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  1. jim33042

    Lenco trim tab not working

    What kind of switch do you have? If it’s an older boat the rocker switch may be bad and you just need to replace it. See if you can add some pics, it will help out others on a reply.
  2. jim33042

    Popup Anchor Light for poling platform?

    1.91 MB · 0 downloads I had the same version of hella flip up,none of them lasted more than three years. I run often after sunset and the fold up style light created a problem with front deck glare with mounting position on side of platform. Last time looking for yet another replacement (after same light overloaded fuse and I had to drive home with no lights) I came across the sealed Naviled 360 with a flush mount and installed it in the location of a puck style gps antenna - I previously had a similar antenna there and was use to not stepping on it. With the far aft and starboard placement on the platform, the entire deck of my 18’ boat is inside the shadow of the platform. Having the 360 degree visibility safety factor and zero deck glare, made a happy outcome of my ‘let’s try it and see what happens’ purchase/ placement decision. The sealed unit also has a 5 year warranty. https://www.hellamarine.com/en/products/navigation-lamps/all-round-white-anchor/2-nm-naviled-360-compact-all-round-white-navigation-lamps.html this was a repost, edited a little - hope it helps. From your original pop up, hella now makes same as a sealed led unit, but the short version, in length to what you may have now, I wasn’t able to find for sale in US, maybe now it’s available. I’ve had this version for about 18 months.
  3. jim33042

    This Is a Sunset

  4. jim33042

    Handheld GPS

    I’ve used a Garmin 76csx, for years. I’ve added some topo maps for specific hunt areas as well. Worked in Alaska for moose and sheep and was used as a main device on a flats boat till I purchased large unit. With a 2.5 inch screen, it’s a bit tricky to run and watch at the same time, but it never failed me. Newer model is 78. Check Labor Day sale prices.
  5. jim33042

    1994 redfisher thru hull replacement

    Gem-lux cast stainless 90 degree fitting would be my first choice, if I had to do it again. Look at their website and determine if you have a large enough hole in the hull for one. If not, they also have the straight stainless thru hull and composite fitting that I used above. There are plastic/ composite thru hull fittings as as well, but I went with stainless as a hopefully one and done experience. for the access hole needed in the battery compartment, I went to my local Home Depot and bought a 4 1/2” hole saw and used a cordless drill. West marine had the deck plate. Here is pick of inside battery compartment I didn’t see the size of your boat, mine is an 18 and the access hole in the corner gave me enough reach to get to the inside of the hull.
  6. jim33042

    Outdoor boat security

    x2 on Frozen’s response. They have aftermarket housing to help as the cameras are not waterproof (mine are under the house eaves and I didn’t have any problems when they were ‘exposed’). They also recently added motion detection via person with notifications for person motion only.
  7. jim33042

    2002 Bonefisher leak in live well pump

    I had a buddy that had similar water issue. We went over every hose, clamp fitting, it ended up being (bad) sealant for the bilge drain.
  8. jim33042

    Grab rail for console

    Thanks Coto, I looked at what they had, then searched amazon for a final product. Now just waiting for delivery.
  9. jim33042


    A friend told me to get a few extra feet of fuel hose. In case of needing fuel from the boat, you can disconet fuel line on engine side of your fuel bulb and hook up the spare piece of fuel hose. Place the hose in a portable gas can on the ground (provided your boat is on a trailer) and you can use the bulb to push gas through the line to the portable can and once it starts gravity should take over and fill your portable can.
  10. jim33042

    This Is a Sunset

    Friday happy hour run
  11. jim33042

    Grab rail for console

    Has anyone added or replaced these? I would like to add two to my center console (18’) and was looking for a link for purchasing items. Thanks, Jim
  12. jim33042

    2005 Pathfinder 2200TE

    Very nice boat. I can see why so many members love these models.
  13. jim33042

    1996 Bayfisher 18 and Hewes decals?

    You can google ‘hewes bayfisher decals’. There’s several companies that will show up.
  14. jim33042

    Hewes bilge drain seal help

    I had to replace mine a couple of months ago
  15. jim33042

    Got my First Hewes and very happy!

    It gets better! Start racking up some water days!
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