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  1. Nice day,for sure. You’ll never do bad with a little ‘lady’.
  2. The tide was falling at Dog Island, and summer thunder boomers weren’t due for couple hours. Trying to find a tagged red fish and also bring one home for the grille. 1st fish was 33” but what spots!! 2nd fish was at 30” and fought like a 40”. I finally got a24”, and yup here come those afternoon boomers. Time to hit the hill, y'all be careful this summer.
  3. greenbone

    Sunset Over The St. Marks Lighthouse

    Beautiful pictures. St Marks has been a favorite fish’n area of mine for over 20 years, no high rises or condos. You might send those pics to city of St Marks, might be worth some $$$.
  4. greenbone

    Bay Suprise

    I left Carrabelle River yesterday about 8am in search of a tagged redfish. Power poles down in area 2-8’ where reds have been lately . Very grassy with some structure so bait os choice was pinfish. 1st fish was 30” red ,measured, photo and released. 2nd fish was 19” gag grouper, measured,photo and released. Next catch had a nice pull,maybe a red ? Nope, small cobia, measured,photo and released. Baitrunner a started taking out line , really nice pull, what the hell ? Another gag, 25” ,photo measured, put into the box and headed for the hill .
  5. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

    Cat not only caught the flounder,fileted it and took it home to enjoy
  6. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

    Of course, it was a great trade off. She took home some redfish filets and left me with some venison she had killed this past year.
  7. greenbone

    Redfish Clinic

  8. Catherine Johnson caught and released a dozen reds. All were middle to upper slot. Way to go Cat !
  9. greenbone

    18 Master Angler re-power

    I repowered 6 years ago from 175 Evinrude to 150 Yammy 4 stroke on my ‘93 MA 18. It is 100lbs heavier but I only to refuel once a month rather than every trip. I know prices have increased since so do a little shopping. FYI , I just repowered my Robalo2140 with a 250 Zuke
  10. greenbone

    Reds are in

    Sorry for upside picture
  11. greenbone

    Reds are in

    Nice day fish’n. Reds26 & 27 , couple black drum to 17” with bonus flounder
  12. greenbone

    Dog Island

    Had a nice morning red fish’n off Dog Island . The trout were feeding pretty heavy. All were 19” and over with 2 over 20. Did manage couple mid slot reds with bonus 17” pompano.
  13. dabear is right. If you go into the park, you will need a Everglades National Park boater permit. Now is great time to apply since the $50 fee is waived for now. It’s an on line course, take about 45 minutes, but we’ll worth it. And fish’n is great , good luck.
  14. greenbone

    Post Micheal

    A little farther east around Carrabelle area is the same. Warm waters have the reds feeding along with some flounder. And the same here for trout, very spotty. Offshore the sea bass are plentiful as well as grunts. Of course the usual releases of grouper and red snapper since out of season. Cobia should be showing up soon, probably next couple weeks. Good luck
  15. greenbone

    ENP Boater Permit

    The permit is still free as of February 8. Thanks, Dave for posting the link.
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