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  1. About to purchase a 2003 Maverick Master Angler with 2003 150 Yamaha. Broker says he can perform Compression check himself. Also reached out to another mechanic in the area that can do comprehensive inspection along with Compression Check but have to take boat to his shop.. Should i be skeptical of the Broker performing the compression check rather a independent mechanic. Can i request to take boat to independent mechanic to have the motor inspection, have already put a deposit on the boat. Or should i trust the broker?
  2. MA 18.5 vs Action Craft 1890

    Do the MA seem to hold their value over the years? Thanks
  3. MA 18.5 vs Action Craft 1890

    Been in the market for purchase of my first Flats Boat. Have narrowed it down to the MA 18.5 and AC 1890. I have heard excellent things about both boats regarding build quality, ride, draft and ability to handle chop. Would be interested to hear response from members which have had knowledge or experience with both boats and their opinions on both boats. Significant differences between the AC and MA? Also, if any members were trying to decide during their buying decision between these two boats, which factors persuaded them to choose the MA over the AC.