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  1. Hutch03

    An addition to your boat tools

    True that. When I was a kid accidentally hooked all three trebles in the back of my brothers head on the back cast while in a school of stripers. My old man pulled out a ball of string and weaved loops around hooks and pulled off the cleat. One yank and all came loose. I was amazed at the time.
  2. Hutch03

    2200v coolers

    Frog foot. Go to the mbg online store for information about Engle coolers for pf boats. Many folks use other brands. A seat cushion really helps. My yeti 65 fits well under leaning post and you can probably measure and go bigger. Bh
  3. Hutch03

    Vintage Pathfinder Performance Bulletins

    Gold spoon. I repowered my 2005 2200v w a Suzuki 200. It is outstanding. 175 would have likely worked as well. Here in tx the difference between Yamaha and Suzuki was substantial and there were no used units to be found....hutch
  4. Hutch03

    last 10 fish limit?

  5. Hutch03

    last 10 fish limit?

    I fish the middle tx coast out of corpus where the trout limit is 5. Is this what is happening to you and where?
  6. Hutch03

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    If you are looking at Louisiana I have fished with Ross Eichorn lil Ross charters out of Cocodrie La. for many years. Website is lilrosscharters.com. Nice accommodations and can handle large groups. Our group averages 13 to 15 fishermen.
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