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  1. makomark

    Simrad NSS7 Evo 2

    Works perfect with 200khz transducer. $550 excellent condition you get what’s shown in pics
  2. makomark

    Maverick MA 18.5 switch plate

    Still a available
  3. makomark

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    The problem with blue collar jobs is longevity in your work. You’ll get to the age probably in your late 40’s where you hurt and ache a lot while doing your job and then you’ll be replaced by someone younger and cheaper. I know lots of mechanics with busted up hands and bad knees. Go to college and work smart and not hard.
  4. makomark

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    I'm not sure what this has to do with hiring boat mechanics, all I know is that I get charged $100+ per hour when I bring it in for repairs.
  5. makomark

    4 Blade Turbo Prop

    It 13.25”x 19P good condition as can be seen by pics. Asking $150 will ship.
  6. Power pole pro II in excellent condition. See photos, it will come with new hoses, ferrules, spike and oil not shown. Like your getting a new power pole. No corrosion on it since it was used in fresh water. $850
  7. makomark

    Maverick MA 18.5 switch plate

    Still available
  8. Tried fishing Flamingo yesterday, not a good day, bait shop had sold out 6000 shrimp before 7:30AM. Water looked like chocolate milk and the bite was slow on the outside. Caught over 100 fish 2 weeks ago on a similar tide and yesterday boated maybe 10 fish. I'll need to try choko one of these days when the wind is up.
  9. makomark

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    It seems to have a pressure relief valve to overcome this. It seems to go up and down fine, although I have not tried to sick it in the mud again. Its a little un-nerving seeing it bouncing on the water when looking back.
  10. makomark

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    At the recommendation of FMT I bought the Lowrance Elite TI2 9" and must say that I am extremely satisfied with it using the ISLA charts. I didn't want to spent the extra $$ on the EVO3. Resolution is very good and the refresh rate is excellent.
  11. makomark

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    I always tend to leave the trailer lock either on the bumper or on the trailer. Also, just installed a new power pole, after my first deploy of the pole I took off while it was still stuck in the mud.
  12. makomark

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Used for the first time my FMT at flamingo on Saturday on my 9" Lowrance Elite TI2. Mapping updates were fast with no issues. I just followed the red line and it took me through the channels and stayed outside the yellow lines. One thing not to clear is as long as I run close to the red and avoid the yellow am I good to go? I think understand that when the red and yellow are close I need to stay on the red even more.
  13. makomark

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    If you are concerned about having trailer hub issues, I would tend to keep spare bearings instead of hubs. If you ruin your hubs while driving its because your bearings were in bad shape to begin with. Its a lot easier and faster to change out the bearing.
  14. makomark

    Simrad go9xse SOLD

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