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  1. Picked up one of the Ryobi pressure sprayers last week. Made for a quick clean up after a long day of fishing. The low center of gravity on the unit makes it really handy. Looks like the soap cannon is next on my Amazon list........
  2. soflah3

    Recommendations for a Custom rod builder

    This number 1 Connley # 2
  3. soflah3

    FMT Lowrance vs Simrad

    I was back and forth on both the Simrad vs Lowrance as well as the 12" display vs the 9" display. I ultimatley ended up going with the 9" Simrad and I am super happy with the decision. I was able to find a retailer to give me 10% off MSRP and then there was a $400 rebate at the time which got me down to the "hundreds" more for the knob. Certainly makes it more palatable. When I made my first trip to the Keys last month it was blowing 20-25 the whole time, it was super choppy and it was my first time in Florida Bay. Using the knob to zoom in when approaching cuts was easy and natural. I was able to do so with quick glances and confidence while getting bounced around. I feel for that particular instance it is certainly worth the $$$. Now if its glass flat using the +\- probably isn't a big deal. I am super impressed with the FMT chip, it allowed me to run around the Keys like I have been doing it for years. I had zero stress about where I was going which is worth its weight in gold. Now I just need to find a copy of The Little Back Book of Fishing Spots : )
  4. soflah3

    FMT guys - is the new Simrad Cruise Compatible ?

    Glenn from FMT mentioned in another thread that it is not compatible
  5. soflah3

    Keys Trip / Islamorado Question

    That wind didn’t set down all week! Thats a heck of a long run with that breeze. Did you catch anything?
  6. soflah3

    Keys Trip / Islamorado Question

    The wind was relentless are all 3 days we were there. Made fishing very difficult to say the least! We did have a blast though and was able to catch a big tarpon the the Channel 2 bridge. I am guessing in the low 100's range. By far the biggest tarpon on the boat. It appears the tarpon are showing up in big numbers there. Kon Tiki was a fantastic place to stay. Nice ramp on site, clean and cold rooms and friendly staff. Couldn't get into Chef Michaels on Sunday so we ate at Ziggie & Mad Dogs which was great. Monday night was Chef Michaels and as usual, it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to getting back soon with less windy conditions. so we can make a trip to the north.
  7. soflah3

    farewell Abbey

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Your entire family will be in our family’s prayers.
  8. soflah3

    Keys Trip / Islamorado Question

    My favorite place there! Usually do the Conch chowder and a whole fried hog fish. Delicious
  9. soflah3

    thought you Florida guys would like this

    That trout is a pig!
  10. soflah3

    Keys Trip / Islamorado Question

    Appreciate the info! That is what I was thinking, plenty of spots to duck out of the wind if needed and plenty close in. Thanks for the other info on Blue Banks. We are hoping a trip up to Flamingo if the wind is down.
  11. Hey Fellas, I have made a number of trips down with my offshore boat over the years and plan on my first venture with my Redfisher 18 this coming Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Over the years in my offshore boat I never ventured on the bay side of the bridge so I don't know how the wind forecast will effect our trip. It is looking a bit breezy but in my mind seems doable. What say thee? We are staying at Kon Tiki bay side.
  12. soflah3

    farewell Abbey

    🙏🙏 Prayers for your grand baby and daughter
  13. These type of problems are hard to diagnose but keep at it. My old boat I had twin Yamaha 150 had similar issues as you are experiencing on my port engine. I ended up resolving my issues by Replacing VST filter Replacing F filter (the 2 micron filter) Remoeved and sent fuel injectors out for cleaning Everything was clogged with debris and gunk.
  14. Do you run ethanol free fuel?
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