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  1. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Went to see Motortech in Suffolk, VA as they got a motherboard and new head in yesterday afternoon. John handled the warranty claim and had my motor fixed in literally three minutes. Five star service by him, he's a super nice guy. The issue was water getting into the head and frying it, which is rare he said. The new one powered right up and connected to my old remote. We tested it for steering and power and she works again. Back to guiding the next three days, finally.
  2. knotthereelworld

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Yep, I know what you're referring to and went looking for a set but could only find online. Found this tool at the ACE hardware 20 minutes away and with the time crunch, figured what the hell? It worked fantastic
  3. knotthereelworld

    Costa Lens Scratches

    I own three pairs of Costas. Call them and see what they say. I've had the rubber gaskets come off, glasses break (once was user error) and other odds and ends and it's always been a $12 repair. They have pretty darn good customer service. I tried Smith's, the lenses aren't nearly as good as the 580s are IMO.
  4. knotthereelworld

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Saturday had a major blowout on the highway when my trailer wheel fell off. Apparently, I tightened the lug nuts too far and they busted the studs right off at 55 mph. I was 50 miles from home. I replaced that hub with another previously used one I had in my truck to get me off the highway and five miles to the nearest auto parts store where I could replace with a brand new hub and get the rest of the way home. Well, those replaced bearings in that used hub shredded within three miles and tore up the spindle. Ended up having to leave it over night in a parking lot and then put on a roll back and brought home yesterday evening. Today I spent nearly all day fixing the spindle, cleaning it up and redoing the threads with a new file I discovered. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1007068197?pid=487697&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Gunsmithing - Tools%2C Jigs %26 Fixtures&utm_content=487697&cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-Gunsmithing - Tools%2C Jigs %26 Fixtures-_-General Tool-_-487697&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiMuH7eWP5AIVyx-GCh3vDg0GEAQYAyABEgLQ-fD_BwE Couldn't believe it, figured I would have to get a whole new axle but with that file I was able to clean the threads up to get the new castle nut on and cinch down the bearing. Also replaced the other hub as well. Tomorrow I am driving about 75 miles to a dealer to get my Minn Kota fixed. Will double check the wheels and bearings on the way down. Lesson learned, make sure to properly tighten lug nuts to specified torque. Also have a brand new spare on hand, not an old one with replaced bearings.
  5. knotthereelworld

    Too Close to Home

    Had this happen to me 4 years ago in NC. Super hot day, inshore fishing for redfish. I got some sort of nick on my hand at the base of my thumb that turned into a red blister and stiffened my thumb up within hours. Called an ER physician I knew and sent him a photo. He said to be cautious of it and if the redness spread, to go to the ER. Go get late lunch with the girl I was dating at the time and then we proceed to drive six hours back to Virginia. Get there and take off my shirt in my house and the red line was from my thumb all the way up my arm to the top of my shoulder. Off to the ER we went. Never saw a doctor, the nurses gave me a bunch of meds and told me to call back in the morning. Redness was totally gone in the AM. The nurses said they didn't know what it was, my guess is the flesh eating bacteria or something similar. I now carry hydrogen peroxide on my boat and kayaks and any cuts get a heavy dose of it.
  6. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Good to know, thank you!
  7. knotthereelworld

    Fan to circulate air under full boat cover

    I've also heard of folks hanging Damprid bags, or similar product, in their boat to help keep the mold at bay.
  8. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Thanks Smilemaker, I got off the phone earlier with Andrew at Northland Marine. He explained a bunch of things to me and said that keeping it plugged in could result in frying the motor. Super nice guy and very helpful. However, Motortech in Suffolk, VA called me back and said that it most likely isn't a fried motherboard, something has gone wrong with the head. They are ordering a new head and motherboard to be safe and are going to get me fixed Monday or Tuesday. Going to cost me an extra $30 to get it mailed by then. I'm going to ask MK to pay for that $30, but I highly doubt I'll ever see that money. Motortech guy seems to know his stuff and I have confidence in him to repair it. This certainly has been quite the saga, hopefully I'll only miss out on three trips because of it and have the boat back and operational by Tuesday.
  9. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Thanks, I've read from numerous folks that said not do charge with it plugged in and others that have said it doesn't matter. What I find interesting is I specifically asked the MK reps if this was something I could have done to harm the motor. I figured a common response would be, well "Did you charge the batteries with it plugged in???" Out of four MK reps and one manager, not a single mention of that potentially causing harm, which tells me it isn't that big or common of a problem.
  10. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Thank you, I'm in Richmond, Virginia.
  11. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Is the motherboard going out something I can expect to happen multiple times? How did you get them to send you a new one? They won't send me anything other than a remote and tell me that they "understand" my frustration and to wait for a dealer to call me back. MK Manager called me back, listened to my frustration and said to take it to a different dealer that only repairs MK E-drives. I said I'd already talked to him randomly and he doesn't do the GPS units, the MK manager told me to take it to him anyways. Called that dealer and he said bring it in but he's never worked on one of these before..... sigh. This has bad feeling written all over it.
  12. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Bought it from Bass Pro Shops. That marine section guy has been the absolute best person to talk to out of anyone. He says "we don't usually do this, but let me talk to the store manager and see if we can get you a replacement free of charge." He called me back 30 minutes later and said he couldn't do it but at least he tried versus the MK rep telling me I might want to buy a back up. If I run MK, I find a way to make the clients more happy. It would be one thing if the motor was 2, 3, 4 years old and heavily used and something breaks. Four months old. Finally got an appointment with one dealer two hours away for next Wednesday. The top guru and MK dealer in the area called back and says hes 8-10 days away for being able to look at it. Finally got a hold of another dealer an hour and a half away and the guy couldn't give me a straight answer on anything I asked... no chance I'm taking it to him. I'm trying to understand why this happened so I can stop it from happening again. I've been reading up on leaving the motor hooked up while plugged into the battery charger... seems like arguments are split that it can cause a problem versus it can't, unless you left the actual motor on. I'd guess I've charged this motor 15 times and left the motor connected maybe 3 or 4? The last time I charged it was not connected. The motor has never ever been left on and connected while charging. I'm no expert but will certainly not ever leave plugged in again. Looking forward to asking a dealer if that's an actual problem. Seems like this would happen a ton, as several folks I've talked to have told me that they leave it plugged in and haven't had any problems.
  13. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Two more calls into MK. I'm told that they "understand" but that there is nothing that can be done to get the process moving to get me back on the water with clients. I've got to wait for the service centers to either call me back or to pick up the phone. MK will do nothing in the mean time to fix the issue, I was again told it might be the batteries. This is complete horse ***. The latest rep told me I should have a second motor as a backup. Sounds like they know their *** breaks.
  14. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Just got the new remote in the mail. Doesn't pair. It's obviously a problem with the four month old motor whether it be the head or the motherboard. Closest dealer to me is closed for the week according to their updated voicemail and they only work on MKs that they have sold anyways. Second closest said they might be able to get me in at the end of the week, but he doubts it and will give me a call. Third closest at two hours away said their tech thinks it is the head, but they don't even have a replacement because "they aren't supposed to break when they are this new." Left new Voicemail for the manager I spoke to yesterday.
  15. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Connected battery wires directly to the trolling motor wires. Getting the same reading on the remote.
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