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  1. Sheepshead

    Some new ties to try on sheepy. You guys have any goto patterns for sheepshead?
  2. Turbo 13-1/4 x 21R Prop (Price Drop)

    I tried it on a HPX18/115SHO, it’s for a 4.25” gear case so I don’t believe it will fit on an F150
  3. Almost that time

    LOL.... tied these last night. South LA
  4. Almost that time

    Magnum rabbit tail, skinny rabbit strip palmered, and hackle upfront. Simple to tie and looks great. I’ve had success with same concept but EP fiber tail. This should yield much more action in the water.
  5. Almost that time

    The big bulls should be arriving soon! Time to add a few big streamers to the box in preparation.
  6. Powertech 3-Blade SS

    PTR3R19PYM90 (13.5 x 19) 3-Blade SS Prop D series - 4.25" Gear Case Used but in good condition $200 shipped in factory box
  7. Fall is near

    $2.00 version of EP fibers and I literally cannot tell the difference
  8. Fall is near

    Craft fur tail with EP tarantula brush collar and Congo Hair head
  9. Fall is near

    I've tied other color variations with tan and olive thread but favor the black on this one to match the black bars.
  10. Fall is near

    My kinda pumpkin spice! Afternoon tying session since the rain won't let me go fishing.
  11. A little experimenting

    Zonker is definitely a lil easier but needs a lil more thickness. I'll keep playing.....
  12. Deer Hair

    My deer hair skillz need work but I'll get there soon or later.
  13. A little experimenting

    Honestly, it worked but I'm going to play around with craft fur and zonker strips. Thinking they may take form a bit easier with the UV as they are less stiff than the Congo Hair.
  14. A little experimenting

    Congo Hair with a little Loon UV thick