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  1. 2004 single axle float on trailer setup for a 22 pathfinder. Good condition. Tires have some good life left on then. Has spare tire on spare carrier. Just replace 1 crossmember with a new one. It broke from scraping on a steep ramp. All lights replaced and working. Just drove trailer 200 miles at 85 mph, it rides great. Nothing wrong with trailer just decided to buy a new tandem axle with brakes for all my long distance traveling including the keys. Sold Eric 954-five04-one623 Located in fort Lauderdale
  2. EricD1980

    22 TRS freshwater washdown

    I know this is an old thread but just in case someone else goes looking. I ordered a freshwater tank from Pathfinder but didn't like it, really is kinda small, and the bulk fitting threads are polyethylene or polypropylene welded on after molding. Didn't like it. Just go to Amazon and find a fresh water holding tank that will fit inside console. I found one that is 26" x 16" x 9" that will fit perfectly and will hold 16 gallons of fresh. The bulk fittings are molded in not plastic welded. Tanks come in every size for RVs if you look for the one you want. My boat already had a existing freshwater fill and pump so it is easy to plumb. But otherwise all you need is a fill, pump, hose and 2 holes in your console. Super easy job.
  3. I just bought a new to me 2003 Pathfinder 2200 V. It's in great shape and very happy with the purchase. One thing I found odd though is on the side of the console there is a frwshwater fill. Inside the console there is a wash down pump. However the fill is not connected to anything as is the pump not connected to anything. The pump is also wired and works. Just no plumbing. Where would the water tank have been on this boat? Where would the wash down hose have been? I did a internet search but could not find any info. If possible I would like to plumb the freshwater pump to work. I just need to figure out how they were originally plumbed. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  4. Really looking to do the rewire myself. A bit picky. Price is a little out of my budget for a boat I will strip and gut. Now if it has a power Pole Blade 8+, or new 9"+ electronics, or JL's, minkota Ulterra auto deplot, or new Jack Plate. High end marine accessories that can be reused. That's a different story
  5. When and where I want it! I have not seen. If you find the boat it would be greatly appreciated
  6. Join Date: Dec 2016 Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Posts: 77 WTB 21 Maverick MA, 22/24 Pathfinder Project/Refit hull or equivalent I am looking for a new project. I want to buy a 21 Maverick Master Angler, 22-24 Pathfinder, or equivalent hull. Just looking for a hull with no fiberglass work. Looking to paint, repower, rewire, and refit. Cash up to $15,000 depending on condition and rigging. The fewer value accessories the better as everything will be replaced. I did our last polling skiff and we really enjoyed it. Please if you have an interesting hull with a dead motor, no motor, or just ready to sell, and willing to sell it at a fair reasonable price let me know through PM. Within 5 hours drive of South Florida please Thanks
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