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  1. Captjosh

    Looking for 22 pathfinder trailer

    Fin if I can find a decent one around I would consider it I had a couple estimates for new between 2500-3200 without brakes which I’m ok with because it’s not that heavy of a boat and the brakes just never seem to last. 90% of what I do is drive to the boat ramp 5 minutes from my house but I do take occasional trips to homosassa and the keys
  2. Captjosh

    Looking for 22 pathfinder trailer

    Message sent
  3. Need a trailer for my 22 pathfinder if you have one or know of one for sale call or text me 727-776-2316
  4. Located in Tampa call or text me 727-776-2316
  5. Captjosh

    Props for sale

    What size motor were you running the ofx4 21 on and will it fit in a 15 spline Yamaha
  6. Captjosh

    2003 2200v Delamination

    I have the same issue with my 2003 pathfinder I sent you a message with some questions, thanks.
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