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  1. soflah3

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Dang! Now that is a plug! Great move and an upgrade I will certainly be making to mine soon. The standard plug I have is somewhat junk! Are you planning on putting the Simrad unit on top of the dash?
  2. soflah3

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Congratulations! Love those solid color hulls. Will you post some pictures of your 12” Simrad when you can?
  3. soflah3

    Minn Kota Trolling Motor

    Correct. I meant Terrova. I can’t decide which is fleeing me quicker. My vision or my mind. Lol
  4. soflah3

    Minn Kota Trolling Motor

    Congrats on the new Redfisher. I purchased an 18 last June. Great boat! I ended up going with the Ulterra with 60" shaft. I do some inlet fishing and I am glad I went with the 60" shaft. If you will be fishing in only glass flat waters the 54" would be fine in my opinion. Between the reviews and the price difference on the Ulterra I just couldn't justify it. When I am bouncing from spot to spot I sometimes think how nice the auto deploy feature would be but that doesn't happen that often.
  5. soflah3

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    It’s a great product and the owner has a great story. Here is a podcast on him if you’re interested
  6. soflah3

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Good looking mounts. Thanks for the idea
  7. soflah3

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Hmmm. Not a bad idea at all.
  8. soflah3

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Are you happy with the performance of the HDS 9 and FMT? That’s the unit I’m leaning towards
  9. I have a 2018 Redfisher 18 that I purchased new this past June. It came from the factory with a Garmin 742xs flush mounted in the dash. I am wanting to start discovering other parts of Florida and I want Florida Marine Tracks to help me along. The way I see it is I have 2 options. 1- Remove existing Garmin and replace with 9” Simrad or Lowrance (assuming a 9” will fit?) I want to go 9” minimum so if it doesn’t fit this is a mute point 2- leave existing Garmin and bracket mount new Simrad / Lowrance on top of console. My gut is telling me that a bracket mount may be best as I can angle display up when standing while running. Flush mount is hard to see when I stand as I am 6’1”. What would you do?
  10. soflah3

    2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    This Talon SS Prop. It is Ok. After some work on my electronics after the first of the year, I want to play around with some 4 blades. https://www.crowleymarine.com/parts/1301328.cfm#1301328
  11. soflah3

    2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Engine looks great on your boat! You are going to love it. I am up to 70 hours on mine and couldn't be happier with it. I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who polishes a trailer
  12. soflah3

    New Fishing Buddy

    Great looking puppy!
  13. soflah3

    New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Thanks for the update Glenn! Sounds like a great trip! I can not wait to get my Refishers into those waters! Hopefully in the next couple months. i can not be happier with my Redfisher! I fished 4 days this past week alone! I surpassed 60 flawless hours on the engine. With both live wells full of bait and water the 115 SHO can get taxed but for the most part I am very happy with the performance and I don’t think my fuel bill has exceeded $50 a month. That’s a nice bonus coming out of a offshore center console. I didnt see see your post here until after I asked about your Rhodan on your other thread. Look forward to hearing about it.
  14. soflah3

    Is one battery enough?

    Looks great Glenn! How do you like your Rhodan? Can you post a picture of where the trolling motor wiring passes through the deck? Curious of what you used.
  15. soflah3

    1992 Hewes brochures and price lists

    Very neat! Thanks for posting!