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  1. greenbone

    February Red

    I only had couple hours today and only today, rest of week is suppose to be small craft advisory. Dog Island is still holding nice reds. This fish was right at 27, and went home for blackened fish sandwiches. Wind was light,6-8 and tide was incoming, water temp 59 .
  2. The mouth of the harbor on east side of Dog Island, fish the flats below the dunes, either side for reds. The flats at ballast cove, watch your tides, the ballast rocks hardly ever exposed. East pass is still holding some bulls,warning - don’t take a knife to a gun fight. east of marine lab have always held some reds. If you see green 18.5 MA, give me a shout. good luck, Don
  3. The south side of Lanark reef is a go to spot for tarpon, you can’t miss it for the staked off guides. And yes ,they are very territorial. There are plenty reefs just off Dog Island if you’re interested in bottom fish’n. Go to Franklin County reefs for a list . Good luck.
  4. greenbone


    Smoked king I remove all skin and especially blood line . Cut in small cubes 3-4 inch square. Drizzle olive oil, liberal sea salt and coarse black pepper. I smoke on Weber with soaked hickory chips till golden brown. Remove fish and rest while I prepare smoke fish ingredients.
  5. greenbone

    Ocean Tamer

  6. greenbone

    Ocean Tamer

    Sorry picture would not come up on original post SOLD
  7. greenbone

    Ocean Tamer

    I already have one and just received another. It’s brand new, long neck, white and grey, it’s never seen water . Located in Carrabelle, just east of Apalach message me if interested. Would like to get $100
  8. greenbone


    You have my vote for recipe section. We just had pan seared grouper with bourbon hot pepper peach sauce over jasmine rice. Of course we added little extra bourbon in the pepper peach bourbon sauce . Here’s a picture of the sauce which was heated in a small sauce pan.
  9. Fished with Catherine who is a fish-aholic ! Weather was a littles breezy so we stayed close to shore towards Lanark Village. If you ever get the chance, area is some of best inshore fish’n. We caught a few reds, couple sheep’s head, nice flounder and couple huge black drum . Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  10. greenbone

    Hot Summer Reds

    Juan, I’ll just borrow them for a picture and return them back to you, lol 😂
  11. Keith Markey and I fished Dog Island and Carrabelle today. We kept the 2 red drum for the grille but released the black, of course!
  12. greenbone

    Time to go fish’n

    LL, local guy here in Carrabelle, Tayler Hires . He does do good work. looking forward to Maverick tourn., fished it 1st 1989, and ‘93-‘97, again 2001
  13. Got back to Carrabelle , picked up Maverick, wow looks great since the detail. Oh, still catches fish anyone going to Maverick,Hewes,Pathfy, COBE owners tournament Islamorada in September? How about CCA in Melbourne in October? I’m going if anyone wants get table together Don
  14. I’ve extended my stay here till Monday since Dorian has decided to cross Florida too close to my home site in Carrabelle Florida. Getting cabin fever here at RV site , I’ll be glad to pay for gas, and expenses . Certainly be glad return favor in Carrabelle , Dog Island waters. Don 850-510-0828
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