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  1. Tips?

    Where are you staying on Forgotten Coast. I’m on Carrabelle River. There’s plenty places to wade fish or public docks for fish’n .
  2. Headed out Carrabelle River about mid morning just as tide was turning. It wasn’t long before 1st Red was in the boat. It measured almost 19” so it was released for another day. We did keep a pair of 24” to blacken on grille. Air temp was low 90’s, water temp mid 80’s. Next month thing should be cooling down, except the red fish bite- I’m expecting that to get really hot
  3. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    This was taken just before ARS season closed. 60+ feet off Dog Island ,’bout 10 miles out. The Cobia was just over min.size limit and taste great bacon wrapped
  4. 26 ½ “ caught off Dog Island. Bite was slow,water temp high 80’s, water clarity like dark root beer. Way too much rain !
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Went out to 60’ today Maverick, calm seas proved to be productive off Dog Island in Gulf .
  6. Average cost for custom polling platform

    Mine was $1100 couple years ago, and I used the original platform
  7. I usually target the reds , but there are still some nice trout around , not to mention a few flattys. These were caught Thursday 24th bayside of Dog Island
  8. birdsall backrest

    I have 18ma and my arms are 16”, the cushion is 14x60
  9. Trout Fishing in Apalachicola

    Nice mess of fish
  10. Trout in Apalachicola

    Nice catch, yes the trout are showing up. We have caught a few where we red fish. YR, I’m not much for trout fish’n ,but pompano and Spanish are showing up east end of SGI. Reds are along shore line and structure, oysterbars , pilings . I fish mostly on Dog Island and Lanark area, good luck.
  11. Gulf States to Manage Red Snapper

    Careful for what we ask for---. Yes there will be additional reporting from the rec. guys and the charter guides. Hard to believe but I heard our red snapper fishing days will probably be REDUCED !! Let's hope NOT !
  12. 92 18MA Restore, Tank Removal - DIY

    My tank started leaking 8-10 years ago on my 93 18.5 MA. I called Maverick and they gave me who to call that made the tanks. BTY mine is a 50 gallon aluminum tank. They built a new tank and shipped it to me .Since I was this working at the time , Mikes Marine in St Marks Fl cut out the floor , replaced the tank and replaced the floor. The whole job at the time was around $2200. good luck Don
  13. Thought I would post this fish'n report since reports have been slim. NOAA had predicted 1-2' seas on Friday . I had checked the seas and wind since early that AM, always showed less 10kts, tree tops were calm as of 9AM so I pulled the trigger. Grabbed some bait at Lanark Market,launched 'ole Greenbone at 10:30 for 13 mile trek to a new hole I was told that held some grouper in 40'. Got to the public # but bottom looked flat,idled a few hundred yards till a long crevice showed up, found some nice rubble and quickly put the anchor lock on. Believe me when I tell you the 1st six drops were 20-23" gags. Then wam--pulled in a nice 25". Next few drops were like the 1st six-all shorts. I tried to work 2 rods hanging one each rod holder but the bite was on, so it was just waste of bait if you didn't man the rod. I baited up a whole sardine ,dropped it down, 5 seconds later, rod was slammed, whoa , dang, fight on- that's when you find that drag was not quite tight enough!!Visions of grey man in the suit , danged big ole red snapper all danced in my head. Saw the color, Grouper!! Landed a 29 ½ " Gag came in to the boat. The snapper moved in as usual so I packed up and headed for the hill. Even a flats boat can get lucky off