How about CCA in Melbourne in October? I’m going if anyone wants get table together Don
  6. I’ve extended my stay here till Monday since Dorian has decided to cross Florida too close to my home site in Carrabelle Florida. Getting cabin fever here at RV site , I’ll be glad to pay for gas, and expenses . Certainly be glad return favor in Carrabelle , Dog Island waters. Don 850-510-0828
  7. greenbone

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    It’s been a while since I fished MOT. Registered and Fishing with Keith Markey , looking forward to seeing ole friends.
  8. Nice day,for sure. You’ll never do bad with a little ‘lady’.
  9. The tide was falling at Dog Island, and summer thunder boomers weren’t due for couple hours. Trying to find a tagged red fish and also bring one home for the grille. 1st fish was 33” but what spots!! 2nd fish was at 30” and fought like a 40”. I finally got a24”, and yup here come those afternoon boomers. Time to hit the hill, y'all be careful this summer.
  10. greenbone

    Sunset Over The St. Marks Lighthouse

    Beautiful pictures. St Marks has been a favorite fish’n area of mine for over 20 years, no high rises or condos. You might send those pics to city of St Marks, might be worth some $$$.
  11. greenbone

    Bay Suprise

    I left Carrabelle River yesterday about 8am in search of a tagged redfish. Power poles down in area 2-8’ where reds have been lately . Very grassy with some structure so bait os choice was pinfish. 1st fish was 30” red ,measured, photo and released. 2nd fish was 19” gag grouper, measured,photo and released. Next catch had a nice pull,maybe a red ? Nope, small cobia, measured,photo and released. Baitrunner a started taking out line , really nice pull, what the hell ? Another gag, 25” ,photo measured, put into the box and headed for the hill .
  12. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

    Cat not only caught the flounder,fileted it and took it home to enjoy
  13. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

    Of course, it was a great trade off. She took home some redfish filets and left me with some venison she had killed this past year.
  14. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

  15. Catherine Johnson caught and released a dozen reds. All were middle to upper slot. Way to go Cat !
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