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  1. Egrets Landing

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    The photos remain all fuzzy and not natural color so it just looks like a blue grey fuzzy paper map. And the map navigational details are missing. It's only 4 meter resolution which is very poor. If you zoom in more it gets a lot worse. You like this?
  2. Egrets Landing

    Simrad Totalscan Spraying Water

    Total Scan is very sensitive to spray if its too low. Tiny adjustments of only 1/8 to 1/4" make a difference. If you loose bottom at speed but the spray stops, lower it by only 1/8th and try it again and make sure its parallel with the water surface when you are on plane. That said, you may be better off just switching it for the new 3 in 1. Its much more sensitive and the images are much better. The side scanning on an evo3 is about twice as good as total scan. I also found that it does not need to be in the water anywhere near as much to work great at speed.
  3. Egrets Landing

    Active imaging VS total scan

    Totally. It sux to run with a GO with FMT in any challenging areas where you use the machine a lot. I hate it. I don't know why you are so focused on it. If offers zero advantage and every disadvantage. Get a Ti2 instead. Much better. The Ti2 has a far superior screen to the old Ti and the imagery looks a lot better on the new one.
  4. Egrets Landing

    Active imaging VS total scan

    AI replaced the Total Scan is much better. I've have seen them both in action. AI is about twice as good imo. Avoid the Go9 or any GO for that matter. Zero advantage to running a Go. More difficult and frustrating to use on the run vs. any others such as Ti2, Carbon, Live or Evo. All are far better choices.
  5. Egrets Landing

    Best Charts for Garmin

    I would say the answer to that is the day the board was created. It was created by a company and that company creates products for sale and it does serve as a marketing conduit for them although indirectly. It seems to me this board is a place for MBG to peddle their wares among other benefits to all. As for other companies besides the one that created the Forum, it's unavoidable as boaters use thousands of products and discuss them and ask lots of questions about them because they want to know whatever it is they are want to know. To the extent that those questions are answered or responded to by fans, users or the mfg. themselves it is typically useful information for the person asking the question about what it is. Answering questions that others ask about something looking for insights is not peddling or advertising or direct marketing . It's just answering the questions. To the extent that they are pointed to one place vs. another or one product vs another is usually a good thing. If a mfg. weighs in if their product is being discussed that is also a good thing too as the information delivered in response to the question is correct rather than something else as is often the case. In fact, it would probably be better if more. mfg. did that so consumers could get the correct information the first time about whatever it is they want to know.
  6. Egrets Landing

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Doing that wont help with the G3 you run. The bigger the screen gets with that the more depressed you will become ruining your trip. Better off with the 5".
  7. Egrets Landing

    Garmin ????

    Please explain because it makes perfect sense to me. I have installed many GPS's over the years on different boats and putting in 9" GPS "a" vs. 9" GPS "b" and using a different power cord makes no difference to me and one vs. another takes about the same time and effort. To suggest it's a big mfg. hassle seems ridiculous. It's is no more so than installing Goodyears vs. Firestones. It's just a rectangular box and a power cord. I know you have a good reason for it, but clearly you have not been totally forthcoming about what that reason really is.
  8. Egrets Landing

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    12" is best
  9. Egrets Landing

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    I have seen 12" units on Gheenos and Small side consoles.. no problem. There is no reason you could not fit it on your rig if you want unless you insist on flush mounting in a cramped confined space which will not accommodate it which is likely the case. It just depends on if you prefer the increased functional utility or a flush mount. In most cases on boats less than 24' the console designs are less conducive to flush mounting a 12" unit. Flush mounts provide far less in terms of ergonomics vs. using an adjustable mount which will allow floating the unit over the console in a perfect position next to the wheel. Using an adjustable is not as sleek or clean looking vs. the flush mount but far superior ergonomically in most cases and I think for most inshore boaters the increased functional utility is well worth it. And if you get a modern high quality mount, the install really can look sharp.
  10. Egrets Landing

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    The 3 in 1 is the one to get which replaced the Total Scan. I have seen them both on the EVO3 and the 3 in 1 is much superior.
  11. Egrets Landing

    New MFD/ depth recorder

    Save yourself the anguish and just sell it now on ebay while its still in the box and recoup more than all of your recent small investment for the switch. All the praying in the world will do nothing to fix the Garmin Charts. The screen shots of your area inshore on G3 are horrible and that is zero exaggeration.
  12. Egrets Landing

    New MFD/ depth recorder

    The Elite Ti has a poor screen making photos and details a little washed out. It was discontinued and replaced with the Elite Ti2 and the issue was fixed is much better. Simrad Go units are cheap for a reason. Single core processor only and the smaller screens have inferior resolution. They also load a chip from the back which is a hassle and the touch screen is a pain in the neck to work all day and totally not precise in any kind of chop. Elite Ti2 9 with 3 in 1 is your best option or Carbon 9" would be even better.
  13. Egrets Landing

    StructuresScan 3D

    I saw the 3in1 in action on an EVO3 last weekend. Much better than Total Scan. I am upgrading to 3in1.
  14. Egrets Landing

    Trolling Motor Power for a 16'?

    I've had three Rhodans. I would not do a 12v unless it was a jon boat. The 24 v 80lb is what you need. One house battery under your console. Two trolling batteries up front. Its not good when you run out of juice and with that tiny set up it is likely to happen and then 55 lb is not going to be enough. 80lb is more than enough and its better to have more than you need.
  15. Egrets Landing

    Islamorado to flamingoo

    That would be a great option for sure but the way it is created it is 1000 times easier said than done. Eventually it will likely be offered but probably not until 2020 after the next SFL image update. If it was originally created that way, just as many people would be wishing it was N vs. S. that fish both coasts and particularly in SFL and in the big bend/Jax areas.
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