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  1. SWFL21

    Prospective 21' MA Seller...

    Ahaha, im actually in Lauderdale right now. Working at LMC on a yacht during its refit. Boat is back in Fort Myers though
  2. SWFL21

    Prospective 21' MA Seller...

    Yep, I realized how open ended this question was after I posted it... I love the boat platform to death, but im also realizing I may want some more open water capabilities, so this could also be a good time to part with it. Theres a few dings and scrapes, but very average for a 20 year old boat. It has the original motor on it, but runs like a top, just oldschool ox66 (loves gas). I rigged up the big aft livewell and the fwd well, leaving the one on the port side un-plumbed. Could probably use a bit of cleanup in the wiring department. I have the livewells, nav lights and gps all running dandy. The trailer was one of the big buying points for me, its a 2 year old double torsion axle Rocket with surge brakes. Very clean trailer with tons of miles left on it. New AGM batteries put in it around November... It could use a good polishing on the hull, cowling has seen some sun, and the topsides could be shined up some. Its a solid boat, id imagine for the kind of person that doesnt totally care about looks, but may want to throw some hours into it down the road (like myself). It catches fish very well and thats what matters most to me Ive got some more thinking to do, but maybe youll see it listed in the near future Cheers
  3. SWFL21

    Prospective 21' MA Seller...

    Hey folks, There may be a sad day coming in my future... I might be taking a job up north that will keep me away from my boat for quite a few months, and I think it may be best to sell it... Its a '99 MA that I picked up last October with hopes of spiffing it up a bit, and fishing the heck out of it. Two overnight trips down to the glades, countless tripletail/snook/reds, and lots of smiles! My question for you folks - am I crazy? It needs some love to make it NICE, and I would hate to have it sit for 6-8 months, and degrade even farther by not being used, but it works absolutely great as is.. Im not hurting for money right now, but some extra $$ in my pocket would also help fund a few more short term projects.... Lets hear it!
  4. Ahaha wow, thanks for that. 300
  5. Very very lightly used wheel, slightest amount of prop rash. Coming off my 225 ox66, runs amazing, just going with a 4 blade. Text me for pictures - (239)910-1009
  6. SWFL21

    Gov Shut Down - Flamingo Fishing This Weekend

    Just got back from an overnight in Choko, no problems from launching at OR. Didnt see a single ranger out there on my way down to and back from Lostmens.
  7. Plans are in action! Taking my relatively new-to-me 21' MA down to chokoloskee in about 2 weeks. Did the trip last year in my Gheenoe, so the extra space will definitely be appreciated Planning on taking the outside and running crab traps down to Lostmens on the first day, fishing mostly inside - is it worth it to go all the way back to rodgers river bay? Id imagine that the fish are still transient and havent taken to their winter homes since its been relatively warm this winter... Day 2 will be kinda dependent on where we camp - id like to find a chikee if the bugs arent too bad. Day 3 will most likely be taking the outside back north, running trap lines. Thoughts on this very vague plan?! Is there any big benefit to launching out of Flamingo and heading north? Ive never fished the shark river, but it sounds awesome! Ill take any words of advice I can get.
  8. SWFL21

    ISO Lowrance

    Ive got one of those! Looking to upgrade to a HDS 9. Im located in Fort Myers
  9. Im moving from Fort Myers to Naples next week and really look forward to learning the 10k islands more intimately. Had some sporadic luck with all of my trips to Choko, but really want to find patterns and trends this time around. Holler if you ever want to fish! Ill bring the drinks!
  10. Hey folks, I dont plan on using the bimini that came with my boat. Anyone out there looking for a top in good shape? Its 86" wide, 62" tall, 64" fore/aft. Needs 1 new strap sewn in, no holes in the top, stitching on the side is starting to fray. $150, located in Fort Myers/Naples IMG_0636.HEIC IMG_0635 (1).HEIC IMG_0634 (1).HEIC
  11. SWFL21

    New locks for rod lockers? or new keys?

    I didnt think Gemlux stuff would be that "cheap" Definitely on the list for add ons down the road... Thanks
  12. Hey folks. Been putting the pieces together for my new-to-me 21' MA. I love the rod locker storage, but unfortunately the seller didnt have the keys... It looks like the locks may be a bit corroded, but ive got them soaking in penetrating oil in hopes that they might be able to get re-keyed. Who has done this? With any success? Where would be the go-to for new locks/latches in general? Thanks!!
  13. SWFL21

    Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    Ive been to Burris Prop in Cape Coral. Reworked a little prop for my Gheenoe... I was going to send another prop there way in a few weeks to get it brought back to life. Reasonable prices in my opinion!
  14. SWFL21

    She followed me home...

    Im pretty content with it! Of course a few more fixeruppers show up after thoroughly looking through the boat, but that was to be expected. Still pretty happy with what I got. Ill keep everyone updated as things go along!
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