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  1. Really looking to do the rewire myself. A bit picky. Price is a little out of my budget for a boat I will strip and gut. Now if it has a power Pole Blade 8+, or new 9"+ electronics, or JL's, minkota Ulterra auto deplot, or new Jack Plate. High end marine accessories that can be reused. That's a different story
  2. When and where I want it! I have not seen. If you find the boat it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Join Date: Dec 2016 Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Posts: 77 WTB 21 Maverick MA, 22/24 Pathfinder Project/Refit hull or equivalent I am looking for a new project. I want to buy a 21 Maverick Master Angler, 22-24 Pathfinder, or equivalent hull. Just looking for a hull with no fiberglass work. Looking to paint, repower, rewire, and refit. Cash up to $15,000 depending on condition and rigging. The fewer value accessories the better as everything will be replaced. I did our last polling skiff and we really enjoyed it. Please if you have an interesting hull with a dead motor, no motor, or just ready to sell, and willing to sell it at a fair reasonable price let me know through PM. Within 5 hours drive of South Florida please Thanks