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  1. knotthereelworld

    No fishing for a while

    Wow. Just had a friend who runs an A/C business fall through a ceiling 13 feet to a tile floor. He broke his back. His X-rays look much like yours and has 18 month recovery. Luckily they say he should be able to fully recover but no more fishing for him for awhile. At least he has fly tying. Hope yours is not as long!
  2. knotthereelworld

    Gas leak '08 Yamaha F115

    Thanks for the replies. Finally got around to looking into the issue. Squeezed the bulb on the gas line several times and could hear some air coming out somewhere on the side of the outboard. Had my father looking in the area that I thought was leaking. Few more squeezes and noticed some fresh fuel around the black hose shown in the photos on my original post. We pulled it off to examine it and there were two pinholes in the hose. Ordering a new one and will replace, I would expect this to solve the issue.
  3. knotthereelworld

    Traveling with push pole

    I hid my older, shorter 19' under my truck when parked in the parking lot. It seemed much less obvious zip tied up under the truck. My current 22 foot Stiffy I leave on the boat because the triangular end has a hole in it. I run a bike lock through there and then lock it around the trailer.
  4. knotthereelworld

    Gas leak '08 Yamaha F115

    Last week I was fishing down in Hopedale LA. Had been running all over the place for five straight days in the RF18 without issue. 40 miles out at the edge of the marsh, I trim the motor up to pole around and smell gas. Trim the motor back down and it sputters to start. 2008 Yamaha F115 with 400 hours. The sputtering had happened a few times prior over the season. I figured it was dirt/scum in the filter. Had changed that out and it had never happened again. I get the motor going fine after a minute or so, head over to towards a beach with sand on it where I can examine it. I tilt up and again smell gas. Tilt back down and see oil sheen on the water. Had never seen that prior. Fire up motor again to see if symptoms are the same, they are. Get out to check the motor but the mud is too soft to stand. Fire up....sputtering, move to harder sand so I can get out and take a look. Remove the cowling and see wetness from gas on the side of the outboard. I think it is coming from one specific spot, but hard to say as it was all over. Trim the motor up to see if I can tell where it is coming from and I can't. Trim back down, lots of gas sheen on the water. Start up and again, sputtering for a minute or two. Finally she roars to life, there's lots of the sheen on the water behind me. I get the two fire extinguishers and pull them out to have by my side in case of fire. Button up and run the 40 miles back to the marina in Hopedale at 35 mph the whole way. No problem with the motor. Five miles out from the marina she stalls out and won't start. The sheen is very large at this point all around the stern as I try to get it started. Get a tow in. Haul the boat out and pack up as I had to go back to Virginia the next day anyways. Attached are photos of where I think the leak is coming from... hard to see but its a tough spot with little light. Looks like the end of a fuel hose but there was also fuel all over the electrical connection right to it. Has anyone else had this issue? I have not yet pulled the hose off to check (30 degrees here in VA.) Seems slightly odd it would have come loose but anything could happen I suppose. Could it be leaking at the metal screw in where the hose attaches versus the actual connection at the hose and nipple? The hose appears to be in great shape. I'm guessing it caused the motor to sputter due to lack of pressure in the fuel line? Plan on attempting to start the motor and seeing if I can find the leak during warmer weather next week. If needed I'll pulling the hose off and potentially replace but had wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problem or suggestions on what to look for. Thanks in advance.
  5. knotthereelworld

    Battery jump pack

    Well I bought a NOCO GB40 based off of the suggestions here. I knew at some point I would leave a switch on and drain the battery. Needed it today and it would not jump my 12V starting battery on my RF18. Fully charged the battery pack on Monday. Tried it over and over. Charge went from full to 25%. Not blaming anyone but disappointed so far in it. Eager to hear what their customer service says.
  6. knotthereelworld

    No Responses from Posts

    I'm a newbie and learning a ton from this site. All of the responses, except for one, have been very helpful to everything I've asked.
  7. knotthereelworld

    No Responses from Posts

    Welcome to buying or selling a boat. Most people are flakes and tire kickers.
  8. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    I did not, they came right out with a screw driver. One of them, the hole was sufficiently bigger than the screw and the screw wouldn't even back out, it simply slid out. When I'm able to, will fill them back in with epoxy and retap. I plan on doing a thorough inspection and figure the whole issue out in two months when my guiding season is done. Until then I'm going to keep an eye on it and see if I can determine where the leak is. Would love to hear what you find is the cause.
  9. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Will do, thanks!
  10. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Great, thank you. Will have a look.
  11. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    I did look at that previously and didn't notice anything wrong but will check it again. Ain't that the truth!
  12. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Thanks for the tips. Yup, it's not pretty but it definitely sealed any holes around those through hulls when I initially installed it. Yes, Flex Seal makes an adhesive that has the same consistency, look, feel and messiness as 5200, but it can be applied on a wet surface unlike 5200. Since I have to get the boat wet by sliding it halfway down the bunks, I have used the Flex Seal version due to it saying it can adhere to a wet surface. I realize 5200 has a good rep and will use it when I have the time but since I need to use a public ramp to get access to it, I can't spend all day sitting in the ramp parking lot. Hopefully I can figure out a way to jack the boat up off the trailer this winter to properly apply the epoxy and 5200 when I have more time to do it.
  13. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    I'll check that next, thanks!
  14. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Thanks, yes I already resealed those.
  15. knotthereelworld

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    So my '03 RF 18 continues to get water in the bilge. I have read through many of the threads on here that point to the cheese grater and that the water gets into the boat through leaks at the through hulls there for the live well and bait well. I purchased the boat in January and the previous owner told me of the issue, having filled the hull and seeing it leak out of there (yikes) and said it is a simple fix of simply resealing. In May, I pulled the cheese grater off, inspected the whole area and put tons of flexseal around the spots water could leak in there at the through hulls. Water was also slowly dripping out of several of the six screw holes. Filled those with flexseal as well and replaced. The situation seemed to stop for a bit, yet returned a few trips later and the boat continues to have water in the bilge every single trip. I run the bilge multiple times a trip, for anywhere from 10-20 seconds pumping water out. Today I again removed the cheese grater and found water dripping out of the screw holes. I cannot imagine this is the source of the leak. In fact, I'm concerned water is getting into the fiberglass hull, as I counted about 20 plus tiny blisters on the bottom near the area. I checked the previous flex seal and it looks great. Doesn't appear that any water is getting in there. I resealed the screws and replaced the screws with bigger ones to ensure a tight fit. Where am I going wrong here? Where else can the water be entering the bilge? Trim tab screws? Am I looking in the wrong place to be resealing? My next ideas are to check the trim tab screws, and cut a wider hole into the bilge, already have the bigger cover to replace it with, so I can get my head in there with a flash light and do some more examining. Hard to see in there with the factory screw cap and small hole. Other questions... should I be concerned about the blisters on the bottom of the boat? Does anyone carry a spare bilge pump with them in the event that the one they have hooked up goes bad on the water and they have an issue like this? Have yet to change out a bilge pump on the water, doesn't appear too hard but then again it is a boat... Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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