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  1. djohnson5198

    Crab Experimenting Again

    Sent you a PM
  2. djohnson5198

    Crab Experimenting Again

    I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks and finally got a chance to bring it to life thanks to salvaging through the kids art supplies lol
  3. djohnson5198

    Great Morning!

    Some mornings are better than others... today was one of the good ones
  4. djohnson5198

    Another new pattern attempt

    Lead tied on the shank under deer hair
  5. djohnson5198

    Another new pattern attempt

    Newbie to deer hair and first attempt at this fiddlesticks crab but overall pleased with the outcome
  6. djohnson5198

    Couple new bugs

    Typically throwing these to fish that are actively tailing or crawling in the skinny stuff so not much movement needed. But if blind casting I’d say a slight bumping along the bottom should yield good results
  7. djohnson5198

    Couple new bugs

    Hadn’t thought about eyes as a weed guard but seems like a good idea! May have to try that out
  8. djohnson5198

    Couple new bugs

    Couple new bugs to try out. Always fun to experiment with new color combos to see how the fish respond.
  9. djohnson5198

    Black & Purple

    Black and Purple is always a good combo!
  10. djohnson5198

    Powertech 3-Blade SS (SOLD)

  11. djohnson5198


    Some new ties to try on sheepy. You guys have any goto patterns for sheepshead?
  12. djohnson5198

    Turbo 13-1/4 x 21R Prop (SOLD)

    I tried it on a HPX18/115SHO, it’s for a 4.25” gear case so I don’t believe it will fit on an F150
  13. djohnson5198

    Almost that time

    LOL.... tied these last night. South LA
  14. djohnson5198

    Almost that time

    Magnum rabbit tail, skinny rabbit strip palmered, and hackle upfront. Simple to tie and looks great. I’ve had success with same concept but EP fiber tail. This should yield much more action in the water.
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